2011-07-19: Catchup In Hell's Kitchen

Players: Hooligan and Justice

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Summary: Justice finds Hooligan in Hell's Kitchen and catches him up on all things criminal.

Date: July 19, 2011

Log Title: Catchup in Hell's Kitchen

Rating: PG

NYC - Hell's Kitchen

The rough neighborhood in Midtown West New York known as Hell's Kitchen almost has a darker tone to it. Once you step into this neighborhood the city takes on a different feel, the buildings are shorter but everything feels darker. There is real grit to this part of town where many of the New York City criminals see to make their home.

Early evening in Hell's Kitchen finds the Hooligan at work. In an alleyway about a dozen men lay bound and gagged, 4 of them suspended by a fire escape by thier ankles. Seems he's doing a little cleanup and gift-wrapping after another brawl. He paces back and forth in front of the 4 hanging upside down, a cut-down Ak47 in his hands with the clip removed. "Now how many times do I have to tell you punks.. these things are DANGEROUS!" He emphasizes the point by holding the gun by the barrel and bashing one of the men in the ribs with it.

Soaring overhead, Justice has been pulling extra patrol duty with the Avengers. He soars in and out of alleyways and in between buildings at quick speeds, testing his agility in the air. Swooping into one of the alleyways, Justice spots the Hooligan. Thankfully, Justice misses the man getting hit in the ribs. He just spots the after effects. Flying in lower, he tries not to interrupt the man as he hovers and watches as the four upside down men seem frightened and shakes his head.

Maxwell continues to pace "And Toad.. you're pushing TOAD for god's sake. Do you idiots know what this stuff does to people? This crap has killed more users than imitating Jackass videos. Now I don't care if you use this crap yourselves. Actually I encourage it.. take yourselves out of the gene-pool and save me the trouble. Cause if I catch you morons peddling this posion on my watch again I will make sure you can't even hold a pencil properly much less a gun. Now the nice Policemen will be here shortly to haul you idiots off to jail again.. be smart and stay there." He drops the gun onto a pile a similar weapons and heads deeper into the alleyway retrieving his shield and bat.

Nodding impressed by what he just saw Justice goes to follow Hooligan, but first he pauses in front of the four upside gangsters and wags a finger negatively at them and the resumes following behind Maxwell. "Hooligan?" He speeds up trying to keep up with the street vigilante being sure not to fly into a wall or anything.

Maxwell drops and drops into a fighting stance on reflex as he hears somone call out. Though he doesn't relax when he sees Justice. "Well now, an Avanger slumming in Hell's Kitchen again. You guys must really be bored. So is this a friendly visit or should I start running?"

“Why would you need to run?” Justice smirks, “All I saw was four men hanging upside down, restrained and the guns that they obviously misused. So no need to run, unless you did something illegal I should now about?” Justice offers, “Relax.” He lowers to the ground, “Wondering if you have heard anything about any mutants going crazy lately?”

Maxwell shakes his head "Except for the rat-girl that set half a block on fire a few weeks back no. I've been keeping an eye out for anything weird but so far just the usual gangers and pushers. Course the mutants have the locals stirred up so I'm running into more automatic weapons than normal."

Nodding his head, “Ok, well. There are some other you should probably keep an eye out. The rat girl, is an innocent. Her head has most likely been messed with and there are two powerful mutants out there causing a ruckus. That you should be aware of and avoid at all costs.” Vance pulls out a card from under his cape and telekinetically floats it to Hooligan, “Mindbender and Upgrade are powerful mutants who have been terrorizing the city.”

Maxwell nods and takes the card "I've heard of those two.. saw the news on the prison escape awhile back. I can take a wild guess at what they both do just based on the names."

“Yeah, not the most creative of codenames. They busted out of a St. Louis prison and have been spotted here and in Westchester. You may encounter them, if you are near Mutant Town. So it’s best to watch out. And while you can handle gangs of thugs, drug and arms dealers. These two ay be much, so if you run into them or rat-girl. Who goes by Patches, by the way. Give me a ring.” Justice then offers, “Oh and Dingo is out again.”

Maxwell nods "Yeah I heard that too… looks like I'm back in the market for a rocket launcher again. It just keeps getting better and better." He seems to sigh under the mask.

“A rocket launcher.” Justice laughs a bit, “You realize that is probably not very useful against Dingo. Really, someone like him requires creativity to beat. The bigger the weapon, the bigger the mess and the bigger the property damage.”

Maxwell chuckles a bit, the sound garbled by the mask's voice changer. "Well it takes too much to build a flamethrower.. and I don't have a bulldozer handy. How else would I stop a twenty foot dog made out of sand?"

“A giant rolled up newspaper?” Justice smirks, “He is another one that we are going to want to keep an eye out on and give a shout-out if you run into him.” Justice shakes his head “Never really a day off for the side of the angels, huh Hooligan?”

Maxwell shakes his head a bit "I've carried a pitchfork enough times to say I can't really be considered on either side. I'm just doing what I can with what I have."

“Well, Hooligan, hopefully I get to hear your story someday.” Justice rises off the ground. “Unfortunately. Not today.” With that he shoots off heading in the direction of the mansion.

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