Dr. Cecilia Reyes
Cecilia Reyes
Portrayed By Rosario Dawson
Gender Female
Date of Birth That's my business.
Age 29. Even in ten years, 29.
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Dr. Reyes
Place of Birth NYC, NY
Current Location Salem Center, NY
Occupation MD
Known Relatives Miguel Reyes (brother)
Significant Other None
Identity Public
Known Abilities Bioplasmic Force Field
First Appearance ???

I called you crazy for doing this. Now, I'm doing it to. So, yeah. Call me crazy.


Family was the most important thing in her life. That's what she was always taught to uphold and believe in. However, even that was torn away from her before she ever became a woman. Raised in the Bronx, Cecilia had what most Americans call a standard family. Two children, and two parents. However, money was always a problem, but like many families, they made do.

When Cecilia was eight, she and her father were walking home from picking up groceries. Things… finally caught up with him. He had made mistakes in his life, one was borrowing money from the wrong person. He never could pay it back. The thugs they sent to 'draw a little blood' were new to the racket and drew a little too much. They gunned Cecilia's father down in front of her. She sat there, holding her father, unable to do anything to help him.

It was in that moment that she decided. No matter what happened, she would become a doctor. She would save lives that could be saved and do everything she could to prevent that from happening to someone else. The family struggled, with herself and her brother picking up jobs (when they were old enough) to help support, but they managed. Until her adult life, everything else was as close to normal as possible.

Life progressed. Scholarships were gained. A doctorate was gained. It was the proudest moment of Cecilia's life. She had finally accomplished the goal that she had strived so hard for. Her brother went into the military.

One thing that she never realized until she was older, was that she was a mutant. Some powers don't manifest in violent outbursts and displays of fanciness. Hers… was quiet. She never realized it until she was actually employed at a hospital in New York, during Operation: Zero Tolerance.

During OZT, she was suddenly targetted by the Prime Sentinels. She was rescued by Iceman, Marrow, and Sabra and dragged along for the ride until SHIELD shut down Bastion and his group. Her forcefields were quite useful throughout the fight, but she still wasn't convinced that she wanted to do something of that nature.

She helped out the X-Men repeatedly over the next few months, even going as far as travelling into the N'Garai dimension, where they tried to experiment upon her, only to be saved by her mutant powers. That pushed a lot to help her accept who she really was.

After trying to stay in the city again, she ended up being unable to hide herself and wound up with the X-Men in a fight with the Neo. During the fight, she simply could not hold her own until she forced herself to do something that went completely against her ethics… she took drugs to stay awake. The enhancement drug Rave… empowered her. It kept her powers running on high and enabled her to protect people that couldn't otherwise.

On the drug, she learned new ways to use her powers… accidentally doing the one thing she never wanted to do. She killed one of the Neo with her newfound abilities, causing her to be the primary target of the Neo. However, she still had people to protect and couldn't allow herself to stop taking the drug and let her shields fall.

After a lot of fighting, the Neo Elysia convinced the others to stop the fighting. However, Cecilia was still fighting her addiction to Rave. She went back to the mansion with the X-Men in order to kick her addiction.

She stayed around the mansion from time to time, mainly because the medical technology at the mansion was outstanding, and the people there really did need an actual medical doctor around. She did what she could to help out, especially Beast and his efforts to cure the legacy virus. She was there the night that he discovered it.

Something didn't feel right to her in the way that one of the X-Men was responding to everything, after they realized that the person who took the cure would be forced to die to save everyone else. Taking it upon herself to stay down there and guard it just in case. That was when Piotr came down. He knew that she could keep him back with her powers, but if he did nothing physical… it could get her. Spraying a gas into the air, he knocked her out.

When she awoke, Colossus was lying on the floor. Cecilia did everything she could, but… he was dead. IT was then, that she made the decision to leave the X-Men for good, in order to focus on her career.

Once again, her plans were turned against her desires. While visiting Canada, she was taken in by the Weapon X program and placed in the 'non-existant' Neverland facility, where she met her fellow X-Man Maggot. Despite having their powers deactivated there, Cecilia still held her morals high, defending those that couldn't protect themselves, and doing her job as a doctor with the supplies she had at hand.

Eventually, the facility was destroyed, and many of the mutants contained were killed. An explosion knocked the power dampener away, just before something hit her. Her shield flared into life and saved her. However, it knocked her a distance away, and knocked her out. When she awoke, she was in another location and with a few other survivors. Anger flooded her as she realized that she can't have a normal life, no matter what she does.

She spent the next few months making sure the others made it out of Canada safely before she turned her sights back on Westchester county. She had never wanted to be a mutant. She never wanted to use her powers 'for the good of man'. She's a doctor. She wants to save lives. But to save lives, she's now realized that she has to take a more active turn of events. Hopefully… the school will have her back. However, she doesn't realize how much the school's changed since she's been away.


February 11, 2009 Along with Cannonball, Cyclops, and Iceman, Cecilia goes to investigate the new forcefield covering the Pyramid in Memphis. While there, they meet Wave. Are You an Alien?


  • "I said it!"


  • Amazing thing!


Bioplasmic Force Field - Cecilia's power is to create a bioplasmic forcefield close to her body. This forcefield is tangible and visible, creating a soft orange plasma about her body. The field is activated either by her mental command or by kinetic force. Any kinetic force beyond a basic tap on the shoulder will cause it to activate, unless she actively chooses not to. She can cause the field to pop up at will, too. Most of the time, the field appears in partial sections, rather than over her entire body, however it CAN cover everything. The field is watertight but NOT airtight. Gases will enter and exit the field. The field is extremely powerful, to the point that it has absorbed a high level punch from the Juggernaut before, and turned away Wolverine's claws. However, any damage/force levelled against her field is felt, full force, by Cecilia. While it will not do any physical damage, she feels the pain. The two mentioned before both caused her to pass out from the pain. Her forcefield is made for short, quick bursts, not for extended use at a single time. She can hold her field for about five minutes at a time before it starts to wear on her, mentally. Using it in short bursts, to prevent damage doesn't bother her, other than the physical pain. However, when using it to protect a group of people, it can only be held shortly before she has to let it down for a few moments before putting it back up again. The field CAN be extended to a maximum dome of about ten feet in diameter. However, when it's that large, damage inflicted does cause it to weaken rapidly, as she's trying to hold the field and dealing with more pain. She can only hold the extended fields for two to three minutes before being unable to hold it up any longer.


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