2010-08-28: Capturing The Crystal Queen


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Summary: A day in the park turns into an arrest as Speedball, Iron Man and Alessia apprehend Eris and hand her over to SHIELD for safe keeping.

Date: August 28, 2010

Log Title: Capturing the Crystal Queen

Rating: PG-13

NYC- Central Park

Ah, the joys of having absolutely nothing to do. That's why Robbie is currently wandering around in Central Park. On a Saturday. Evening. With nothing to do. Yes, pathetic. He's a young man with nothing to do on a saturday night. Sure, he could go bother the Avengers, but that's not very appealing. One of them would figure out the secret that he's… DUN DUN DUUUUUUN…. dateless. He could also go spring a sudden training session on some of the kids at Barnes… hmm. He pauses in his stride as he considers that one.

There is a rustling in the bushes near one of the paths as a woman bustles through, almost running into Robbie. Eris stops suddenly and makes a surprised face. "Oh…Uh.." She looks around quickly, seeming out of breath. Her left arm appears to be bleeding or otherwise covered in blood. "Carry on." She jogs past him, clutching something in her left hand. The woman is wearing a green tank top and black pants. Her boots seem like a bad choice if she is out for a jog, but this is New York City. The woman stops near a pond and looks around before pulling back and chucking a black object into the water. Anyone with particularly good vision may recognize it as a pistol.

Since the last trip to Central Park a week ago had been pleasant and uneventful, Stark opted to try again this weekend to maybe make Saturday an official park day if nothing disastrous needed handling somewhere in the world. So far so good for the first thirty minutes that he, Al and the puppy had been there. They were over at one of the open grass areas designated for picnicking and such, so Tony was currently tossing a yellow squeaky tennis ball to the dog who occasionally fell over her feet trying to get it to bring back to him. If he happened to throw the ball near AL every now and then it was merely an accident.

Accident her left foot. But Al is mellow today, enjoying the weather, and quiet time with Tony and the puppy. Khaki capris and a light blue shirt, red hair left loose, she looks like any other young woman out enjoying the day with her boyfriend. If one doesn't know about the various guns and the like tucked about her person, that is.

As the woman goes past, bleeding, trying to act innocent, Robbie nods politely. But then, he catches himself. "Heeeeey. Wait a minute. What's with the blood? Are you alright?" He asks, breaking into a jog to catch up to the woman, just in time to see her throw the gun. "Whoah, lady, what's going on?" He asks, a little more serious. Hey, he IS a hero. Has been for longer than these so-called Young Avengers who get all the good press because they look like the actual Avengers, even though the New Warriors have been doing it longer and better THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Eris glances back at Robbie, looking a bit surprised to see him this close. "Um…Nothing. I don't have time for you right now. Go home." She turns and starts walking quickly away from the man, breaking into a slow run after a few steps. She passes by a couple playing with their dog and does a double take. That man looks awful familiar. Yes, Eris is certain she has seen him somewhere…The woman falls on the ground. She curses at the squeeky ball she stepped on and scrambles back to her feet, brushing herself off before turning to move away from the group.

Whoops, stranger interference! When the woman falls down Tony jogs over to offer his assistance but as he approaches he realizes that the poor unfortunate woman taken out by a tennis ball is someone he met awhile back, and is currently quite the topic of the local news and law enforcement. "Stay," he says to the puppy beside him and adds seriously because the dog tends not to listen to him. "Eris! You just going to assault my tennis ball and run off like that?" What goes unspoken is that he's not going to let her walk away without a police escort.

Al is on puppy duty, making Athena retreat back to her, so the redhead can clip the leash onto her collar. « Tony? Is everything okay? »

Jogging behind the woman, Robbie calls out. "I didn't ask if you had time for me, I asked what's going on." He states, simply, a little irritated at being blown off like that. It's simply not nice. Catching up to Tony talking to her, he looks up and offers a nod to the Iron Man out of costume. "Throwing a gun in the water isn't a really good disposal method lady. It doesn't get rid of anything." He says, stopping. Fortunately, he's in good enough shape to not be winded… yet.

Eris continues on for a minute before stopping and turning, giving Tony a concerned look. Did she give him that name at the bar? How unlike her. She must have had too much to drink. "Um…Toby? Yes. I'm sorry but I don't have time to chat right now. Also…" She looks past him toward Al, "I don't want to ruin your date." She shoots a nasty glance at Robbie as he approaches. "None of your business. And wait what are you talking about? Why the hell would I throw a gun into a pond? If you have to know it was a ring my boyfriend gave me."

"Toby?" Apparently his ego took a hit but he's a big boy and recovers quickly. «Short story is she's wanted by the police. The guy is on our side as well.»Tony thinks so that Al is aware of what is going on. "I thought I might run into you again but I had hoped it would be under better circumstances." Tony is wearing a purple dyed shirt, white shorts and sunglasses. "Please, just come back over here and turn yourself in." He's also quite happy to see that Speedball is nearby just in case this goes badly, which it probably will.

