2009-07-15: Captivity Of Differing Types


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Summary: Wyatt tries to discuss a break-out with Terry. Skyler is an ass.

Date: July 15, 2009

Captivity of Differing Types

Rating: PG

Secret Lab - Examination Room

Once more, the mutants are being brought to Wyatt. Once more, he has to do the same thing he's been doing with the others. Blood samples and tests. Fortunately, they don't seem to have figured out what Wyatt's doing with his tests. Their captors, that is. "I'm very sorry about this." He reiterates to the mutant lying, muscle-relaxed on the table near him.

Terry has no way to stop himself from being taken off to be tested and sampled. "I am sorry too, although it is not like I have a choice in this. Dude, if I were not supposed to be very public on the no to drugs thing I would say I need to try what ever it is you gave me more often…."

That causes Wyatt to stop for a second before actually chuckling. "Not all drugs are necessarily bad things. Yes, MGH is. I do feel that. But there are proper drugs that can be used in positive ways." He nods softly as he moves over with the large syringe, in order to draw blood. "You would think, with all this security, they would have a proper phlebotomist rather than letting the biochemist do the blood, but no…"

Terry laughs a little, not seeing the large needle for obvious reasons. "Never said they were, but public image and all. Its probably the security that is the reason they are not hiring a phlebotomist. The more people you have working, the less secure the area is. I would offer to help and all, but I am just a physacist and mathmatician, I don't do anything you could really call practical."

"You'd be surprised." Wyatt says with a nod, already knowing that this blind young man might benefit heavily from one of his concoctions later. "Tell me. If you could have had any power beyond your light… what would it have been?" He asks, taking his fingers and cleaning a spot on Terry's arm. "Sorry about the pain, but I have to draw blood." He says as he does so, doing his best to be both quick and efficient.

Skyler is wheeled in by some orderlies who look like they would like nothing better to do than get the hell away from the Logan-lookalike strapped to the table. This is simply because every time one of his captors comes around Skyler, he starts reciting one of Shakespeare's plays. He's already gone through most of the tragedies (Hamlet, in particular, was pretty painful) and is now in the comedies. "I think I told your lordship a year sinc, how much I am in the favour of Margaret, the waiting gentlwoman to Hero." he says, his voice pitched one way to indicate that he's Borachio of Much Ado about Nothing. "I remember," he replies to himself, using a different voice. "I can, at any unseasonable instant of the night, appoint her to look out at her lady's chamber window." "What life is in that, to be the death of this marriage?" Skyler may not be able to do much while he's strapped down in his bed, but at least he can perform intellectual terrorism of his own.

Terry shrugs a little before the spot on his arm is cleaned. "Never thought about it. My powers have always been part of me. I see with them, think with them, can even fly with them." Terry waits for the needle to start drawing blood beffore he says anything more. "Pain is an illusion, not a very pleasent one, but nothing more."

Hearing the orderlie types bring in another he sighs. "Can't you let me finish with one person before you bring another in?" Wyatt glares. "Get out." He says, growling before turning back to Terry. "Please. Humor me. At least let me have some sort of semblance of reality while I'm forced to perform experiments on those that are prostate and depowered." He looks over to Skyler and tilts his head. "What life is in that, to be the death of this marriage?" He pulls back the vial of blood he's drawn from Terry and moves towards the centrifuge.

"The poison of that lies in your temper," replies Skyler, smoothly. Clearly he's acted before so the words and the meter come out fluidly and naturally. "Go you to the prince your brother; spare not tell him that he hath wronged his honour in marrying the renowned Claudio — whose estimation do you mightily hold up — to a contaminated stale, such a one as Hero." Other than that, he doesn't acknowledge Wyatt, or anybody else in the room.

Terry lets his happy go lucky facade break for jsut an instant as he gives a slightly bitter sounding, "Ha!" at Wyatt's desire for a semblance of reality. "A mad scientists work is never done. At least it is not an angery mob with pitchforks and torches. As for your question, super speed would be nice. I am used to thinking at near relatavistic speeds so getting to move at them too would be fun." For the most park, Terry ignores the Shakespear. Its not that he does not like the Bard, but he has more interesting things on his mind. "The question of course is, why? Why care what we might like, or what powers beyond those fickle fate has given us we may want? Or why would our captors would kidnap you too, instead of just hiring someone that would willingly do the job?"

