2009-02-03: Casual Flirting


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Summary: Danny and Keith discuss exciting encounters

Date: February 3, 2009

Log Title Casual Flirting

Rating: R (Adult Situations)

NYC - Bryant Park

Located right behind the New York Public Library is the quaint Bryant Park. Looking over 42nd Street, chairs and tables have been set up all around the green, making it ideal for book readers, people to sit down and eat, or just relax with friends. Trees surround three out of four sides of the park, and in one of the corners sits a little stand called The witchcraft creamery which offers ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, floats, and warmer beverages in the winter.

Some give him weird looks as he passes by but Keith Flinn doesn't care. He's in a rather tight tank top showing off his build and a pair of baggy cargo shorts. Sure, he should be cold but he's got a nice bubble of warm air around him because he didn't feel like getting changed after earlier. Sipping a hot chocolate, the white haired man has stopped by a table. "Hmm…" he trails off.

Danny just got out of from Tae Kwon Do practice, even though he's a black belt he still needs to practice and train. His duffel bag sits besides him as he relaxes at one of the tables by where Keith stops, reading a book while drinking a cafe mocha. As he turns the page he looks up and does a double take at the white haired man. Is it what he's wearing, is it his physique, it's hard to tell but Danny can't help but stare.

Keith seems to be just staring up at the sky for a moment. He takes a gulp of his very likely spiked drink and sets it down. Pulling his foot up, he sets about dealing with an untied shoe when he feels eyes watching him for longer than the others. Glancing up, he looks Danny over and flashes a grin. "Hey."

Danny shakes his head slightly when Keith adresses him and blushes slightly. "Sorry, Ah didn't mean t' stare, it's just, um…ya is…yeah..uh.." Oh crap he's floudering, he just gives an embarassed smile and tries to change the subject, like there was one to begin with. "Ain't ya cold just wearin' that?"

Keith picks up on the blush and a little smirk comes to his face. He's found something to do for now. Moving closer, he takes a seat near Danny. "Oh, I don't mind. Stare away," he says, grinning again. "Cold? Naw. This is nothin'."

Danny blushes even more when Keith says stare away. "Ah take it you work out a lot." Dumb answer, and he's ready to smack himself for it. "Ah wish Ah had your tolerance for the cold, Ah'm from the South so Ah prefer it warm." He say the blush starting to fade but still there.

Keith nods. "Yeah. I do a lot of working out," he replies. Feeling a bit mischievious, he starts to draw more warm air around himself and Danny. "You look like you do some workin' out yourself," he adds, looking Danny over. "Down south? How far down?"

"Ah was born in Virgina, then lived in New Jersy for a few years but Ah don't like admittin' that part. Ah think of mahself as from Virgina." Danny says and he looks a bit confused as all of a sudden the airs a bit warm. "And yeah, Ah keep in shape and practive Tae Kwon Do."

Keith smiles, eyebrows going up. "Ooh, a fighter guy. I bet you've got really good arms and legs," he says as innocently as someone that looks like him can. "Bet you get a lot of wandering eyes in the showers," he smiles as he says this. "Virginia…I've been there a few times. Some nice skydiving landing sites."

And cue the blush again as Danny just shrugs. "Ah don't know, Ah never really noticed. What about you, Ah bet ya get wanderin' eyes more than just in the shower." Danny say with a bit of a grin on his face. "Ah miss it down there, and skydivin'?" Danny asks sounding a bit impressed.

Keith grins, turning up the warmth in the air. "As a matter of fact, yeah. Lots of people checking out this hot bod," he states, flexing his arms for Danny. "Yep, skydiving. One of my favorite passtimes," he says. Ofcourse, Keith's stopped using parachutes…

"Ah ain't never been." Danny admits and as it starts to get warmer, Danny can't help it and takes off his jacket reveal that he's wearing a fairly tight white t-shirt himself with the logo of his Tae Kwon Do school on the left breast. "Tae Kwon Do and playin' the piano are mah two pastimes Ah guess ya can say, but skydivin', that does sound quite excitin'."

Keith grins and lets out a little wolf whistle as Danny sheds the jacket. "Nice," he says, making a note of the school name. "You should go some time. It's a great thrill," he states, finishing off his drink. "Piano…I got one of those at home. I've never touched it but I got one," he says, wondering if Drew, Kaden, or Xane can play.

"Ah didn't have much of a choice if Ah wanted to learn or not, parents kinda went, you're takin' lessons. Lucky Ah actually enjoyed it." Danny admits and the wolf whistle brings that blush right back. "Maybe Ah will." He says with a smile. "Ya can't let life get borin' right?"

Keith nods. "I was thinking about taking guitar lessons but got distracted from it," he chuckles, recalling what he and his instructor spent their time doing instead of guitar lessons. The white-hared wind spirit then nods in agreement to what Danny says. "Exactly! Hell, just the other day I managed to base-jumop right off Hammer Industry's old building without a cape snagging me."

