2012-05-17: Can You Help Me? Now. Or I'll Kill You.


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Summary: Eris tries to find a book on magic at the book store. Unfortunately they only sell useless books on the subject.

Log Title: Can You Help Me? Now. Or I’ll Kill You.

Rating: R

NYC - Barnes and Noble

Featuring 4 floors of books, music, movies, and other novelties, this Barnes and Nobles is quite large. On the first floor a bookshop by the windows offering WiFi and hook ups for customers with laptops. Books of all types and genres cover the first two floors, the third floor is dedicated to children's books and other novelties, and the fourth floor is where you can find many varieties of music. This Barnes and Nobles has most things covered.

"Barnes and Noble. Not exactly the store that Fiona would have chosen to go look for magical whatsis; in fact, she would imagine there's probably /none/ of that sort of thing here. Still, even a sorceress can like to just read regular books, right? And it's not like ye olde magical bookshop exactly /sells/ the newest Harry Potter or whatever else. So there Fiona sits, on a chair, in her usual gothy black skirt and tanktop (plus tall black boots), reading… well, something or other."

A woman comes up the escalator and glances around. She is dressed like some sort of movie star, wearing all black with sunglasses on and a scarf around her hair. The woman looks annoyed and goes up another escalator. A few minutes later she is back on this floor walking around the perimeter of the bookstore. Eris finally stops at a section fairly close to where Fiona is reading now. This is the New Age section. The perfect place to find useful information on magic…Right?

Giea comes through the door and also up the escalator, accompanied by one of the staff members. She is speaking to him, "I can never quite remember the layout of the store… I know that this store has a braille section, I've come to it before. I also have a few things in mind that I'd like to order in if that's okay?" The young man just nods a bit apathetically, clearly enjoying his job in retail as much as anyone can: not at all.

A man in his early thirties sits at a nearby round table on the same floor as Eris and Fiona. A small stack of books have gathered next to the gentleman with various books open to various pages. The subjects range from esoteric to medical. Some of the books gathered on the table don't even belong to this library, and those books are even more complex. Cyril, the aforementioned white haired doctor, is amidst all these books. His chosen wear for the day is casual.

Eris doesn't really catch Fiona's attention, but the fact that someone is browsing the 'new age' section does kind of… well, okay, Eris DOES catch her attention. But only so that she can snicker to herself smugly about the New Age section being total bullshit. Which pretty much everyone knows! But it's bullshit 'cause it's inaccurate, not 'cause magic doesn't exist…

A helpful looking sales associate approaches Eris. "Hello ma'am, can I help you…Find…Um…You.." She girl suddenly looks panicked. "You kind of look like…"

"I don't look like anyone. Now keep your mouth shut or I swear I will hunt down everyone in your family and skin them alive." That is said in a low voice, though perhaps not so low that Fiona cannot hear her. Then a little louder, "I'm looking for books on a specific…Entity? Type of magic? I don't know. Have you ever heard of anything called Shamu Gammorah?" That is not at all what Stormwaltzer had said, but Eris was busy being electrocuted when she heard the name.

The sales associate just stands there, going more pallid by the second. Eris snaps her fingers a few times in the girl's face. "Hey! Hello? You're terrible at your job, I hope you know."

The associate helping Giea wanders over towards where Eris is being helped by the female associate, and he talks over everyone there without much regard for any conversation happening, "Hey, where are the blind people books at? I dunno where they are."

Giea seems a bit surprised by that and she mumbles, "I thought you said you knew where they are…" She sighs and adjusts her watch lightly.

The commotion over by the elevator initially attracts Cyril's attention, at which point, he looks towards Eris. Deciding for one reason or another that it isn't anything of importance, the doctor looks back towards his books. A bookmark is retrieved from a nearby pencil jar and stuck into the current book, should it need to be put down.

Fiona narrows her eyes, and is now intently pretending to be reading a book. The name is /all sorts of wrong,/ but it's close enough so that she knows what Eris is actually trying to say. And that's, you know. /Bad./ Because someone uttering that name likely knows Donna, but /nobody/ knows Donna but her, for the most part. Not like that anyway. Anybody looking for anything /related/ to Donna almost always means trouble, also! Aaaand of course Donna's been super pissed off about her whole thing with … Envy… lately… anyway. Fiona pauses her reading, rubbing one of the wooden rings on her fingers. (They're a pair, one on each hand; hand carved out of… well, who knows what, exactly, but it looks like a very expensive kind of wood.) He eyes glow purple for a moment, but /that/ nuisance is quickly silenced. More serious matters are at hand! Though really, on second thought… the best course of action to take in this situation for her is to do nothing.

