2011-04-28: Calling In A Friend


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Summary: It takes a wise man to know when to call in others to assist with a particular situation or two so that business is handled in the most efficient way possible. Hence, Chamber has been contacted and brought up to date with the current problems plaguing NYC.

Date: April 28, 2011

Log Title: Calling in A Friend

Rating: PG

NYC- Brooklyn Bridge

Spanning across the East River is the Brooklyn Bridge connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan. Its one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States and was opened for use on 1883. Two yellowish towers span up on either side of the bridge. At night the bridge can bee seen lit up with lights across the top cables of the bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is designed for bikers, pedestrians and automobiles. There is a bike and walking track in the center for those who just want to walk up and enjoy the view from the river.

Over the hump that is the middle of the week the city has been relatively quiet which never bodes well. Long periods of peace always end up broken by some disastrous event such as a gang shooting or some fool rampaging through downtown. There hasn't been a 50 foot squid or an alien invasion in awhile either. This makes for one of those lag periods where those who fight the forces of evil find themselves with too much time on their hands.
One person that makes his own time, for there is never enough in a standard day, is Anthony Stark. The man is perpetually busy with something even though it may appear that he is doing nothing at all. Such is the state he is currently in as he drops to a stone bench near the Brooklyn Bridge. Appearances can be deceiving as the billionaire blends in with the masses rather well when he wants to. Wearing weather appropriate casual clothing and a NY Giants hat turned backwards atop his head he waits while eating a small pastry watching the clouds darken with an impending storm.

As if to mock that storm the sound of a motorcycle can be heard. It's a Harley of course, a 1969 FLH, and it's as black as the thin figure riding it. Jonothon isn't wearing a helmet of course, and in spite of the black lack of hue, his attire is also casual. The only color on him is a British flag pattern on the back of his leather jacket. Drives the cycle in close, and climbs off it once it's parked. The man's hair is cropped short, a neat business style and contrasts his battered clothing. Keys are tucked into pocket, as he approaches. Doesn't sit, but tilts his head as he stops nearby and looks out over the water.
"You wanted to see me?" Asked simply, and through the comm of course. Can't blame Tony for the telepathic protections, but he kind of wishes he didn't have to use the comm. Jono has never been terribly comfortable with it.

The roar of an engine is of no cause for concern as there is a lot of traffic at the moment. It is when the young man approaches from behind that Tony turns about on the bench to see that Jono has arrived and on time which he himself never is. "I'm glad you could make it. Have been meaning to get in contact with you since I ran into you in Japan." There's a warm smile for the Brit as Stark pushes up off the bench to come stand beside the man. "Take a walk with me?" Waving a hand towards the path that will take them across the Brooklyn Bridge on the footpath.

The dark head tilts again at that Tony's wanted to contact him, and there's a look to the cycle before Jonothon nods. Kind of worried about leaving it there, but after a moment he rolls a shoulder and falls into step with the inventor. Does pull his jacket lapel away from the comm somewhat. Doesn't get as muffled that way. "Strange place for a meeting." He notes. Why this effort away from everyone? Reminds him of the time he played infiltrator for the X-Men. Casual meetings in open, public places.

It should be noted that a very expensive looking motorcycle is parked in the same area as Jono's. There is a bit of a breeze cutting across the bridge though it does not carry an icy chill as it would have a mere month ago. Tony has taken to stuffing his bare hands into the pockets of his leather jacket. "I don't conform to anything typical." This is mainly said for amusement as people pass by going on their way across the bridge. "The last time we spoke I was in a very complicated head space, and if I came off disinterested in your offer of assistance I apologize for that." Apologies are hard to come by from Tony as he never likes to admit that he's done anything wrong but in this case he has. "I have several ideas I want to run by you if you're open to the possibility of helping still."

The wind ruffles across the Brit and his hair, but there's no reaction to it. Can't even feel it beyond knowing that he's been touched by a breeze. Hot or cold he'd ignore it as he does now. Jonothon smirks at that there's nothing typical about Tony. Very true that. Then that expression fades as he's apologized to. Unexpected that, but it does mean Tony has Jono's full attention. Of all the things he could say, the Brit opts for the smallest of them all. Doesn't feel like filling the space with meaningless words. "Sure." That was a hard sell, wasn't it? "I've not much been associating with Xaviers these days, to warn you. Not that you need me for that. What's up, mate?" Something glints out on the water and earns his brief attention. Just a boat bobbing out on the waves.

