2009-06-15: Carefree Wind



Summary: What happened when Keith touched the Gem.

Date: June 15, 2009

Carefree Wind

Rating: PG

As the gems are touched, each Spirit goes off on their own 'spirit quest' so to speak. As Keith stands there, the world changes in front of him. The lovely island paradise is replaced by a large open plain. Scattered about the plain itself are animals not native to either of the areas. A bouncing Kangaroo. A few trees with koalas. It's a mishmash of landscapes from one continent. And… Keith seems to be completely alone.

Keith wobbles slightly as the world suddenly shifts. Blinking a few times, he looks around. Pushing his sunglasses up, he sighs. "Way too big to be the zoo," he says. He pauses when there's no reply. Looking around again he sighs. "And where did they go?" he asks, casual mask over worry for the other spirits. "Now where the heck am I?" he wonders aloud, peering towars a kangaroo and putting on a thoughtful expression. "Well," he shrugs, lifting off the ground to try and get a better vantage point on the area and see if he can spot any sort of civilization.

As he rises, Keith will find someone else. A girl, his own age, hovering in the air. She's dressed in a brown button up shirt, baring some of her cleavage, and brown shorts. On her head is a traditional side-flipped hat. "Aaoooh. There you are. I was wonderin' when you'd get here. G'day." She says brightly. She's rather pretty, but her hair is as white as Keith's.

Keith jumps but covers it quickly. He may be all along but there's still an image to maintain. Looking the girl over, both eyebrows shoot up as he listens to her. "Okay…Hi. Did we have some kind of meeting I forgot about? And uh…where is here?" he pauses a beat. "Other than the air above what seems to be somewhere in Austrialia."

"Y'got that right, handsome. The meetin' wasn't scheduled, but we got one. Angelie set it up years before you were even born, kiddie." She says with a wink. "Just call me Wendy. Or, Windy is what some of'em call me." She laughs. As he looks at her a little more closely, that feeling… the same feeling he got with the other spirits is there. Recognition. Similarity. But coupled with it is age and sadness. "She said you'd make it here eventually. Looks like she'us right."

"Angelie?" Keith asks, quickly trying to remember anyone named 'Angelie' he may have annoyed recently. Then the rest of what Wendy said clicks with him. "Wait a second. Before I was born? Am I back in time? I hear time travel's a royal pain…oh yeah…I'm Keith," he adds. Another pause. Brows furrow as he recognizes that feeling. "And why do you feel like the others do?"

"I know who you are, Keith Flinn." Wendy laughs. It's a laugh like the summer breezes. Light and airy. "No, you're still on your own island. Angelie set this up so we could talk in your mind. I very well SHOULD feel like the others. I was Air before any of you were ever born." She says, crossing her arms with a hmph. "Of course, I only ever met Angelie and N'Teru, when I got caught up in an overpowered hurricane that dragged me across the ocean."

Keith blinks. "In my mind?" he asks. "No offence but this seems way too…PG to be my mind," he says, offering a smirk with his attempt at a joke. He takes a deep breath and watches Wendy quietly for a moment. "So…you're one of the previous spirits of air? And you met someone named Angelie who set up some kind of crazy psychic meeting in my head for…what reason?"

"Elemental? Pah. That's a horrid word. We're more than the element." Wendy says, rolling her eyes. She shrugs. "If you want it more PG…" She begins to unbutton a little with a wink. "Or I could unbutton yours." she laughs. After all, he's dressed similarly here. "Keith, we're more than elementals. Angelie said we're the spirits of our element. Elementals can die, after all. We only die of old age." She says with a nod. "Because… she wanted a way to teach, to meet, and to ensure that the next generation knew of the dangers of our lives."

Keith holds up a hand quickly. "No need for you to take anything off," he says. When buttons of his own are mentioned, Keith looks down and lets out a surprised noise. "Huh. Not my usual style but it'll do," he muses, unbuttoning a few buttons just for style's sake. "Spirits? So…we're ghosts? How does that work? And what do you mean dangers? There are more the the crazy alternate dimension invaders, alien armies, super criminals, and angry and overly busty doctors?"

