2011-06-06: Casual Lunch


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Summary: Tony invites Joan out to lunch and they have a nice meal at a park.

Date: June 6, 2011

Log Title: Casual Lunch

Rating: PG

Long Island NY

The sun was out, the good turn in the weather appeared to be holding for this weekend, and no crazy people trying to blow up the city! No one in the entire city should attempt to jinx this twist of fate. No trips to the park, no trips to any outdoor social gathering location, and that should keep things plugging along well. This does mean that early in the afternoon Joan's cell scoots across a table somewhere or perhaps vibrates in her pocket scaring her half to death, or goes unnoticed in her purse. It's a text message from Tony Stark asking if she had anything going on today and if not if she were interested in doing something.

Joan fumbles her phone, but it isn't on vibrate. No, it sounded the text ring tone, but she was in another room. Plucking it up, nearly dropping it, the woman peers at the text, then stares at it a moment. This soon leads to something right out of a comedy movie as Joan paces around, sits here, sits there, nearly falls off a chair.. trying to decide what to do. It's not that she doesn't have time. Joan always has time. It's who's texting. This both fascinates her and terrifies her. He's handsome, brilliant, funny, filthy rich, dresses in the dark, and is a super hero. What's to be terrified of? So yes, Joan headdesks a while over it all.
Her reply shows absolutely none of this however. 'Sure, want to get lunch?' Of course then there's the agonizing over whether she should send that. In the end she does, even if all in all it takes her ten minutes to write that tiny reply.

Across town spinning around on his desk chair is Tony. He's wondering if the message went through or if Joan might have her phone off or dare he think that she doesn't want to talk to him at all. Doesn't think the latter possible because the last time they shared the same space the afternoon had gone well. Well, after the riot. Spin clockwise, spin counter clockwise, wheel up to the table to fold his arms across the desk thunking his head down onto said arms. He might just have to find something to do on his own. Having given up after about five minutes Tony is wandering around his lab pulling on clean clothes when the message comes through.
The bots are perplexed by their creators behavior. One minute he's being spastic, the next he's moping around and getting lost in his shirt, and now hands are flailing out of the wrong holes of the shirt as the man bumps into a table or two trying to get limbs into the right holes. "What?" He asks the bots when his head finally appears out of the neck hole of the t-shirt, hair standing up every which way. It is then that he sends a rather large wall of text back to Joan that basically says hello, the day is gorgeous, he's thinking lunch at this place he knows that he's sure she'd love and he could come pick her up. What time? Don't forget the sunblock and sun glasses, and whatever else. Maybe a coat? EOM B)

Sunblock? For the girl who's invulnerable. Heh. A coat? A coat and sunblock. 'Just where is this place that needs a coat and sunblock?' Sorry, no automatic acceptance here. Joan sits before her computer and tries to picture this. Which also brings to mind.. what does SHE wear? Grah. Leaving the phone on the desk, the woman starts frowning at her own closet. How does one dress for sunblock and coats? Sigh. In the end Joan picks a nice summer arrangement. Light shirts, a breezy skirt, and sandal's. Nothing fancy at all. Since she doesn't feel the cold she's totally not worried about that, but a light jacket can come along and complete the outfit. There. Good enough.

'Out? The suns out now but the weather may turn for the worse later so coat. Just agree already!' Tony huffs and the bots think that he's miffed at them so they casually inch their way backwards rolling away from Stark ever so calmly. "You two are idiots," shakes his head at them and babbles instructions at Jarvis. As he's sitting down in his chair again pulling on his sneakers Tony realizes he hasn't had a response yet so he sends another. 'Can I come over or do you need more time?' Shockingly enough he's wearing a brown t-shirt, brown cargo shorts that go to his knees, and gasp brown sneakers. Even the tint of his shades is a similar brown. He's matching! Wallet, keys, useless cell phone all gathered up as he leans back in the chair staring into space.

Joan laughs at that. 'No.' is the easy response. She's not agreeing already. 'I want to know where.' There's a pause before another message arrives, 'And I want a slurpee. Cherry.' She is so demanding! That does mean Tony can come over however. Well, so long as demands are met. Now where did she leave her sunglasses? With phone in hand, typing things out as needed, the woman searches. Figures, in her helmet. No wonder.

