2011-06-08: Cannonball Fever


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Summary: The good weather brings all the kiddies to the pool.

Date: June 8, 2011

Log Title: Cannonball Fever

Rating: PG-13(L)

Xavier Mansion Pool

A large Olympic size pool sits outside at the edge of the property over looking Breakstone Lake. The pool, always heated to the right temperature, starts at a depth of 4 feet at the shallowest end, and gradually reaches a depth of 20ft. A diving board sits at the far end of the pool. Off to the side of the shallow end, a hot tub is built into the ground for those wanting to relax. Pool chairs and tables sit along the side of the pool for those just wanting to enjoy the sunshine.

Another warm day finds quite a few students hanging out pool side at the mansion. It would seem that the summer is starting to kick into gear which is nice considering summer break started next weekend. Three months of fun! Walking around the deck looking for a decently shaded spot to set his things down is Tyler. He's wearing a pair of dark shades, a tank top and of course the most killer pair of space like swimming trunks the world has ever seen. Bare feet pad along the slightly wet ground until he finds his chair and dumps his belongings while humming a tune playing on his iPod.

Wearing only a pair of black swimming trunks with blue and white flames at the legs, and a pair of black sandals on his feet, Kieran's still applying some sunscreen on his skin so that he can be protected from the sun. He might tan, but probably not given his complexion and overall coloring. Spotting his roomie, Kieran calls out,"Hey Ty!" And begins making his way in that direction. He didn't even bring a towel with him this time apparently.

It's like Tara comes out of nowhere bellowing, "CANNONBALLLLL!" at the top of her lungs, plummeting down out of the sky right into the deep end of the pool, sending a veritable tidal wave rushing out to soak anybody that might happen to be nearby. It's a miracle she doesn't land on anybody. She surfaces laughing her ass off.

Following behind the falling blind girl is Kael, following with his own "CANNONBALLLL!" He lands near Tara's point of entry; within at least ten feet of it, making that tidal wave even more 'dangerous' before the aerokinetic surfaces and laughs brightly. Then he looks around to actually take in who is actually all at the pool.

Sounds of crystallization can be heard a little after Tara's massive cannonball, and Kael's even more massive cannonball, Max skates on his ice slide up to the point where he can launch himself from his impromptu diving board. "CANNONBALLLL!" is called out from the chilly nuisance before dropping from the height, making a cannonball that doesn't really rival the first two, but the effects of a teen at around 30 degrees would be felt by anyone floating in the pool next to him.

Warm weather brings an important obligation to Mason Steele. He has to show off his body for as many ladies as he possibly can, so he's made his way through the mansion grounds, his blue trunks with lighter blue swirls hugging his hips, notably hanging a little low. He is approaching the pool when Tara and Kael land in the water. He was out of range for the first one, but the second splash manages to catch him pretty squarely, finding himself doused before he ever gets to the water. "Wow, I don't even need to go swimming here to get wet," he comments, holding his hands out to his sides. "Now I know why non-mutants are scared of us, look at our cannonballs."

Siiiince we're all doing cannonballs into the pool, and she has yet to hit the pool since she got here, the resident flaming blonde— Well no, scratch that actually. She started out with her legs covered in her plasma boots, to where she glided across the ground as if she were ice skating, and then using a bit of a rocket thrust from her feet, she surrounded her whole body with it, becoming a huge body of fire and plasma energy. At an angle just up above and to the side, comes a blazing mass of girl, who flips with all the skills of an acrobat, cutting back her thrust a bit once she gets a general look at where her destination is. With a graceful forward tuck, Jem becomes a.. "FIREBALL!!" The searing and crackling of her fire flares outward just before it smacks the water with an extinguishing hiss, leaving a bit of steam to rise in her impact.
Odd, for a pyro to go for water, but still, she's good. What comes up is the form of the now wet blonde girl with a smirk across her face, shaking out her wet hair in her two piece bathing suit. "Sa-weet."

Having just set his things down Tyler hears Kieran call out to him. "Hey!" Shoving aside his towel the blonde haired teen, who is still as white as a ghost even though he'd been at the pool earlier in the week, sits down and waves just as the sea of cannonballs occurs. "Well that's a hell of a thing." Chuckling he watches one right after the other happen then the last one to go fizzles out. "It's certainly never boring around here."