Al silently orders Athena to sit and stay as she gets to her feet. « In other words, Ah should do my job? » She sends to Tony, sauntering to meet up with him and get a better look at this woman.

"I've seen plenty of guns in my time, usually pointed at myself. I know a gun when I see one thrown in anger because they don't work." Robbie says happily. It's not like he really HIDES his identity, but it's not all that common knowledge either. "And the blood would still be a giveaway that something was wrong." He smiles, looking at Mr. Stark. "Sorry to interrupt and everything." He coughs, before waggling his eyebrows. "I see you're out with your… lady tonight."

Eris seems not to recognize any of the people here as anyone with any sort of power. "Alright look people. If you don't want to get hurt, go back to your mundane little lives, ok?" She holds out a hand and materializes a large crystal sword. "I'm not someone to be bothered." She narrows her eyes at Tony. "I'm really disappointed in you, Toby. I thought you were different."

The appearance of a weapon out of thin air certainly meant that things were going to go downhill from here on out. "Seems like I can't ever come to the park without something happening, and yes Speedball but that's a talk for another time." Tony is now shaking his head at Eris, "I thought you were different but apparently I'm not a very good judge of character." Seeing as he's wearing his favorite purple shirt and doesn't want it ruined he pulls it off over his head then tosses it off to the side. "By the way, Tony not Toby. As in Tony Stark."

Al narrows her eyes, a soft sigh. "So much for a nice day at the park, sugar." Murmuring to Tony, ignoring Robbie's comment about her status. A hand slides to her lower back, producing a gun that she levels at Eris. "Put it down." « As in now. » Al doesn't hesitate to underscore the seriousness of the order with a little mental pressure. Some empathetic finagling to try and persuade the woman.

"Oh thanks…" Robbie laughs. "It's not like I have a real identity or anything." He shakes his head. As the weapon appears, he shrugs, "Go ahead. If you want to attack someone with that, hit me." He says, holding his arms akimbo with a broad grin. "I dare ya." He grins, slightly darkly.

"Tony Stark?" Her expression is strangely disappointed. It is like someone came out at a Lady Gaga concert and said that Hansen would be performing instead. "Tony Stark? You're that man who was so jealous of the superior race that he made a clockwork suit to emulate us." She nods at Al, "And you…Don't know who you are. Or this guy. Speedballs?" She shakes her head. "Alright, well I really don't understand why you people are always trying to stop me from going about my daily business, it's not like my goals are that much different than yours. But if you want a fight, you've got a fight." She stomps the ground and there is a slight rumble as a wall of crystal spikes erupt from the ground between herself and the three of them. Tony doesn't seem to have his suit on him so she is generally unconcerned with him, but Al has a gun and Eris just tossed the one she had.

Tony breathes out a heavy sigh as the inner layer of armor rises to the surface to cover his body from head to toe thereby tearing his shorts to bits. There is a whooshing sound from nearby as pieces of armor are sailing through the air toward Stark. "Let's try to keep this from getting out of control, shall we?" As the rest of his armor starts to assemble around him he looks between those around him and fires a blast to the wall of crystal from the palm of a gauntlet.

Al is smart enough to duck her head and let her arm come up to shield herself when Tony is firing. « Put it down, give it up. Do yourself the favor. »

As the Crystal starts shooting up from the ground, Robbie jumps at it, catching himself in it's uprising. As it hits, a burst of light in multi-colored ball format surrounds his body, changing him. His body gets a little taller and a lot bulkier. His voice takes on an ethereal/other-worldly quality as he laughs. "Oh, goody. This looks like it'll get a little fun!" Speedball grins.

Eris narrows her eyes as Tony seems to grow armor from nowhere. She narrows her eyes and steps back when he fires a blast, frowning when the crystal fractures from the impact. She holds up the sword and spins it in place, causing it to change form into one of her signature ceiling fan sized throwing stars. There's no way she can fight all three of them at once. She'll need to distract them so that she can get away. The woman spins rapidly and jumps back, throwing a series of projectiles at her assailants. The large star goes toward Tony, three crystal spikes the size of crowbars fly toward Speedball, two small crystal stars head toward Al, and she tosses another massive throwing star toward the dog. As soon as she is finished with her barrage the woman turns to run, sending up a second crystal wall behind her.

A series of crystal projectiles are flying about in various directions and causes a considerable amount of concern for Iron Man. Having to react quickly he fires both gauntlets at the large one sailing towards him while activating the boot jets to hover off the ground. "I'm going after her," the voice from the helm announces calmly to those around him. Crystal walls don't work very well when there is someone around who can fly around or above them. Tony flies up over the wall in front of them, and heads towards the other that was thrown up.

