2009-04-08 Castle Under Seige


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Summary: The White Castle is put under seige by some unlucky robbers. Thwarted by two rookies. What a shame on their part.

Date: 2009 - 04 -08

Castle Under Seige

Rating: PG-13

The White Castle

In the classic white building with fake turrets is a White Castle. One can get many small burgers for a small price. Open 24 hours, this little fast food restaurant is popular during late night hours for those just getting out of clubs. Plastic tables and chairs are bolted into the dingy floor and the florescent lights give everything that bright white glow reveling the true grit they try to hide.

It's nearing the time for good ol' Fourth Meal. And while there isn't a Taco Bell near by, the fact still stands that people need to eat at midnight and the hours after. Especially college students who're looking for quick food to eat. Heading into the barely occupied dining area is Kaji, looking for some quick eats to get him through the night. Or at least till morning. There isn't that many people there, as it's a good half hour before the late night rush. His backpcak slung over his shoulder as he heads up to the counter to just gaze at the menu for a short bit.

Above the restaraunt there comes a soft blue flash and then a soft thud on the ceiling as something or something touches down. In actuality is it the nameless underage hero playing super hero at night and not having a very successful time of it. He's just here to collect his clothes and change back into his normal self. He sighs on the roof and talks to himself. "Pathetic…can't make it with the Young Avengers…can't make it by yourself…need to get your head in the game, Barrows."

Kaji tilts his head up towards the ceiling, hearing a soft thump, and then he finishes up his order. He picks up his receipt and heads over towards a table to wait for his number to be called. Outside of the place, a car screeches past the front of it; hauling towards the back of the place where it comes to a jerking halt. A loud murmur of voices rise up, easily able to be heard from the roof of a good group of people talking amongst each other.

Cody is literally caught with his pants around his ankles. He hears the screech and was taking of his costume, his boxers flapping in the breeze. The sound however causes him to reverse his actions and pull them back up, tieing them tight and pulling back on his visor. He creeps over to the edge of the building and crouches on it. He's got no skill in this sort of thing….heroing is a big game to him…he's just doing it because he thinks he should.

Kaji's eyes flick over towards the other side of the place before he gets up from the table; heading towards the counter to tell them to hold his order till he gets back from the bathroom. Which is where he goes after he's done talking. Mountain Dew'll run right through ya. The people out back pop the trunk of the car, and then crowd around it greatly. Obscuring any full glimpse of what's in there. Though only small flashes of metal glint in the alley before they all freeze. Possibly talking quietly amongst each other.

Cody taps his visor almost on instinct. It's completely vestigial. Great for keeping him from blinding himself with his power and for hiding his identity, but it offers no other benefits. He notes the glints and frowns a little bit and reaches into his back to pull out a pair of blue racket balls. He holds them in each hand and remains crouched, not going to stop anything until he knows for sure what it is. Part of him wants to jump in right now and nip it in the bud, every muscle in his body twitches to do it, but he knows that he can get in trouble for doing that…stopping a crime too soon is sometimes a crime in and of itself. His hips shift a bit to give him a more ready stance, the knee high chuck-t's grip the semi-damp plaster of the white-castles roof.

In almost unison, the group nod and pull ski masks over their head as they start to head around the building. Whatever caused the metal flashes are possibly hidden in their jackets or somewhere on their body. There's about six of them in this group as they march around the corner and towards the entrance. There's an eerie silence as the last passes around the corner. It lasts until the ringing of a bell signals the door opening and the blast of a reasonably powerful sounding gun rings out. A loud shout comes from the inside, barely audible over the yelling that's coming from the customers. Women can scream loud!

As bits of the ceiling fall down, the leader looks over at two of his comrades and gestures with his gun to check throughout the rest of the place. One of them starts for the people in their booths; reaching for whatever goodies he can find on the tables and then demanding the rest of what's in their coats and such. The second starts to head for the bathrooms; his thinking is that when they're caught with their pants down, they'll be more willing to cooperate. That and he's a pervert as he heads for the women's bathroom first for a few seconds before he sulkingly heads into the men's room afterwards.

Rebound sighs a little bit as the men go in and there is an alarm and screaming. He bouncing down just outside the door and then blinks as he sees the gun go off. First time he has seen one go off so close to him, and it also reminds him how serious this situation is. There is a flutter in his stomach and for a moment he feels like running. However he steels the feeling and takes a few shallow breaths, blowing them out harder and harder until he works himself unto a small state of readiness and then opens the door. *PING* Hero standing in door. "Hey guys…." He grunts. Hey guys….ok….he needs work.

