2009-12-03: Caught


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Summary: Alessia catches Jeremy stealing.

Date: December 3, 2009

Log Title Caught!!!

Rating: PG

NYC - Bryant Park

Located right behind the New York Public Library is the quaint Bryant Park. Looking over 42nd Street, chairs and tables have been set up all around the green, making it ideal for book readers, people to sit down and eat, or just relax with friends. Trees surround three out of four sides of the park, and in one of the corners sits a little stand called The witchcraft creamery which offers ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, floats, and warmer beverages in the winter.

Even though Jeremy did engage in some theft last night, that money is already gone and he's really hungry at the moment. He doesn't like the fact that he's been reduced to a common theif but he needs to survive. Walking along one of the paths surrounding the park, Jeremy walks by one business clad looking gentleman and purposefully trips right into him. After a few swear words, some apologises, the ragged Asian teen walks off slipping a wallet into his jacket pocket. It'll be a while before the business man notices that something is missing.

It would have been a while, if a certain redhead hadn't been patrolling the park. Long red hair is twisted back in a heavy bun at the back of her head. The dark blue NYPD uniform fits her well, having been altered for her small form. It's the young feeling a little guilty, that first clues her in. Seeing what happens, she's quick enough to add up two and two, feet pushing her into a run on the path, as she moves to close in fast.

When living on the streets for almost two years, you learn to be a bit observant and he notices a She-Cop starting to run in his direction. Is he positive she's after him, not really but Jeremy's too scared to take any chances. "Oh shit." He mutters to himself as he starts to run down the path away from Alessia, too bad he's not in as good shape as he was back in his Track and Field days.

And Alessia is pretty much in peak shape, considering her life seems to consist of work, and exercise. "Stop right there! Police!" <It'll go easier if you just stop.> Was that his thought, or hers insinuating into his head?

Never having encountered a telepath before, Jeremy just freezes and looks around, trying to figure who said that. He was eventually going to get caught by someone, he just doesn't want to get caught by the police. He hangs his head down and that definate fear and guilt is welling inside him. He looks around debating if he should try running again, but she's right there and Jeremy doesn't think he can out run Alessia now.

Alessia catches up, a hand to his shoulder. She's emitting all sorts of calm and reassurance now. "Gimme his wallet, kid. Ah'll give ya a twenty ta go get some food, if you're that bad off, an' we'll call it a lesson in learnin'." She's offering him an out, if he dares take it.

Jeremy just stands there, completely shocked. He doesn't know what to say but it sounds like the cop is going to give him money for stealing? At least it's only the cash he cares about and not the credit cards. He pulls the wallet out of his pocket and hands it over to Alessia. "You're not going to arrest me?" Is the only thing he can think to say.

"Not today, so long as ya promise ta wait right here, while Ah return tha wallet. You're stealin' because you're hungry, not because ya wanna, am Ah right?" Arching one red eyebrow at him. "Why would Ah wanna throw ya in juvie, where ya would become a criminal?"

Jeremy nods slowly as he is hungry. He was lucky yesterday where someone bought him something to eat but today, Jeremy wasn't so lucky. He brings his backpack around to his front and hugs it to his chest. The nervousness about being around a police officer is apparent. "I…I don't know." Though he does stay put.

"Point is, Ah wouldn't. Now stay put, an' then we'll see about gettin' ya some lunch, all right?" She jogs off to the business man, telling him he dropped his wallet, he should be more careful. And really, why wouldn't he believe a cop? Then she's coming back to Jeremy, blue eyes measuring him. "Hot dogs sound good?"

Jeremy nods. "Thanks, and sure." He's not picky about what he eats, food is food when you're homeless and hungry. He looks at her for a bit and nods again. "I like hot dogs." He keeps a close grip on his bag as he really doesn't want Alessia to search it, and he's trying just do what she says and not give her reason too.

Too and his every gesture screams 'SEARCH MY STUFF!' to the empathetic cop. "Not smugglin' drugs, are ya?" Walking easily enough, heading for her favorite hot dog cart. "Because so long as you're not, Ah don't care what's in your bag, kid." Nevermind the kid tops her by a good six inches.

Jeremy shakse his head. "No, I'm not smuggling drugs." Well he isn't smuggling them, but he does have some on her person for his own use. He nods slowly, face getting a bit pale as he starts to follow her. He slowly slides his backpack around to his back again and starts to follow Alessia. "Do you usually buy hot dogs for kids you catch stealing?"

Well, Al's not about to flip out about a little drug using. She tried pot in college, after all! "Dunno. You're tha first one Ah ever caught." Almost flippantly. "Look. Ah know you're hungry, an' Ah know that's why ya went for that guy's wallet. Ya lost his wallet, but Ah don't really want ya goin' hungry, ya understand me?"

Jeremy lets out a small chuckle at her comment. He doesn't say that she's the first cop to have caught him though. "Thanks again, I really appricated it. It's not easy getting money to eat." He admits though one in a while he will hit the homeless shelters and soup kitchens. "Are all police officers as nice as you?"

