2010-06-22: C'est la vie


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Summary: A meeting between Madrox and Domino leads to unexpected irritations.

Date: June 22, 2010

C'est la vie

Rating: PG

NYC - Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is easily identified by the white Washington Square Arch. This park in Greenwich Village has a relaxing fountain in the middle, and benches all around for people to sit and people watch, read, or draw. It is common to find the occasional political protest in this park, as Greenwich Village is one of the more Liberal Area's of New York City.

Agent Madrox sat on a park bench, staring boredly down at his wrist-watch. In his lap was a laptop and a file of paperwork folded into newspaper, a fresh Starbucks cup rested the opposite side of this. It was obvious today was going to be a warmer one, already it was in the 70's and some light rain was the worst of it, here and there sprinkling down yet not enough to be bothersome or even to ones notice more than in passing.

Between the general melee of life [when you allow Deadpool in] and work [which had also taken the first course], Domino took time to watch Jamie and follow him from a safe distance. Thus far she figured she had remained undetected and in these quiet hours before everything from New York life to her own started up she approached him from behind and leaned against the bench he was seated upon. One leather clad hip pressed into the backrest and arms folded over her chest as eyes skipped over the surroundings while she spoke. "You seemed like you honestly wanted my attention. You got it."

The watch was drawn away from Agent Madrox's face as he gave a quick once over at Domino,"Yes, simple precautionary steps and some mandatory questions. Maybe we can come to some basic understanding and I can pull some strings on account of our past relations and your good citizenly desires. Firstly, greetings again, it is nice to see you… you're looking well. "Reaching to the other side of him he opened up that newspaper bit to pull out a small box of chocolates offering her one, "One of my weaknesses, I have a small sweet tooth."

Domino was watching him carefully, she had assumed SHIELD by his mannerisms and dress, when he stated our past relations it was confirmed. She was right to watch from a safe distance and even as the box of chocolates was offered her eyes rose from it and swept out over the park, looking for any other eyes out of the norm. "Yea…Hi. What do they want, and if you want something, by all means speak up, but chocolate doesn't pay me these days." Domino remained casual despite the suspicions, her eyes finally falling back to Jamie and waving off the candy. "No thanks."

Agent Madrox shrug's drawing the small container away setting it back beside him,"I stated before, subjectively speaking we knew one another. As you know or should know by now I am not Jamie Madrox… I am one of his co-originals, my name is James Madrox I represent SHIELD, no need in showing you my badge unless you require confirmation. What I am curious of, and what has been handed down to me, is your business? You defected from Six Pack to aid the fugitive Cable during the Rumikestan incident, those above me would like to hear from you, yourself what your stance is and your plans, because in all accounts you very well may be considered a fugitive and an accomplice yourself. I'd like to get this rectified and so would a friend of yours."

Again with the mention of Cable, and her lips set into a firm line, her eyes remaining on James for a bit longer before they rose to look out towards the arch and then up. Any nearby rooftops were skimmed for signs of life, reflections back off of weaponry hitting the light. It may seem a passive simple meeting, but Domino knew better. "Cable may just do that country some good. May, but it is not up to me what happens now that he found his seat in Rumikestan and I have not spoken with Cable in some time now. My efforts are my own here." Curiosity hit her gaze when he mentioned a friend, but it quickly faded. He would either say who, or not; it was beyond the point of this meeting.

"Cable has disappeared, to be frank. He is no longer in Rumikestan, did you know this?" The SHIELD Agent pushed. The laptop closing up and set aside as one leg folded over the other, the sunglasses he wore hiding his eyes as they watches her face then move past towards a passing jogger only to return. "I for one would like to see you continue on, un-obstructed and without having to worry about us over your back, which, you know how we operate. If we do not find your activities acceptable or security comfortable… we will be following you. So being as open and honest as you can be with us is in your best interest, what's the phrase… we can be your best friend or your worst nightmare?"

Domino focused back on James as he spoke to her, the final phrasing earning a derisive snort and the shift in her stance. One leg swung up and over the top of the bench, planting a booted foot firmly before James, her form shifting to follow with the other leg as her weight was now left to be distributed in a crouch before him. Slate blue eyes focused on James’s own as any signs of worry or care seemed to be erased from her face. "Let me be perfectly clear here. I left Cable alive and well, ruling his little country, I left and have not had contact with him since. Now, if the all seeing eye of SHIELD is what they claim to be they would know this." Leaning forward slightly the leather body suit gave a groan of protest, shifting over the lithe figure beneath. "If I wanted a best friend, I'd get a dog. If I wanted a worst nightmare, I'd sleep more often to find it. Operate James, but don't patronize me."

