Nathaniel Christopher Summers
Portrayed By Liam Neilson
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 17, 2000
Age 36
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Cable
Place of Birth Anchorage, Alaska
Current Location NYC
Occupation Chief of Security at Xavier Institute, formerly a mercenary for hire.
Known Relatives Scott Summers (Father), Madelyn Pryor (Mother, deceased), Stryfe (Clone), Tyler Summers (Son)
Significant Other None
Identity Known to certain military organizations as a mercenary.
Known Abilities Basic telepathic abilities, up to thirty miles, telekinetic powers, able to lift a few hundred pounds at a time, 30 feet from him. For Full *Unknown* powers, see powers tabs
First Appearance ???


Cable has returned to the life of a mercenary, having spent that last 7 years or so as a high priced gun, renowned among those within certain circles for his ability to get a job done, no matter the odds. But he has recently decided to return to Westchester, to ensure the next generation of mutants don’t find themselves wanting when and if Apocalypse returns, knowing that the ancient evil will be back, eventually.

Cable has taken to providing security for the Xavier Institute, designing and building both lethal and nonlethal countermeasures and surveillance, as well as providing physical security. However the Techno-Organic Embryo that Deadpool infect him with has died, releasing the stalemate that once let him flex the full might of his powerful mind. Once again, he has to hold back the infection of the virus within him with his powers, rendering them useless for anything else.


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With most of Cable's powers tied up in keeping his virus at bay, his powers are a shadow of what he can normally do.

His telekinesis can move around 200 lbs and has a range of about 30 feet.


There is a saying, ‘that that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ this is truly evident in Cable. The virus that was designed to kill him has instead turned him into a bio-organic cyborg. His entire skeletal structure has been laced with a bio-steel at the cellular level, making them very difficult to break. In addition, his entire left side, except for his face and the upper part of his neck and chin, has become an organic steel alloy, similar to the mutant Colossus. However being a part of him, he can use it just as well as he can use his flesh and blood right half. His left arm is a natural cybernetic attachment, and is very strong in its own right. Without help from his TK, Cable can dead lift up to five tons with that arm, and his grip can generate up to a ton of pressure if he tries.


Having been raised among the Askani tribe of the far future, and trained to be a warrior since he could walk, Cable is a fighter born and bred. He has mastered a dozen different types of martial arts including Aikido, Judo, Savate, Krav Maga, CQC, and Escrima. He specializes in fighting dirty and using deceit as well as brute force in a fight.


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