Caleb "Phantom" O'Callahan
Caleb O'Callahan
Portrayed By Xavier Samuel
Gender Male
Date of Birth 06/01/93
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Phantom
Place of Birth Waterford, Ireland
Current Location Barnes Academy
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Father, Brother
Significant Other ???
Identity ??
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance ???

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Caleb and Connor were born to Liam and Darla O'Callahan in Waterford in Ireland on the first of June 1993. Their father was an English teacher and mother owned a shop. The twins grew up very close, with Connor taking the lead and the quieter Caleb following behind, and that's how it would play out for the majority of their life. Caleb developed an interest in singing from their Grandmother, who used to sing professionally, she taught him during the weekends in the summer that the boys would spend with her.

By the time they were seven the Twins were well known in their village, mostly for minor pranks and as Darla's boys among the women of the village. They got on well with the other boys in the village and their school. By the time they were eleven the childish pranks had escalated into actual crimes(mostly consisting of petty theft). It got to the point where their parents decided they needed hobbies that would involve time away from each other, so Connor took up rugby and Caleb joined a free-running group. When the boys were twelve they were given two inch long wristband made of silver, they had a clear stone (an inch in circumference) in the middle and mystical symbols carved all around it. They were similar to the one that their dad wore all the time, they were told that they'd be told what they were for when they were older.

Not long after Caleb turned thirteen he was diagnosed with episodes of MDD(Major Depressive Disorder) and was put on a treatment of antidepressant medication and therapy sessions, once the majority of the episodes were under control the therapy was stopped and the treatment was left up to the medication. A few weeks before he turned fourteen his mother was killed when her shop was robbed, in his grief he wished he could disappear and that was the first time the magic in the wristband activated, he was trapped halfway between the living dimension and the dead dimension and was unable to touch or be heard or seen for four days before the power bonded to him and stabilised, during this time he went though several physical changes, his eyes went from green to violet, his hair turned white, he became much paler and the stone on his wristband turn violet. When he finally returned home he found that Connor's own wristband had activated. While shocked the power made the twins much closer again.

Two years later about a month after the twins sixteenth birthday, they were approached by a SHIELD representative who offered the twins a place at an academy for people with powers, Connor declined wanting to discover his powers on his own, Caleb however agreed in the hope that he could learn enough control over his powers that he could one day stop using them and be able to remove the wristband (when the powers activated he found that he couldn't remove it).


Intangibility - Caleb can become completely intangible (by moving himself halfway between the living dimension and the dead dimension), meaning he can pass though solid objects and they though him, a telepathic jolt will force him to become tangible again, if he is intangible for more than four hours he won't be able to turn back. His intangibility sometimes will activate accentually. While intangible he doesn't need to breathe.

Invisibility - Simply he can become invisible, he can still be heard, he still has a scent, he just can’t be seen. Only skin-tight clothing will go invisible with him.

Mystic Energy Blasts - generally a direct hit from one can knock a weaker opponent unconscious, but that is usually one of his more powerful blasts, generally the opponent will just be knocked by the blast. The target may also begin feeling very cold. His strongest blasts pack about 7tons of force behind them, however he has some trouble controlling the strength of his blasts.

Flight - By focusing mystical energy around himself, Caleb is able lift himself from the ground and move at fairly high speeds. The fastest he can currently move at is approximately 60 miles per hour, though that will quickly tire him, roughly 30 mins. Slowing the speed of his flight will increase the period of time he can fly for. Hovering is relativity easy for him.


April 09, 2010 Caleb realizes him and his new roommate, Jeremy, have met before. []

Theme songs


  • "I said it!"


  • Due to what happened when his powers first activated, he is technically four days younger than his twin.
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  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!


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