Cafe Chitchat

Players: Drew Daniels and Kai

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Summary: Tex and Kai chitchat during lunch

Date: October 12, 2011

Log Title: Cafe Chitchat

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Cafeteria

A large open space with dozens of tables is attached to a kitchen module and a few freezer bays. Trained chefs prepare nutritionally balanced meals for staff and students here that is usually actually pretty tasty and after hours, there is an a la carte fridge with glass doors open to all. The cafeteria is even equipped to handle non-traditional metabolisms and there is even a small private dining module towards the back for staff dinners, guests of the teachers or for use by students with dietary requirements that might disturb others. The entire ceiling is a dome of transparent material and full-spectrum lighting gives the whole space a pleasant, sunny atmosphere, bolstered by the video monitors on the walls showing various live land and sea scapes.

It is lunchtime and so a large number of students have gathered and are standing on a long line, which thankfully, Tex is at the head of. Dressed in his SHIELD issue overalls, the Texan agent peruses the food options as some students waves to their teacher. He gives a nod and a tip of his hat as he stands by the desert section and ponders what to add to his rather large meal on the tray.

Kai is a few kids behind Tex with some girl wittering on in his ear asking him an endless stream of pointless innane questions, he's enjoyed torture more, "As interesting as who your favorite member of The Wanted is, i've lost my appitite", dropping out of the queue he sits himself and his empty tray at a table.

Finally grabbing a cupcake to add to his tray of two sandwiches, a salad, and two drinks one hot coffee and the other water. Looking about wear to sit, he goes to move towards the staff area, but notes Kai alone at a table with an empty tray and no one else with him. Drew Daniels hmmmmns and raises an eyebrow and moves to the table, “Mind another?” He asks the student as he peers and does spot a few staff sitting with students.

Kai looks up as Tex talks, "Yeah, sure Agent Daniels, free cafeteria or something to that effect", he pulls his phone out of his pocket and strats fiddling with it, "Isn't it better to just skip the coffee and just have water?"

Nodding and smiling to the student, the Texas Twister sits down and joins the student, “Well, now, I suppose that would be easier.” He lifts the Styrofoam cup with coffee and blows in it to cool it down as he grabs a sugar shaker and pours in a large amount of sugar, “Caffeine fuels me, boy.” Looking at the empty tray, “Not eating, today?”

Kai shrugs, "The line for the food is in no way worth the effort, i'll just grab something to eat later", he slips his phone back in his pocket, "Don't call me boy", words like kid and boy bug him, "So you just teach powers or do you have other specialties?"

Grimacing at the boy a moment, Drew shrugs and after putting an nhealthy amount of sugar into the coffee, he sips I and begins to munch on one of the sandwiches. The first one some sort of spam-like meat with mixed with onions and mayonnaise. “Well fair enough then, Kai.” He bites the sandwich and washes it down with some water. “I also teach some electives on magic, in particular demonology.”

Well that just piqued Kai's interest, he never thought of that option, "You teach demonology?, that sounds interesting what kinds of demons do you teach about?", and the better question is, can they pass for human?, "How do you know about demons anyway?"

Finishing up his first sandwich, Drew sighs as he uses a napkin to get some of the crumbs off his moustache. “Um…well. I am not mage or anything like that. I have tangled with demons before. Even been possessed. So I had to study up on the occult to learn to how to deal with the demons. I have enough of knowledge to deal with them, but again, I am not a sorcerer supreme or anything.” He then thinks a moment “Oh there are a hole lot of different types of demons. You may want to take the course to find out. Ever deal with one?”

Kai shakes his head, "Not that i know of, should i have?", he pulls out his phone from under the table and hits a button, "What's a sorcerer supreme?", "So do demon's pass for human or are they the big horned things that the bible talks about?"

Shrugging, “Well, you never know but if you had encountered a demon and it wanted you to know, then you would know.” He begins in on his second sandwich, a tuna fish sandwich. Blinking a bit at the plethora of questions, “A Sorcerer Supreme is a master magician or wizard. I guess like Harry Potter but a thousand times more powerful.” He sips some water to swallow the bite of the sandwich, “And yes, there are different types of demons with different powers. Some can pass for human and others are all monster like.” He grins and then changes the subject, “So how’re you finding the school?”

Kai sighs and slips his phone back in his pocket, just when the conversation was getting useful, "The school is good, learning a lot, people are nice and the base is really up to date, it's really interesting, though i kinda wanna know whats on the lower levels".

Nodding “Well that is good that things are going relatively well for you.” Drew offers as he finishes his sandwich and gets ready to start on his dessert. Leaning back onto the chair, “So how did you get connected to the Avenger, Justice?” He asks curiously, “That is quite a contact to have…especially as a student. Avengers, not too shabby.”

Kai shrugs, "I met him a while back when he was looking for a place to eat near my uncle's place, from there i just kept running into him and when he saw i was having trouble with my powers he helped me and brought me here, i owe him a lot".

“Well that is pretty good, then.” His cellphone goes off and Tex looks to see who is calling. “Oh man, I have to take this. Excuse me, Kai.” Taking his tray with him to the bin, Tex answers his call and exits the cafeteria.

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