Tony laughs twirling around his chair then shoves off heading to the elevator. 'If I told you everything where would be the fun in that?' Up to the car, off to where Joan lives, and he pops up on her doorstep within a half hour. A lone knock on the door and he's standing out in the hall rolling his feet from heel to toe repeatedly until she answers.

'But you never tell me anything.' Is the reply, 'How is this different?' The waiting is never easy, and there's relief when there's a knock. Joan hops up and stuffs her phone and keys and wallet into the pockets of the shorts she's wearing beneath her skirt. Skirt is smoothed and she opens the door. "I still want to know where." Stubborn this one. "But hello." There's a smile at least, and the woman's hair is still that yellow. Changes it every couple months or so depending on whim. "Wait.." Stops dead. "You match." Peers at Tony. "Who are you?"

'I tell you things all the time,' just probably not what you want to hear or on a completely different subject than the one that the conversation had been on. Door opens and instead of a 'hello Tony you're looking particularly AWESOME' he gets that. "I'm taking you to a dumpster out on Fifth and Lexington. You look beautiful now but you wont in an hour." Partly teasing and of course the obvious part is serious. He grins holding a hand out toward her to see if she'll take it. "Wait what?" Oh, that. Snerk. "I can. I just find it incredibly boring. You can check to see if I'm a pod person if you'd like but perhaps you should do that after I take you to get your Slurpee."

Joan doesn't believe that for a second, but she doesn't reply again. No, instead she waits and gives that less than stellar greeting. "Really? Awesome. I've never gone dumpster diving. Is that how billionaires go slumming?" There's a bright smile for that as she shuts the door behind her and lets her hand be taken. "Thank you." For the compliment, "You know there's a subculture who does that, right? Eats out of dumpsters." That she's never had to? Well, she's glad to be honest. "How could I know if you were a pod person? We've met like three times." Lending a further aspect of silly for the fact she thinks you never match. "Would Miss Potts know?"

"Nope, billionaires go slumming by hitting the Riviera." Tony points out helpfully. With her apartment locked up tight he gives her hand an affectionate squeeze and heads out to his car with her. "Really? I'll have to look that up when I get home. There are a few places around the city that charge an arm and a leg for their food and it ends tasting like it came out of a dumpster. I'll have to write the places down so you don't end up there." Steps around a break in the sidewalk, "I think you'll know after a little while. Would Pepper know I'm a pod person? I'm not sure actually. I tend to be off the wall by default but if she knew I wore matching clothing she'd be concerned that I hit my head or was deprived of oxygen for awhile." Laughing he opens the car door for her when they get there then slips around to join her in said car. "Anything against Greek? It's light and I thought it might be good on a day like this. We could eat in their shoe box of a shop or take it elsewhere."

She feels kind of giddy about all this. It's been a long time since she's been on a proper date. If this counts as proper anyway. Being asked to lunch, getting picked up.. sounds a date to her. "I'm afraid I don't eat at a lot of expensive places." So there's no clue about how they taste. "I don't eat out much in general." But she lets herself be lead by that hand, and down stairs they go! "It's a good thing I have her phone number." Pepper's she means. "So.. did you?" Asked as the car door is open and she slips inside. "Hit your head, or get oxygen deprived.." Easier to accept this if she's asking stupid things. Sorry. "I've never had Greek food. Sounds good to me."

This is a date of a kind. Tony rather likes Joan but he's not putting the full court press on her. It's nice to ask someone out that you enjoy being around and if something happens it happens. If not then that's just fine as well. "You're not missing anything. There is one place downtown that's beyond amazing. Maybe one night I'll have to twist your arm and take you." Really nice steakhouse that takes reservations months in advance but there's good reason for that. "Hrm, if I did Jarvis never said anything. I'm fine more or less. "I think you'll like it," and the owner of the place. Advantage to ordering out all the time is you get to know people. It's a short drive and the family that runs the shop cheer and greet Tony and Joan the second they walk into the door. The place is fairly busy but there is a spot at the counter like bar for them to sit and look over the menu. "Anything is good. The menus get divided up by what meat or lack thereof but if you're uncertain about something I could help or they'll answer questions for you if my explanations only make it worse." So says the guy with the upside down menu in his hands.

