2012-09-25: Cellmates


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Summary: Warlock and Nick bond considering the circumstances.

Date: September 25, 2012

Log Title: Cellmates

Rating: PG-13

Small Church - Holding Cell

Dim lights hang from the high ceiling giving just enough light to see decently, not that there is much to see in the concrete room. The tall ceiling goes up at least twenty feet and the blinking red lights of cameras in each corner are visible, there is no privacy here. There are no windows and the only door into room seems to be a solid sheet of steel from this side. The sent of stale, musty air, hangs about the room. Bolted against two of the walls, at a height of two feet, are steel benches, which seem to double as the only thing to sleep on as well. A steel toilet, with a sink on the top, is situated in the corner for those who need it.

Warlock is sitting in the spot he seems to spend most of his time when in this room with his back against the wall, while his cut lip and brused face and throat hasn't seemed to be better but they've in no way started to heal, his torso however is much more heavily brused and he's having real trouble moving his left arm.

Nicholas has been trying to do some exercising but it hasn't been easy, with everything he does leading to pain. "Five sit ups has never been this painful before in my life." He says lying, back against the floor and his legs bent for the sit ups. "How are you holding up Lock? You still able to withstand it?"

Warlock looks over at the other telekinetic, "For now yeah, not sure of the answer tomorrow, but I'm keeping quiet", he winces as he shifts round to look over properly, "I'm more worried about Connor, he bad is he gonna be when that thing on his arm runs out?"

Nicholas moves so he's sitting cross legged on the floor and shrugs. "I really don't know, Lock. I don't know what's going to happen with that. I don't know what his medication does or what happens when he doesn't have it. It's hard ya know." He says putting his hand in his hands. "Trying not to lose it, especially when all those guys out there are responsible for….everything. And I can't do anything, I just have to sit here at their mercy and wait while they're just beyond that door."

Warlock runs a hand though his hair, "We just have to focus on staying quiet and keeping Connor together, we can do this. Connor can be something for us all to focus on together, keeping his mind whole could help us to keep ours, you get what I mean?"

Nicholas winces as a scream can faintly be heard from either Connor or Quenton in the other room. "I guess, it's just hard when you feel like you're about to lose it at any second, that mix of wanting to destroy something or curl up and cry and you don't know which one, if either, will make you feel better." He looks over towards the door and bites on his lower lip a bit. "Him and Q just seem to be able to handle this and I just…I guess you're right, we gotta make sure Connor doesn't lose it." But what if he loses it?

"Nick, as long as I can keep going you can, you've lost your folks, your home, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, you're strong", Lock lests out a gasp of pain as he crawls over to Nick (which is harder than it sounds one handed), "You have your horse right? Orion? Try and focus on that, it's just pain, yeah it hurts like hell but theres help coming, we just need to bear it a little longer".

"Lock!" Nicholas says as Warlock cries out in pain and tries to offer him a hand. "I really hope there's help coming, I'm just scared." He then stops for a few moments before nodding. "Yeah, I have Orion, I hope he's being taken care of. I've had him since I was thirteen, he was barely train then. Do…do you have any pets? Or did you with your Grandmother?" He asks trying to focus on the subject.

Warlock gets to Nick without taking help, for now he needs to keep himself going, "My Grandmother doesn't believe in keeping animals cooped up but we do have a cat that hangs around a lot, apparently gran can't escape the old cliches", Lock smiles to himself as he sits down, "So what's the name Orion about? there a story behind it or you just like the name?"

"I named him after the constellation, ya know, Orion's belt?" Nicholas says. "Orion was a hunter in Greek or Roman Mythology, I can't remember which one. I just didn't want to name him something silly like Sugarlumps or Twinkle. A cat, did he or she have a name or anything you called it?" He shifts a bit trying to get comfortable but it's really not possible.

Warlock hmms, "I think it's greek and yeah much better name than some sort of rejected my little pony", he shakes his head, "Nah we never gave her a name, she doesn't belong to us, more a visitor".

"Sometimes strays get names." Nicholas says remembering a few of the strays with names back home. "I still refuse to watch that My Little Pony stuff, not my thing." Too girly. He looks at Warlock for a bit and smirks to himself. "It's stupid, it takes us being trapped in the same cell being tortured and facing death to become friends."

Warlock chuckles, "They do say, every cloud…", he shrugs, "Maybe when we get outta here we can market this out as some sort of therpy, bringing people together, though it may mean breaking several parts of the geneva code…"

For the first time in days Nick cracks a smile that turns into a quite and short chuckle. "Yeah, next time two kids don't get along at Xavier's, throw them in a cell and torture them for a bit, they'll be friends in non time." He scratches at the stubble on his face and makes a face. "But that's not fully what I meant, it's more, you're not a bad guy Lock, I just sometimes don't really see people for who they are."

"Don't mention it to Frost, from some of the stuff I've heard she may just consider it", Lock shakes his head, "I can be a little guarded with who I am, I'm used to keeping secrets, so I can make it hard to see that I'm not a bad guy. Also I have that annoying tendancy to constantly apoligies when nervous".

"Well I'm glad you're not apologizing to these guys." Nicholas says trying to make a joke. "I'm just trying to find myself again, I haven't been doing well with my parents being gone and now this, I don't know how I'm gonna come out of it."

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