The assistant is still looking quite too panicked to do anything useful. Eris sighs and pushes the girl away from her, causing her to bump into Giea as she leaves. The girl does not apologise or answer the question on where "blind people books" are. Eris turns her attention to the man now. "You. Help me find a book on Shamu."

"Sorry Ma'am, I'm helping another customer."

"She's blind, she won't know."

"I don't think that's…"

"Yes, clearly you DON'T think. Now dump Blindella in a corner and help me out."

Clearly still reading, Cyril turns the page to the next chapter of his book. The bookmark is removed and set to the next divide between the two current pages being read. Then, the good doctor reaches over and scribbles a small note into a nearby scratchpad. Busy, busy, busy.

Giea raises her eyebrows and repeats, "Blindella?" The young woman shakes her head and says firmly, "I am sure you can consult the console on where to find the Shamu books. I just needed this gentleman's eyes for a moment. There's no need for you to be rude."

Fiona does happen to, finally, look over at the commotion, revealing her deep violet eyes; hopefully, they don't draw Envy's attention. So far, she hasn't said anything. She clearly doesn't think very much of whatever's going on though…

Envy taps her foot impatiently, speaking a bit more loudly now. "Maybe you should get your own eyes. And get away from me you wretched creature before you find yourself in a perpetual fall down the up escalator."

The man who is helping Giea apparently does not think that this is a kind thing to say. "Ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to calm down or else you're going to have…to…Is that a…You're!"

"Yeah, that would be me." Eris is pointing at the man. One of her nails is now extremely long and appears to be made of crystal. Who's going to see, the blind girl? Eris is clearly not paying attention to the people around her. "Now you're going to get me the materials I need, and I might let you keep all your bits. Sound like a plan?"

Giea raises her eyebrows slightly and then says, "You're Envy. I recognize your voice, and… you're an earth manipulator. Of sorts. Aren't you?" She pushes up her dark glasses and then says, pushing herself between the associate and the woman. "Just use the console. That's what it's there for. It's not even that inconvenient." The boy who was helping her runs away with pants smelling more like urine.

More scribbles happen on the scratchpad. Apparently the action happening within earshot of the doctor have no attracted further warranted attention. An entertaining notion considering a doctor is supposed to help those who require it. Whatever Cyril's reading, it must be important!

Fiona continues sitting there, all the while, pretending to read her book. In fact, her 'cool calm and collected' act is really starting to stick out a little… Right now, she's just calmly watching. Waaaatching. You know. The things. That are going on.

Envy sighs at Giea. "Damnit, you scared away my assistant. Seriously, though? Do I know you? Have I tried to kill you before? Probably not. All I'd have to do is put you at the top of a staircase and walk away." She turns away from the blind girl, clearly not worth her time. "You there. Spooky." She's pointing at Fiona now. "You familiar with this…Stuff?" She waves an arm at the New Age section. "If you help me out I'll make it worth your while." She glances at the doctor a short ways away, he seems disinterested in whatever's going on around him.

"You tried to kill me before, yes," says Giea, eyebrows furrowing a bit further when Envy asks that. "I'm serious, though, you could save yourself a little bit of time just by typing things into the console…" She leans forward on her cane for a moment with a disapproving expression.

The pen used for scribbling before is now placed into the pencil tin previously mentioned in past poses. The pencil tin is a cylindrical object, about seven inches tall. The metal is green, with holes along the entire surface. It is obvious that this tin would make a poor drinking cup, given all the holes in it. At the bottom of the pencil cup are the remains of graphite, markers, and eraser dust, making it quite dirty. Another reason why it would never serve as a good, proper drinking cup. Unfortunate, as it could probably be a decent drinking cup if the holes were filled and the cup was cleaned. Though, at that rate, it would probably be more appropriate to just go out and buy an entire new cup. At the top of the tin are rolled edges, to protect people from cutting themselves on any raw edges.

Inside of the cup are six pencils. Each pencil a separate color, except for the last pencil, which is the same color as the second pencil. Green. Green, as in the same color as the tin that holds all of the pencils. All of the pencils have broken tips, while most of the pencils have worn down erasers. When Cyril inserts his previous writing pencil, it falls into the container. An often brief notion, but this time, the pencil tip breaks.