The woman truly appreciates no pressure. This is scary enough as it stands. Giving that full attention would certainly drive her away. So lunch is nice and she can handle that. "I'll have to consider it." Said of the expensive place. No, isn't comfortable with that yet. The small restaurant is more her speed, and when it proves not to be fancy there's a bright smile as she greets the hosts. Okay, this she can handle. Perched on a bar stool, the woman reaches over and gently turns that menu around. "Then why don't you pick something for me since you so clearly love to be in change and get your way." Joan can't make heads or tails of the menu, so is at a loss anyway. With sunglasses dangling from the front of her shirt, and her jacket in the car, she's looking happy.

Tony smiles even though his menu has been flipped the right way pointing out that he wasn't paying attention to the menu at all a moment before. "See? You already know a few things about me." Asks if there's any food in particular you don't like or might. Appetizer, two meals, a hefty dose of garlic naan, and some desert all ordered to be boxed up but they could have drinks while they waited. "If you don't like yours we can swap but it should be fine." Two drinks are dropped off and Tony shifts on the chair like stool so he's a touch sideways. "What have you been up to?"

"That was fairly easy to figure out." That you like being in charge. Joan answers as best she's able, but really there isn't a whole lot she doesn't like, and since she's never had this style of food she wouldn't know whether or not she liked, or disliked, any of it. "Alright." Swapping is fine by her. "We can share too." If that's okay. Ask what she's been up to and she tilts her head. "Trying to find a suitable charity to donate all your shoes too." A grin spreads as she claims all. "It's a toss up between the music program for New York's schools or a cancer charity. I've had to discard three options due to questionable practices. Which was fairly disappointing. Can't say I've done much more. My life is boring compared to yours."

Sharing seems to suit Tony just fine. Pulling his drink over he takes a few sips before setting the glass back down. "Go with you gut. Whichever one would stand to gain the most from the auctions. I always tend to lean more towards children than anything else." It's sad that there are people out there that will run a charity and the money doesn't go to what it should be used for. "Don't compare your life to mine, Joan. Are you happy with your job? What you're doing in your free time?" If so you've got things better than he does. "I tend to get bored despite appearances."

There's no immediate response from Joan about which charity to pick. She's being careful because she wants to be, not because she's trying to impress. The words strike a cord in her, and before she answers there's a question, "Are you?" Happy. While the drink is before her the woman hasn't tried it yet. Attention entirely on the man next to her. "Yes, I am happy with my job. I don't need to work, Tony, but I do because I want to. But you've already seen what I do with my free time." In spite of that first question, there's a smile now. "I love racing. I go riding down country roads. Why do you get bored?

Is he happy? Sometimes he likes to think so but even though there are glimmers he knows he's not. Joan's stock market skills are a good hobby to have and he smiles knowing that she's good at it. "See, you've got quite a lot going for you. You're also a good racer to boot." The bubbly owner of the shop drops off some Dolma for Joan to try since he heard she's not had Greek food before. If she doesn't like it Tony will finish it off. "I suppose I can answer two questions at once. I manage the company with Pepper, I try to do the same for the Avengers, and I clean up worldwide messes. That shouldn't be boring but it is. Couple that with interviews, appearances, random fan mobbing," sips his drink. "The enjoyment tends to get sucked out of a lot, Joan." Steals a piece of Dolma just because it's there and he's hungry.

Ah, there's her answer finally. The Dolma is dropped off and the woman dutifully tries it. Not bad! Looks kind of gross, but the best food tends to. It is totally shared too. Instead of speaking, she waits and is rewarded with an honest answer. It leaves her with many more questions to ask, but she picks hers carefully. "Well, then why don't you change that?" Asked as she wipes fingers on a napkin. "Don't give me the responsibility speech either." Said with a little smile. "I grasp that cleaning up messes is necessary, but if you don't enjoy it, change something. Doesn't have to be all or nothing."

