2010-07-13: Cares And Concerns Take 2

Players: Cloud & Emma

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Summary: Another student's fears and anxieties are addressed, as well as brief insight into the natures and uses of flaws.

Date: July 13, 2010

Cares and Concerns, Take 2

Rating: G

Miss Frost's Office

With the evening settling in, some people continue their work. One such person is Emma. With dinner partly on her desk, her computer screens are up and she is studying something while sipping on a rather rich looking soup. Blowing on it only seems to make it steam more somehow, before she takes another taste of it, followed by a crunch of crisp and fresh salad. Before you can even knock on the door she says politely but loudly enough to be heard through the thick door, "Come in, Mister Rosen."

Cloud actully jumps when the door is answered before he even knocks, he's heard about Frost, the word "unnerving" came up a few times, he gulps and pushes the door open, hes dressed in a white t-shirt, pale blue jeans, red sneakers and a red lettermans jacket from his high school, his eyes widen at the sight of the office, "Errm, Hello Mr's Frost".

Emma takes the tray from her desk and sets it to the side, leaving a cup of tea in easy reach before she motions towards one of the unattended chairs in front, saying softly in reply, "Yes, I imagine it must be, but it is not hard to hear you when your mind is projecting your anxieties for all to hear… with the right talents. You may partake of anything on the table if you like…" Motioning to the side table, "But please… you wished to speak with me?"

Cloud cringes at the idea of Frost going thouth his thought, they're supposed to be private, he shakes his head "No thanks" at the offer of the side table, "Well as you probably know, i've apparently been gone for a month, it was like seconds to me, i was just wondering if theres a way to find out what happened", he doesn't mention he's still freaked that he was told he's gonna die.

Sitting back in her chair for a moment, Emma crosses one leg over the other and puts her hands together in thought, staring at Cloud for a bit before saying, "There are several ways, but they are invasive, and require you to have a certain level of comfort. It will also depend on if there are any mental blocks or anomalies defending these memories you may or may not have. The mind is a multilayered and cunning beast all it's own, capable of things we often rarely suspect of it Mister Rosen. But it will not be forced on you. While I can see your surface thoughts quite easily… I am not one to so lightly intrude. And thank you for the compliment… I do like to believe I am… as you think… rather hot."

Cloud listens to what Emma's saying not really liking the sound of what she's suggesting, he has thoughts he does not want shared, until she shares one of them, he goes bright red, "I…i..", then goes quiet, he's gotta find away to stop thinking what he thinks, wait that doesn't make sense does it?, hmm maybe it does…, wait is Frost listening to this?!, don't think thoughts, don't think thoughts…

Emma touches the side of her head, and then you hear, «Dear boy, that is no way to do it… I can teach you proper mental defenses… but your mind is already so open to suggestion, I hardly think they'd work. Now please… calm youself.» And when she says it, you feel a wash of calm energy carry through you, settling your anxiety and your thoughts.

Cloud exhales as the calm runs though him, "Ok, THAT must come in handy around here", he's open to suggestion, why is he more open, she's hearing this too, aren't you?, , still he calms down, "Ok, but you could find out what happened?"

The mental link is severed, but the calm lingers as Emma pushes forwards and settles herself with her elbows on her desktop, "Yes, of course we can… though if we are going to deep scan you, Mister Rosen… first I would prefer a full medical exam be done, and we have you in the medical bay before we truly begin. These safety measures are for you, more than us. As I said before, I've no wish for some mental trap to go off and harm you." Sitting back, she begins typing away on a high-tech holographic keyboard, "Doctor Reyes is in tomorrow and can do a standard medical exam, or we can request Doctor McCoy to take you through one of the full suite medical sensor units."

"Why do you keep calling me Mister Rosen all the other teachers call me Cloud, or are you one of those people who wait for permission?", yeah Cloud tends to focus on the trivial when bothered by something, "The standerd will do, i don't wanna bug anyone".

A few more keys are tapped, and then a note is printed off that she pushes towards you, "Here is the confirmed date and time on Dr. Reyes' schedule while she is on-site. And I call you Mister Rosen because that is my way. To remind you that respect is something that is received as well as given. You call me Miss Frost, and I return the same. It keeps things nice and even. If you ever feel comfortable enough, or the situation warrants it… then it might change." A little smile plays off her face as she then adds, "Was there… anything else?"

