2009-03-04: Can I Run Off To Otherworld


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Summary: Kitty goes to talk to Scott about Erik.

Date: March 4, 2009

Log Title Can I Run Off to Otherworld?

Rating: PG (Adult Concepts)

Xavier Mansion - Scott's Room

More a small apartment than a room, the door opens up into a large living room. A large couch and chair face a flat screen plasma TV with a full entertainment center. There's a large desk with several neat stacks of papers and a red pen setting in it's center. Two doors leading off from the main room. One leading into a full kitchen with a long counter top. Several hanging pots and a few ladles surround the stove. A tea towel neatly folded on the counter beside the stove. Several cabinets full of dishes and food of all sorts. The bedroom has a large four poster bed with a nightstand resting beside it. Atop of it is a lamp an empty glass and a long wrap of dark blue material. The bed is neatly made and there's a laundry basket in the corner next to a large bureau. The entire apartment is meticulously clean. A few pictures randomly placed on the walls and the air is fresh and smelling lightly of Scott's cologne. There is a distinct feel of 'A place for everything, and everything in it's place'.

There's a quick knock-knock on Scott's door, a second's wait, and then Kitty Pryde's head and shoulders appear. She looks intent, but less cranky than she's looked in *months*. "Hey, Scott? Got a minute?"

The X-Man looks to the door, knowing who it is. "Come in, Kitty." He bides, sitting on a couch in the living room, a clipboard holding different sheets of paper on it, mainly pertaining to the invaders. He scribbles on some of them, adding in his own notes.

Wasting no time, Kitty comes in the rest of the way, leaving the door shut. She's got a notebook in one hand, flipped open to a scrawled-on page somewhere in the middle, and she's in jeans and a t-shirt. She's actually wearing her glasses and her hair's pulled back in a messy, curly ponytail— no contacts or hair-straightening today. She looks *much* better, in fact. "Thanks. Sorry to bother you, but— well— one of the new teachers. Leif Anderson? He's, uh, not who he says he is. I don't know how much you already know about his situation…"

"That he's from another dimension where the only X-Men left were himself and Logan?" He's on the ball there. "He looks too much like Magneto to pass as not related. He tried that Leif Anderson schtick with me, and wouldn't let him in the mansion before he told me who he was." Cyclops did do some research on this teacher, and his exploits since the encounter with the Horsemen.

"Yeah, that. Kid's got some serious issues." Nevermind that Erik is her age. Nevermind that she just bristled all over Warren when he called -her- 'kiddo'. Kitty's dealing with this in the way that causes her the least number of headaches at the moment. "But one of the million things he -did- tell me was that he originally came here to find help." She holds the notebook up and waves it around cheerfully. "I've been running calculations based on the work I did with Alistaire Stuart back in England, and texting back and forth with him, and I think I can find out *where* he came from." Oh, -that's- why she's cheerful. It's multidimensional maths. "He also kept giving conflicting stories, so I figure I'll ask him again when he's not drunk and get the details of his situation."

Cyclops canters his head a little. "That he didn't tell me. But did he also tell you that his world consists of two factions, one controlled by Wanda, and the other by Pietro? I don't think we can just go rushing in there with a squad of X-Men when a reality manipulator like Wanda can think them away forever."

"No, we can't. But there *are* people whose job it *is* to deal with this kind of stuff," says Kitty, and oh, her eyes are bright. "And I generally have ways of getting in touch with them. Basically, I'd like to get the ball rolling on sorting that out, so Erik can stop angsting at me and giving me puppy eyes or whatever. If I promise not to go running off to Otherworld for a couple of weeks without bribing someone to take over my classes, is it okay for me to start getting in touch with people?"

Cyclops gives a nod. "He's giving you puppy eyes? And if those two half-siblings of his managed to get rid of the entire Earth doomed? It doesn't seem like a wise decision. But I want you to come back safely. I want to request that you hold off until this mess with the invasion is over." Scott's now writing hurriedly on the papers. "I have to speak with him as well, I don't think he needs to be on prescription painkillers anymore, it's been almost five months since the Horsemen struck."

