2010-06-22: Captain Commuter


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Summary: A friendly discussion at the Cold Stone

Date: June 22, 2010

Log Title Captain Commuter

Rating: PG.

Westchester - Cold Stone Creamery

Coldstone Creamery is always chilly inside, even in the winter months, to accommodate for the variety of ice creams they offer. A big sign with all there ice cream specials sit on the wall, and all the different ice creams and toping can be seen in the counter windows. This Coldstone is unlike the rest with its red color scheme. A few tables sit inside the Creamery for customers to sit and enjoy their cold treats.

Nazca has been taking up the counter's attention for at least a few minutes now as she's been exploring the options. "So… like it or love it are sizes… okay. And they each are available with or without the chocolate dipped bowl. Okay. So… I want a love it size… let's see… I'll have…" She leans over the glass casing, wiggling her bottom as she peers at all the ingredients, standing on the tips of her toes. "What's that one? What's that one? Oh, could I try that one? How does that one taste? Do you like that one? Oh, I don't think I'd like that one…"

July arrives to the ice cream parlor and chuckles softly, noticing who's taking her sweet time at the counter, and decides to check up on Nazca, "Hey there, old hag." she says in a playful, teasing tone, smiling and patting Nazca's shoulder gently. "How are you doing?"

On her tape recorder, Heather's message is just, "Hurryhurryhurryhurry!" instead of actually answering any of those questions. Her brows are furrowed and she is farther back in line than Nazca, arms crossed impatiently at this wave of indecision. She wants ice cream in the most immediate sense. "Just take rocky road with a dipped cone and pay come on!"

Connor… Heather's escort… is tapping his foot, hands in his pockets, and every so often checking the windows leading outside, before saying to the girl, "Okay… relax… you shouldn't rush people. It's not like your psycho future-self is going to walk through the door demanding cotton candy ice cream and world domination…" Though as he says it, it sounds a bit less sarcastic, and a bit more broody.

Caleb has been sitting here for about ten minutes already, having flown out of the city for some quiet time, he's dressed in blue denim cargos, a black superman t-shirt, black airwalk trainers and his violet eyes are glowing faintly as is the yellow stone on the silver wristband on his right wrist, he has his headphones in and is trying to ignore the world around him, in front of him is a half eaten bowl of ice-cream with strawberry sauce on it.

Nazca has just passed the five-minute mark. But… she's given them a $100 bill, and is letting them keep the change, so the clerks seem quite content to let her keep going and going. Looking up, she gets distracted when July comes over. "Oh! Hi July! Did you want some Ice cream as well? They have all sorts of toppings here… I'm going to get a love it size!". She looks back over the glass, pursing her lips. "Mmmmmmn….I don't know…." and thus passes, the 6 minute mark.

Nazca points to one of the coffee flavored ice creams. "I'll have some of that ice cream…I would like some cookies in it. Um… some chocolate fudge sauce.." She purses her lips again, thinking pretty hard. "Some maraschino cherries… um um… I would like some of those peanut butter cups I think…" When the employee slaps her ice cream onto the cold plate, Nazca yelps. "Hey! You can't do that, that's unsanitary! And mean, don't just throw my icey-cream onto the counter, I want to eat that!"

July chuckles softly, and then she asks the clerk when it's her turn, "A big sundae for two, with strawberry frosting, please." she says, paying for it as Nazca speaks, and she chuckles softly. She then looks behind the line and notices Heather there, the rubber girl waving to her friend and smiling to her, before waiting for her order to be done, standing next to Nazca.

"Maybe I will remember this moment and come back, kick the door down and get the cotton candy ice cream just to prove you wrong… Anyways, she is taking /forever/. This should be illegal," plays Heather to Connor, glancing down to her watch. She is wearing a purple coloured t-shirt and a pair of black tattered jeans. Sometimes, just by chance, she manages not to clash too horribly. She waves to July silently and looks back up to Nazca and just /glares/.

Connor sighs and rolls his head back, grumbling to himself, "Connor take me into town, Connor I want ice cream, Connor don't worry, my evil future self might not show up while we're in town again… YEAH… RIGHT. When did I become Captain Commuter…" Huffing finally and then settling back and saying, "They're supposed to put it on there. It's a polished and sterilized marble slab that allows them to mix the ingredients while maintaining the temperature of the ice cream. Now… can Heather please order before her evil sextuplets come in and start growling at us too?"

Caleb takes another bite of his ice-cream and continues listening to his current favorite brit-pop song, "This is the next century, Where the universals free, You can find it anywhere, Yes, the futures been sold, Every night were gone".