Tony fishes for a napkin as well to wipe his fingers off on. Dolma can be kinda messy even though the grape leaf keeps the mess down for the most part. Why doesn't he? He doesn't know how. "You won't get a responsibility speech out of me. That's Spiderman's thing or even Cap to tell the truth. Most think I'm the most irresponsible person they know." Can you believe that? People see things how they wish to see them and often times not how things truly are. "It's not that simple though I wish it was." Sure he could change minor things here and there but the major concerns seem fixed as is and are immovable. "I have changed a few things," he admits. "I'm sitting here with you. About to get a bunch of amazing food to take away and we're going to get slurpee's. Normally I'd be working." There's a little piece of leaf hanging at the corner of your lips so ever so slowly he brings his hand across to gently pry that tiny piece away then wipes it off onto his napkin.

"No, I don't see that." Irresponsible. Joan pauses, puzzled, but then you pry off green and she blushes a little. Yeah, that was graceful of you, girl. "I don't know you well at all, but I see someone struggling against too much burden, not irresponsible." Someone who's honestly unhappy. "And I suddenly feel like I'm eight. If you spit clean my chin there's going to be trouble." By sheer force of will alone she doesn't rub at her face with a zillion napkins to ensure there's no more green. Otherwise she'd blush! Can't have that. "And please. I can't imagine you changing for a woman. Even if a fraction of the stories are true, that still leaves a lot of truth out there." But that's said with a smile. "I appreciate that you say being with me makes you happy, but why not try for something that'd honestly relieve some of the boredom and displeasure? Of course I'm asking when I have no idea what that would be."

Tony shrugs a shoulder, "Really? I'm going to have to remember this moment when the next person yells at me about either a missing post it or an alien invasion that I should have seen coming. Those damn aliens never give me a ring before they pop up." Grape leaf bit cast aside he chuckles, "Eugh, spit clean your chin?" Pulls an exaggerated expression of disgust before turning it into a smile. "Kiss you perhaps but never a spit shine." Changing for a woman? Where did that come from? "I don't quite follow. What stories? Change bwah?" The boxes are brought over in a bag that's easy to carry and Tony hands over his credit card to the boss man who takes off to run it. "I like spending time with you. I have tried to figure out how to change things up for the better part of twenty years and I still haven't found it. So, I do what I can when I can and right now I thought it would be nice to catch up with you. Which by the way I thank you for accepting my invite."

There's a curious look as she nibbles on the last of her Dolma, making sure there are no leaves yet. "Oh? Are you responsible for scheduling all the invasions? You should have that added to your business card. I know. Buy a crystal ball and every time someone yells at you about it, say that your service keeps getting cut off." The confusion shows about what she said and she motions with her hands, "Sorry. You always make me serious. I think it's because I'm partially terrified of you." But while embarrassed there's a smile there too. That Tony has been trying for twenty years? That makes her sad. Sad and entirely unable to offer advice. "Thank you for offering. I accepted because I enjoyed seeing your house. And the shoes. Can't forget the shoes. And of course that means you too."

Tony snickers about the crystal ball and is thankfully not drinking at the moment or he'd have choked on his soda. "Why are you terrified of me?" Tony actually looks shocked. Has he come off in a way that seems threatening or given off some slightly creeper-esque vibe? Or it could be that she's seen him in his shiny-undies. "I know my shoe collection needs its own zip code and some of them could scare a few years off your life but I truly hope you're not afraid of me. I'd say I'm harmless but that would be an untruth." What was he trying to say here? Even he doesn't know but he turns the chair a bit more so that an arm can rest on the counter and he can face you properly. "I'm glad you wanted to see me but maybe we out to get out of here and you can tell me what's up." Getting his card back and thanking the couple who run the place for boxing up the goodies.

Joan too thanks the couple, giving them a smile as things are collected. "You are far from harmless, but it's not about that." She struggles with words, trying to piece things together so that they make sense. "I'm a farm girl, Tony. No matter I'm here in New York and no matter how comfortably I live now, I'm still a farm girl. We don't get rich princes, or fancy things. No we get the boy next door." Outside she puts sunglasses on. "And you.. well, you already know what you are. I'm in over my head and I don't know how to swim. Of course I'm terrified. That doesn't mean I'm not fascinated, but it does mean I'll be balking at things in ways you don't understand." She pauses before looking over to you. "Did that make any sense at all?"

