2010-06-15: Business As Usual


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Summary: Tony speaks to Kaji about the bar incident before moving on with the day.

Date:June 15, 2010

Log Title Business as Usual

Rating: PG-13

NYC Stark Towers: Personal Residence

Just outside of the elevator doors there are large potted plants on either side. The living space houses a spacious kitchen off to the right and an enormous living room. The living room houses several pieces of black leather furniture, a long glass coffee table, a dining set near the far wall, and various pieces of artwork. In front of the couch in the middle of the living room there is a large flat panel television surrounded by a host of electronic devices. A bathroom for guests is located in a nearby hallway that leads to a set of double doors. Behind the double doors is the master bedroom and bath.

The apartment had been silent for most of the morning. Messages had been sent out in the early hours of morning to not disturb Tony unless it was a matter of national security or the stocks took a nose dive. Sitting at the foot of the bed with his elbows to his knees, head cupped in his hands, Tony woke up slowly. Each breath he took brought back various thoughts about what happened during the night. His most pressing thought being how close he came to picking up a drink.

Tony lifts his head to stare at the double doors in front of him. Having entered the apartment and gone straight to the bedroom he wasn't entirely certain if Kaji had bothered leaving or not. He wasn't relishing the conversation that needed to be had between them but it must be done. What happens around Tony or with him is up for public consumption. Certain things were simply not acceptable. Rising from the bed with a raging case of bed head he leaves his bedroom to walk out into the living space.

The wolf indeed hadn't left the apartment, infact Kaji hadn't even left the chair that he had curled up on. That large ball of fluff is still curled up on one of the loveseats. Peacefully sleeping the morning away. He'd spent most of the night muttering to hismelf. Mainly in his mind since he can't speak in wolf form.

Tony passes by the couch, the center television on the far wall pops on showcasing the global news network. The tv to the left turns on the local channel and the one to the right winds up on taped footage of the World Cup. As Tony heads towards the kitchen shuffling his feet across the carpet he notices the giant tribble taking up the loveseat. Since there's no sign of a head visible he continues into the kitchen to root around the fridge for a drink.

The opening of the fridge causes one of his ears to flick and swivel towards the kitchen. He lifts his head up slightly, his tail flicking to rest under his head as his golden eyes look towards Tony. If he can read anything off of the body language that Kaji's exhibiting, even if it is animalistic, he'd gather that Kaji's extremely sorry.

Tony pulls a pitcher of juice out to fill up a comically large cup that resides next to the fridge. Once the pitcher is put away Tony takes several long gulps before he feels remotely human. He ends up standing in the opening to the kitchen leaning against the wall for support, juice in one hand. Kaji is clearly sorry for what transpired the night before and Tony is accepting of that. A tense silence descends between the two until Tony feels that he's ready to speak his mind.

"Look, I haven't a problem with you letting your fur hang out but the climate of this country right now isn't as accepting." Tony steps away from where he's leaning to walk over to the couch. "I'm just going to lay it on the table for you. I'm disappointed, obviously. Anything that happens near me or directly due to my actions or lack thereof is for public consumption and will affect everyone I work with. I can't have what happened last night happen again."

Kaji's ears perk up as Tony speaks. And as he continues to speak, his ears start to droop a bit more and more. He nods softly at the end of it. His tail flicking up, and falling on his muzzle as he lets out kind of a groan.

Tony sets his drink down onto the glass coffee table then falls onto the couch extending his legs out. He is still facing Kaji with his business persona still in place. "Everyone's entitled to make a few mistakes. I accept that your sorry and you feel like total shit for what happened but in the future think things out before you do something. You can't help me if you wind up in the pound."

Kaji lets out a huff, that could be considered a laugh at that last part. He nods a bit more as his ears slowly go back to a relaxed position. He's silent for a bit before he looks a bit nervous and embaressed. He wants to talk. But he has no clothes.

Tony reaches out to pick up his juice. After a few sips he quirks an eyebrow at Kaji. He was wondering why he was remaining a wolf when it finally dawned on him. 'Oh..ha! This is priceless.' Tony rests his cup down atop his thigh. "This is a first, or firsts." Clearly amused by Kaji's problem he decides to go easy on the guy. "I'll go scrounge up some clothes. The only guy who walks around here naked is me!"

Kaji levels a soft glare at the man, sticking his tongue out at him as he stays curled up on the chair. A low annoyed growl coming from him. He's half tempted to shift anthro. After all, nothing shows…

Tony laughs as he hops up from the couch. Even with Tony down the hallway Kaji would hear the continued amusement. Tony reappears a few moments later to toss a t-shirt and a pair of shorts onto the couch. "Should fit, we're about the same size." He leaves the room to give Kaji a bit of privacy.

Kaji watches the man leave, and the wolf gets up and hops off of the couch and wanders around. He finds a pillow and shifts anthro, sitting back in his chair as he holds it in front of his waist. He watches the clothes with his free hand. "You're lucky that I refuse to go commando." When Tony leaves, the anthro puts on the clothes; having to bite a hole in the shorts for his tail. "Done!" calls Kaji when he's fully changed.

Tony slides his head out from behind a doorjamb. "Good thing I wasn't fond of those." His head disappears back into the bedroom but the door has been left open in invitation. Tony has gone over to his desk and is currently looking at some schematics. On the computer monitors is a series of conversations to the government but nothing classified.

Kaji walks into the office, fidgeting with the neck of the shirt as he has his neck scruff spill over the collar. "That feels better." He stands in the doorway for a second before he moves over to one of the chairs. "Honestly, I thought with the location so close to M-town. It'd bleed over. Guess I was wrong. And I'm deeply sorry for that." Just wanted to say it with actual words.