Nazca looks to Connor as he speaks. "Oh? You don't say? Well… don't worry, I'm almost done! I should only be another few minutes now! I'm sorry Miss Brown!". Looking back to the counter, she points at the ingredients. "I'll have some of that whipped cream when you’re done… I would like to have some of that there… um… whatever that stuff is. I'm not sure what that is, but I'll have some of that, it looks tasty. Um… oh, don't forget the cherry!" She sways a little, stretching up to the tips of her feet, then down, then back up, then back down as she patiently waits for the ice cream to be made. Yes… that ticks by another 2-3 minutes or so… let's call it closer to 3 shall we? She points out to the bowl, "That chocolate one… OHHH, you have vanilla too? Can you make me one in that too?" She pauses a few moments, then shakes her head. "No no, that’s' okay, I don't want to be a bother, I'll just have the chocolate one, thank you." She reaches up and takes the mixed up ice cream conglomeration and smiles as she takes a plastic spoon. "Yaaaay!". She holds it up a bit "Ooooh, it's got stuff all in it too.". Glancing over at Heather and Conner, she takes a crisp $100 bill out, and lays it on the counter "Whatever they want too, keep the change." Moving over towards July, she peers "What'd you get?""

July has already paid for her ice cream. "A double sized sundae with strawberry frosting." she grins widely as she holds her cup, obviously too big for a single person to drink, alone. She then looks at Heather and Conner, gesturing them to join her at her table after they get their orders, "That was very generous of you." she looks at Nazca now, "But you didn't have to do it." she smiles and sits down at her chosen table.

"I just doubt that I would show up in front of myself. That seems like it would be irresponsible," huffs Heather through her machine, "And I didn't think we would be here so long. I'll pay for your ice cream, too, okay Connor? Will that make it up to you?" That's before Nazca offers to pay for them, but she shrugs at the offer, just sliding a pre-prepared slip of paper over the counter with her exact order: One scoop cotton candy, one scoop cookies and cream, mixed with gummy bears and served in a chocolate and peanut dipped waffle cup. It might be particular, but her ordering is efficient.

Connor moves up and simply asks for a large Mountain Dew Freeze, taking out his debit card to cover it, and then stopping as he says, "If you say so… Sure, thanks." Giving a bit of a grin as he moves to the side and leaves a two dollar tip for them both and just says softly, "No song thanks… I think if you get going, some of them will join in…" Looking back at the girl who looks like a student, but is apparently a teacher, "Ugh… how can you eat that monstrosity Heather… Cotton Candy AND Cookies and cream…"

"Nananananana, nanananananana", Caleb's cell starts ringing and he reaches across his table to answer it, knocking his bowl of ice-cream to the floor, "For feck sake!", he dismisses the call, grabs a handful of napkins and starts trying to clean up the mess.

Nazca peers at July's big order, taking a bite of her ice cream. "I don't think you can eat all that…if you do, you’re going to get fat." She reaches over to tug some on July's side, before shrugging. "I have a lot of money. Um… I have a whole lot of money. It's not really anything to worry about for a few thousand dollars at any given time." She yelps out a little "Oh no!" as the bowl of ice-cream is knocked over. She offers down her bowl of ice-cream "Would you like some of mine?"

July chuckles at the comment of her order, "I think we went through that already." she says, smiling and shaking her head softly. "Don't worry about me, with my lifestyle, I can't get fat with just this." she winks, smiling softly and nodding as she sits down at her table. Then she witnesses the incident, and only chuckles as she watches as Nazca offers some of her own for Caleb.

"I like the way that the flavours don't mix together. I can tell both are there, and I can clearly identify them. I also like when the gummy bears get hard from being cold," plays Heather as an explanation to Connor. She takes a bite of it, jabbing at it with her spoon and moving to take a seat. To July, she plays almost conspiratorially, "I can eat almost anything and not gain a pound either." Of course, as an obvious mutant speedster, that's not surprising.

Connor is the one to ask this, probably much to the ire of the women present, "Someone explain this to me… There's not really any overweight X-gene active women… seriously. If it's not the… special talents, it's the running around, and if it's not those things, it's something else. So… well… why complain about something that's never going to bother you? Orrrr…." Looking back and forth and saying before sipping his freeze, "Is this one of those things that I should just flee before suffering over."

Caleb shakes his head at Nazca, "No thanks, I was nearly done anyways," he continues cleaning up the ice-cream until he hears Connor's question to the girls and can't help but grin, "I wouldn't question a woman's logic if I was you, you'll regret it.”