"It doesn't hurt to hear first-hand, Domino. Not patronizing in the least, just seems you types tend to have a short memory for how things work. So, you have had 0 contact with the subject since your depature?" Agent Madrox questions once more, his fingers closing around the cup to lift it up sipping. "As far as your defecting when we hired you and the SixPack to aid in taking down the man, what of that? How are we to really take that one… I mean, do you have a desired route and if so I'd like to hear it, along with some reasons."

Domino's arms rose up to rest elbows over bent knees, her torso leaning forward ever so slightly just to keep friends close and enemies closer. The friends were the two holstered Brownings that lay beneath the coat - you know the rest. "No, no contact what-so-ever. As for my reasons and route, I already explained and that is what you get because the way I put it is how you will understand, anything else…Is beyond you." SHIELD was likely very aware of the on again off again love affair, and delving into that with them was a moot point and even she was not entirely sure that is what changed her mind to take down Flagsmasher instead save a sliver of unknowing. SHIELD wouldn't care the amount of type of excuses, so the final route.."What would you like to hear James, what would they like to hear? I am sure anything I say does not matter."

"Sure it matters. Think of this as an opportunity to clear your name as a possible terrorist against the United States. " Agent Madrox swilled the cup around infront of him gaze behind the shades locked on it for a moment before he was looking at Domino once more. "I'll be open with you, several of your former Six Pack buddies are in custody, after being deported from Rumikestan they ended up imprisoned for various reasons. You could very well end up the same, but someone higher up took the bigger deal, the smarter one. They're now helping us out, you have that choice right now to do the same."He held up a small device about the size of a mini-iPod or a memory stick."Take this, in accepting it you accept that should you see Cable you will contact us. This is two way, you help us, we'll help you. Also in agreeing to this, we'll turn a blind eye to your activities and you won't be under our constant scrutiny."

Domino stared at the stick but did not accept it. Not quite yet, but what was left when it was you versus a country at odds? Not too much, not even she had enough luck to save her ass from that one. She could not insult or even find any reason to dislike the fact that her former teammates had succumbed to SHIELD. If they got the same deal, she could empathize almost. "I am not an enemy to the United States, and you very well know that. I'll accept your blackmail because it seems I have no choice, now do I?" One hand snapped out and pale digits snatched up the stick, tucking it into her attire as she eased back and slipped from the booth. Would she inform them if she ever heard from Cable again? Who knew, but until then it seemed she would have to place more distance between them and shut him out. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. "If you believe half the bullshit that is coming out of your own mouth…James… I pity you."

"I do, but your pity isn't necessary." Agent Madrox replies calmly as she takes the receiver/transmitter. "Think of it this way also, you're now back in SHIELD's eyes as a potential hire-able gun. That means more work, right?" Madrox stood up, balancing the coffee in one hand as he shuffled through his papers. "I'd also like to ask, what do you know about the bombing of Battery Park and death of Jace Macnamara several weeks back? Word on the vine is, you were protecting the man and somehow, someone slipped past you and aced him. Not good for business, knocks you down a rung in the mercenary lists I imagine."

"SHIELD was not on my list of desired employers anyway, I'd rather have slim picking then this, but.." A gallic rise and fall of Domino's shoulders emphasized the point of it being out of her hands. Booted feet hit the ground before the bench and she stretched her legs out from that crouch, not even pausing at the mention of her last job solo. Without so much as a blink she repeated what she had in her mind as: the perfect story. "I was not aware he was a terrorist when I took the job James, having to push through a crowd of hate filled people and then a mess that was made of them hindered any ability for me to follow him accordingly. By the time I got to the spot, he was a goner. C'est la vie." A pause then as she returned scrutinizing gaze to him. "We done?"

"You know how that looks I imagine." Agent Madrox releases, the cup being tossed in a trashcan nearby. "Just something to keep in mind, good lady." The papers, laptop, newspaper and his phone were all picked up, the phone she'd realize was on the entire time, closing it once it came into his grasp. "We are done but we'll be in touch, good to see you around New York, it's not too bad this time of year."

"Yeah, it looks like shit, but the world is down one more terrorist and I am not always so lucky. SHIELD still wants me so apparently it is not all that bad hm?" A rise in brow with a self affirming smirk touching her lips tossed the bit of touché back at him. Seeing the phone clip closed was not a surprise, she assumed he was bugged in some fashion and nothing she said incriminated anyone but herself. "No, not bad at all if you pick out the cockroaches to find the gold." And with that she turned, tossing a wave over her shoulder to James and heading back for Mutant Town.

"SHIELD doesn't want you as much as you think, but you'll serve your purpose whether you want to or not." He said pointedly towards her while he tucked everything up under his arm. Wondering if she knew G.W. Bridge had pulled several strings for her, along with the others. Agent Madrox watched her walk off, a polite enough seeming wave returned and he was headed the opposite direction.

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