"What about the boy from the attic? Or is it the basement? Either way I've dwelt in both." Tony offers up trying to show that he understands if he finds no real issue other than she must feel a bit off kilter. "I know what I am?" Color him confused again. Her door is opened for her however and the food is tucked into the back of the car to keep it out of the way. "It makes sense then I lose you again." Instead of getting into the car the door is left open and he's now leaning back against the car. "I get it. Really I do. Least I think I get it. You're not certain you want to get sucked up in the parties and the weekend trips to Venice. I get that. I even get not wanting to get mobbed by the paparazzi but if you're not counting all of that…" waves a hand in his general area. "Do I appear like the guy you're describing or do I seem to be like the guy next door?"

A knowing smile spreads as she finds herself at an open door and a leaning Tony admitting he's confused. That's okay, for Joan is a lot of time too. "If you don't know who you are that's probably why you are so unhappy." Doesn't think you'll understand that one either. "No, I don't think you get it." She chuckles over that. "I won't be getting sucked into parties, and if I go to Venice it won't be for the weekend. There's too much I want to see and do for a weekend. But you.." And a smile spreads, "You will never, ever be the boy next door." Reaching over she tries to gently push those glasses a little higher on Tony's nose. After that Joan climbs into the car. "Slurpee." That's an order, even as she grins at you over a shoulder. "Yes, I'm always like this."

Tony finds Joan at times confusing and other times very intriguing. She sees things from a perspective he does not have and the more he gets to know her the more he finds her fascinating. "I know who I am. That guy isn't who you think he is." Still he listens and has his glasses nudged back into place for him as they had slipped while he adopted that confused thoughtful pose up against the car. "Is this a good thing or a bad thing?" Asked of him not being the boy next door. Still she commands him to drive and he shall. "Am I to find how you are a problem? Not seeing it that way." Drives for a bit then finds the 7eleven. Never been in one nor taken anyone to a seven eleven but the Slurpee machine will be fun. "Can someone really drink that huge cup? That's insane!" Picking up the largest cup in the area and showing Joan.

"Guess I'll have to get to know him then." Of the guy she apparently thinks he isn't. "That remains to be seen." Good or bad, Joan doesn't yet know. Is the way she is a problem? "That I don't know. That's for you to decide." Which also remains to be seen. Finding the 7eleven has her looking pleased and inside she laughs over the huge cup. "Of course. You just make eight trips to the bathroom." Eyes dancing, she demonstrates the slurpee machine. Takes a while to fill that huge cup. "Hmm, cherry." Pleased with herself, she stuffs a very long straw into that huge cup and takes a slurp. Yum! "Just don't drink too fast. Brain freeze! Unless you like brain freeze. Oh look, they have a Monster one?" Peers at that. An energy drink slurpee. Weird!

"Get to know me," Tony shakes his head. Which him? The business man? The inventor? The Avenger? Tony? There's two versions of that last one. It won't be easy for Joan but at least she'll get a chance to see what very few know. "Well, if you're going to need eight trips to the woman's room …" grabs a large cup for himself then peers at the flavors. All of them are weird then you point out the energy drink one, "That has /me/ written all over it." Grinning he puts his cup up to the dispenser and fills his cup to the brim with the orange slushy treat. Long straw pushed into the hole at the top he sips for a minute then looks at the cup oddly. "Interesting," the pops the straw back into his mouth. "Ack…" an eye closes as he experiences brain freeze a moment. "You did warn me." Laughing himself over to the counter he pays for the drinks and then they are off to a park far far away from the chaos of the city. If some crazy person tears through this park Tony's taking you to he's going to toss his hands at trying to have a calm moment outdoors.

Joan is already getting the idea knowing you won't be easy, but she figures that if your attention holds she'll have the time. A big if there as far as she's concerned. "Maybe nine." Said between slurps of
that straw. Yum! Now to find a place where you two can eat that Greek food in the back seat. Joan can only laugh at that expression. "I sure did." Grinning about brain freeze. The drive is peaceful and she finds herself watching landscape slide by. With drink in lap she smiles at small things she sees. "I think you need to get out more." Noted after she's thought about it a while. "You've never had brain freeze before, nor a slurpee. Makes me wonder how much of life you are missing." Makes her wonder if the trips to the Rivera are the balance for being so distanced from what people consider normal.

