2011-06-19: Business Proposition

Players: Jordan Mayfair and Kai

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Summary: Jordan and thugs confront Kai at his home to test his powers and set up a business proposition

Date: June 19, 2011

Log Title: Business Proposition

Rating: R

NYC - Williamsburg Apartments (Kai's Apartment)

Quite a clean, simple, spartenesque apartment, would be tidy if not for the verious maps, newspaper clippings and different types of servilance equipment scattered around the room.

It is late evening on Sunday. A quiet night, very late with not too many residents around. They are either in bed or celebrating Father’s Day. So it is the perfect time for Jordan Mayfair and friends to make their presence known. He appears in the hallway outside the apartment for Kai Oaken. With him are two armed men, dressed completely in black. Looking like secret service but more likely some underworld thugs provided for Mr. Mayfair. He looks about the hallway and shakes his head. He looks at the door and then rings the bell.

As the door opens, the goons pulls out .34 Smith and Wessons and point them straight for Kai’s head. “Hello, Kai.” Jordan Mayfair dressed similarly to the thugs in an all black suit but a much more expensive suit. He smiles and bows his head, “Sorry for the late night visit. I hope you don’t mind.” The smile turns into a smirk, “Mind if I an my friends come in?”

With the gun pointing right at his head Kai has no choice but to let Mayfair into his apartment, "Fine, won't you come in?", he steps back slowly into the apartment and far enough away from the door for Mayfair and the two men to enter, "Shouldn't it be my friends and i?"

The bodyguards enter first. One aiming the gun at Kai. The other looking about the apartment an scanning for any traps or anything before he signals Jordan that it is alright to enter. As he walks in the apartment, he looks about to seethe equipment and clippings strewn about. He looks at them and shakes his head, “How Timothy McVeigh of you.” Looking at the boy and noting the tattoo, “13? Many people feel that is an unlucky number.”

Kai shrugs, "I'm interested in the media is all, everyone has a hobby, yours seems to be intimidating teenagers", he leans against a wall, "Whos Timothy McVeigh?", when asked about the tattoo he gives the same explaination he gives to the guys in gym, "When i was younger i was in a stupid little gang, i was the 13th member".

“Timothy McVeigh was an idiot terrorist. I hope that’s not what you are.” Jordan shakes his head. “This place really is sparse, Kai. You need furniture or something.” Jordan leans against the door, “You killed someone. You know it and I know it. So I would like to know how you did it.” Jordan establishes a surface psi-link with Kai. Typically when someone says something the other person thinks it. Jordan
sees if that happens. The thugs remain poised with their guns pointed at the teen.

"Well i like it, people have way too much stuff, but i'm assuming you're not here to give decorating tips?", even without his training Kai is very smart and by now he's got a solid guess of what Mayfair is, "Yeah i killed a guy, i've killed a lot of people but that is usually the point when you're playing COD".

”Fuck this. I know you killed someone. So either you die or you’ll defend yourself. Either way I’ll be fine.” Jordan looks to the thugs and nods, “Kill him.” The thugs point their guns and attempt to shoot Kai. Jordan watches expecting the unexpected. He leans at the door mindlinked with Kai in an attempt to see what his thoughts or anticipate his actions before they happen.

As soon as the order to kill him is given the smile disappears from Kai's face, "Shield!", as the order is given a large spiked ice-shield forms in front of him as thick as steel, enough to protect him from the bullets.

Smiling, “I thought so. Ice powers. Cryokinesis. Cute. ” He waves his hand up an orders the thugs to stop shooting. Jordan crosses his hands together and looks to the ground, “Let’s see how you do in a fight without powers?” He eyes both thugs as one rushes towards Kai from his right with a high kick and the other strikes from his left with a low kick.

Kai's reflexes are beyond that of a normal human giving him time to grab the incoming leg of the one on the right, plant his feet on the wall and slam him into the other thug with his inhanced strength, "Call them off or i will kill them".

As both thugs are slammed into each other. They spit out blood and seem pained but they rise up somewhat groggily. Jordan makes no move to call them off, “You kill or I do. Really not that big of a deal who does it.” One tries to make a run for it and the other reach for his pistol and fire off a few rounds at Kai.