"Several things actually," Tony comments as they slowly make their way along the bridge with cars driving past, and several bike riders passing them by near the path. "Some of this may seem incredibly beneath your abilities though I'm suggesting it in case you're bored. I'm sure you're aware that the presence of Avengers in New York is at a low at the moment. There is a severe lacking in ability in some areas, one of which you fit the bill, though I'm not suggesting you become an Avenger or a reservist by any means. Perhaps I should start over." There's a chuckle as they are approaching a section of the bridge that begins to climb upward. "This is really three fold. Firstly, I am hoping you might help me track down Toad. He's de-lurked with a rather nasty drug that is making its way around the city killing people and I've grown tired pounding the pavement to find him. Well, pavement and his previous associates."

Beneath his abilities. Heh. Considering some of the things he's done… Jonothon doesn't say anything about that, and idly watches the bikers glide by. Smiles softly at the starting over, but there's interest in that it's Toad behind some of this. Has never met that one, thankfully. Doesn't ask what has been done as he figures if Tony Stark is asking him other methods have been exhausted. "I can try. Right now?" A reserved tone, but he is willing to stop right now and search the city. Wouldn't be the first time he's done such a thing. Stops at the base of that incline and looks up at the taller man. "What else?" Sorry, he's totally not chatty today.

Tony lifts his shoulders as if stretching then lets them slowly roll back to rest. "Not right now but I appreciate the enthusiasm," clearly amused and thankful for the offer. "The second part is that I've got a rather nasty problem on my hands in the form of Dingo. Are you familiar with him by chance? I know you've ran with Magneto for a bit so you may have knowledge of the man." If not a brief history is given of the Australian bartender and the current situation that has found that particular mutant hopped up on Kick and rampaging various parts of the city. "I've a rather powerful device that could suck him into the negative zone for a bit to cool him off and he can stretch his particles in a confined cell at the SHIELD detention facility though it may very well not be enough. He is however capable of being taken out by a telepath." Enough said on that count. "If Magento isn't going to put a leash on his pets someone must."

Jonothon shrugs about not now. He can live with that. Shifts thoughts to Dingo and there's the motion of a sigh. "Yeah, I know Dingo." Doesn't justify his time with Magneto either. Training with the man doesn't mean Jono agrees with how Magneto does things. They haven't had a reason to butt heads. Yet. Jono knows that time is coming. "Why haven't you contacted Frost? She's the one who likes to play in people's heads." A curious look for that one. It leads to him lifting a hand, "It's not because of Magneto. Don't give a rat's arse what he thinks about this. Curious why me, when there are far better trained telepaths out there."

Apparently Starks reasoning is not so obvious. Since they are about at the middle of the bridge Tony turns his back to the water to lean up against the railing facing the traffic. "She and I have a history." Would that be enough for Jono to accept his branching out to other telepaths? "We are still speaking though that is stretching it a bit. Besides, you offered your assistance awhile back so why would I not approach you?" Scuffing the front of his sneaker against the cement he tips his head to the side casting a smirk in Jono's direction, "Your ego is also not a factor. Bonus."

He doubts that it's only Emma's ego here that's the problem, but that goes unsaid. "Because I'm kind of bottom of the barrel when it comes to telepaths." Said honestly. Jonothon tilts his head into the wind this time, his hair ruffling. "I'll help of course. That wanker needs his time out for that bollocks he's pulling these days. I'm kind of tailor made to deal with him too. Ironic that." There's that smirk as he watches the waves some more. Nothing interesting there. Just motion to hold his gaze. "What if Magneto comes for him? Either of them." Toad or Dingo. "I don't think that likely, but it bears asking."

