2010-02-02: Caught in the Act


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Summary: A car doesn't get "borrowed" … this time.

Date: Feb 2, 2010

Log Title Caught in the Act

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Garage

Home to various cars of teachers and X-men, the garage can house at least twenty vehicles. There is also an area that has a auto body shop set up so students and teachers and work on their cars. Almost any tool a mechanic needs can be found in this garage.

Mike is sitting on a stool in the auto-body shop, reading. Car and Driver. It's a well-worn issue, "Vehicles of the Future" - one of the speculation issues. The thought-bubble is almost visible over his head as he … speculates.

"Can you feel life movin' through your mind? Oooh! Looks like it came back for more! Can you feel time sliping down your spine? Oooh! Ya try to try to ignore! Yeah!" comes some very good singing from outside. It's followed soon after by Eddie coming into the garage. He's got headphones in and doesn't seem to notice Mike's in there. And he's singing happily as he walks. "But you can hardly swallow your fears and pain! When you can't help but follow…" he walks over to a car and peeks in the backseat window, apparently looking for something. "it puts you right back where you came!"

Mike looks up. He would quirk an eyebrow at the car-searching, but that's not really possible, so he very carefully turns OFF his internal radio, and connects his voice-sampler. A snatch of Peter Gabriel's voice comes out at a normal conversational tone: "HIThere!" and Mike puts the book down and stands, looking over at Eddie.

Mikhail is hopeing to try driving an actual car, so is going to "borrow" one, todays took is black jeans with a chain connecting on his belt buckles, a black button up shirt (which if you've got a good eye is a designer label), a black tie, the waistband of his underwear is just visable above the top of his jeans, hes got headphones around his neck connected to an ipod, and his dye blond hair is gelled into casual dissaray, he doesn't spot Mike or Eddie as he fiddles in his pocket looking for something.

"Live and Learn! Hanging on the edge of tomorrow! Live and Learn! From the works of yesterday! Live and Learn! If you beg or if you borrow! Live and Learn! You may never find your way!" Eddie sings on, checking the front passenger side of the car now. When what he's lookin for is not found, he nods. The voice catches his attention and Eddie turns around quickly, pulling out the earbuds and offering a smile. "Hi!" he greets. Mikhail is noticed but Eddie just gives him a curious look in attempt to figure out who he is.

Mike walks over to the dark-haired teen, writing on a 3x5 post-it note. Tonight, he promises himself, tonight I ask Dr. McCoy if he can make this transducer thing work without Magneto around.
He holds the note up for Eddie to read, and glances over at Mik, his eyelamps lighting up on high-beam so he can see what the chameleonic neo-blond is up to.
The note reads, "Hi, I'm Mike Dracos, I can't talk, what're you up to? Need some help?" Very helpful, yes.

Mikhail pulls out the thing he took the last time he was here, a set of car keys, thats when he hears Eddie, he quickly hides his hand bhind his back, hopeing Mike didn't see what he had.

Eddie blinks as he reads the note then grins at Mike and offers a hand. "Hi! I'm Eddie Parker-Mayfair," he says. "And thanks but I was just checking to see if I left something in this car. I know where it is now," he says cheerfully. A wave is then offered to Mikhail. "Hi!"

Mike looks a bit suspicious that Mikhail is hiding something behind his back, but knows that the guy is basically trustworthy. Right?
So he shakes the proferred hand, his own steel-and-steel-belted-rubber hand closing in a careful but warm … well, room temperature … grip. He thinks… Parker-Mayfair… Oh RIGHT, the guy whose dad teaches home ec!
He looses Eddie's hand and starts writing on an fresh note, "I have your dad as my home-ec teacher but he has been out sick, hope he's getting better. The sub they have is barking mad, she's oblivious that this is a school for mutants. She wanted me to taste my cooking!"
Outrage, that. No stomach, no taste buds, and eating his own cooking could quite literally kill his engine.

Mikhail waves at Eddie and Mike, "Heya", he says it nervously, kinda in the why a child would say it if they've done something wrong, he walks over and stands leaning against the car he "borrowed" the keys to.

Eddie tenses as Mike brings up Chris but keeps his smile. "Don't worry. Dad'll be back soon," he says. And he truely believes that. Don't question the faith! He blinks at Mikhail and then offers a hand to him. "I'm Eddie. Something wrong?"

Mike steps around to Mikhail and holds out a hand, flat, in the "give it back" posture. NOT going to rat on him, but NOT going to let him just … yeah. Bad Mikhail, no drive without permission slip!

Mikhail shakes his head, "Hey Eddie, im Mikhail, nothings wrong im good", when Mike walks over and holds out his hand he just looks at it, "What?", hes not giving it up, hes gonna play dumb for as long as he can.

Eddie jumps. "Mikhail? Wow…didn't recognize you. Ya look good, man," he says with a smile. He's confused by Mike so he just stands back and watches.

Mike writes quickly on a note, handing it to Mikhail: "Don't get ME in trouble for trusting you OK? I am your friend not your fall-guy. Give over."
It's up to Mikhail whether he shows it to Eddie. And of course no emotion shows on Mike's face, nor even his posture, because he's not putting the effort into exaggerating that.

Mikhail give a slight smile at Eddies smile, then sighs before holding out the keys and dropping them in Mike's hand, "Fine take them, I'll find another way", he crosses his arms and leans back against the car.

Eddie blinks as he sees the exchange of keys and frowns. "You shouldn't be going into the city right now, Mikhail," he says simply.

Mike closes a hand on the keys, and lightly taps the fist formed thereby against Mik's shoulder. "Thank you verra much," he says in Elvis-voice, gleaned just this morning as he hasn't inflicted it on anyone else yet.
He looks over at Eddie but has nothing prepared to say. Maybe the guy can make sense of Mikhail's obsession, though.

Mikhail rolls his eyes, a gesture he learned off TV last night, "I wasn't going to the city, i was just gonna practise, i dont see whats the big deal is", god! what is with people telling him what to do.

Eddie tilts his head to the side. "Well. Is that your car?" he asks simply.

Mike steps back to let Eddie try this scenario. It didn't work when he tried it. He's putting the key back on the key-board, considers some kind of security thing might be a good idea. If only a camera. Of course, here, who knows if the students might just be able to override such a thing.

Mikhail sighs and shakes his head, "No its not, im borrowing one, i got no way of buying a car", he really should have waited till after dark to do this, stupid, stupid Mik!.

Eddie blinks. "Well that's the problem," he says simply. "It's not yours. You're not allowed to take it without the permission of the other," he says.

Mike leans against the wall by the keyboard. Counting. He does, actually, know how many keys there were, even if he didn't make a snapshot of them like Mik can do. And he can compare keys to vehicles in the garage.

When hes told he can't take the car it makes him kinda angry, not the animal part, the human part, he grins widely, "Ok no problem, i'll do that next time", he then runs to the board, grabs another pair of keys, runs out of the garage, "See ya!", runs at full speed across the grounds before disappearing over the wall surrounding the grounds.

Mike PINGS. Oops. He glances at the wall-clock, and notices that it's about 5 minutes before the start of his danger-room session, so of course his alarm went off.
He writes quickly - "Dnager oom sessnion, gotta .. dammit." THIS key-theft is gonna be reported to the teachers, in… 5 minutes, basically. He vaults a car to reach the backpack where his ghastly creamsicle uniform waits, and waves to Eddie as he starts out the door, not even pausing for "BYEEEE".

Eddie sighs sadly as Mikhail goes off. "All will be well…" he murmurs. "Have a good session, MIke!" he calls. The power booster lingers before starting to walk away from the garage slowly.

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