"Awwww, maybe one last tumble before my mind fades away. Ah well." Wendy shrugs with a laugh. "Not ghosts. We are the element and everything to it. We ARE Wind. We are everything that is wind and everything that is human. And so much more. We don't die until our bodies just give out at old age." She says, explaining. "At least, from what I understood. And I have no idea what you're talking about. I do know… there are dark elements. The opposite of us. I met the opposite N'Teru's opposite. He… wasn't nice." She shakes her head. "Felt nauseous just looking at him."

Keith smirks and shakes his head. "Sorry, we're not really compatable," he says. "So, I was right in guessing that we're all just gonna keep coming back from everything but age? That's good," he says, filing away the information. "Wait…Dark Elementals? And who's N'Teru? Wouldn't the opposite of air be ground?"

Wendy shakes her head sadly. "No, love. That's not the opposite. I know from Angelie that Poison is the opposite of Water. Beyond that, I do not know. N'Teru was Earth. She died before I did. I do not know her replacement." She says sadly. "Our time is short, Keith. So I must be quick in what I teach you and tell you. I'm sorry, I was enjoying myself, rather than doing my part." She says, pulling a pair of crackling stiletto out of her blouse. "What have you learned with your Air?"

Keith shrugs. "So we're entering into crazy pokemon territory. Spiffy," he sighs. "Earth…I know him," he chuckles. The appearance of weapons causes Keith to edge back slightly out of reflex but he moves back to where he was. "Lots of things. Fly, control it, stop it, direct it, change it, fire lightning…"

"Ah, then you haven't learned to imbue yet." Wendy says with a bright grin. "To place wind inside a person… to give them the blessing of wind." She says with a chuckle. "Have you ever had people that you wanted to get them moving. To hurry them along? You can." Her nose wrinkles softly as she looks up, twirling the stiletto on her fingers as she ponders. "It makes them fast."

Keith blinks, tilting his head to the side. "So…I can speed people up?" he asks. "Well. That's kinda cool. How would I go about doing that?"

"Convince the wind that they're you." Wendy says as if it's as simple as that. Perhaps, to her, it is. Everyone's different after all. "Or that they're yours. It's a very small range effect, but definitely useful in the right moments." She says with a nod.

Keith's expression goes flat and he crosses his arm. "Any how do I convince the wind that people belong to me? I'm willing to bet hickeys ain't gonna cut it," he adds a little joke.

"Come now, Keith. You've convinced the wind to do other things. Simply your will." She laughs. Wendy takes a second before nodding. The pair of stiletto are gripped in her hand, blade side in. She offers the handles to Keith. "Here. Take this." Yes, singular. "You'll need it."

Keith rolls his eyes and shrugs. "Just have to be my normal charming self then," he muses. When the stiletto are offered, he quirks an eyebrow but reaches out to take them. "And why will I need a pair of knives?"

Knives? Keith isn't holding knives. He's holding a large, round, bladed Chakram. "It's not that. It's a weapon that's meant for the Elemental Spirit. It's yours. It's not mine anymore." Wendy says, shaking her head. "It'll give you… an edge." She pauses before snickering. "Sorry. I couldn't resist."

Keith jumps as the knives become one weapons. "Woah…deadly, deadly frisbee!" he exclaims, looking the blade over. "Well, a weapon for an elemmental spirit, eh? I kinda like the feel of this thing," he says, spinning it around his finger. The joke gets some snickering out the white-haired man too. "I know the feeling," he says.

"Wow. I forgot the form it had when I first took it. And try charging it with lightning sometime. It does it quite nicely." Wendy laughs as she begins to waver and the landscape begins to fade. "Well, I guess our time is over." She says with a soft sigh. "It was nice to meet my replacement."

Keith spins the blade again. "Lightning, eh? Hmm, I may have to try that," he says. When things start fading, Keith frowns. Reaching out, he offers a hand. "Well, thanks I guess. Nice meetin you…"

As soon as there's a brief brush of flesh, the landscape and scenery are back to normal. Keith is standing around the chest, with the other spirits. Drew and Xane are still frozen, holding gems. Kaden is standing with a pair of Tonfa in his hand. Dmitri with a very large warhammer.

Keith looks around, taking note of who's holdin what. He nods, flips his chakram over a few times the taps the chest. "I'm keeping this. It looks nice."

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