2011-04-08: Busy Signal


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Summary: Anita calls Tony looking to have him come over and he shuts her down.

Date: April 8, 2011

Log Title: Busy Signal

Rating: PG-13 (L)

Phone Conversation

After the disappointment earlier in the day, Anita needs a little salve for her bruised ego. She's stretched out on her couch, Dodger curled up on the floor beside her as she idly scratches the Dane's large head. She scrolls through the numbers in her cell, muttering to herself as she dismisses names one after another. Finally, she comes across the perfect person to call: Tony! She smiles, the expression more predatory than one the billionaire has likely seen on the dancer's face before, and hits the call button, "Tony'll be thrilled to come see me…"

It's been a very long day for Stark and it will continue for some time. Most of the world may retire to bed at a reasonable hour then wake up the next morning to go to work or school but Tony lived on a different time table. It would be nothing short of a miracle if he caught any sleep at all in the next 48 hours as there was too much to be dealt with. As he has retired to his lab where he is working on multiple things at once he's surprised to get a call on his personal line at this hour. Anita? She must be on break perhaps. As screens scroll information cross referencing with multiple sources he answers, "How are things shaking over there?"

"Oh, I'm doing just perfect, honey." Anita's voice can only really be described as a little 'off', "Just calling to invite you over. I've got a lonesome that just won't quit without some serious company right now." She sits up a little, running a hand through her hair and lifting it to drape over the arm of the couch, "Bring your friend Kaji along with you. I'm sure we can think up something to keep us all occupied for a few hours…" Her lazy smile is audible in her voice.

Of all the nights to get an offer like this one it had to be this particular night. A bit put off by the thought of involving his friend in a menage a trois and it's only partially because of the fur! "The offer is tempting but I'm afraid that I am unavailable at the moment. If you've got an itch you can't scratch you might be able to track down Kaji." The screens of information slow to a crawl as Tony rises up from his desk to cross across his lab to pull a drink from the fridge.

Anita sits up, frowning a little at the rejection. Her voice takes on a decidedly sharp edge, "I'm really not in the mood to be told no tonight, honey." Not for the third time in one day, and especially not when she's feeling so powerful. Now she's back to being smooth as silk, "Come on, Tony. I won't keep you long…" She's being much more insistent than she ever has before.

Tony pauses halfway back to his desk with the energy drink hanging in mid air in front of him. "Tonight is not the best night for this, Anita." Now sipping at the drink as he makes it back to his desk. "If I could I would be more than willing but I've matters to attend to that I can not put off even for the company of a beautiful woman." The fact that she is pressing him a bit more insistently is nothing that causes any immediate concern as he's used to persistent women.

Swinging her legs off the couch, Anita stands, stepping over the sleeping dog, and starts pacing the width of the small room, "Tony, I'm not going to take no for an answer tonight. Not again." No, there's really something not quite right about the dancer tonight. She stops for a moment, running her hand over the back of the couch, her tone turning slightly teasing, "Please, honey? I really want to spend some time with you tonight."

Seated behind his desk the monitors go from a crawl of information to stilling entirely. Tony leans back in his chair balancing the can of energy drink to his knee. "What's gotten into you?"A pause. "I warned that there would be times I would be unavailable. This is one of those times." For numerous reasons that will remain unmentioned. There's a lot on Tony's mind and he needed to get back to work.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Anita straightens indignantly at the accusation that there's something wrong with her, her voice turning defensive, "I just thought that you'd like to go have a little fun is all." She pauses, tossing her hair back over her shoulder and resuming her pacing, "I could even come over if that would make it more convenient for you." Not that she sounds all that thrilled with the idea of having to go to him instead of the other way around. She honestly couldn't care less, at the moment, what else he's busy with. She knows what she wants and she aims to get it. And that's really not like her.

"Clearly," Tony can't help but sigh. Despite the fact that he enjoyed having a good time he was also quite serious about his duties as Iron Man. Iron Man would always take precedence over anything else going on in his life and those that couldn't understand that found themselves on the outs. "You and the majority of the universe know that I enjoy a good time and there's quite a lot of video around the internet that is proof of that fact but I've …" Why am I even explaining this? It is what it is and she supposedly understood that up until now. "Don't take this the wrong way," which is entirely likely to happen. "I've politely declined…repeatedly. I'm sorry but what I've to do here is far more important than showing you a good time. Go out, and pull some one if all you're looking for is a hook up."

Anita's voice turns cold, "And here I thought you might enjoy getting to know the new me." So there's something new? She turns on her heel and stalks toward the door, turning again to pace the other direction just before she runs into it, "Only thing that would make today better would be getting some face time." She picks up an empty can off the dining table and tries to drink, scowling when it proves to have already been finished and tossing it in the kitchen sink with a clatter, "You know you don't really mean that 'no'…" No matter how many times he says it, "Anyway, I just thought you'd like the first," Or, rather, third, "Call on my time."

The new Anita? What was wrong with the old Anita? Hell, what exactly did she mean? Tony really didn't have time for this but for some strange reason he didn't end the call. Instead he went back to multitasking for the moment. "There was nothing wrong with the old you though I've no idea what this new you business is all about. You're a bit off tonight and I appreciate that you called me before you moved onto your other contacts."

"There might not have been anything wrong with the old me, but I'm so much better now…" Or so Anita feels, anyway. She stops her pacing, hand clenching at her side when accused of being a bit off and snarling softly, "There's not a damned thing wrong with me. Hell, I'm better than I ever was before!" She runs a hand through her hair, Anna coming out of the bedroom and Dodger looking over the top of the couch to give her twin concerned looks, "Just come over. I'm waiting for you." And waiting doesn't sit very well right now…

Tony spins around in his chair planting his feet firmly on the ground, glaring at some spec on the far wall across from him. "There is something wrong. I don't know if you've gone and had one too many or if you've done something more foolish than that but you need to calm down and get your head screwed back on. I don't have time for this." Spinning the chair back around to face the trio of monitors on his desk he sighs loudly in his lab though Anita won't hear that given Tony's not using an actual phone. Their friendship may already be fraying at the ends as this conversation continues to grate on his nerves. She'll be waiting for him to come over? "You'll be waiting awhile then Anita. Good night." The connection is closed. Should she attempt to call back furious with him for turning her down then she'll get nothing but a busy signal as he's turned the line off.

"There's not a maldito thing wrong other than with you." Anita shoves Anna off when the dog tries to lean up against her, earning a whine from the smaller of the two Danes, "I feel better today than I have all week." She glares at the phone for a moment as she's accused of either having drank too much or done something even worse, "I don't know who you think you are judging me like that, but you don't know a thing about me or what I do!" She's just getting started on yelling when he cuts her off and hangs up, her jaw dropping a little in shock, "He hung up on me…" She blinks a couple of times and looks down at the dogs, "That hijo de puta hung up on me!" She tries to call back, getting angrier with each busy signal that beeps in her ear. The dogs decide that it might be a better idea to leave their person to her rage and quietly retreat to the bedroom.

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