That moment of silence is back once more as the leader, along with the three others with him look back at Rebound; a sneer apparent on their mouths as they start to laugh. "What's this? A rookie hero?" They laugh a bit more before the leader cocks the hammer back on the gun. "This changes things." He's about to say something else before the goon that was in the men's bathroom rockets out of the door and slams into the women's bathroom. Only the door swings back shut, and the guy doesn't get back up right away. "What the hell?" The leader looks away, through the gun is still pointed at Rebound. "Oi! Get in there and see what happened!" An order spouted off towards the other goon who pulls an iron bar out of his jacket and heads into the men's bathroom.

Rebound frowns. That wasn't the response he had hoped for. He grunts and against his better judgement and reason, steps forward though the door and towards the man with the gun. "I…ya know…wouldn't do that, if I were you." He offers, giving a sort of warning. "Matter of fact…" comes the texan accent. "I'd say it'd be best if yall just up and outta here." He says jerking a thumb to the door. He stands right in front of the gun and takes a deep breath.

A clang comes from the bathroom, followed by a rather loud grunt before the door swings open once more. A tall anthro wolf walking out of it; dragging the goon that was sent in there out by his jacket. "You know. If you're gonna send someone in there. Make sure they have more than just an iron pipe." He's dressed in just a vest and shorts as he glares at the four. The leader tightening his grip on the gun before he looks at Rebound, and then back at Kaji and growls out. "Who the fuck do you think you are."

Cody reaches quickly to grab the gun and hold it aimed directly at his chest. "Him? No clue. Me? I'm the rookie hero that's gonna get a write up in the paper for kickin' the crap outta ya." He says, holding the gun in place and quickly moving to kick forward and hard, aiming to plant a heeled foot into the crotch of the leader. He's only fought on instict and in defense…this is a new feeling. So…he goes for what he knows will take someone down fastest…a good kick in the nuts.

Kaji drops the guy to the ground, talking long strides closer to the quar— make that trio of goons as the leader glares back at Rebound. About to pull that trigger before he kid gets him in his tenders. His hand shakes on the gun, his eyes tearing up beneath that mask before he drops down to one knee; his free hand cupping his groin from the pain. Kaji let out a dark laugh; his hackles rising up afterwards before he glances over at Rebound. "Nice kick."

Cody does however know guns. He idly opens the shotgun after a moment or two of focus on the locking mechanism. He tilts it vertically and the shells fall out of it. He then takes the gun and tosses it over his shoulder. "Ok….anyone else want to get kicked in the balls?" he asks looking around and then he notes the werewolf and his eyes go wide under the visor. "You with them?" He asks defensively, raising the gun up to use like bat.

Kaji brings up his hands, cracking his knuckles as he looks at the remaining three before he's addressed by Rebound. "Me? With them? Hah. I was in the bathroom when flunkie number one decided it was a nice time to rob me while washing my hands." His hazel eyes flick back to the other three, the corners of his muzzle turning upwards. "Now you three. Just… stand pretty." His ears flick a bit as he then says, "Police are about eight blocks away. You're gonna stay."

Rebound gives you a brief look over and a deep nod before he starts towards the nearest guy who still has a gun in his hand. "I aint one for guns man. Toss it down, or shoot me. Either way you got about five seconds to get on the ground before I put you there." He says curtly, moving to stand in front of the barrel of the gun. "Like I said…bad idea to pull the trigger."

They say when you take the leader down, the minions start to lose their focus. And whoever said that, were right about these three. Two of them were staring at the werewolf like he was out of their nightmares. The all black fur helped with that. The one with the gun was staring at Rebound, his hand shaking on the gun. His hand frozen; not able to move out of shock that they weren't afraid of them. They had guns!

Kaji chuckled a bit as he took a step closer to the two, looking down at them as he jerked his head over towards a table. "Sit. Stay." They didn't move for a second, but a low growl and the showing of teeth kind of made them inch their way towards the table.

Cody reaches and grabs the gun again and repeats the tactics that worked so well the last time. He keeps the gun aimed at his chest and then plants his better foot and then rushes forward with his other to kick the guy in the junk, and rather hard at that. "You got a name, furball?" asks the young man with the mask as he tries to yank the gun away.

