2011-06-04: By The Poolside


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Summary: On a sunny Saturday several members of the Paragons hang out by the pool at the mansion.

Date: June 4, 2011

Log Title: By the Poolside

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion Pool

A large Olympic size pool sits outside at the edge of the property over looking Breakstone Lake. The pool, always heated to the right temperature, starts at a depth of 4 feet at the shallowest end, and gradually reaches a depth of 20ft. A diving board sits at the far end of the pool. Off to the side of the shallow end, a hot tub is built into the ground for those wanting to relax. Pool chairs and tables sit along the side of the pool for those just wanting to enjoy the sunshine.

The days of summer are on the way as witness to the brilliantly sunny Saturday where not a cloud littered the sky, and the temperature is a solid upper 80s. The good turn of weather of course brings meany out of the Dorms onto the grounds for games, picnics and of course the pool side. The Olympic size pool is seeing quite a lot of action as people are diving, batting around beach balls, and talking up a storm both in and out of the water.
Bare feet find the pool deck as Tyler looks around seeking a chair to set his things down in. In his hands is a bright beach towel, a pair of sandals he shouldn't have bothered bringing and a bottle of SPF WOMG sun block(the spray on kind). A chair is free to one side of the shallows so he heads over, dumps his stuff onto the chair, pulls sunglasses off to add to the pile and makes sure that his board shorts are tied tight.

Wearing a pair of black swimming trunks, not board shorts, Kieran's upperbody has the gleam as if covered in sunscreen. A bright blue beach towel slung over the back of his neck. He's not quite ghostly white beneath the June sun, but he's not exactly the most tan of individuals, if anything he's really quite pale. His feet have a pair of sandals on them to protect them from the ground when he was walking towards the pool. "Hey Tyler!" He calls out as he approaches his roomie.

Tyler turns about until he spots Kieran and tosses a jaunty wave towards his friend. "Sup Kieran?" Squinting in the sunlight the teen seeks to turn a nearby chair about so that Kieran can take that if he wishes. Tyler is wearing a pair of interesting shorts as they depict a rather chaotic blue nebula upon a star filled backdrop with a splash of neon green cutting across a leg of the shorts. "Did you bring any block with you? I've got mine if you need it later. Doesn't make you smell like Bananna Boat either."

"Not really but as long as I am not out too long I'll be good." Kieran says smiling a little bit at Tyler. His own look so completely bland in comparison. "That's cool. This stuff lasts about four hours or so in water. Bad thing is it makes my skin a little bit slick so it's hard to hold some stuff." He says laughing a bit,"I seriously need to work on getting out of the ghost appearance." He says laughing a bit as he puts the towel down,"Nice shorts. They're very you."

Making his way out to the pool with a mid-sized beach bag slung over one shoulder, Kevin pauses for a moment to adjust the sit of his shades as he wrinkles his nose at the crowd that had the same idea he did. He sighs and shrugs, making his way over to the shallow end where there's a free space on the ground, "Good thing I brought two towels…" Then he notices that Kieran is there talking to another boy and lifts a hand in greeting, "Hi, Kieran." The younger boy's voice is soft as he pulls one of the two towels out of his bag and spreads it out of the ground before pulling out his own bottle of sunblock, lotion form, and begins slathering it on his exposed arms and legs. He's wearing a pair of pale blue swim trunks and a faded, olive green t-shirt to make sure he doesn't get burned too badly, a pair of darker blue flip flops on his feet to protect from the hot pavement.

"You think so?" Tyler peers down at his trunks. "Oh, I suppose they are! Honestly, I had these before I became a space oddity. I thought they looked pretty cool." There are quite a few people about that the teen is unfamiliar with as he's still a newbie. "I think there are a lot of us that could soak up some rays. I normally don't stay out all that long though so it's never worth it to even bother trying." Gorgeous days like this normally have the Ohio native lurking indoors. Someone who knows Kieran comes over and Tyler smiles offering a polite nod.

"Hey Kevin!" Kieran calls out as he stands next to Tyler,, and waits for Kevin to get a bit closer,"Kevin, meet my roommate Tyler, Tyler, meet Kevin. So now three of the members of Paragons have met. Tyler's on our squad as well now. He's also oddly from Cincinnati as well. It's pretty awesome." He says before pausing and considering this a bit,"Yeah. They're pretty damn cool and since they fit your powers, it's all good Tyler." He says giving a soft laugh.