"Base jumpin'?" Danny isn't quite sure he knows what it is. "You'r big into the extreme stuff ain't ya?" Danny says. "And do caps snag ya often? And if they do Ah bet it's more because you're amazin' eye candy more than anything else."

Keith gestures vaguely. "Jumping off a building or moutain with a parachute," he explains. "Yep. Gotta love the adreneline," he chuckles, turning up the heat just a bit more. "Yeah, that Marvel chick caught me once and Spider-butt did too," he says. "I am good eye candy. Wonder who wants a taste."

"And modest too." Danny says giving him a wink. "Ya can do that in the city, just jump off a buildin' with a parachute? Makes me wonder what other adreneline filled activities you tend to induldge in."

Keith laughs. "Why be modest? It's the truth," he muses, bringing the temp up more and starting to sweat just a bit. "It's…not all that legal, but then again…neither is running around in a mask and playing hero if ya wanna get technical," he chuckles.

Danny laughs and nods. "Well Ah can't deny that." Though he isn't the type of guy to say that about himself he will freely admit Keith's attractive. "And Ah can't deny Ah find ya mighty attractive." Danny says with a nervous sort of chuckle, he usually just flirts when he's on the job. "And there ain't nothin' wrong with playin' hero, but Ah don't wear a mask."

Keith decides to get a bit more flirty now that he's pulled in all that warm out. "Woo…hope ya don't mind," he says, tugging his t-shirt off and revealing that slightly fuzzy chest of his. He absentmindedly runs a hand through the chest hair then grins. "Oh? You find me attractive? Thanks, hot stuff," he winks. "So you're a hero-type?"

"Ah don't go lookin' for trouble but Ah do what Ah ca..a..an.." Danny's voice trails off as Keith takes off his shirt and the blush comes back again. "Um..ah…uh…thanks.." He's having trouble figuring out where his train of thought was but he can't help but stare at Keith. "What…was Ah sayin'?"

Keith seems quite pleased with himself, rolling the t-shirt up and hanging it around his shoulders. He smiles and leans towards Danny slightly. "Well, superman…you were telling me what you do…"

Danny shakes his head a bit and smiles, remembering. He leans in a bit in return. "Well if the need arises Ah'll try t

Danny shakes his head a bit and smiles, remembering. He leans in a bit in return. "Well if the need arises Ah'll try t' play hero. Ah don't go lookin' for trouble. Well not that kind." Danny says with a blink. "And Superman? Ah don't own any tights."

Keith smiles. "Bet ya'd look good in a pair," he says. "Or out," he adds, waggling his eyebrows. "So…what kinda power ya got, superman?" he uses the name again.

Danny can't help but get flustered again, at the 'out' comment. "Ah can turn int' rock, kinda. Ah get superstrong and durable." Danny says and he grins a bit mischeviously at Keith. "What about ya, have any tight tendancies?"

Keith keeps grinning. "Rock form, eh? I like. Nice, sturdy…hard," he winks again. He smirks at Danny's question. "Well, wanna find out?" he asks, eyebrows waggling again. "I step in if I see something that needs my attention…"

Danny grins and for once, he doesn't blush. "Ah wouldn't mind findin' out. So you see anythin' here that might need your attention?" Danny says leaning it a bit more. "And Ah think Ah'd be up for anything you want to show me Mr. Extreme."

Keith's eyebrows shoot up. He's not believing his luck lately. "I can think of something," he muses. Leaning forward, he tries to kiss Danny. When he pulls back, the white haired man smirks. "And I can think of a few things I'd like to show you, superman."

Danny leans in and returns the kiss. Hell he doesn't even know Keith's name. "Ah think Ah like t' see a few of your tricks Sexy." Danny says grinning back, taking his shirt off as well since he's definately getting hotter. "Ah'm Danny." He says finally introducing himself.

Keith lets out another little whistle. "Nice chest," he says. "I'm Keith," he says. "Your place or mine?"

"Ah live in Brooklyn if ya don't mind travelin' there, or unless you can't wait that long and have a place close by." Danny says grinning. "But then, aren't good things worth a wait?"

Keith smirks. "I can get us anywhere in the world pretty fast, babe," he winks. "Let's get going to your place then," he says, deciding to not risk traumatizing Kaden or making Drew and Xane jealous.

Danny stands up and waggles his eyebrows back. "Ah'll give ya directions and does that mean that ya got some hidden talents yourself? Should Ah be callin' ya Superman instead of you callin' me that?" He says with a wink.

Keith stands up and steps right up close to Danny. "Well, didn't ya wonder how it was getting so hot?" he asks with a smirk. Slipping a arm around the other man, the winds pick up and carry them both into the air. "Just tell me which way to go."

"I just thought that was just the fact that you're so hot." Danny says slipping an arm back around him as he gives him directions to his apartment in Brooklyn. "And my roomates are both away for the night." Danny says with a wink as he's not looking for anything serious tonight, just a bit of fun with and incredibly sexy man.

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