Al barely has time to hit the ground before she's mentally summoning the dog. A whistle accompanies the silent order, to bring Athena running, and make that projectile miss it's mark. Sadly, the redhead's shirt has a tear in the left shoulder, the pastel fabric turning dark.

As the projectiles hit Speedball's body, they simply touch his body… and fall to the ground, sapped of kinetic energy. Robbie himself looks about before breaking into a run and hitting a tree, only to spin and bounce towards the crystokinetic. "I'ma comin' too, IM!" He shouts, carrying only a minor amount of power right now, but enough to steadily increase his bounces and build his strength.

Eris continues to dart forward, sending up layers of crystal walls behind her as she goes. Yes Iron Man can fly, but he seems to be interested in ramming into them for now. The woman turns to look at Speedball and looks terribly confused by his odd ability. She decides to take a stand against him and forms a giant crystal hammer. Even though the weapon looks to weigh several hundred pounds she manages to wield it effortlessly, swinging the maul as Speedball comes within her range.

The walls come up faster than expected so Tony veers off to the side of one and over another till he sees that Eris is coming at Speedball with a massive hammer. He may not be able to help with the incoming blow to his fellow Avenger but he is able to fire a shot at the woman's feet and fly low enough that unless she moves fairly quickly she's getting tackled by about 300ish pounds of metal.

Alessia takes a moment to comfort Athena, before she's looking up. « Tony? You need help? »

The hammer… was rather unexpected. As it strikes Speedball, it doesn't hurt him at all, but he didn't realize it was coming. The hammer will get enough pressure to crack, but Speedball will go FLYING away. "I'll be back in a minute!" He calls as he gets bounced away, trying to regain his direction.

Eris actually seems a bit confused by the effect of her hammer strike. She was definitely not expecting Speedball to go flying off like that. She steps back as the ground at her feet explodes and turns to see Tony flying at her. She reers back her hammer intending to chuck it at the man, but the crack in the mallet causes the head to fall off and land behind her, leaving her to toss a small crystal handle at him and then be promptly struck by the flying man.

The handle of the hammer bounces off a part of Tony's armor as he tackles Eris to the ground. «Yeah, call in and make sure the shields know what is going on over here and catch up. I just lost my bouncing buddy.» "Please, don't make this any worse by doing something stupid." Tony is talking to Eris as he moves off of her bringing her to her feet by holding tightly to her wrists. SHIELD agents were already in route to detain the wanted woman in a more secure facility than the police could offer seeing as she broke out of their confinement before.

Alessia gets out her phone to do just that, jogging the long way around those walls of crystal. Good thing no one that knows about her and Tony is around, as the redhead is pulling cuffs out of her pocket. "Someday, Ah will have a normal picnic with you."

Tony doesn't help Eris to her feet so much as he drags her up from the ground. She seems to be dangling limply in a severely dazed manner. The woman manages to mutter out "You're not supposed to hit a lady, you bastard…" before apparently falling unconscious.

Tony finds himself with his arms full of an unconscious Eris just as Al appears from behind the last crystal wall. "The odds of a day off are 11 million to 1," he says in his best imitation of Goldenrod. "Are New York's finest en route? SHIELD is arriving as we speak." Iron Man shifts his hold on Eris so that she's more supported instead of dangling in the wind.

Alessia nods. "Called them, they have two units en route." Al sighs, shifting that left shoulder with a frown. Handcuffs are handed over. "Gonna go take care of 'thena."

The crystal walls make a loud cracking noise as fracture lines spread through them. The walls crumble and degenerate into dust. Eris still is not moving, though she is still breathing.

There's a slight problem with Tony trying to accept the handcuffs as he's not able to really take them and with the gauntlet built the way it is he can't really manipulate them very well even if he could. "If you could do the honors with the cuffs that would help me out. Is Thena ok? Matter of fact…" he noticed her frown and runs a mediscan. "Are you alright?" SHIELD arrives and just like any well funded government organized arrival they sweep towards them about to take Eris off Tony's hands.

Alessia manages to slip the cuffs on the woman, a glance at Tony. "Ah'm fine." She's not, obviously bleeding and all, but she seems hale enough.

Tony knows from the scan what is wrong but he wanted to ask her as there wasn't a scan for how someone was feeling. The SHIELD agents take over from there and inform Tony of where Eris is being taken. Tony does mention that he hopes they do a better job of keeping her confined because he doesn't want to have to explain to the police that Eris is free AGAIN. After a brief chat with the NYPD Tony pulls off his helm, and walks with AL back to pick up their things and the puppy. "I'll have to make this up to you next weekend," he tells her as he checks her arm over before they get into the car and head back to the Towers.

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