"No prob, Cyke." Kitty turns her papers over in her hands a couple of times— then rolls her eyes. "He was drunk and mooning over his high school photo album in the obs lounge when I got who he really is out of him. I saw a picture. I can take care of myself— it's the people still left *on* his Earth I'm worried about. That's why I'm gonna ask Brian to contact Opal Luna Saturnyne for me." A pause. "When this invasion business is done. Drunk /and/ on painkillers, huh? If you want, *I* can talk to him about it…"

Scott brings his fist right under his chin the 'thinker' position. "Brian Carerra? Oh, Betsy's brother." He's been focused on the students and their safety more than anything. "It may be better coming from you, but where was he drunk?" He's really hoping that it was not in a student area of the mansion, that'd be a huge no-no.

Oh dear, Kitty's voice has got a bit sing-songy. "The observation deck!" It gets dropped quick, and she rolls up her notebook to clap it into her open palm a couple times, like it's a baseball bat she's gonna use to hit someone with. "He said being drunk was why he couldn't keep his story straight. And, well… *really*. He should know he's supposed to save the vodka for the faculty meetings." She's joking. She has to be joking. Mostly. Obviously. Well, obviously mostly. "If you want me to talk to him about it, I will; if you'd rather you did, that's fine too. Either way. I also wanted to know if you knew yet where the invaders are actually *from*." Rapid subject-changes 'r' us, apparently.

"The observation deck?!" He rings out, not yelling, but certainly with aggravation in his voice. "What the hell was he thinking?! You know? I'll talk with him now. It's one thing to be drunk in private, but where a student could see him? No." Scott stands up, like he's going to do it right now.

"…Scott," Kitty starts, flinching intangible. She stands her ground, but now she's holding the notebook in front of her, in both hands. "Is losing your temper at him actually going to make an impression on him? I mean." She pauses. "He's Magneto's kid. He's Pietro's *brother*."

"Who he is doesn't make a difference, he violated the rules. I have to be able to trust my teachers, my teammates." Scott doesn't just walk through Kitty, he stops in front of her. "What am I supposed to do? When I've got students sneaking off in the middle of the night to do God knows what, and during an invasion no-less. Then I've got professors getting drunk where they aren't supposed to."

"I'm not saying who he is makes a difference in what he *needs* to be doing," the younger X-Man explains, shaking her head. Then she's turning the notebook over and over in her hands again, as she's talking. The way she's standing, feet a little apart, weight balanced carefully— she's got a point she's trying to make. "I'm just saying it makes a difference on what'll actually sink through his head. Maybe a guilt trip'll do it."

Guilt trips are just not Scott's style at all. "If you talk to him, and he doesn't shape up, I'm going to have to give him a chat." Scott starts to back off, adjusting his red glasses. Giving a sigh. "I'm sorry, I just… heard about their Jean and that she was in the medbay." He knows she isn't from this planet, but he's trying to avoid her like the plague, bringing up that can of worms is only going to distract him.

Reaching out a hand - solid - Kitty lightly touches Scott's arm, just for a second. "I know. This whole thing has to be pretty awful for you," she says with a really apologetic look. "And I know you don't like all this parallel universe stuff at the best of times." She sighs, takes a couple of steps back, herself. "I'll deal with Erik, and I'll let you know if he won't listen to me. If there's anything you think I can do to help with the invasion that I'm not doing yet, *please* tell me."

At the hand on his shoulder, Scott hangs his head some. Seems as soon as he moves on, something comes up to mess with him. Scott gives a stout nod. "Sure thing. Eddie got some data from The Vision last night, came and gave it to me today. Seems that there is a distinct energy coming from Tennessee to New York. So that could be where their Enhancer is."

That gets a quick nod from Kitty in return. "You taking a team there? Or do you want me to find out what's surrounding the origin of the signal…?" Businesslike looks a little funny on her when she -is- wearing her glasses.

"I'm most likely going to take a team there. Leaving one of the X-Men in charge of the school. The invaders seem to not be affecting Westchester." Cyclops gives some printouts to Kitty. Showing the energy signatures coming from Tennessee and ending in New York. Tennessee and California still being blocked from sight in the map.

Giving the printouts a quick once-over, Kitty glances back up at Scott. "Okay. I'll be ready to go when you are…" Pause. "Oh. Right. I also forgot to ask— the new drama teacher, Clara Matthews. Is she—?" That's where Kitty breaks off her question, turning to look in the direction of the closed door. Sounds like something's going on out there. "You know what, nevermind, I'll find out!" And she starts for the door, light enough on her feet it's obvious she's not planning on opening it.

(And from there, we went to Eddie's panic about Daisuke scene in the hall.)

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