"I still believe you sell yourself short when it comes to your potential," Tony comments rather candidly. That Jono just happens to be someone perfect to deal with the cocky psammokinetic garners a innocent shrug from the elder man. "I doubt Magneto will get involved. Toad has put himself in a precarious position on his own and it is quite clear he hasn't two brain cells to rub together. Dingo? It's possible he could interfere though I doubt it. When your unofficial lackeys are off the chain they're on their own. He's far too busy a man to deal with the scrubs." Reaching up Tony pulls his hat off his head shaking his hair out then turning the cap around to place upon his head again as the wind has picked up a bit. "If, and I mean if, Magneto does get involved there will be others to deal with him. I don't expect you to have to deal with him as well."

A look down and then back out for that he sells himself short. Always has. "I've found the easiest way to deal with Magneto is to be polite. He gets involved you could simply ask him not to." Jonothon's smirk says he knows that's not likely to happen. If Magneto wants to be involved, he'll be very involved. The Brit also knows he's not strong enough to handle Magneto. "I'll need someone to keep Dingo distracted while I attempt anything. I'm not trained enough to where I can dodge sand blasts and muck around in his brain." Which is always distasteful to the man. If this weren't getting to be dire, he wouldn't consider it at all. "You said there were three things." Three fold. Toad and Dingo make two. He could be missing an aspect, thinking it tied to one of the others.

Tony ends up snorting, "Distractions are readily available. Have no worry for that. Pietro and I alone are quite amusing when we want to be and we can minimize any damage that an area will suffer for any fight that breaks out." Doesn't speak of Magneto as they are both well versed on what the master of magnetism is capable of nor does he linger over an issue that troubles the young man. "Third," flashes three fingers off to the side between himself and Jono before turning around to face the same direction Jono is peering. Shoulder to shoulder to ward off some of the breeze, "I am interested in exploring your ability to manipulate at a molecular level. It is not something that I have seen another capable of and the potential is astronomical in scale. I'm aware you were working with Magento on various projects though I believe I can expand your horizons a bit." Not to toot his own awesomeness, which he is, there's no modest bone in this mans body.

Jonothon nods about distractions. Knew it wouldn't be a problem, but wanted the need to be known. As the third thing comes around the Brit's shoulder slump somewhat. That's quite a third thing there. "Just one." He corrects. Several projects. Heh. "I helped him build the embassy in a few hours one night as a training exercise." Finally looks to the man at his shoulder. "It was the most brilliant thing I've ever seen." That admission is quiet, and he frowns for it. "I had to link with him to do it. I'm no genius, couldn't do what he does, so he shared - showed me how. I got lost there." Admitting that is easy, for he doesn't want that hidden. "It was like working magic." A pause and there's a strange sound through the comm that could be laughter. "I had white hair for a few minutes afterward. I got too close. Are you ready for what that means?" Another tilt of the head.

"Some exercise," Tony chuckles. The embassy is rather impressive as an architectural structure even without knowing that it was built in a matter of hours by a talented mutant. "Somehow I don't think you would look quite right sporting white hair though it could start a trend in the punk world." Of course he's teasing Jono a bit as he can never resist. "I wanted to sit down with you and go over how you came about creating the embassy and consider the possibilities of a joint venture. I'm not suggesting any immediate work on that front but with the other factors pressing at the moment we would at least be working towards a sort of working relationship." Motioning with a hand between the two of them before turning sideways to lean against the rail facing Jono. "I want the idea out there even though I am not in a position at the moment where I can allow it. No offense intended at all."

No, it took both Magneto and Jonothon to build it. Jono couldn't have done it by himself. There's a shrug about the white hair. It didn't last. The Brit's sense of self is too strong for that. "None taken." No offense. "I haven't asked him, but I think that's why Magneto hasn't allowed that again. Neither of us knew quite how intense it would get. So be warned. When building like that I can't keep those involved separate. It's bloody brilliant, but has costs." Yet another shrug and he tucks hands in pockets. More for the moving, than an cold. "I'm not adverse to working with someone else. I can create from the molecule up, but I don't have the brain for it really. Smart enough to know I'm bloody not smart enough." There's that smirk again. "Toad and Dingo are enough for now, you're right about that."