Settling down on his towel, Kevin gives Tyler a semi-bashful little wave all his own, "Hi. Nice to meet you." He blinks a couple of times at the news that the new guy is on the same team they both are and suddenly grins, "Cool!" He pauses for a moment, "I'm guessing you're new to Xavier's?" He actually giggles a little, "Who'd have thought there'd be this many new students this close to the end of school?" He finishes rubbing sunblock into the back of his neck and starts in on his face, taking his shades off and setting them in the top of his bag while he works on his face.

There's a warm smile emanating from Tyler's eyes as introductions are made. "Hey man, nice to meet you. I've been here only a few days so I've not gone to any classes but yeah, kinda looking forward to meeting the rest of the squad too." It is rather odd that there is an influx of students right before a break but things happen to people in their own time so here they all are. "How's life treating you?" Asking this of Kevin as he motions towards the pool clearly intending to walk off the edge of the pool deck into about four feet of water, which he does.

"Yeah. It's kind of odd, but least they're getting to experience it somewhat before the term ends." Kieran says casually as he considers walking out to the water. His powers though are a little bit crazy for water. "So Kevin, what've you been up to?" He asks curiously as he gets to the edge of the pool,"You and Tyler have some stuff in common too." he says before taking a breath and walking off the edge into the water and sinks himself entirely in the water for a moment, just to get his entire body used to the shock of the cool water.

Kevin nods, smiling broadly, "We're all a good bunch." What experience he's had with the team, anyway. He shrugs good naturedly, "Pretty good. Just started school here, myself, about a month ago." He grins, "Just a day or two before Kieran came here, acutally." He shrugs and finishes with the sunblock, leaning back on the towel to let the lotion soak in good before jumping into the pool, himself, "This and that. Just trying not to get lost in all my classes." He makes a face, "It's not that different from what I'm used to, but still…" He sits up a little and tilts his head curiously at Kieran before looking over at Tyler as both boys get in the pool, "Oh? What kind of stuff?" He sounds genuinely curious.

Tyler shakes his head spraying water everywhere about him before passing a hand over his face to clear the water from his eyes. A moment later Kieran drops into the water splashing water up into Tylers face which has him temporarily blinded again. Splutters, "Good to know the team is cool." Using the side of his hand he cuts a bit of water towards Kieran before walking up to the edge of the pool to rest an arm on the wall. "I think he," thumbing towards his roommate, "means that we've both got two fathers. Least that's what I think he's talking about."

Choking a little bit as he gets splashed in the face as well the moment he gets above water, Kieran shakes his head a bit so that his hair isn't hanging in front of his eyes thick and wet,"Yep. That's what I'm talking about. Kevin's the sheltered member of our group and the one that needs to be exposed to music remember?" He says the last bit looking towards Tyler, before he swims to the side as well and leans on it. "The classes aren't that hard."

"You do?" Kevin sounds surprised to hear that someone else has the same kind of home-life than he does. He blinks a couple of times and offers an almost shy little smile, "That's cool. I've never met anyone else that had two dads before." He pauses for a moment and runs a hand through his hair, wincing a little when it sticks a little to his fingers and pulls, slicked back a little from the lotion that hadn't yet soaked in, "My dads both work here with the school. Dr. and Mr. Parker-Mayfair." He blinks a couple of times at Kieran's description of him and flushes, "Um… Yeah. I guess I did grow up kinda sheltered." That's what happens when one is raised under the thumb of an ultra conservative preacher. He shrugs one shoulder and wrinkles his nose, "No, they aren't really hard. Just different from what I was taught before." And the information gets kind of jumbled sometimes.

Tyler remembers the conversation last night even though he had a small brain fart during it. "Yup," nodding to Kevin. "You're parents work here? That could be either a good or a bad thing depending!" Can't get away with much when your parents are right there to notice everything that's happening on campus. There's a playful shove to Kierans shoulder, "Not helping the poor guy there." Fingers drum idly on the ground between pool and Kevin's towel. "Well you're here now and can be bombarded with pop culture. It's an education in and of itself. Definitely more fun than math."

Kevin nods, "Yeah. It's really cool! I get to talk to Dad-one more often now that I'm one of his students. I don't get to see Dad-two as much during the week now, but I still go home on the weekends and can go visit them for dinner sometimes durning the week." He grins, "You should try some of Dad-two's lemon bars sometime. He's an amazing cook!" The grin gets bigger, "He teaches the cooking class, actually. Dad-one is the school psychiatrist." He wrinkles his nose a little at the thought of both math and science, "And science confuses me the most… There's where most of the differences in what I learned before are." Creation vs evolution still trips him up sometimes… He looks the faintest bit nervous at the mention of pop culture and nods, not really trusting himself enough to speak on the matter.

