Cameron "Cam/Tracker" Phillips
Cam Phillips
Portrayed By Daniel Franzese
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1/5/1994
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases Tracker, Cam
Place of Birth Biloxi, MS
Current Location Salem Center, NYC
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Parents and two sisters
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Location
First Appearance Cordon Bleu

Here, try this. It's a new experiment and it's REALLY tasty if I do say so myself.


Cam came from a classic family model, two parents working, and two siblings (both girls). His father is an electrician for the city and his mother a factory worker. Cam is the middle child, and thus has a lot of the middle child sitation. Fortunately, he doesn't have hand-me-downs, as his older sister and he are not going to wear the same clothes.

Cam often had to learn things he wanted to on his own. While he didn't excel in school, he didn't do bad (except in Science). He had a lot of time to himself, as the sisters and he were just too different in thought processes growing up. His parents were often busy, so he taught himself to cook before he hit his teenage years, and found that he really enjoyed food. Making it. Presenting it. And… of course… EATING it.

Once he started reading through cookbooks and learning, he took it on himself to make the meals for the household, which his parents and sisters really did enjoy. But, with his cooking turning towards some of the richer side of things, he did begin to gain weight. But, honestly, his family didn't care as they weren't the smallest crew around.

He and his sisters eventually did grow to get along as they got older, because he just wasn't a standard guy. He was reserved but intent in what he said. He may not have been brainy, but he often could come up with the right solution to things. Or the right outfit to wear so they didn't look bad.

He had his friends, but most of them were the ones not quite like the others. Freaks and geeks, in other words. It only got weirder when his mutation kicked in. It started lightly. "Cam? Where's my bracelet?" "It's in the dining room, on the floor under the table." "Well, if you knew it was there, why didn't you pick it up?"

Of course, he didn't know it was there in advance. It was just, when he was asked, he knew. When he thought about it, he knew. Sometimes, he'd even see a faint glowing line leading towards whatever he wanted to find. It got to the point that anytime someone mentioned a person or a thing, his mind would automatically know, interrupting other thoughts and throwing him off balance.

He expressed his concerns to his parents, who, of course, got worried and started asking specialists. Fortunately, one of these specialists made a call to a certain school for mutants. That school read the reports, checked with Cerebra, and found out for sure. A few days later, Cam's bags were packed and he was off.


Cam has the ability to know exactly where a person or object is, simply by thinking about it. In order to locate a person, he has to know them, or have a picture of them. Psionic shielding will prevent him from finding a person unless they WANT to be found. Those that are psychically sensitive will also feel when he's locating them (people with any mental ability). Objects can be hidden behind a psychic null zone to prevent finding, or by various mystic or scientific means (like psi-baffles and mystic shields). To find an item, he has to know the item or be shown a picture. He can locate objects anywhere around the globe, but he cannot go past the furthest earth distance possible. If he were in space, he could locate objects and people up to an earth away. I know it's odd phrasing, but it's the only way TO phrase it. If he knows the place it is, he can speak it. But often, he may not know the exact location off the top of his head.


September 3 Sam and Cam discuss plans and powers. Finding Cam


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