Knowing Tony is one of the most difficult undertakings one can task themselves to in this life. If not for the perpetual trouble and manipulating there is this yo-yo effect that occurs when he draws people in close then casts them back out again because he can't allow anyone in. "Nine? It may be worth it…" Doesn't sound so certain but he's squinting an eye to ponder the situation as he continues to sip and freeze his brain off and on.
"I try to get out, honestly." For he does it just never goes as intended. "Often something will keep me from even making it out of the building or something will occur to derail whatever I did have going on. I often think I'm cursed. I'm clearly missing a lot though give me a hand," he holds his hand out palm up in front of you. "You don't see a black spot or anything do you?" Joking around as the car pulls into a parking lot of a nice park.

"Are you familiar with the idea of moderation?" As she notices that brain freeze face reforming. "You don't drink it as fast and you don't get hurt." Joan's grinning though, for there's no way Tony isn't doing that on purpose. That grin fades to puzzlement at the hand she suddenly finds herself with. Eyes it and the man driving. "Find me a sharpee and we can make that mark." Doesn't quite know what that means either. "Well, if you want to sample the simple life I'm sure something could be arranged. If you have never had a slurpee there are sure to be a bunch of other things you might want to try. Have you ever made smores?" Her attention wanders with the park, and the smile returns. "This is nice." Compliments are free today. She waits for the Audi to be parked, and then climbs out. Does dig the food out of the back seat since it was on her side. "So, should I expect something amazingly weird to happen now that we are here?"

"I'm drinking thusly because I like the brain freeze." The twinge from the cold doesn't last long but it's enough to make him feel alive so he continues to do it. "That and this stuff strangely taste good." When Joan doesn't laugh at his black spot comment he sighs and puts the hand back on the wheel. "You're hopeless. The black spot, you know…it's the curse that Davy Jones is coming for you to collect on a debt. That black spot." Though if she did try to sharpie him it would just fade away after a moment. Might be a cool thing to do some day for fun. "Had smores, yes. Made them? No. That would have required going camping which I've never done."
The park is a nice place built for the neighborhood of upper middle class to rich folk who valued their shade and flowers. "Dont jinx us," Tony points at her before locking up the car and grabbing a large blanket from the trunk. "I've not been able to go to a park for the better part of six months because of one attack or another. I'm hoping that being away from the city will give me a chance at least to change the odds." They can walk around for a moment till a suitable spot is found where he will unfurl the blanket and they can sit dividing up containers amongst themselves.

The woman can only laugh about that. "You are weird." That doesn't make it bad though. "I'm hopeless and you are weird. This is sure to be strange." Joan doesn't seem at all bothered by being hopeless. "Are we talking about those Caribbean Pirate movies? Never saw those." Sorry, the lady is not a geek. Sad to be sure. "You don't need to go camping to make smores." Assuring you before there's another grin for having jinxed the two of you. "They wouldn't be here for me, Tony." Reminding you that she's the boring one. Pausing as that blanket is dug out, she lazily sways that bag, bumping the backs of her legs and then the front. This one totally doesn't have the super heroine super model figure, but that doesn't mean it's bad. "At least you don't have to worry about me if you are attacked." That as the two seek out their spot. Joan puts her slurpee down as the bag is gone through. "I have no idea what this is." Said with laughter. Want?

Tony beams as if being dubbed weird is the best compliment he's been paid in ages. "I like strange. I'm hoping that you might as well. Normal is boring and not nearly as fun." There's a nod about the Pirates movies even though he looks at you strangely for having never seen them. "I think we shall have to have a Pirates viewing party one night. Grab a bunch of junk food and have a movie marathon. Granted some parts are awful but they are entertaining films."
Once settled in Tony is helping unearth the goodies which are various kabobs, saffron rice, and veges. There's of course the garlic naan and other small items though the Baklava is for last. "I'm aware of both and I'd rather that they weren't here for me at all. That and more importantly I wouldn't want you coming into harms way regardless of your mutation. Shooting at you is still shooting at you," doesn't want that to happen. He accepts what you're offering and explains that this is the lamb but instead of taking it entirely he holds out the stick so you can either rip off or bite off a piece. "I prefer the lamb but we've got a bit of everything and the veggies are so much better grilled."