Three cannonballs in a row is enough to drench Kieran rather thoroughly as he was going to head over there. There's a bit of sparking around the boy as he tries to get the hair from his eyes. "Crap." He mutters as he keeps walking towards Tyler, thankfully he's getting the electricity back under control the closer he gets to Tyler,"Man it's crowded today." He says laughing rather pleasantly. Although there's a slight twitch to his eyebrows as he notices someone that's present.

"Copycats!" calls Tara accusingly as cannonball after cannonball drop out of the sky after hers, the water from each successive blast seeming to part around her to keep her from being drowned by all the miniature tsunamis. At first she bobs away from Max since, you know, he's chilly, but it isn't until the flaming meteor of Jem that damn near roasts her upon re-entry does she recoil from the heat. "What the hell was that?"

It never is boring at this school. There's always something going on! Even if it's a kidnapping… a Death… The world ending. Well, let's just say the students learn how to survive quite fast. The flaming bombshell that splashes into the pool makes Kael go wide eyed for a moment before he laughs. He dives under the water and swims towards Max to come up behind him for a hug before he comments, "Gotta love the new kids." Hey, he's nearly graduating. You're all kids to him!

"Hey, you know, nothing is a new idea anymore, Tara." Max mentions, holding Kael's arms close to him as Kael gives hugs. "Oh yeah, laugh it up, even if I got another year to go." Max mentions quite matter-of-factly. "All it means is another year of Commander Cool!" The chilled ten says to all, flexing his 'muscles' to Kael.

"I guess it'd be a pretty awful pun if I was to say that was really hot," Mason offers to Jem. "I think you almost got hit by a fireball," he tells Tara. He goes to stand at the edge of the water, shaking the wetness from his blond hair. His eye catches Kieran's electrical sparks, but he doesn't comment, remembering their conversation from a few days ago.

There is still quite a bit of steam, obscuring Jem from complete view, almost dramatic in a way, parting by the breeze to leave her chuckling and treading the water, "That was a quad rotation Axel, into a forward tuck and a final splashdown, Pyromania style." Jem grins and winks in Tara's direction. As she is aught to do, Jem presses the flat side of her tongue against the inside of her teeth, and she bites down on the barbell of her tongue-ring, twirling the red stud a little. She starts to wade closer to the edge of the pool, preparing for an exit, "If you thought that was hot. Stick around, you'll be an official Pyromaniac before you know it." a wink given to Mason as she pulls herself out of the pool, sitting on the edge, "Lots of faces I haven't met yet here. Where have you all been hiding?"

"Yeah I showed up and suddenly the place started poppin." Tyler shrugs as Kieran comes closer. Noting the severe lack of towel and his friends current drenched state Ty picks up his towel and will offer it the moment Kieran is close enough to him. With his free hand he pulls the ear buds out of his ears then turns off his iPod to put it on a nearby small table between lounge chairs. "Tara?" This he mutters to himself. Ahh, the original cannonball artist! He'll have to catch her before she goes to introduce himself as they are on the same squad.

"Thanks!" Kieran says taking the towel and drying off, which seems to help with the sparking. "That would be Tara." He says nodding his head and recognizing Tara from the mall. "I originally planned to just dry off normally but well… I got surprised." He says laughing a bit,"Hey Mason!" He calls out waving to the older boy. He's still padding himself a little bit dryer as he bends to get his legs,"God. I hate when I lose control. Can you imagine if I'd been in the water at the time?"

Tara doesn't really seem all that impressed at Jem's explanation. "I'm sorry. I was too busy going, 'Ohmygodmylife!' to really pay attention to your gymnastics." She's got strands of her blonde hair covering her face but even then it's easy to make out her blind, pupil-less eyes. "Besides. It's not like I could see it anyway." Having said that, she paddles over to where the water is colder and calls out to Max friendly, "Hey, there, Frosty!"

Kael shakes his head with a soft laugh before he smirks, "Yeah, even with a year to go; we're still going to find you a better nick name than Commander Cool." He looks over at Tara with a chuckle before he looks over at Jem with a hm. He gives Max a soft kiss on the cheek before he vanishes under the water once more and then bursts up at the edge; hoisting himself up out of the water near the pyro several feet away. "I'm going guess that you're new here, well. At least new to me." He rubs at the back of his head before he says, "I'm Kael, and you are?" Might as well do it one at a time.