"I had some cookies the other day that were amazing." Tyler pushes back from the wall a bit to sink to his shoulders in the water. "I hate math but it's one of those things you just gotta do. If I want to ever get into a college I've got to put up with it. Bores me to death though. At least I've other classes I can get into." A beach ball sails overhead and Tyler stands up to knock it into the air so it's sailing between Kieran and Kevin. "My dad teaches at an elementary school and my father does repair work. From time to time my father is embarrassing because he is a total geek. I swear he even knows the deck and room number of Captain Picard's quarters on a specific starship."

"I've found math is what the teacher makes of it. Some of my math classes were awesome, and others so tedious that it made me want to take a drill to my head." Kieran says grimacing a little bit,"And yeah. Dad-two's food is /always/ amazing. I've gotten to try a few different types." He says grinning a little bit at Kevin,"Science is a bit confusing I guess. I like my science though. I'm not so big on biology but I do like physics and chemistry."

A bright grin lights up Kevin's face and he nods, "They were probably made by Dad-two." He shakes his hair back out of his face, closing his eyes behind his shades and tilting his head back. to just bask in the warmth of the sun for a few minutes, "I'm not really sure I want to go to college… My father was supposed to be a very educated man, but he sure wasn't a very nice one…" He pauses for a moment, brow wrinkling as he works through a thought, "I guess that's a bad example, though, because both of my dads are really smart people and they're super nice…" The ball hits the ground and bounces in his direction, still unseen until the last possible moment when his arms come up defensively to knock it back in the direction of the pool with a startled exclamation, "Woah!"
He sits up quickly, pushing his shades up on his head and watching the beach ball flying back to the others, "Oh…" He blushes a little and wrinkles his nose.

As much as a different teacher could change how one feels about a subject it's not likely to happen in Tylers case. There are just some classes that he can't stand and would rather be done with. "Science class is always fun save for when there's dissection going on." He'll not discuss what happened in his eight grade science class when they were dissecting frogs. Kevin nearly gets bested by a beach ball which has Tyler laughing as the ball sails off back towards another student. "The pool can be a treacherous place apparently." Floating in place Tyler treads water from time to time then shuffles off to the side a hair. "We've got awhile to figure the whole college thing out. For now we get to enjoy being unique high school students." And as such Tyler goes under water attempting to manage a handstand without bobbling over.

"I'm not worried about college yet. I think getting a handle on our powers is probably the best thing to do first." Kieran says laughing a little bit as he stays at the side of the pull laughing a little bit at the startled Kevin. "College can make people into miserable grumpy people, or it does nothing to them. It's all on the person and what they take away." He says shrugging a bit,"Yeah… Biology is high on the ick factor."

Kevin probably would have been beaned by the beach ball if it hadn't been for his mutation… "Apparently…" He shrugs at the thought of science class, nose wrinkling at the thought of disection, "Ew! I still don't see why anyone would want to cut open a poor animal like that." He shudders a little and stands, leaving his flip flops sitting neatly by his towel and making his way over to the pool to sit on the side near the other two boys with his feet dangling in the water, "Yeah, I know." He's still got at least three years before he has to worry about college, after all.

Legs wobble to the side until there is a complete collapse then a moment later Tyler bobs back up running a hand over his hair to get the strands out of his eyes. "Yeah, powers first. Biology may be squicky but it's how people learn how to make scientific advances, medical ones, all that stuff." Floating around in a circle he leans against the side of the pool to see the others easier. "Well, the suns baking the pool a bit so I might go inside in a few. Maybe we can try to meet up and get the others together to hang out before a training session this week."

"See back in the room later." Kieran says pulling himself out of the water and drips water as he moves over to his towel and lays down on his towel and just relaxes there,"Yeah. Biology is necessary for medicine. Chemistry has a bit to do with biology. They sort of intermingle." He says laughing a little bit, if weakly,"Man…. It was hard not to release any electricity in the water." He says weakly.

Tyler begs off to do a little bit of swimming before the heat becomes too much for him to enjoy the pool. "You did well," he mentions to Kieran. A few laps of the pool and meeting a few new people Tyler pushes up out of the pool at the edge and goes to dry off gathering up his things and slipping on his shades. With a farewell to his friends he wanders back towards the main building where he'll spend some time in the climate controlled AC before heading back to the dorms.

A quick nod is given at the comment about biology and powers and Kevin just kicks his feet in the water for a few minutes, leaning back a little and basking in the sun. "It is kinda warm, isn't it…" He wrinkles his nose a little at that and just shrugs, "Well, it was really nice meeting you, Tyler." He looks at his newest teammate and grins, "Yeah! Maybe Dad-two can make some cookies just for us?" If he asks him to, anyway. Or maybe he'll just make one of them bake them instead.

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