Cloud takes the note, "Thank you Mrs. Frost", he nods when asked if theres anything else, "My sister, can you honestly tell me that she is completely safe here, the other students can handle themselves but Star…"

Emma exhales deeply, and closes her eyes, "I can guarantee her safety as much as anyone else… there is layered security, plus we are enacting new procedures with the new year. But her greatest safety is training, and the understanding of what is to come. There is a basic self defense course she can attend under most of the mentors, which might assist in that regard however."

"She said she's already been grabbed twice, i can't have her hurt", Cloud is her brother, he's supposed to look after her, "If she has to stay, can i get extra training so i can protect her?"

Emma counter immediately, "You cannot be with her every hour of every day… and I will not tolerate you playing cowboy if she gets into another situation like this… no one has reported anything like what you've said, so we've little evidence to change things to suit her needs. If she is having these kinds of issues, then she should bring them to us herself. This is summer vacation… and she is adult enough to spend time alone."

Cloud sighs, Emma can't see this the way he does, Star nees to be looked after, she's like a magnet for trouble, and he could be strong enough to protect her with enough training, "But she's my sister…"

Emma replies to that, "Actually… I see perfectly clear, Mister Rosen, and your love for your sister does you justice… but what about what she wants?"

Cloud laughs, "Mainly to boss me around actully but other than that she likes doing things likly to get her in trouble, like talking to clawed guys in parks", he's still planing on looking for that guy.

Emma hmphs softly, and then shakes her head, "I will do you this favor, Mister Rosen… I will speak with your sister on the school's behalf for the upcoming year… we will see what direction things will take after this. Will that be sufficient for now?"

Cloud smiles and nods, "Yes, thank you Mrs. Frost, that is completely sufficient, you're not actullaly as scary as they say you are", he gets up out of his seat and gets ready to leave, "Thanks for your help, i don't see how i could, but if i can ever return the favor, let me know".

Standing up as well, Emma smiles pleasantly and then says as she walks to the door, "That is quite unncessary, Mister Rosen… you do me the favor already simply by being in attendance here. I just hope the upcoming year is much more sedate than what you've experienced so far. But if you must thank me… letting other students know I am approachable is quite enough."

Cloud smiles, "Will do, if asked, i'll tell of a nice Mrs. Frost", he turns to leave then remembers something, "Oh yeah, did you know i can do one of you tricks Mrs Frost?"

In an almost feline fashion, Emma tilts her head to one side, some of her forelocks playing across one eye, "Oh? Do tell, Mister Rosen… are you speaking of my diamond form? That has actually be excised from me… for reason best left personal."

Cloud nods, "Actully i am, i got my mom to send me one of her diamonds, i figured it'll be stronger than my metal form", he reaches into his pocket and absorbs from the diamond, making his clothes, hair and body become diamond-like, "You lost it?, sorry about that Mrs. Frost", he doesn't ask how as she's made it clear it's not a subject he's allowed to ask about.

Emma puts a warning finger up, "Mister Rosen… diamond is strong… and is resilient… but it has a flaw. Struck in the right place, at the right force… and it shatters. That is a weakness you will carry every time you wear this form… and you must be wary of those who can exploit it. That is why I took pains to have the mutation removed… as much as it assisted… a known and exploitable flaw can turn power into a weakness."

Cloud raises a diamond eyebrow, "I thought diamond was the strongest thing other than adamantium, i didn't know it had a flaw", he returns to his normal state, "So your suggestion is that i refrain from using diamond?", hmmm, maybe he can get hold of some adamantium, maybe Dr. McCoy can get him some…

Emma shakes her head, "No… like anything else… learning to use this form tactically, and thinking ahead. Knowing there is a weakness means you can save it for times when it will be the most useful."

Cloud nods, "Learn how to play it smart i get ya, i was going to try diamond and metal at the same time, but i've never absorbed two things at once before, don't really wanna risk it".

The door opens and she inclines her head for Cloud, "Mister Rosen… while I do understand the basic concepts of science and electronics… that is a discussion to have with your class Mentor, Doctor McCoy. He could help you learn to focus your talents in that regard, should you choose. I am sure he would find it as interesting as you do."

Point taken, time to go, "Well it was nice to meet you Mrs. Frost and thank you for the help", Cloud holds out a hand as Emma seems to be into the whole formality thing.

Emma takes the hand and gives a firm shake, "Pleasant evening to you, Mister Rosen."

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