Max gives a big toothy smile to Kael before swimming over to Tara. "Hiya Tara! Sorry for the…cannonball flattery, I just couldn't resist." His blonde hair now significantly darkened by the water, though still spikey from the ice forming on his head, and shedding from the exposed skin above the water. He looks about, seeing some people he hadn't met personally, and one member of his squad. He calls out to Jem. "You haven't heard? Upperclassmen now have a hidey-hole where they're never seeen." Seen of course is made to sound all spooky and b-movie-esque.

Mason gives a wink back at Jem, along with a sly smile. "Maybe, I guess we'll have to wait and see," he tells her. "I'm Mason," he offers, "I don't think we've met yet." His arms uncross, and he adds. "There's planty a few here I haven't met as well, but that's because I've been trying to keep up with my classes down in the city as well as here. Summer is gonna be very welcome." His eyes wander to Kael as he pops up in the water. The senior is familiar by face to Mason, but having not hung out in the same circles, he isn't all that known.

"It really wasn't meant to be seen, so much as actually executed. Last time I attempted what could only be described as a flaming triple axel, I fell and busted my ass." Jem explains to Tara, as some students who were present can attest to that fact. "I still don't have the execution down juuuust yet, but having a large body of water beneath you to break your fall does tend to let you overextend things a bit without risk of neck breakage." She is already wringing out her hair, which keeps its curl to it as opposed to laying reasonably straight. She plants her hands on the ground at her sides, slightly behind her, leaning back and crossing her legs while one foot idly kicks and flings a bit of water in front of her.

Jem's eyes roll just a little in a look of internal calculation, like someone who is wondering if they forgot to turn the oven off. Her tongue pushing at the inside of her jaw. It lasts for a moment before she is satisfied and then has Kael sitting next to her. "New? Yep. First year, last year, but hey, I'm here." she smirks over at him. In other words, she's a joining as a senior at the beginning of the school year. "Jem. Nice to meet you. You might have already heard the rumors.. Yes. It was me in the boy's locker room. Thanks to a one way trip through Connor's LSD tunnel." her eyes roll, amused. "Don't recommend the ride, but the destination had me wishing I had my camera." the girl chuckles at the remembrance of the looks on those guy's faces. She peers at Mason, her eyes squinting to a questioning narrow. "Mason.." she repeats, "I know you from somewhere." she points at him, and then she ponders, "Did I.. dump a Mason? I can't.. really. Hm.. they all sorta run together.."

Tyler tries to keep track of names that are being tossed around and he finds several who are in the pool to be pretty funny. "I'll have to catch Tara before she leaves. We've got that squad thing Monday and such." Seeing as the pool has calmed down and people are breaking off into small conversation Tyler kicks back on his lounge chair content to remain there for a bit before heading off to the jacuzzi. Glancing over at Kieran, "Glad you kept it together, man. I'm sure they'd be glad too if they knew."

Moving to lay across his roommate's lap, Kieran grins up at his roommate,"Yeah. I think a couple of them noticed and are probably glad." He sounds very relaxed though as he lays there. "So how come you're not in there with them? It's a nice day for a swim." He says grinning a bit,"So do you know who those guys are?" He asks gesturing to Kael and Max. They're not anyone that he's met before so it's all good.

Tara gives Max a good-natured shrug. "Hey, after my awesomely spectacular entrance, who wouldn't want to copy it?" She treads water a little bit closer to him, shivering a bit at the ambient cold. "So who else is here," she asks quietly. "There's so many people here and the water is really playing havok with me, that I can't tell."

Kael lets out a soft laugh. "I did hear about that! I caught some of the guys as they came out of the locker room. Said I missed a once in a lifetime thing." He shrugs, disinterested in that before he says, "And, by from what I saw. I'm going to guess you control fire, right? Or something like that." He looks across the pool over at Mason, catching his eye before he gives a wave over towards him. More of a general Hey.

The blond haired teen celebrity grins a little wider. "Mason Steele," he offers his last name. "I'm pretty sure we haven't gone out yet. It's too bad I missed you in the locker room. Maybe you can go for another try at that later, just don't forget your camera this time." He gives a nod to Kael, and a belated wave to Kieran.

