2012-02-23: Cats Verses Dogs


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Summary: A large pack of wolves hunts down a little Margay.

Date: February 23, 2012

Log Title: Cats Verses Dogs

Rating: PG-13

Westchester - Graymalkin Drive

This long road seems to go on forever with no houses in sight. There are large trees hanging over the road giving one a creepy and foreboding feeling as they drive or walk down the road. About two miles down the road large iron gates stand with matching iron X's on them. A bronze sign hangs next to the gates labeled "Xavier's School for the Gifted".

The sun has set and twilight has set in leaving everything in dusky shades and where it was once a realitivly warm February the cold of night is starting to set in surprisingly fast. The air is still and there's barely a rustle of wind. In the distance the howl of a wolf can be heard.

Giea has a slightly furrowed brow as she fiddles with her phone in her off-hand, tapping the ground with her cane with the other. The young woman tilts her head slightly at the distant howl, orienting to try and hear it better, but gives up and slots the phone away, changing the object of her fiddling to her watch.

Having gone a little further out than she planned while chasing an especially tasty squirrel Evelyn has decided perhap it would be best to make the walk back on foot. Even if the weather is a little chilly for her unstable molecule outfit and she doesn't have anything to cover her tail both are far less trouble than the risk of being run over by a passing car in cat form (or worse chasing another tasty snack). "Oh god why can't they do this fabric in something a little more suitable for the climate? Better yet move the school somewhere tropical."

Not the only cat out in the weather right now, Evelyn has been stalked this whole time. How something that big can be that quiet, and that white can somehow hide in the woods is beyond normal understanding… but these ARE felines we're talking about. Ahmed comes around the corner as Evelyn begins complaining, and in a slightly playful mood, he reaches out one huge snowshoe paw to tap at the end of her waving tail. Tag… you're it!

As the cats play and the blind girl walks along the temperatue in the area starts to drop drastical, puffs of breath are quite visible and things seem to get really dark, fast. Wind starts to whip through the street at a fast pace, bringing even more chill with it along with a sort of rotten wet dog smell for those with keen senses.

Giea hugs her arms around herself tighter at the sudden chill, furrowing her brow a little bit further. At hearing nearby voices, she 'looks' up and then says, "Hello? Is someone there?" He takes a few tentative steps in Evelyn's direction.

"Gah! Where did you come from?" Evelyn asks Ahem, spinning around with a startled look on her face. "Have you seriously been following me this entire time?" She blushes furiously, presuming this means her guilty snack has been noticed. "You better not tell anyone or I will… uhm… I'll cry and then you'll feel terrible. Got it?" As Giea starts heading her way she coughs and spins around to hide her tail. Shifting her accent to something a little more local she replies "Yeah uhm sorry if we disturbed you. I'm just out for a walk by myself, nothing to see here ma'am."

The huge head of the tiger-sized snow leopard pokes out of the brush and then stalks around to sniff at where the remains the the carcass is. Then it just rumbles back in a non-commital fashion, tail flicking in amusement until the coldness and the scents in the air cause the muzzle to shift, and the glowing blue eyes begin to pan around. Stalking forwards, the huge furred form actually moves around Giea, brushing close enough that the girl can feel the thick and warm fur, and the hugely muscled ectoplasmic shell.

The smell starts to get stronger and to those with senstive noses the rotten meat and wet dog smell is almost eyewatering. The cold seems to settle now, but it's the type of cold that cuts through the skin and hits the bones. Through the flora on the side of the road red eyes can be seen peering out at the three. A rough, gravely, voice speaks out: "I think cat is on the menu tonight."

"No, I just wanted to know where I am, I'm blind and I can't see the si-" She lets out a choked squeak at Ahmed rubbing up against her, raising both of her arms in front of her face a bit defensively, "G- good doggy." She takes a couple of steps back from Ahmed. At this new voice sounding, Giea moves to orient herself towards it a bit more, "Wh- who?"

Evelyn shivers. "Uhm… Don't worry he's domesticated," she replies, taking a few steps back and reaching for the school phone which is right this moment keeping her jacket company back on school grounds. There is a nervous gulp and she adds "Everyone knows you don't eat cats. They're tough and chewy, plus they taste terrible. You should call out for pizza there is this great little place in the Salem centre which delivers." She glances to Giea and whispers "If that's one of your friends playing a joke it /really/ isn't funny."

Instinct being what it is, one beast smells another, and suddenly the huge snow leopard is hunkered slightly, and instead of hackles going up, the fur goes down and locks into a smooth, marble-like texture, Ahmed having practiced how to 'armor' against attack. Argent blue claws extend from his forepaws like switchblades, and his teeth seem to gain a saber sharpness, "Nrrrrrot… Wrrrrrrrrlcorrrrm." The beast growls out tail now lashing hard.

"Me!" Responds the gravely voice as a large wolf, with bright glowing red eyes, about three times the size of a normal wolf, jumps out spring at Evelyn and attack her, trying to sink his sharp teeth into her leg. Once the intial wolf attacks seven other large dire wolves start to slink out of the brush and circle the group, growling, obviously about to attack.