Nazca hmmns. "Well… I can't get fat… my body turns it all into energy anyway. Really, not like calories, but actual energy." She takes in a spoonful of her ice cream, taking a moment to savor it. "I don't know if I like it… it's kind of too indulgent. I like goat milk, and cheeses. But this is much less salty, very creamy." She uses her spoon to take some of July's dessert, and take a taste. "I kind of like that, it's simpler."

July takes a bit slurp of her sundae, while Nazca explains about her 'not-get-fat' ability, and then July smiles, "I love sundaes. They're cold, tasty, made of chocolate, and I can drink through a straw!" she grins widely at that before looking at Conner with an arched eyebrow and an amused smile at his comments.

"I have been exercising a lot, because there is nothing else to do, but I also eat a lot. I have some fat still," says Heather, lifting her shirt slightly to expose her stomach. Is it normal to do this kind of thing in public? Not really. Does Heather much care? Not really. She pats her belly, and it's not like she's out of shape or anything, but it's true that there is some fat on her. Which might be more surprising than her not gaining weight.

Connor looks around for the moment at the answers, and sits back after a sec, and after taking another long pull from his freeze, he gets a crumpled and folded sheet of paper from his pocket, and puts it down on the table. Unfolding it, it's an unmarred Tic-tac-toe sheet, and he immediately says, "Tie."

Caleb finishes cleaning up the mess and takes the empty bowl back up to the counter, then goes back to his seat to check who rung him.

Nazca pouts. "I want some fat too…" She takes in a spoonful of her ice-cream, sitting next to July. She peers over at Connor's sheet curiously, leaning over towards him to try to get a better look.

July chuckles softly, "Nuh-uh. Not me. I don't need any fat." she grins widely, before taking a long sip from her sundae's straw, smiling. She then looks at Heather and her choice of order, "That's an interesting combination there, Heather."

Heather lowers her shirt and adjusts it so she looks a little more normal. She nods at Connor once and plays, flat tone, "I see the stalemate in nine. Let's play again sometime, we'll see if it ends different." Unlike most food, she seems to savour the ice cream, just waiting for it to melt in her mouth. To her, it seems to take forever, but that's fine. That's why it's a snack. She shrugs at July and plays, "I like it. Do you want to try it?"

Folding the paper back up, Connor replies, "I've told you time and again, Heather… you can't win at Tic Tac Toe. The only way to win is if the other party lets you win. It's the ultimate stalemate. Like nuclear deterrent." But then looking to the peering instructor, he says, "Heather keeps challenging me to games, because half the time we don't need the board. It's visualization exercises for me, and entertainment for her… though it'd help if she stopped winning all the time." Snorting a bit as he pulls his phone out and checks something on it.

Nazca nods quickly. "Oh oh, I see! That's a good idea! It's nice to see that we have such studious students!" She takes a big scoop of her mass of sweetness, and plops it into July's strawberry drink. Looking smug, she grins. "Here, you need some more fat." Standing back to her feet, she puts gives a little smile. "Well… I need to actually be going or I risk being late for an appointment. I hope you all will be well."

July grins to Heather. "Maybe later." she then pats her own super-size sundae. "First I need to take care of /this/ little baby here, before going for more food." she says, nodding softly at that. But then she hears the 'plop' of something hitting her sundae, and she blinks, "Hey? I don't need any more fat!" she chuckles.

"Checkers is a solved game, too, but we still play that seriously," plays Heather to Connor, before shrugging. Of course, where Tic-Tac-Toe has about twenty thousand possibilities, checkers has around five hundred quintillion, far too many for Heather to keep track of, "And I wouldn't keep winning if you didn't keep losing." She gives Nazca a quick wave as she leaves, eyeing the teacher slightly.

Connor grumbles out softly, "I keep losing? This coming from the one who can't play a game straight to save her life. Why me…" A bit of the long-suffering tone as he looks up and gives Nazca a wave of farewell and returns to sipping the freeze drink. Finally he asks, "So what's going on at the school? Why the sudden and blazing need for ice cream?"

July watches as Nazca departs, giving the girl a light wave and a smile, before looking at the rest of her companions as they argue about games. "What about checkers?" she asks, chuckling softly, obviously not paying much attention at the beginning.