Attention grabbed by this event, Cyril looks up to the pencil cup and furrows his brows as he removes the same pencil, the blue one. He mutters softly, "The tip has broken. That's unfortunate." With that he stands up, pencil and hand, and begins moving towards the mechanical pencil sharpener, the one five shelves down, and ultimately further from Eris, Fiona, and Giea.

"Who, me?" blinks Fiona, "Like, yeah, totally! I'm really into this sort of thing, actually. Did you try out Yin and Yang: A Treatise on Your Chi in the Modern World? It's like, so awesome. It's all about, centering your chi, to find, you know. Your confidence. And stuff," the girl rambles. "It has to do with your zodiac signs, and um, you know. Animals, and stuff," she smiles. "You'll love it, it's awesome, it'll make you feel great."

Eris has a not-so-friendly smile. "I'm looking for a book on Shamu Gamorrah. And anything to do with a magical book that shoots lightning. What would I look in for that?" She scans the books. Chi. Psychics. Something about Werewolves. "Why are none of these magic books like…Magicky looking?" Still ignoring the blind girl. If she can't see you she's not really there.

Giea seems rather exasperated and she says, "You're hopeless," before wandering off to find herself where the blind people books are.

After reaching the pencil sharpener, Cyril stops to look at the book in his hand. Why is he still holding this? He should have just left it on the table, now there's nowhere to set it. After a moment of fidgeting, the book is set down on a nearby console desk. Finally, the deed at hand can be done! The pencil is sharpened with all the grace that can be afforded by the noisy mechanical sharpener. A wicked grin spreads across the doctor's features, something twisted and not quite so characteristically like himself. His pupil's have shrank, and his eyes are shaking. The grip on the pencil tightens as he stops sharpening all together, looking towards the approaching Giea.

Fortunate though it be that she can't see his expression. After blinking and shaking his head a few times, Cyril looks a bit lost and confused. The pencil is sharpened to a neat tip, and he begins to wander towards Giea, leaving the important book on the nearby console desk.

"What? Shooting lightning? Magic is all about your well-being and stuff. Shooting lightning is ridiculous! Nobody /does/ that. It's not about whales, either. It's probably just a mutant or something, pff." Fiona shakes her head, twirling a bit of hair around her index finger for effect.

Eris sighs, ignoring the fact that Giea wandered off. Once she has more time, she'll have to hunt that woman down. Eris had tried to kill her? And she had failed? Unacceptable. "No this wasn't a mutant. It was different. Lightning can't generally effect…What happened there." The woman frowns at Fiona, "You're not really into this stuff, are you? You're quite as useless as those people who tried to help me…And also these books apparently. Card reading? What kind of crap is this?"

Giea turns when Cyril approaches her, but doesn't otherwise react to him, her turn being more of a consideration of the direction she took. She seems rather perplexed and lost now that she doesn't have anyone to help her, not that she'd admit it with that awful woman in the vicinity.

"Tarot card reading! You can tell your future. Like, the queen of cups means, you're gonna get rich. Or the death card, you know." Fiona pauses, "It means… that you're going to die. Probably."

As Cyril approaches Giea, absolutely nothing happens. In fact, the doctor just barely avoids her, muttering a short, "Sorry, excuse me. Pardon." That blank stare continues as Cyril quietly steps forward up into the same shelving area as Eris, a kind of twisted look flashing across his face once more upon seeing the woman. The steps remain quiet, even if the doctor stumbles over his feet a little bit. The sharpened pencil is raised behind Envy, and it looks as though he's about to drive it into the point at her collar bone, right in Fiona's sight when, suddenly, he just stops and quickly withdraws the pencil. Looking quite confused once more.

Eris just looks at Fiona like she is slow. "Really? This is your advice?" She woman shakes her head and sighs. "What a waste of time." Eris turns around and nearly rams right into Cyril. "Excuse…I mean get the hell out of my way." She steps around the man and heads down the escalator. A few minutes later another attendant appears to assist Giea in whatever she needs to find.

Fiona smirks, glancing over at Cyril, "Well, that went well, how are you?" she asks the man - recognizing him from the zoo. "Giea is around here somewhere too… I saw her… wonder where she wandered off to…" she rubs at the ring on her finger again.

Cyril barely dodges Eris, "Sorry." He says while stepping out of the way. Looking over to Fiona, Cyril shrugs while looking at the pencil in his hand. "A bit confused, honestly. What just happened?"

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