2009-08-04: Catching Up Crash Course


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Summary: A couple students and graduates of the Xavier School take a breather in the Living Room and catch up on what's been going on.

Date: August 4, 2009

Catching Up Crash Course

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

Skyler can be found in the Living room, in one of the large, comfortable chairs. He's changed back from the security guard that he copied from the rescue of Robin, and is now another teen. He's dressed in the normal jeans/t-shirt combination and, as always, he wears his identifying name tag. His feet are up on the coffee table, his head is tilted back and a book is covering his face. From underneath the pages of the book, soft snoring can be heard.

Coming back from visiting Salem, with a brown paper bag in his hand filled with food, Daisuke heads for the Living Room since it's usually quieter in there. He stops when he sees someone in there but then breaks out into a grin once the name tag is spotted. "Skyler!" Daisuke says rushing over to sit next to his awesome friend. "How's your summer going, I heard you got into trouble again, without me."

Drawn by the sound of a familair voice down the hall, Eddie makes his into the living room while dressed in jeans and a DareDevil t-shirt. He blinks a few times when he sees Dai there and then smiles. "Hey, Dai! Hey Skyler!" he greets once he sees the name tag.

A muffled clunk echoes down the hallway from the garage followed almost instantly by an explicative. A few moments pass before Vincent walks in with a makeshift bandage, a rag held in place by duct tape, around his lower arm, just below the elbow. Vincent's dark eyes scan around the room, taking inventory on who's in here. He puts a small smirk on the left side of his face at the familiar faces, and Skyler's name-tag. "Hey everyone." He simply says, a red stain growing on part of the rag.

With Julian heading back from the kitchen, he catches a glimpse of people hanging about in the Living Room. The telekinetic taking a drink from his gatorade. "What's this?" He asks, looking in, nodding to Daisuke and Eddie. Vincent is surely remembered, though he never really talked that much to him when he was taking classes. Julian's curent clothing consists of an under armour shirt and like shorts. He's about to weight train it seems. Crimson and black, of course, his best colors.

Skyler there's a loud *snerk!* from underneath the pages of the book as Skyler's jostled awake by Dai. He sits bolt upright and blinks blearily a few times, trying to orient himself until he finally focuses on his friend. "Oh, hey, hi!" he says, and wastes no time in grabbing Dai into a hug. "Man, I haven't seen you in ages!" At the mention of getting into trouble he just chuckles, and rubs the back of his head. "Yeah. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I also got kidnapped again, and help organize a rescue operation, too."

Daisuke heads over and gives Skyler a hug. "Hey, well I'm glad you're okay, it's been way too long since we've hung out. We have to catch up Sky." Dai says starting to dig in his bag pulling out a container of sushi. "Want some Salmon?" He offers as he notices Eddie, then Julian then Vincent walk in. "Wow, party in the living room, hey Eddie! Julian, wow, Vincent."

Eddie jumps at Vincent and Julian come in behind him, managing to not fall down when he does. "Salmon?" he asks, having not noticed Dai's got food. "Hey Julian," he greets the older student before looking Vincent over. "Woah! Vincent? What happened? We should get you down to the infirmary," he says, noticing the red stain and duct tape.

Vincent nods and continues his cool look by leaning against the wall. His black T-shirt does a good job hiding the oil stains the mutant is covered in, while his black pants only reflect them even more. The pink rag is still getting darker and darker red, even after Vincent crosses his arms. His eyes were looking over at Skyler and Daisuke, but they divert over to Julian to give the TKer a nod in greeting and a small wave with his visible hand to Eddie. "So what's been shakin' since I've been gone?" Vince asks the room.

Julian takes an empty seat. Looking over to the whole group. "What'dja do? Break something?" He asks Vincent, though not worried too much. If the guy needed medical attention, he figures Vincent is old enough to get it himself. "Aliens, some other students got abducted. You know, business as usual." He says, answering Vincent's question.

Skyler chuckles at Julian and nods. "I know," he says with a roll of his eyes. "Tell me about it. Compared to Sinister, these guys' operation was purely amateur. He doesn't seem all that concerned by Vincent's wounds either, since it doesn't seem like the guy's in any pain. "Ooh, Salmon!" exclaims Skyler taking the offered sushi. "I did get to be sneaky afterwards. I managed to copy the head woman before we escaped and I was able to get into her apartment and found out a bunch of stuff." He chuckles and shakes his head, "I shouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did."

Daisuke chuckles at Skyler and offers a piece of raw fish in Eddie's direction. "Sounds like you're starting to enjoy the thrill of being a super-hero..ish." Dai doesn't say anything about Vincent's injury as he knows Vince can regenerate. "So what have you been doing for all this time Vincent? And still dark and brooding as always." At least Dai got over her shyness to quite the degree.

Eddie frowns slightly as the injury is pretty much shrugged off, moving to sit near Dai. "Thanks, Dai," he says, taking the salmon. He listens quietly, munching the sushi. "We went back in time too," he chimes in. "Being a hero's great," he adds cheerfully, glad Skyler's enjoying it too.

Vincent looks over at Eddie, finally realizing he said something, "Oh, nah, no need." Vincent says, raising his arm to show the blood stained towel to everyone, "Shouldn't be much longer now." Then he looks over at Julian, "Nothing important, didn't realize how difficult body work can be sometimes." Vincent says with a shrug. Then looking over at Daisuke, he sticks out his tongue, "Just driving around, and you're as quiet and reclusive as ever." All in jest, no harm intended. "So, Aliens, Kidnappers, Time travel, anything else I missed?"

Looking to the Vincent, Julian gives a nod. "What are you working with on the body?" He asks, becoming more than interested in the other graduate's work. The cobalt-eyed young man stands up and looks about the room. "You guys take it easy, enjoy the raw fish, and grats on the rescue, Sky. If the Summers hasn't brought the rain by the end of the week, he may let it go. Who knows."

Skyler looks thoughtful before answering. "I don't know if it was heroing, really," he says, chewing on some sushi. "It was more spy kind of thing. It's not really what the X-Men do, honestly."

Daisuke is about to say soemthing in repsonse to Vincent's teasing comment when his phone starts to go foff. "Oh crap guys, I'm sorry it's my Grandmother, I was hoping to catch up a bit. I'll talk to you guys later!" He says heading out of the room with his phone.

Vincent nods to Daisuke and Julian. "Well," Vince says looking down at his arm. "Probably good as new by now, I'll be heading back then." Vincent says with a shrug to everyone and turns back to the garage, "Catch you all around."

Eddie blinks at the phone as well, stopping what he was going to say. "Say hi to her for me?" he chimes after Dai. He then goes thoughtful for a moment. "We had a crazy plot by AIM to steal powers while we were time traveling…" he trails off. As Dai, Julian, and Vincent go off, Eddie frowns slightly and sinks back into the couch.

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