Max looks over the population of the pool. "Me, you, Kael, that girl Jem from my squad…" He ponders the identities of the others before giving up. "And three guys that I don't remember their names." Max offers back to Tara. "I didn't know the water messed with you like that. I would have thought the opposite." But of course, Max isn't super smart when it comes to other mutant's powers.

Jem hand teeters, squinching up one side of her face, "Something like that. It's a little more complicated than fire. I can't exactly show you right now but what happens is, this.. stuff sorta sweats out of my skin, and the way my nerdy friend back at my old school explained it is that some kind of nuclear fission reaction thing happens, turning it into this mega-hot plasma with flames. But I can control it, which is the weird thing. Kinda think it to do what I want. But I can't control fires that aren't made from my own body. Annnnd.. here is where it gets weird. If I'm wet, like I am right now, and I try to make the stuff? Turns into acid, not fire. Shit hurts. Burns like mother fucking bitch." If her exaggeration of the point tells you how bad it is. "I like the water and all, but I gotta be dry before I pyro-up again." It is the best way to explain it that she knows how.
"Mason Steele, seriously?" she widens her eyes a bit, "Shut. UP. You're shitting me." The girl kicks a healthy splash of water in Mason's direction, "Thaaat's why you're so familiar. Wow. You go here? Sa'little surprising." Mason's other comment gets a rise of her eyebrows and a sly smirk from her lips, "I dunno if you could handle the fire, sweetie, but if you feel like you can deal with a major case of 'heartburn', by all means, you're welcome to try. But I gotta warn you up front, I'm addictive."

Well hello lap full of musician! This is certainly an unexpected pleasure for Tyler. "Hmm?" Forgive the momentary lack of conversation Kieran you've gone and surprised him. "Oh! Why am I not…" Should stop babbling while flushed. "I wanted to hang out for a bit, chill in the jacuzzi for awhile and maybe hit the pool but erm you've certainly shocked me." Gazing out over the water in the direction Kieran points Ty finds that he has no idea who those boys are. He wraps an arm around Kieran shaking his head as he does so, "No idea, Ki. Sorry 'bout that. You're awful cuddly. Not that I'm complaining or anything…So the older looking blonde guy over there is the pop star Alpha Squadron guy?"

"Yep. THat would be him. He's not a bad guy. I met him awhile back while practicing piano. Apparently he's capable of doing real music as well. He's a better pianist than I am by far." Kieran says just sort relaxing there,"Cause I'm bored and thought this would be just something to do. You're turning red." He says laughing a bit,"I guess it was. And least I didn't /really/ shock you." He says laughing even more,"Shall we go meet them?" He asks curiously.

The pool ripples outward a bit towards where Mason, Tyler and Kieran, as she sends her odd sixth sense towards them. "Ah that's Mason," she says recognizing the shape of one of them, as well as the girlish squeal that comes from the only other girl. "The other two I don't recognize. Are they… wait… Are they cuddling?" she says barely holding back the hope in her voice.

Kael quirks a brow as Jem explains her power and he lets out a soft laugh. "No, shit. Man, and here I only control wind. Makes me feel a bit underpowered when you explain it like that." He shakes his head with a chuckle, pointing over at Mason with a smile, "Though, Mason here /does/ seem to attract trouble." He stands up before he takes a step off of the edge of the pool; winds spiraling under him as he just floats over towards the other side of the pool where the others are. The winds are a tad powerful at first but they quickly die out as the aerokinetic moves away, it does provide a good bit of drying power. He gives a wave towards them as he lands about a dozen feet away before he says, "Having fun you two?" Asked of Tyler and Kieran with a wide grin spreading over his face as he holds his hands behind his back.

Mason lets out a chuckle, bouncing back from the water splash slightly. It still gets all over his legs. "~Beyond the promises we keep, do you dream of me?~" He sings from one of this most popular songs in his usual heartthrob manner. "Yeah, it's a bit quiet though. I guess now you know why I have such a thing for mutant rights," Mason offers. "Trying to keep that quiet on the public front until the right time. Nobody knows that I go here, just that I go to to Julliard's prep program." He shrugs. "I guess since you're addictive I shouldn't even bother, just stay with those 'safer' girls." A clear tease, the tone of his voice suggests that he has no intentions of taking that course of action. "He's right, I attract trouble," the pop star agrees with Kael. "Though maybe it's you, you were at both of those concerts, weren't you?"