Tony nods as Jonothon explains further about what happened with the process of building the embassy with Magneto. "Everything has a cost. At the moment I'm not," searches for the word. "Willing to give it a whirl." They seem to be in agreement on everything that has been mentioned thus far. Thankfully the young man had not been offended by Tony's reluctance to allow a melding of minds at this juncture. At least with time a trust could be built to even begin considering taking that step. There is also the unspoken problem that Tony could very well create things that would go against what Jono would want to permit. "Toad is a minor nuisance that needs to be dealt with. I'm wise enough to know when to call in friends in the other matter. Why don't we head back across the bridge? There's quite a lot we could catch up on such as music, drive about for a bit, then get back to the serious business of keeping the peace."

There won't be any issue with not jumping head long into such things. Jonothon did once and he's torn as to whether or not he wants to do that again. It was amazing, but it was also over whelming. Magneto's mind was too much. If it weren't for the fact Jono himself is amazingly stubborn he'd probably think he was Magneto now. A shrug says he's not worried about it, so he directs his thoughts back to Toad. "When did you want to take care of that?" For he really could stop right here and search out the disgusting mutant. Does give a bit of a strange look for the social aspect of this. How weird and unexpected. Jono slowly nods and starts walking. Music is always great, so of course he accepts. "Nice bike by the way."

The potential for creating at an exponential rate is of course a great carrot to dangle in front of someone like Tony Stark. The possibilities become endless and he will take the carrot rather easily. Jono could not only end up in over his head in regards to his molecular manipulation but also in the sense that Stark's mind is far more complex and over powering than Magento's. Will the young man be able to handle not only Tony's personality, his varied mental issues, but also what is brought about thanks to the Extremis virus? This will not be something that can be leapt into but will require careful planning and limited exposure over time. One does not want to sink when they could swim. "Toad? As soon as possible. I've got a lead on one of his old running buddies that we can harass." The compliment is graciously accepted for what it is and he explains the work that was done on it while admiring Jono's ride. "Remind me to tell you about the racing circuit when we have time."

Jonothon has no idea he could be addicting, but he most certainly will be. The ability to create without having to deal with the multiple steps that Tony has always had to take. Direct thought to reality manipulation. Luckily Jono will put on the breaks where they are needed. He won't be the mindless tool in this. The two are sure to clash when Jono gets stubborn. The speaking of Toad has the Brit slowing and stopping, giving Tony a strange look. "Why chase someone down?" Asked in bafflement. "I could search much of the east coast from here." Tilts his head at Tony for that. "…Why else were you asking me to help?"

Tony snorts, "Figure of speech." At his own bike there is time spent unfastening a backpack that is then opened up to reveal a helmet and pair of leather riding gloves. "Feel free to ride over to the Towers with me and park your bike there in my private space in the parking garage. No sense in leaving it somewhere or taking it back to where you're staying." Gloves are pulled on, bag zipped up then pulled on, before he holds his helmet in one hand while regarding Starsmore. "Oh, and remember not to wear anything you actually like as you're aware of how disgusting he can be. Fortunately for me I can fly through the nearest soft touch car wash."

Jonothon's Harley has a helmet, he just ignores it. Really should wear it, just to keep from getting pulled over. "Thanks." About the offer to park his bike. Sure beats paying for parking here in the city. Digs keys out of his pocket and motions a sigh. "Not too worried about it. I can rebuild my clothing if need be." Doesn't have to stay dirty. "And that means I can clean off that gear of yours as well." The Brit smirks at you about it. "Lead the way." Climbs aboard his cycle and gets it started. It's been rebuilt and with modern advances. Totally not the original engine on it, just the appearance.

Tony points his index finger at the bike, "Very nice." Helmet is put upon his head though the shield is still up for a moment. "Also you save me the $7.50 going through the Works. The Rainx tends to leave streaks." Laughter bubbles out of the man as he pushes the shield down then straddles his bike. It appears to turn on without keys and there's hardly a sound to it at all due to the engine being constructed to function with a reactor. It does mean that the bike glows a healthy blue color as it is walked out of the space where Tony waits for Jono to do the same. They can then zip across the Brooklyn Bridge heading into Manhattan.

"Thanks." For the compliment for the bike. "I built it using my powers." Jonothon doesn't mind admitting that to a man who builds for a living. His toys are just far, far more modest. Leaving his helmet on the back, the Brit joins Tony on that ride into the city.

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