2009-04-06: Caught Off Guard


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Summary: Someone catches someone else SLEEPING, then they compare notes.

Date: April 6, 2009

Log Title Caught Off Guard

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Scott Summer's Office

You see nothing out of place.

Scott actually has a time to relax, after the invasion, the mansion needing repairs /twice/, the dorms being built. He really deserves some time off. But a short nap in his office will have to do, even he has a breaking point when he just falls asleep. His glasses are on his head as his eyes are shut. It's quiet in his office, papers reviewing student's Danger Room sessions are stacked neatly on the desk, seems he was looking them over.

It's been a couple days since she's been in town, and well - Scott's been busy. And driving back and forth is getting a little bothersome, so Alison has finally taken it into her own hands to just stop beating around the bush and storm the office to check up on Scott. And goody, the door's ajar.

Which doesn't really prepare her for what she sees. Ol' Fearless himself, -zonked out-. Alison makes an 'OMYGOSH!' face, suddenly deciding it's a very good idea to be quiet right now. Oh yes. It's such a good idea that -nothing- makes any noise while she slips into the office. Actually, it's still making it, it's just that no one can hear it. Alison surveys the desk, and finds a place to actually sit on the surface without squashing anything or moving anything out of the way. And she just STARES at him for a second, even as she stops absorbing sound and waiting to see if he wakes up on his own.

The reflective coating on Scott's lenses show Alison a view of herself, rose tinted. The headmaster of the school opens his mouth, only to close it soon after with a smack os his tongue on the roof of his mouth. He speaks a soft "Jean." in his sleep, he still thinks about her apparently. His brown hair tosses as he starts to stir. He's coming out of it.

Alison waits for a few moments for him to be closer to awake than asleep, then says calmly - "You know, Slim, it's nice that you're finally taking everyone's advice and all, but I think this is PROBABLY taking 'relaxing' too far." She's teasing, though who knows wether or not that'll get through to him as he comes down off his nap.

He hadn't even opened his eyes before he hears a familiar voice. "Wasn't relaxing, been up for a day working on lesson plans and getting the Corsairs and X-Force ready." He knew from the loudness of her voice that she was close by. "I heard you came and visited a few times, we just finished remodeling, mid-year." He explains a little before moving his head up, looking at Alison. "How have you been, Alison?"

"I've been better," Alison admits freely, grinning down at Scott briefly before easing herself off the desk to actually use one of the chairs. "Things have kinda' sucked, and London didn't clear my head like I thought it might, so I figured if things had to suck I could deal with them sucking in a more familiar place." But then she puts her elbow on the edge of the desk, and rests her chin on that hand. "How about you? I mean, aside from all that stuff you just said."

"Apart from that, alright, lots of students now. We're growing, we built a dorm behind the main building. Most of the kids are fine, a couple months ago, Sinister abducted some of them and made them horsemen." The headmaster is also doing this job by himself, Emma's left do to something, she left quite unannounced. "Kitty's back, so is Piotr." Scott doesn't mention some things, but those are trivial.

Alison smiles a little at the mention of Kitty and Pete, but then makes something of a face. "Mmmhmm. Translation: You're even more stressed out and overworked than usual, friendly faces are coming back at a good time but none of us are the type you actually really NEED to be able to get through this and get a good night's sleep." Brows go up, that smile is back. "Am I close?"

She's got it on the nose, but you know, there's only two people that can ease Scott's workload like Emma did, Jean and the Professor. "I can get through this, sleep can come later." He says, looking to the Danger Room reports. "We've got squads now, for the students. It seems to work out well." Scott looks back to Alison. "As much as I hate to admit it, Emma being here and helping out did make it easier."

Alison just closes her eyes and shakes her head at that. "The White Queen being one of the good guys is just never going to wrap itself properly around my brain, but I'll take your word for it." Sitting back up, she decides that she's either going to have to change the subject or volunteer to teach or something. So she changes the subject. "How's the kid who's bacon I saved on the Upper West Side doing?"

Scott gives a nod, he still doesn't trust Emma completely yet. "Which kid was that?" he asks, there's been only one incident he knows about, and alison wasn't mentioned on that report. "There was one in Central Park, but some of the X-Force and the New Mutants took care of that."