Max takes another look at Tyler and Kieran and nods. "That would be correct. A level three cuddle, with the lying down, looking up chat." He whispers to Tara. The chilled wonder keeps wading gently, his ADHD kept in check a small bit, through the wiggling of his feet, just to keep moving. "Mason…not familiar." He really doesn't pay attention to music after the year 2000, give him some old time Rock & Roll, and he's set. Especially when there is Journey involved.

"Eh. I had three years to self discover this stuff on my own." Jem assures Kael, which would explain possibly why she hasn't been at the school since she was a freshman. "I'm a little more inquisitive when it comes to things I wanna know about. So I researched, dated a science buff or two, and bam. I got my answers. Started trying to see what new things I could do with it, and kinda still do to this day." she explains. "And here I am." she says with a final point. She has to squint a bit as the winds blow across her. It dries her just a bit faster than if she were sitting there, but it's hard to keep your eyes open in strong wind.
Mason gets a chuckle, "Yeah right, superstar." It appears she has dubbed him with her nickname for him, "Your kind can never resist the danger that I pose. But I won't hold it against you, really. That's just your nature." She can tease just as much, "But of course I was at both concerts. With some friends. They were squeeling like pigs. Me? Not s'much. Though I did think you had nice lips though."

Tyler snickers, "Of course I'm turning red. I've got a cute guy suddenly in my lap. Not every day something like that happens you know?" Mentions that he's not heard Mason play ever but thinks that Kieran is quite talented even though this is a biased opinion. "You could shock me a bit for the right cause BUT we could go meet them yeah. Hold up…" A gust of wind later one of the two boys has sailed over to speak with them. Woot! Tyler doesn't have to move at all and offers up a wave. "I am actually. I'm Tyler. I'd offer a handshake but I'm pleasantly pinned. You are? I didn't catch your name with all the splooshing."

‚ÄúThere's another guy in your lap?" Kieran asks perfectly innocently, before glancing towards Kael,"Well it's sort of relaxing here, and yeah I think we're all having a bit of fun here." He says laughing a bit,"I'm Kieran by the way. I'd offer to shake your hand but umm… not sure if given my current state that my hands wouldn't give you a rather nice jolt and considering you're wet that probably would be a little bit painful." He says seriously to the older teen.

"Oh my god," exclaims Tara, excitedly. "Level three? That's so /cute/!" She lifts herself out of the water, hovering inches over it and floats towards the couple. She pauses halfway there, when she suddenly thinks of something. "I'll… uh… be right back." She then zooms off into the mansion.

The aerokinetic lets out a soft laugh, waving a hand a bit before he says, "Don't worry about it. I'd rather not chance getting shocked." He crosses his arms over his chest before he says, "And I'm Kael. Nice to meet the both of you. Granted, I'm sure you've been here for at least a little bit. I've…. just been off doing my own thing most of the time." He glances back at Max with a smile before he glances back at the two in the chair. "Now, how about we join the others? Or do you two want to take your innocence a step further." A jesting smile on his face as he chuckles.

"Oh? Well thank you, you have very nice lips yourself," Mason answers, tufting his hair back into place now that the winds have subsided. They didn't seem to affect him all that much, his stance was pretty solid. "Well, you seem very sure of yourself," he comments to Jem. "But we'll see. For now I'm gonna head back and work on my orchestra piece for class. I'll be in the music room if anybody needs me." He gives Jem a final wink, and a wave to the others congregating elsewhere. "Until then, have a great time out here soaking up the sun." With that, he starts heading back to the mansion himself, in no great hurry.

Max starts to give Tara a wave before remembering. "See ya later!" He calls out to her as she zooms off. Then, gentle wading over to the edge where Kael is. "So, who're your friends?" He asks Kael whilst he still remains in the pool.
Chuckling, "Mmm hmm Kieran. Smart ass." Several people have left the pool by now which makes the area a bit less chaotic. No more cannonball congo line causing mini tsunami's. "I've been here about a week now. Still getting a feel for the place and I keep meeting people who are graduating in a week or so." Ty leans over a bit so he can see that Kael is glancing back at the other guy who at the moment is nameless. "I don't know about going over there what with Kieran's thing and your friend being in the pool…." trails off at the end with a tinge of confusion. "Take our what? You're friend is here though. See?" Points towards Max at the pool edge then whispers to Kieran. "You and I are gonna have to talk about a few things. Not right now though."