As one of the thugs makes to go for his gun again Kai forms a baseball sized ball of ice and throws it at the man, not even stopping to check the damage he's after the runner, if he's a normal human Kai will easily catch him before he reaches the door, he'll make to grab the man's arm and freeze him solid.
The ball of ice strikes the thug in the face crushing his face an slamming it into the wall. His body falls over dead. The other thug screams, “I was leaving. No please.” He is suddenly frozen and trapped within the ice. Jordan claps and walks forward, “Wow, you are a veritable killing machine. Ruthless. Evil. I figured as much.”

"You don't know anything", Kai turns to face Mayfair and a sword made of ice forms in his hand, "Now explain why you can here and theres a slim chance that i'll allow you to live", the kind of person Kai is ment to be is definatly making his way to the surface.

“That’s cute. If you figured out how I knew all those things about you, then you’ll know I am your head.” Jordan laughs at the sword, “Plus, I am confident I will be leaving here unharmed.” He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a cigarette holder showing it to Kai to show that he is making no aggressive moves. “I figure with the Spartan manner that you have decorated this place, you won’t mind if I smoke, do you?”

"You can't be sure of anything, i'm one wandering thought away from insane, now why are you here?", Kai isn't kidding he knows for a fact that he has it in him to lose all rationality, "Yeah i do mind if you smoke in here, you might be the one smoking it but i'm the one breathing it in".

Shaking his head, Jordan offers, “Certain things are guaranteed.” Jordan sighs as he places the cigarette back in the holder, “They’re expensive anyway. I came to learn about you. So here’s my question to you. Who did you kill?” Looking at the clippings and equipment. “You’re clearly plan out your murders. But you are a mystery to me. There is not much existing information about you. So what’s your deal, 13?”

"Just some low level politician, no one really important", Kai's fist tightens around the sword when Mayfair calls him 13, "My name is Kai, and why would it matter to you what i do and how thurough my planning is?"

Exhaling and sighing, “You’re lying. A low level policitian?“ Jordan shakes his head, “Don’t bullshit me. You are special. You should live up to that and politics is beneath your talents. I have a business proposition that pays much better than a low level politician.”

Kai isn't lying, the man he killed was a low level politician weither he was something more to his employers he doesn't know, "I'm really not all that special", if he was he'd be able to get some form of respect from the kids at school also theres a lot of cyros about, "You're offering me a business proposition?", Mayfair must not realise what he's really dealing with, how strong a telepath is he?

Catching that last few thoughts, “With all you can do, you get no respect from kids at your school?” Jordan laughs, “I’m a strong enough telepath. And despite their being many cryos with the right training, you could be even more powerful than what you are already.”

"The kids at school have no idea what i'm capable of, i don't go round broadcasting it", Kai laughs when Mayfair talks about what he could do with training, "You really don't know what you're dealing with do you?, ok tell me about your proposition nad i'll tell you my terms"

“Well, with your skill, You should be able to take them out without anyone even knowing. Or do you have control issues?” Jordan asks as he ponders maybe this kid does have an issue to manipulate.

Kai shakes his head, "I have no control issues whatsoever, i'm just not a psychopath, if i went round killing anyone who annoyed me, i'd have wiped out he school by tuesday", he knows his powers better than he knows anything, "Now what was your proposition?"

Shaking his head as Jordan thinks to himself that this kid is a bullshitter. “I would have wanted to hire for some side gigs.” Jordan ponders, “What are your terms?”

"I can't seem to shake the feeling that you don't quite believe me", Kai considers his words carefully, "You've heard of the organisation called SHIELD i assume?, this organisation has resently been gathering young people with abilities for some kind of school, you give me information about said school and i'll do your 'side gigs'"

Pondering if it is even worth hiring Kai, Jordan thinks that maybe finding out information abot this school could be useful to him as well. He nods, “Ok, kid, let’s see how this works.” Jordan moves past Kai, “Well this was entertaining.” He bows to Kai, “See ya around.”

Kai watches Mayfair leave as every cell in his body tells him to kill the man, except one little voice at the back of his mind telling him the man can be useful, closing the door behind him he tosses the swords to one side and heads to bed, he'll deal with the bodies in the morning.

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