"Sadly I think I prefer normal." Joan admits, "But I don't mind some strangeness. It's more of when things aren't normal in my life it's always bad. I'd rather have normal." So it's not that she's against seeing wonders, it's just that weird never means good in her experience. "I don't mean to bring the conversation down. If there's anyone who would understand I'd think it were an Avenger. Never mind my bad experiences are thankfully limited." That puts on another smile to try and assure. "I have a very nice tv if you'd like to do that. Maybe you'd let me cook dinner for you sometime too. I could show you my tiny shoe collection." All's fair.
Legs tucked to one side, she finds the kabobs just as she's being offered lamb. Leans over to take a bite, for all she has to growling jokingly as it takes a bit of effort. "This is all very good." Slightly muffled of course. "I'd rather not be shot at either. It ruins the clothes and gets people freaking out at you, but that doesn't change that fact. "Then take the lamb. I'll make due with these." Those yummy kabobs. "Don't worry should anything happen. I am all for ducking and getting out of harms way." Said with a smile as she licks her fingers.

Tony smiles softly as Joan leans over to try the lamb. "The kubideh is very good. I think that's in the box we haven't cracked open yet." Hopefully the amount of food he can consume doesn't scare the poor woman away. "You know how often I go through clothes after that one afternoon in the square. It's why I have several pairs of certain things because it's what I'm most comfortable in." Like a dozen or so pairs of red n'gold sneakers and if he ever ran out Nike would gladly make him more. "If you'd like the lamb that's fine. We're sharing after all." He sets the container down so that almost all of the boxes are between them. "See," points his plastic fork at you. "You're already doing the right thing. One time I was in the park and a crazy woman was out to kill me and she launched projectiles towards Athena. Why? Because I would protect my dog and they knew it. I'd do the same for anyone or living thing but you know what I mean. It's difficult. Oh, try this…" Dips some chicken kabob into a sauce and holds it
up for you to sample while keeping his hand under the meat to keep anything from dripping onto you.

Joan offers the lamb back just the same. "I have many things to try. Eat." The tone is firm even if the woman is smiling. In between trying many things, and picking one she likes best, there's a wry expression at you. "I can't promise I'll be smart, but I'm hardly Tabitha. I'll do what I can if I think it won't do everyone more harm." It's all situational. "And yes, I know what you mean." A gentler smile there, and that carton she holds is lifted so that you don't have to cup your hand there. Leans over and takes a good nibble. This one isn't shy about eating, even if it's not remotely as bad as Tony. "I am sorry someone attacked that poor dog. She's such a sweet girl." Having taken care of the canine briefly after the fiasco at the market. "I'm also sorry about your clothes. That's got to be hard to deal with. I know you have the suit and all, but losing things you like every time someone's a moron? I'd get really grumpy." Her own spork is loaded up with yummy Greek food and then offered to you.

"I'd like to have movie and dinner night over Pirates films and viewing your more modest shoe collection," pulling the food back towards himself to eat before it drips everywhere. Everything is quite enjoyable with rice and bread. Tony's even eating the vegetables that were prepared with the food as an addition to the meal. "Sigh, Tabitha." You can tell even by the way his shoulders are held that the girl causes him grief. "The thing is you can do as you see fit just be mindful of protecting yourself and know when the situation is far too dangerous to help others. I may not have to worry too much that you will come to harm but there will always be worry." In some form. Oh, you are going to sample his offering so he moves it back for you then takes to dipping some for himself. "She was a puppy at the time. I had been concerned when I got her that someone could attempt something like that amongst a million other things but if I let concern for what could be rule me then I'd truly have nothing and they'd
win." The clothes is hard to deal with even though he has a lot of clothing in the closet at home. Its just annoying and tiresome to constantly destroy everything he has including his wallet, and whatever else he has on him. "It's a challenge to deal with it. I really did like your shoes the other day. I wonder if someone could make me a pair like that but in different colors." Leans over to take the offered bite of food into his mouth. "Mmm, thank you."