There's actually a small flush of his cheeks when Tyler calls him a smartass, so he might have actually been serious about that. Kieran does get up though,"If I keep my hands out the water we'll be fine and my powers are starting to settle down. I think I'm getting a bit low on juice." He says laughing a little bit,"Come on. Let's risk it." He says offering Tyler a hand to get up,"And we're not going to do anything more here in front of you. It's not a free peep show you know!" He says winking a bit at Kael.

Kael turns around to look down at Max, and he reaches down to help his boyfriend out of the pool; tugging him upwards into a lukewarm hug as he chuckles back at Kieran. "This is Max." He smiles down at the ice boy before he looks back at Tyler, "I'm one of those people who're graduating in a week or so. Still haven't figured out what I'm going to be doing afterwards." He hms a bit. "Might find a way to stay here and torment Max here."

After being lifted out of the pool, the ice crystals start growing larger on the ice kid after the hug. Waiting a little while before shaking them off, ensures Max's skin is dry. "Why thank you." He says to Kael. And after Kael's last statement, Max looks a little happy. "Rude!" He says before giving Kael a little jab on the arm. "Hiya, I'm Maaa…he already said it didn't he…awkward…." He bids the others.

Tyler turns around to be able to stand up then takes Kieran's offer of help up. Once on his feet he finds himself laughing, "Yeah, starving artists need money you know." This is so odd! For now he just rolls with things and gives Kieran's hand a squeeze. "Hello, Max. I'm Tyler. Since your boyfriend there just yoinked you out of the pool you all want to go kick back in the hot tub for a bit?"

"Hello Max, nice to meet you!" Kieran says grinning at the ice boy,"Hey you won't starve while you're here." He says laughing a bit,"Kevin's dadtwo makes the meals here remember. By the way, stuff he gets at home is even better." He says casually as he gives Tyler's hand a squeeze back in a completely unconscious movement. "Hot tubs are always awesome right, unless it'd give you a problem since you're all frosty." He says thinking about it for a moment as he stands there, before he says,"Maybe you could become a tutor or something for the school Kael. You know, help students that are floundering."

Kael lets out a bright laugh. "Me? Rude? … Well, maybe sometimes." He shrugs a bit as the winds circle around him, drying him off slowly as Max is caught in the swirling element as well. At the mention of the hot tub, he smirks a bit before he says, "I'd love to. But, I don't really want to exclude Max." He gives a lopsided smirk before he looks over at Kieran with a hm. "That's true. I've been told I've good patience… lately anyway. Gotta talk to the Headmaster then."

Max looks to Kieran, and smiles. His flesh soon turning into clear-blue ice. "Not for me, this ice-cube melts in the heat. Ever see the room that looks like a freezer? That's my room." Though, he always gets paired up with a pyrokinetic for some reason….meh. "I gotta be doing homework anyway. Cause I'm trying to pass that stupid economics class."

"Aww, I'm sorry Max. I didn't know you'd go all puddle in the hot tub. Guess I should have thought of that." Seems like the action comes and goes around the school as the pool is actually pretty quiet right now. "Not seen the freezer room but I'll have to check it out some time. Are you going to bail and do homework? It was nice meeting you if you are."

"Well I guess I'll catch you later than Max." Kieran says smiling at Max, before nodding to Kael,"I think sometimes tutoring is really tough on the patience because you had to figure out how to explain things so they make sense and figuring that out is hard. It's why being smart isn't enough to be a good tutor."

Kael looks over at Max and chuckles, "I'll follow along and help ya. I need to work on a few things as well." Namely a few essays he needs to turn in in order to pass a few classes. Some of the teachers can be rather harsh when it comes to grading. He looks back at Kieran as he starts to head over to Max, "Aye, and I've helped some of the other students every now and again. I'll see you two around alright?" He gives a wave to both of them before he slips his hand into Max's and starts to head towards the school.

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