Though his leader took the kick to the balls well before falling to his knees, this goon didn't fare so well as he nearly crumpled on impact. He let out a low whimper as his hand slipped from the gun and he fell to the ground; his hands cupping his groin. The werewolf looked over at Cody and grinned slightly, "The name is Fenrir." First nonstupid name that popped into his head.

Cody takes the gun and after a few seconds as well, he empties it onto the ground and then tosses the gun against a wall and then looks back at the werewolf. "Cool." He says with a grunt. "Don't have one here…" He offers before pointing to the final guy with the gun. "You gonna put that down, or do I need to have part three in the my-foot-your-balls trilogy?"

Kaji's eyes flick over towards the guy with the gun, his eyes mainly focused on Cody as he's been doing the most damage. The werewolf shakes his head, "Oi vey," breathes out of his mouth before he reaches from the side and tilts the gun up before growling out. "Let. Go." The sirens now able to be heard by the normal hearing range now as the goon tries to pull the gun down from Kaji's hand.

Cody grunts a little bit and raises a brow as the guy starts to struggle with Kaji. "You got him, or you need me to kick him?" he asks cautiously.

Fenrir gives a yank of the gun as he brings a footpaw up; knocking the man's legs out and sending him to the ground. And in a swift motion; planting a large paw onto the guy's back. "Got him. But you can have this." He casually tosses the gun to Cody before he looks back at the last one sitting at the table. "Stay."

Cody catches the gun and again, with a more practiced motion now that he knows how these guns work, quickly empties them and tosses the gun in the corner. He gives a look out at the incoming sirens and lights. "What is the vigilante law in these parts?" he asks curiously as he starts towards the back door.

Kaji press down onto the guy; making his grunt as bit as he leans hard on him. "To be honest. I have no clue. I'm still shocked that I didn't freeze when I saw the gun." He let out a nervous laugh, clearing his throat and looking outside. "I guess… we'll find out?"

Cody gives a nod of his head. "How about we go out the back when they come in the front?" he asks curiously. "I mean…if they get an inkling to do something in protest, I'm sure we can come back." He offers idly tapping his toe against one of the downed guys bruised equipment. "But I got school tommorrow and I'm gonna be in deep shit if I get caught heroing…"

Kaji lets out a soft laugh. "Ehh… yeah. Good idea." The red and blue lights flash through the windows; making Kaji look up before he curses under his breath. "I'm in the same boat." He pivots on the guy he's leaning on and takes a good few sprinting strides over towards a booth; hefting up his backpack he left there when he went to the bathroom. "Shall we make our exit?"

Cody gives a nod of his head as he opens the door and holds it for you. "You boys stay put for a few seconds or me and the furball are gonna be back." He warns as he waits for Kaji to make his exit. "Go go go. They are coming now…" He says as he too starts to make a break for the exit out.

Kaji glances over towards the goons, giving them a rather feral grin before he takes off running. He leaps over the counter, swerving through the staff and cooks as he heads for the employee exit out back.

Cody follows after quickly, giving a wave to the crowd and servers as he makes his way after you. He may not have wolf muscles or stamina, but he's a highly trained athlete and has little trouble keeping up. He runs beside you for a moment or two. "Nice to meet you Fenris." He says between breaths.

Kaji isn't even winded as he looks down at Cody. "I said Fenrir, and it's nice to meet you as well." He grins slightly before he bursts out of the backdoor; waiting for you to get through before he looks around. "We need to get out of sight…"

Cody nods his head. "Fenrir…" He grunts. "My bad…follow me." He offers as he takes a running jump at the fence seperating the white castle lot from the next lot over, an old apartment building. He grabs onto the fence and with the grace of a natural athlete, he hauls himself up and over, landing on the ground in a roll. When he lands, a soft cloud of dull blue flame dances around him, giving light to the area. "Damnit…" he grumbles. "My car is just on the other side of this block…"

Kaji takes a look at the wall before he mutters about athletes. He grips onto his back before he takes a run at the wall next to it, leaping up and kicking up off of that as he plants a hand onto the fence and vaults of it. Using the grace he got from his martial arts. He lands in a crouch as he looks around. "Guess I should start walking back home…"

Cody shrugs a little as he continues to run, jumping a secondary fence as he skirts along the backside of a building. "Or if you want a ride." He offers to the wolf creature.

Kaji runs up to the wall and lets out a shout, "I'll pass. I know a few shortcuts anyway!" He let out a small laugh as he before the wolf took off in a different direction; keeping to the shadows to let his fur blend in with the darkness.

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