"It's sorted. I shouldn't have said anything either so I'm partly to blame." Tony has to admit his part as much as any of the others that were involved. "If you get into trouble again I may have to ship you off for a months training at some exclusive dog training facility." He snickers while putting himself behind the desk, not that it would save him if Kaji decided to pounce him for being an ass.

Kaji opens his mouth to retort, and then he just lets out a sigh with a laugh. "I'm doing to be the cause of a whole lot of dog jokes here. Great." He shakes his head with a chuckle before he leans back in the chair. "Should've brought that pillow in here."

Tony has had far worse things lobbed at him than a pillow. "Anywhere but the face is legal. Just watch the hair." He teases a moment before picking up a panel to check that last nights incident hasn't found its way to a news outlet. Having realized his cell had been erased he was under the assumption that there had been another mutant who had lended a hand. Sadly, he would never know whom he owned thanks. "Someone at the bar last night wiped the electronic devices. While I'm grateful that I didn't have to phone a friend with everyone in the room to flash their phone, I have to wonder who did."

Kaji shrugs a bit. "Your guess is as good as mine. Though all the cars going off at the same time was helpful and rather annoying at the same time." He leans back in the chair as he clicks his teeth, "Oh, I'd go for a spot where it'd hurt."

Tony glances down at the most valuable of the Stark assets and winces. "Just know that when I get up off the floor you'd be a dead dog." He tosses the pad back down onto the desk then leans back in his chair looking thoughtful. "I have a meeting overseas this weekend. You game to hop aboard Stark Force 1 for the great beyond?"

Kaji chuckles deeply at that, "Depends on if ya can find me." Then his ears perk up as he quirks a brow. "Just where is the meeting? And how'm I going to get a passport that fast."

"Various locations in France. I am having a word with the Prime Minister and from there I'm sure there will be endless requests to visit various places." Tony runs a hand through his hair mussing it up even worse than it all ready was. "As for the passport, we'll work on that. If worse comes to worse you could always get into the plane via baggage and we'll let you out once the jet's in the air." A beep alerts him that his search has finished. Picking up the pad again he looks over the information and utters a confused sound.

Kaji levels a look with Tony, and then says, "I get to play dog again, don't I. Wouldn't I need a collar and leash?" A slightly annoyed tone, yet also an amused one. He hms a bit, "I'd be down for that. Never been to France before." At the confused sound, he tilts his head a bit and says, "What's up?"

Tony sets the pad down onto the desk pushing it over towards Kaji. "You remember seeing that guy last night?" On the screen is a picture of Erik. Beside it is a list of information on the mutant. "I knew he seemed familiar to me. I wonder why he was there last night. It would explain the blanket wide electrical disturbances." Tony quickly taps some information into another pad, slides that one over to the side of the one Kaji is now reading and waits for Kaji's reaction to the spiked collar.

Kaji reads over the pad about Erik, a brow raising as he says, "Never heard him. But a thanks should go to him if we see him again." He slides that pad back before he looks down at the collar and chuckles a bit. "A spiked collar? I gotta say, it'd definitely be an intimidating look to carry."

"Because you need the help in that department?" Tony jests as he pushes away from his desk. "Feel free to raid the kitchen, wander around. I need to hop into the shower and put in a call over to Jarvis to see if anyone's lurking over at the Mansion."

Kaji laughs softly. "Me? Not intimidating? I think I may be losing my touch." He looks over at him as he gets up and then he puts a hand on his stomach. "Well, I haven't eaten anything since last night. So… might as well."

Tony thinks that if Kaji is to be coming over more often that the fridge needs an expansion. "Help yourself. I may put in a call over to Xaviers as well." Tony heads off towards the shower. Once he's done he pulls on a pair of black jeans, a black long sleeve button up shirt and a pair of skater shoes. He sits himself down at the foot of his bed to stick in a memory card into his cell phone and fix the settings before he makes his first phone call.

Kaji glances over his shoulder and calls, "Though, I may need to head over to my house and get some clothes. Since, well, yeah." He laughs a bit before he starts to scrounge through the fridge. Finding the makings for a sandwich and he starts to gather those up.

Tony finishes up a brief call then remembers that Kaji mentioned the need to go back over to his place. Tony calls out, "Go ahead. I'm not going anywhere for a bit. I need to sort out a few things." Instead of placing his next call Tony slows his whirling thoughts down long enough to keep track of what he needs to keep an eye on. He sends an email to himself flagging it as a reminder to look up Storms in the business aspect over the last decade.

Kaji finishes up making his sandwich and he hms a bit. "Guess I need to go shopping…" Especially since he left his cellphone last night at the bar. He left his clothes there as well. Though, more to the point, he hid them. So that's probably still there. Good thing it was a cheap one. He puts the sandwich in his mouth and heads over towards the elevator. "Text me that address for the tailor. I'll have to get some of those as well." With that, he presses the elevator button and waits for it.

After several phone calls are done, a check on the world news to see if he is needed as Iron Man, Tony puts in a call to his tailor to expect Kaji to be coming in sometime during the next few hours. A quick text is sent out with the information and Tony is left to his devices. Tony sincerely hopes that the drama for the week is over. He is getting increasingly anxious which will not bode well for the next person or persons that take a shot at him. He lifts the contact blackout so that people may call him as he heads down to his 'garage' to work on a mock-up of tech he's seen pop up in the last few weeks. This is where he will be for the next few hours.

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