A nod about movies, "Then contact me when you have time." Sips of slurpee are had between bites. All in all this meal has been quite enjoyable. Say that she should be mindful and there's a nod, "It's why I stayed out of that brawl." Her expression shifts and she's still kind of ashamed of some things. "I wasn't afraid of getting hurt, but I was afraid I'd hurt others. I've some strength too, but no training. Better I look afraid than kill sometime." Joan's ego isn't that important to her. "As much as I'm glad you didn't deny yourself, you have to consider that, that decision is something everyone makes. If I got a dog some gang banger could shoot it, or someone could poison it, the poor thing could be hit by a car, or even just be sick. No, I can't say I have scary ladies shooting missiles at me, thankfully, but risk is something all of us deal with." She pauses and grins, "Most of us aren't Iron Man though, so I freely admit a difference in risk scale."
"Aw, you don't want to wear pastel pink?" Teasing about the shoes. "I had a friend who does weird things like that. I'll ask her if she wouldn't mind making a more masculine pair. Maybe in red?"

"I will," call when there is time. Somehow Tony manages to make time when it's theoretically impossible to extend the hours of a day. "Just a thought," sips at his melting slurpee for a moment then sets the cup down to the blanket. "Would you like to work with me? In the training sense. I have a few rooms that can withstand a beating and so can I. It's a safe environment and you could learn." Why not? "It's one thing to seek to harm an animal but this tends to bleed over to friends, family etc…I'm a little reluctant to let anyone near for I've experienced the badness one too many times. And no, I can wear a brighter pink but the pastel isn't my thing. A shoemaker friend? Hmm, we're going to have to talk." Yes, you've just made it so that he can make many shoes to replace the ones going on auction.

Since there's agreement on movie night Joan lets that slide. Especially since she's looking uncomfortable with the idea of training. "I'll have to think about it." Bad enough she's even having lunch with Tony! Joan has been wrestling with how this all will get her seen in ways she isn't comfortable with, but it's been years and nothing. That and she's far too attracted to really deny herself this. "It's okay." As the man speaks of harming family. "It's part of why I said I was terrified. Not only do the media pretty much follow you everywhere, but you're a super hero too. That means there's going to be trouble eventually." The smile she wears is sad, and speaking of shoes is easier. "She's not a shoemaker per se. An artist who likes doing silly things. I'll still ask her. Rather sure she'd be thrilled for you to have a pair." What artist wouldn't want someone famous wearing their stuff?

"Take all the time you need, Joan. I just wanted to put it out there in case you'd want to try at some point." Tony is ever helpful to pretty much everyone and especially to those that he has a connection with and he rather likes Joan. If he can help her feel comfortable with her strength then he's the right man for the job. "I know," sighs heavily. "Hence, I take the chance that everything might turn out alright. It is just harder when it involves another person." Like Joan. For she will eventually have to put up with the silliness that circles him on a constant basis. Even if she remains only a friend she's still going to get sucked up into the chaos that is his life. "An artist? Excellent! I'd like to meet her some time. I'd like to see her work."

"Thank you." For being understanding. "Here, try some of this.." Another spork full, but different. Joan kind of lost track of who had what, but she clearly isn't too concerned of it. "Well, you shouldn't live your life entirely alone just because some people are idiots. And since we're here, I'm glad to see that you aren't." A smile to try and chase away heavy thoughts. "I do work for an art gallery." Not sure if Tony has ever been told that. "Her work is there, along with many others I know. It's down in SoHo. Her name is Emily and she likes putting shiny things on other things. Shoes are only one kind of example." Artists often like to do really strange things Joan has found. "She sold several pieces at the auction where we met. No idea if you saw any of them though. There was a lot there."

Tony takes the bite off food off the spork murmuring happily then commenting that the offering was a tad spicy. Strange yet flavorful and he clearly enjoyed it. "See? Taking chances. This place is fairly close to where I grew up." He nods about the art gallery. "You mentioned it but not the where. I could stop by to take a look if it wouldn't cause too much chaos. Perhaps tell me what the slowest day is and I can come by and maybe take you to lunch." Tony is rather fond of shiny things so he'll no doubt like Emily's work. Trying to remember the gala he's not certain he saw anything particularly shiny but truth be told he wasn't paying very much attention to the works that night. "I saw a few pieces though had I not stopped to talk to you I would have breezed in and out. I hate functions like that, not that there was a thing wrong with it, it's the people."

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