Giea says back to Evelyn, "I don't have friends who would play a joke like this…" She crouches down to put one hand on the ground, and then says, "Oh no, oh no…" She drives her hand down into the ground, to shoot up a barrier of stone from the ground around herself, Evelyn, and her giant dog (Ahmed), though it's not done before the particularly large wolf lunges out.

The lunging wolf finds himself at odds with physics should the rushing form of Ahmed be able to intercept in time, and stop that bite from happening, knife-like claws and fangs flashing out as the big beast goes to pounce, just barely clearing the barrier that Giea puts up in time!

"Crap!" Evelyn yelps as the giant talking wolf leaps at her. In the brief moment while it's airborne she begins the shift from catgirl to girlcat. Leaving packleader snapping his jaws shut on the empty air over her head. Then in the spirit of bravery Evelyn springs towards the dubious shelter provided by Giea's legs.

The shrinking Evelyn is enough to throw off the wolf so that Ahmed gets a few claws on him and then it's a full on fur-brawl. Snarls, bites and claws are aimed at Ahmed to keep him busy as the large wolf puts up quite the fight. Four of the wolves remain outside of the barrier, circling around it as the other three leap over the wall to attack those on the other side, one for Giea and two trying to get at the small Margay.

The moment one of the other wolves cross the barrier, Giea drops her white cane and fashions a new one out of the earth below, swinging at the approaching wolves and using her powers to sense where they are, not really differentiating between the ones after her or the ones after the girlcat between her legs, "Back! Back! Bad dogs! Bad!"

For about 30 seconds it's a roly poly ball of death as white and blue meets black and red, and claws and teeth do their worst to penerate the other's flesh. But feral savagery and a shaky iron determination can only go so far, and suddenly the cat-shell bursts, Ahmed flying out and hitting Giea's barrier, the breath knocked from him, and left dazed by it.

Evelyn leads the wolves on a merry chase, springing between Ahmed and the pack leader and weaving around Giea and generally taking advantage of being smaller in a relatively confined space. Every now and again she makes various exotic animal noises, from Tigers to Elephants, in the hope maybe it'll scare them or perhaps throw them off. But then of course Ahmed sheds his goo and suddenly the odds are looking especially dire, so with an almighty leap and a scrabble of claws she springs for the top of the earth barrier.

The wolf that was fighting Ahmed doesn't give up and even though he's got several wounds, they're already starting to close up. He lunges at Ahmed and bites his neck, just enough to cause a few droplets of blood to drip down his neck. The other wolf stays on Giea, snapping at her and her cane to try to keep her back. "Foolish girl." The wolf snarls at her as he tries to dodge the cane to snap at the blind girl's legs. The two wolves keep snaping at Evelyn, narrowly missing her tail on several occasions, though as she reaches the top of the barrier four wolves wait on the other side for her. Finally a voice speaks up. "We want the feline girl, come with us or his throat gets torn out."

Giea, when her cane misses, stomps her foot and a thick, blunt spear of Earth emerges underneath the wolf that's accosting her, as she tries to throw it right back outside of her barrier and maybe hurt it, all the while sputtering, "It can talk!?" She's too preoccupied to pay much mind to the other things that are happening around her.

Ahmed is, for all his bravado, still a young man. And there is a wolf at his throat. So his eyes wince shut as he tries to focus on anything but the pain and the pressure there, barely able to breathe, unable to focus his ectoplasm. To the wolf he tastes like corpse ash in his sweat, and tears begin to lick at the young man's eyes.

Evelyn nimbly charges back and forth along the rim of the earthworks. And then there is the ultimatum and she stops dead, head hanging low, and hisses. Night adapted eyes focus on Ahmed, reflecting back a startling amount of light and then with one final act of defiance she jumps off to follow the four waiting wolves. But what of her final act of defiance? A hacking sound followed by a splotch as a hairball is hocked up and used to bombard Pack leader.

The dire wolf on Giea is launched into the air and lands on the side with a thud and injured yelp. As the hairball is spit into the face of the leader of the wolves, the one latched onto Ahmed's neck, the dire wolf doesn't react well to it. In response he sinks his teeth into Ahmed's neck and throws him to the ground. "If the boy dies, it's your fault." The leader growls out as the six remaining wolves all go for Evelyn in turn, reacting in anticipation of her trying to dodge out of the way.

Ahmed can't even scream as the teeth sink in, his eyes going wide, and then going glassy as he clutches at his throat and falls back, whispering out the word 'Momma.' in a choked breath as he tries to stop the bleeding!

Giea raises her eyebrows slightly at the words of the wolf leader, and the sensation of the boy crashing against Earth. Now that there are no more wolves on her, she runs to where Ahmed is to try and touch the boy's shoulder and confirm that he's hurt, which is done since with this much of it, even she can smell the blood.

Evelyn shifts back into person form as the wolves lead her away. "You'll regret this mutt," she states solemly. "When my friends come looking for me they'll turn you into a throw rug."

There's a gravely laugh from several of the wovles before they start to circle around Evelyn, moving faster and faster until the eight of them become a blur, a strange sort of flying sensation starts to over come Evelyn before she would black out and vanish with the eight dire wolves. The cold and smell goes away leaving Giea alone with Ahmed less than a half mile away from the school.

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