"We play sometimes. I know it's a solved game, but I don't know the solution," plays Heather, scratching her head lightly and slightly detangling her hair with her fingers. "I like chess or go. Those are complex." Pause, and then she says to Connor, "Have we played go? And I don't know what is happening at the school. I am taking summer classes, but I don't have to attend the class parts, just listen to recordings. And I have not had ice cream in a long time…"

Connor shakes his head, "Not yet, Heather… I thought you had other people for other games anyways… sorry… I thought… you know… with the whole Heathers thing, there was something going on with another you at the school and you wanted me out of the way. I should have assumed Occam's Razor. you wanted ice cream and couldn't get here fast enough." Sticking his tongue out at the end, he returns to his drink… to find it empty. Frowning again, he pops the top, and starts to use the straw to fetch the dregs.

Robyn has come down to Salem Center to do some art supply shopping and is on his way to the bus stop to get back to Xavier's when he passes by Coldstone. It's not the urge for ice cream that's pulled him into the shop (though ice cream is tempting) it's the fact that he saw his roommate in the window while passing. Stepping in he now also spots July and Heather, two of his classmates. "Hey Connor, July, Heather, I didn't realize there was an Xavier's gathering here tonight."

July stands up as she shakes her head, having finished her whole sundae now, "Heya, Robyn." The girl says, smiling at the newcomer, "Sorry for greeting and running, but I gotta head back now to finish my assignments before the day is over." she nods, smiling, "Glad to see you all again, gang. But I gotta go." she offers everyone a hug before leaving.

Heather kicks her feet slightly as she's hugged (she finds most hugs to be awkwardly long, but she has grown to accept that), and offers no objection. "Goodbye, July," plays Heather's tape recorder. For Connor's benefit it plays, "Well, I could just remember any time that you're not at the school if I wanted to get you out of the way. Besides, I like the way you spaceslip." She looks up at Robyn upon reviewing her tape, blinking a few times, and playing, "Oh, hello Robyn, sorry, you caught me at a weird time on my recording. I wanted ice cream today."

Connor kicks out a seat for Robyn immediately, smirking as he says, "Welcome to the Adventures of Captain Commuter, and the revenge of the frozen blob!" Pointing with his straw at Heather's consumable nightmare. The hug is blinked at but July is given a wave out, and a 'Later' before he returns to the conversation, "If you want to hang, I'll save you bus fair… as usual."

Robyn returns the quick hug to July before sitting down. "Captain Commuter eh? You know I'm gonna start calling you that." He puts his bag of art stuffs down and smiles at Heather. "Don't worry about it, we're all weird here and nothing wrong with wanting ice cream. I spent the last of my money, save bus fair, on art supplies so I'm just stopping by to say hi, and apparently bumming a ride." He says with a grin to Connor.

"I like it! I like the way the flavours cross," repeats Heather about the cotton candy/cookies and cream consumable confection. She doesn't seem to want to assert that it's actually good, because she doesn't actually think so. To Connor, she plays, "And I do not mind running places that I want to go. Your method is just much more fun. I also don't mind having company." She tilts her head slightly at Robyn and asks, "Art supplies? What art supplies?"

Before Robyn can speak up, Connor's mouth emits, "Modelling clay, primer coat, baking glaze, three fine brushes… Damn…" Wincing as he stops himself, and gives Robyn an apologetic look, "It went off again, sorry. At least this time it was just a shopping list. I still can't believe you tricked me into reading off that FBI disclaimer at the beginning DVDs."

"Well that's some of them but what I was really trying to pick up was some wires and some plastics and such since I wanna make another planter similar to like what I made Jordan a while back." Robyn says as he shrugs. "Well, I still can't believe you actually knew it. I like to sculpt Heather, it's kind of what I do. I think I spend more time in the art room then I do anywhere else, which is nice for Connor since half the time he has the room to himself."

"Sculpting? That is an interesting hobby," plays Heather, looking thoughtfully towards Robyn for a few moments, "I have never sculpted. I have never met anyone who has sculpted." She puts her tape recorder on the table and scrapes the bottom of her waffle cup with her spoon, smiling slightly as it seems to run out. "What were you saying, Connor?"

Connor smiles as he stands up and takes his cup to the trash before coming back, and saying to them both, "I actually have to get back and finish a physics exercise for Doctor McCoy. Get it to go, Heather… crazy train leaves in three." And with that he starts walking towards the door.

Robyn smiles at Heather and nods. "Well now you've met someone. You wanna give it a try sometime, come find me in the art room, it's fun." He says getting his stuff and standing up after Connor. "Hey… I'll be taking that crazy train." He says as he waves to Heather. "See ya later Heather!" He says following after Connor.

Heather nods her head quickly at Robyn after he offers to let her give it a try. She stands up quickly and takes her waffle bowl with her when Connor says he's leaving, intending on taking the trip back, as well.

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