2009-03-30 : Casual Visit


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Summary: Daisuke goes to visit Eddie and meets his half brother Olly.

Date: March 30, 2009

Log Title Casual Visit

Rating: PG

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Living Room

While it's not an excessively decorated living room, it does have all the necessities. There is a large comfy-looking blue sofa with a matching loveseat and chair next to it. The three are all angled around a nice large-screen TV with all the accoutrements. The excess decorating has not been done… for a reason. The owner apparently knows someone else will want to do that.

Now there are two reasons for Daisuke to stop by the house, one is because Eddie lives here and the other is because Jared does too. He just wanted to hang out with either and talk about tomorrow so he's made his way over. There's a knock on the door form the sonic user and he's wearing a jacket over a pair of jeans and is carrying a backpack. He runs a hand through his hair as he hopes Eddie's home.

After coming by to grab him from the tent he's been living in, Wesley's just been in the house. Just sitting in a chair, looking out of his element. He reluctantly come with, but it's dynamite those puppy eyes of Eddie's. Sitting in the chair, he's wearing the collar still, and wearing his old tattered clothes. Talk about a fish out of water.

"Hey, Dai," Eddie suddenly speaks up from behind the Sonics user. Sneaky little thing, ain't he? Dressed in jeans and a Quicksilver-themed t-shirt, he offers a smile before moving to open the door and lead his friend inside. He blinks when he sees Olly then smiles again, happy he's still there. "Hey, Olly."

Daisuke follows Eddie inside and grins seeing his friend. "Hey Eddie, I wanted to talk to you about…" He trails off as he sees Olly sitting there and goes into shy mode. He's never open around strangers. He offers a shy wave and smile. "Hey, I'm Eddie's friend, Daisuke or just Dai." He says, putting his backpack down.

Wesley gives a wave to Eddie and Dai, though his look isn't shy it's almost scared. He doesn't say anything though. His collar has one singular LED light on, the one in front of his Adam's Apple. He doesn't hang his head low, but does try to stay away from eye contact with Daisuke.

Eddie pauses a moment before sighing. He looks from Wesley to Dai and the back again. "Olly, this is my best friend Dai, Dai, this is my half-brother Olly. No need to be so shy around one another," he says. "What did you wanna talk about, Dai?"

Daisuke glances down at Olly's collar but tries not to let his eyes linger there. It really reminds him of that movie, Battle Royal. "Hey Olly, yeah, your brother and I are best friends. And yeah, talk about, umm..tommorow, we're both going tomorrow right to help in the fight?"

wesley just sits back in his chair, not saying anything. He's not shy, just distrusting. At least he's got a clean shirt on his back. He listens as he and his brother say that they're best friends. So he's not totally inside himself now. "H-h-hello."

Eddie blinks at Dai a few times. "Of course we are," he says simply. "My uniform's drying now. Just washed it up earlier…" he trails off. "C'mon," he moves over to the couch and motions of Dai to join him.

Daisuke joins Eddie and sits down on the couch and leans against him. "I kind of hope Jared goes too…" He says blushing a bit. "And I'll finally be able to do something in this fight other than get kidnapped. I can't wait for everything to be over, we can go to Japan and then get a bunch of us to go into the city. Nathan wants me to drag him to the art store."

The quiet electrokinetic just watches the two talk about what's happening tomorrow. He remembers the announcement in his head, and that he didn't like it. "Y-you g-go-going to that?" Wes asks Eddie, not really worried about him, just interested.

Eddie smiles at Dai, poking him in the side gently. "Jared's going," he says. "We're both gonna do something, Dai," he confirms. He then smiles to Wesley. "Of course. I'm gonna be superhero so I gotta help save the world."

Daisuke smiles at Olly. "We're gonna be superheroes together, and Eddie, my Hellions uniform got an adjustment too it." Daisuke says as he chuckles at the poking. "They were able to put the arm sails on it like Banshee's and Siren's so I can fly easier since Addison's been teaching me a few things."

Wesley knows about superheroes, but isn't really into that scene. "G-g-good luck." He wishes for the two of them, it's not really a thing Wes would be into. And the talk about their uniforms place a confused look on his face.

Eddie grins. "Awesome, Dai," he declares. "I got Dad to change the colors on mine a bit. Goggles too. Gonna look really cool," he says. He looks to Wesley and smiles. "What's up?"