"Ah'm sure it's not. Tha city needs more fundin' for people who need it, an' less for bullshit like pretty Christmas trees and decorations." Not that Alessia is bitter or anything. "More soup kitchens, especially with how many people aren't makin' money like they used ta." A chuckle, glancing up at him. "Ah think ya know they aren't."

"I mostly try to avoid cops." Jeremy admits a bit sheepishly, but he knows she can guess why. They also try to tell him he can't loiter in places or sleep on benches. "And the homeless shelters aren't much different than being on the streets." He admits, though he was at a runaway shelter for a bit. "Christmas Decorations just reminds me it's gonna get cold."

"Ah'm sure ya do. Some of my brothers in blue aren't tha most understandin'. Ah try ta not be like that." Standing in line for hot dogs now, the empath looks over the younger guy. "We'll have ta get ya some warmer stuff then."

"Is that why they call it Southern hospitality?" Jeremy asks, and he's not being rude, he hardly has a rude bone in his body. Jeremy is only wearing a pair of glvoes with holes in them, a ragged jacket and his clothes are worn and dirty. It seems he's just dug up what he can. "You don't have to get me anything, the hot dog is enough."

The redhead laughs, amused. "Maybe. Maybe Ah jus' haven't been here in tha city long enough ta get all hard an' uncarin'." Arching an eyebrow at him as she's ordering three hot dogs, two orders of fries, a couple bottles of soda, and a bag of potato chips. "It's not havin' to, that makes me say it."

Jeremy nods with a smile. "I'm not orginally from the city either. I just ended up out here and well…" Things happened. Life just took a turn he wasn't expecting. "Well thank you again ma'am. I really do appricated it." And he really does.

She hands him two of the hot dogs, pointing with an elbow towards the condiments. "Ya can put tha chips in your bag for later." She hasn't forgotten she promised him a twenty, either. "Ma'am is my momma. Ya can call me Miss Alessia."

Jeremy puts some ketcup and mustard on the hot dogs, obviously not from New York since he's putting ketcup on his dogs. After taking a few hastey bites, it is his first meal of the day, Jeremy nods at her introduction. He swallows and wipes some of the ketcup off his face with his gloved hands. He's not removing those gloves even to eat. "I'm Jeremy. Thanks again." He can't say Thank You enough.

"Hey, slow down. Ah can buy ya another, if you're that hungry." After all, it's not like she's into designer shoes, or that she has any expensive hobbies. Most of her money is put in savings accounts or investments. "Nice ta meet ya, Jeremy."

Jeremy shakes his head. "Sorry, I haven't eaten today, you got me enough food." Where's he not too proud to take a handout, he doesn't want to take too much of one. "So how long have you lived up here in New York?" He asks trying to be poliet and make some conversation, even though there is still a bit of the timid nervousness.

"Not very long." Al smiles, because she's putting ketchup and mustard on her dog too. "Don't forget one of those french fries is meant for ya." Slowly gathering up their stuff, so they can get out of the way.

Jeremy takes what she bought him and moves away from the hot dog stand with Alessia. The second hot dog is eaten at a more reasonable pace and not inhaled. "I've been here around two years now." He says shivering a bit.

"Two years is a long time on your own. Good for you." She's not even being condescending, as she eats her hot dog, much more neatly than he had.

"Yeah, great for me." Jeremy mutters looking down at his feet. Almost two years of living on the streets of New York, trying to survive. Almost a year of dealing with a drug addiction to help deal with his mutation. Jeremy just looks down at the last bit of his unfinished hot dog with a sigh. He's not happy with his life or his situation.

"Hey. It could be worse. Ya could have been killed, or any number of things…" A nudge with her arm. "Trust me. It can always be worse. Ya've survived, an' Ah bet a lot of people couldn't have."

"How do you know I've survived better than other people could have?" Jeremy asks as he doesn't think anything good about his situation. "I know I could have died but that's pretty much the only thing I live for, not to die. And I'm probably slowly killing myself anyway."

"Because you're not some ramblin' idiot, for one. Ya still can feel guilty about doin' tha wrong thing. An' we're all slowly dyin', Jeremy." Alessia argues, finishing her hot dog. She eyes her watch. "My shift is almost up. Will ya do me a favor?"

Jeremy looks up at her with his eyes, tilting his head ever so slightly. "No, I actually used to be really smart." Well he's still smart he doesn't doesn't go to school or anything anymore. "What's that?" He asks in regards to the favour.

"Still are, Ah bet." And here is where she gambles. "Meet me back here in an hour or so?" Brows lifting.

Jeremy looks at Alessia for a while and nods slowly. "I guess, it's not like I have anywhere else to go." Unless he sees that talking cat again. "Thank you again for the food Miss Alessia."

"All right. Ah'll be back as soon as Ah can. Don't go gettin' inta any trouble while Ah'm gone." A mocking wag of a finger.

"I'll try not to." In an hour Jeremy can duck into a near by bathroom, and get his fix so he won't be jonsing for it later. "And I won't be going after any wallets while you're gone." He says honestly.

Alessia gives him a good look right in the eye. "All right. Ah'll be back, Ah promise. Meet ya here." Then she's heading off to find her car to go back to the precinct.

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