As the captors leave, Wyatt sighs softly. "Would you mind calming down? I'm as much a prisoner as you are, here." He says towards Skyler. "They have my family captive, just like they have you captive. Not to mention, driving ME crazy won't do you any good. Remaining calm and listening closely might make things better for you in the long run." He says, as he turns on the centrifuge, which starts a very high pitched whine. "As for why they kidnap? Because I'm the best and the easiest to persuade. Most people with my skill are old enough and don't have families." He says with a sigh. As the whine kicks in, he turns on another machine… a loud one… and leans forward to whisper very softly to Terry. "Tomorrow night… if they haven't stopped me first… I'm going to get you all out of here. Make no reaction to what I say, for fear of either of our lives." While he speaks, he makes motion of checking Terry's eyes. "My muscle relaxer may not be a muscle relaxer. Open your mind to whatever happens."

The machines are loud enough so that Skyler can't hear what Wyatt is whispering to Terry, so he just rolls his eyes at Wyatt in a kind of 'give me a break' manner as he continues the play. "What proof shall I make of that?" "Proof enough to misuse the prince, to vex Claudio, to undo Hero and kill Leonato. Look for you any other issue?" "Only to despite them, I will endeavour any thing." This last is said dripping with malice, looking straight at Wyatt.

Terry almost smile as the much louder machine is switched on, even without the added speed form his mutant powers he thinks fast. "An open mind is just an invitation to have someone try and fill it." he whispers while hardly moving his lips. "Oh yes," he syas much louder, "Its not like old people are not easy to bully into doing what a villian might want." Terry's eyes are, in fact, almost normal human eyes except for the whole blind thing. "Oy, you! In the words of the Bard's day, shut your gob!"

Moving over towards the muscle relaxed Skyler, Wyatt sighs as he pulls another ampule for collection as well as one that he slides… somewhere under his sleeve. He does his best to keep the motion natural to the cameras as he leans towards Skyler and grips his arm. The grip is much much stronger than Wyatt's tiny frame should be able to create. "Seriously." He says, moving forward to lower the whisper again. "If they don't stop me or kill me, you will be free by tomorrow evening. If I can do this to myself, imagine what I can grant you… with mutable genetics. The ability to break free, as long as you all help get my parents free as well. Can you give me that chance?" He asks, as the whining begins to die down. "Please. Hide anything you may want to say with a simple yes or no." He pulls out a needle as he looks for a vein. "Sorry for any pain this may cause. I do not wish to be doing this. But, as I stated, I have no choice." His voice returns to normal for this period while the machines shut back down. Stupid short running things.

Skyler, inexplicably, starts laughing hysterically when Wyatt mentions mutable genetics, breaking up his nearly nonstop soliloquy. "Take off this collar," he says, voice low, meeting the eyes of his captor "And I'll show you what mutable genetics /really/ is."

Terry waits to see how Skyler responds after the machines wind down. Hoping to cover Skyler's words from anyone listening in Terry says rather loud and bitterly, "Yes, Yes, Yes, its not your fault. You had no choice. You were following orders. I've heard it all before in my line of work you know. There is always a choice, if you have but eyes to see and ears to hear…or something like that." Its a risk, trying to give someone ideas in code when you don't now them well, but one Terry is willing to take if the idea he had might help work around the problems with him being blind.

Wyatt simply tilts his head down and mouths the word 'Tomorrow' to Skyler. He looks to Terry as he places the blood he's gathered into the centrifuge. He starts it again, but not the other machine as he goes to Terry and places a hand on his arm. He squeezes… very strongly. "I don't have any ability to help you see." But the squeeze may tell him something. "I think they're coming to take you back, soon. They don't usually give me long with the subjects."

Skyler just sighs, and shakes his head, before starting up with his Shakespeare again, continuing into the play where he left off. Shortly thereafter orderlies come in to take Skyler away, albiet grudgingly since they have to listen to the short man ramble on even more.

Terry was not thinking of restoring his sight, that he is used to hearing is beyond the abilities of Doctors, but more of enhancing hearing enough to work like sonar if Wyatt could swing that. Although with the strength he is showing, that might be enough to rip a collar off…or at least damage it. "I think I have never hated hearing that someone was comming to take me before today."

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