Alison shakes her head, trying to remember. "This was at a jewelry store. Someone roughed him up, got some hair - he was concussed, that's all I really got from him. Vladimir, I think is his name? He said he was a student here. I didn't have my bike at the time or I'd have given him a ride back myself."

"Oh, Vladimir. Well, now that's the second incident he's had in the city this week." Scott says, mildly frustrated. "You know, if the kids would just stay in Westchester, I don't think they'd be caught up in as much stuff as they are now." Not to mention half of them can't defend themselves against super-powered people yet. "He's in the medbay, resting."

"And how realistic is it that bored kids, nine out of ten of whom don't come from wealthy families, aren't gonna hoof it out to the bus stop or save their lunch money to take an expensive out to the most exciting city in the world? — ESPECIALLY teenagers!" Alison shakes her head, "Sheesh, and I thought the X-Babies were rough." Another shake of the head and Ali continues, "Anyway, the guy who attacked him was in a costume - all black. Must have had some kind of eye-shielding too, 'cause he shrugged off a dazzle-burst. He gave me the slip after I ducked aside to make sure the kid was okay."

Scott gives a nod. "Admittedly, most of them carpool up there from one of the rich kids. But some just take the forty minute bus trip, they manage to save up money, there's also the chores money some of them get." The headmaster shakes his head as he's explained about the incident. "Well, at least Vladimir was alright. There'll be more times to catch the bad guy." But if Cyclops had been there, and lost the baddie, he'd be totally pissed at himself.

Ali smirks, "Yeah. And if I see him again, I'm not gonna go so easy on him. I'm just glad there wasn't a crowd -while- it was happening, or I'd have been -really- embarrassed." She starts casting about for - ahah. Notepad, right there. "I'm gonna give you my new address, phone number, all that jazz. I'm not signing back up for Active Duty, but I do want you to call me if something big comes up, or there's something I can help you out with outside of what you've got going on here."

"These technopaths… where were they back when I was a student? We've got three on campus now, one who apparently figured out how to use the defenses, and Vladimir is the other. One of these days I bet one of them is gonna try and hijack my car." He's used to harmless pranks, but /no one/ touches that car. "If I get any panic buttons pressed in the city, I'll give you a call." He doesn't bring up the available position, but he does mention "You're free to drop back by anytime, have a visit."

"Oh, count on -that- much at least," Ali enthuses. "A lot of these kids are actually FANS. Which is totally a nice change from drunken louses slurring 'Loook-izzatwhassername-bird. Th'onwivthevoice…n'th-makeup.'" — that last in her very best affected drunk-Brit accent. Then she rolls her eyes. "Ugh. Anyway. Likewise, you know. You've gotta get out of Westchester SOMEtimes, after all."

"I'll consider it." He offers, which in Scott-speak could mean 'maybe'. He actually remembers the last time that he was in the city, he was with the rest of the team. "It would be nice to get out of here some time." Most he gets is the occasional cruise in his corvette these days. He's overworked, and that's an understatement, though he'd rather be overworked than idle all the time. "We used to be able to hear the girls playing your music below our rooms. So I know you've got fans here."

Alison grins. "I signed -three- CDs for a girl earlier." Oh yes, loves the fans. Fans are awesome. "I should get going - Harry's trying to dig up some studio work for me, gotta go meet with some people." As she eases up to a stand, she adds, "Pencil me in for some Danger Room time somtime this week too, would ya'? It's been a while since I fought anybody for serious, and I could use the brush up in the ol' Ghoul Squad's Murder Box." TOTALLY teasing with the last bit, but the prior sentiment is serious enough.

Scott gives a small smirk with the last bit. "Done, we've got some time open. Oh here." He stands up and looks to Alison before opening a drawer and pulling out a keycard. "And if… you could just keep the napping thing between us… that would be great." He says, getting a little red in the cheeks, he's not really one to show his weaknesses. The keycard is given to Alison. "It'll get you into the Danger Room, and the rest of the restricted access places. We had to upgrade the security a while back. This makes things easier." Until one of those technopaths tries to hack it.

Alison takes the keycard, "My lips are sealed," she promises about the nap thing. "Keycards are a good idea, really. A little friendlier than the biometrics." She looks over it, then puts the key in her pocket. "Thanks. I promise not to throw any wild parties in the war room." Ali winks, then reaches over to mess up Scot's hair a little. "Next time you feel a nap attack coming on, at least brew some coffee, huh?"

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