Daisuke stands up and smiles. "Thanks, I gotta get going for now though, I just wanted to stop by quick but I gotta get back to the school. Nice too meet you Olly." Daisuke says polietly as he gives Eddie a big hug before heading off.

The quiet teen looks to Dai as he leaves and gives a wave. To Eddie though he explains further. "What's 'The He-hellions?'" Curious about what they were talking about just a little bit. Wes hasn't been to school since he was twelve years old, he's not so on the up and up.

Eddie hugs Dai right back and nods. "See ya, Dai…" he trails off. He waits a few moments before smiling to Wesley. "It's the name of the team Dai's on. I'm on the New Mutants team," he explains. THere's a pause. "Hey, Olly. Would you like to come up to the school sometime?" he asks.

Olly looks confused for a second. "Wha-what school?" Not knowing what the school is. His world really consists of his mother, himself and his half-brother. In the capsule of the tent in the woods he's got right now.

Eddie tilts his head to the side. "The school I go to. Dai and Jared go too. And both of the Dads teach there. It's a great place."

Not really knowing much of the school. Right after the night he spent at the Parker-Mayfair house he went back to the tent and stayed there until Eddie managed to find him. The mention of a 'great place' makes him a little skittish, that's what the people who took him to the mine said about the mine. "Uhh."

Eddie moves over to sit with Wesley and give him a hug. "Don't worry. You don't have to go if you don't want to but…well, it's a safe place. Somewhere you can go and not have to worry about anyone coming after you for that…" he glances at the collar. "And they can even help you to learn how to control your powers like they've been helping me."

"I-I don't know." Wes chimes, he enjoyed the hug, it was a long time since he had hugs. But he still seems uneasy about it. As his powers go, he's got some control. THough he remains silent on that.

Eddie keeps his hold on Wesley, snuggling into a bit of comfortability now. "Please just thing about it?" he requests. "The school really helped me and I think it might be able to help you too…"

"I'll think about it." He says, having a moment of stutter-free speech. "I-if I don't, I can go back to m-my tent." He's not afraid of the outside, he actually feels comfortable over there. Plus since this deal to stay in the house is temporary. "I ha-have to f-finish my business with our father soon."

Eddie frowns. "You're staying here for a few days," he says. He's also planning to try and get Olly a hotel room if things don't work out with the school. At the mention of their father, Eddie scowls. "Why do you have to go bother with that jerkwad? You hurt him and now you're away from him…why go back?"

The older brother gives a little bit of a grimace to Eddie. He's gonna stay here a couple of days, but he's going to stay out of people's way. "Cause he's responsible for my mother's death. He has to p-pay." Yeah, he blames James for nearly everything that happened wrong in his life.

Eddie sighs. "Olly…going off to kill him is wrong…even if he is a scumbag," he says softly. "As much as I'd like him to pay for everything he did to me…to you…and to your mother…it wouldn't be the right thing to do."

"If he's responsible, shouldn't he be punished?" The concept of an eye for an eye runs deep in him. Wes looks to Eddie, not knowing why someone wouldn't seek revenge on someone. He still gets nightmares from those days.

Eddie takes a deep breath. "We're not the ones to punish him, though," he says firmly. "There are laws, police, jails…they'll punish the bastard."

"They haven't yet. Did he go to jail for wha-what he did to you?" He's got very little faith in the justice system, in Canada and the US. Wesley looks to Eddie still, a tear forming in his eye, remembering his mother.

Eddie closes his eyes and shudders, squeezing closer to Wesley as he remembers a few things. "No. He didn't. I was too scared to go to the police though…kept thinking they'd just bring me back so him and…our brother…could beat on me again."

"Then… who punishes him then?" His moral compass not pointing as straight up as Eddie's. Wesley lets him squeeze on him, though he only places his arms on Eddie. "I don't under-s-stand."

Eddie smiles a bit. "Well, the world's been punishing him…you showed up and zapped him. The stock for the companty he works at is way down," yes, Eddie reads the paper. "And…" he glances around. "I wrote letter to Ms. Walters…she's the family lawyer here…asking her to help make a big case against…our father and brother…once the war's over."

The older teen begins to look slightly on the pissed side, he wants it to happen now, none of this waiting crap. Though he doesn't say anything to his brother about it. "I g-guess…" Wes doesn't have to be happy about it right? Or maybe what his brother doesn't know won't hurt him.

Eddie stays close to Wesley. "Don't worry…" he trails off. "He'll pay."

Wesley remains silent, hoping that Eddie's right. If not, he'll have to settle the debt.

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