2011-3-16: Cemetery Showdown

Players: Ahdi and Vance

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Summary: Vance's alone time at his dad's gravesite is interrupted by an alien invasion. Ahdi shows up to help out.

Date: March 16, 2011

Log Title: Cemetery Showdown

Rating: PG-13

Westchester - Abandoned Cemetery

This cemetery has seen better days. And by the looks of things, those days are long past. Broken headstones, overgrown grass, rundown mausoleums, the epitome of spooky graveyard. One oddness stands out, though. Starting at the far left end of the graveyard, some of the gravesites seems to have been cleaned up, the headstones washed, the grass trimmed, even flowers left on each one. Of course, some of the first rows' flowers are now dead.

It is early Wednesday evening, the weather is surprisingly war, but the air around the old cemetery seem cold and misty. A car pulls up into the quiet little cemetery hidden away within the woods of Upstate New York near Westchester. As the car pulls into the gate of the cemetery, out steps young Vance Astrovik, known publicly at the Avenger, Justice, but today simply Vance. Dressed in a black suit and holding flowers, the young mutant makes his way through the cemetery until he stops at a specific headstone near the outer edge of the cemetery looking out into the woods. The headstone reads Arnold AStrovik and Vance remains silent and closes his eyes as he stands before the headstone.

Ahdi isn't in hiding as is hisusual way, but stands a few rows down from where Vance is, squatting over a stone. Squinting at the letters carved in it he attempts to figure out what, exactly, it's for. He has been able to figure out this place is a place to put to rest fallen hunters, yet he can't understand what all the large carved rocks are for, unless maybe there are many people in each hole, and these mark their families? If so, there are amny many more families than Ahdi could ever have thought.

Vance opens his ways and places the flowers down on the gravestone and then speaks in almost a whisper, “Sorry, dad. I know I know. I shouldn’t be. It was an accident and I’ve paid for what happened but everyday this year I can’t help but forget what happened. I am really really sorry.” He touches the headstone and kneels down in front of it. The headstone is filthy, but without touching it dirt and weeds that are around it seem to move on their own and be tossed aside as he uses his telekinesis to clean it up as much as he can. The air seems to grow colder within the cemetery despite the warmth of the day.

Ahdi cross references what he knows, with what he heres Vance saying, and ponders the meanings of this. If it means what he thinks, than this place must be a way to get into touch with your ancistors after they die. The change in temp only inforces this thought, the spirits from his home planetdoing something similar when they decide to speak to him. One thing does puzzle him as he stands from his crouch and glances around at all the graves, his ears picking up movement in the trees around it, how could there be so many dead? Surely there couldn't be many more people than what he saw in the stone villages around here, and if they die this fast, there would be none left soon.

Not noticing Ahdi or the change in temperature, Vance continues using his telekinesis to clean off the gravestone. It doesn’t occur to him until he can actually see his breath that he realizes how cold it really is. Suddenly reptilian like hisses can be heard filling up the cemetery and two blasts of electricity are fired from the edge of the cemetery. One towards Ahdi and the other towards Vance.

Ahdi lets a puff of air out as, blurringly fast, he throws himself into a roll, aiming to get behind a tomb stone. As his body rolls up his left and right hands each slide a long knife from it's sheath blurringlyly fast. He expands his sense of hearing so that it sharpens to an amazing degree, attempting to place where the thing that shot is at, and anything else in the area. Once he has a lock on whatever it is, it better be good at hiding.

Hearing the hissing, Vance has only seconds to react to the blast and that is all it takes when a telekinetic shield is erected around his body. The blast strikes the shield and block it from striking the Avenger. Now very upset as his moment with his father has been interrupted, he takes off in the air and searches about. Spotting Ahdi hiding behind a gravestone and realizing he is not the one who attacked Vance yells down, “Remain hidden. Whoever attacked will be dealt with. Harshly!” More blasts about five shoot at Vance simultaneously as the villains are revealed. Five alien Queega reveal themselves from various points in the cemetery. They are large reptilian aliens. Their skin matching the leaves of the trees. They each have an electrical halo over their foreheads which seem to be the source of the electrical shocks. They limber forward towards the center of the cemetery surrounding Ahdi’s hiding space as they continue to shoot a Vance in the air.

Ahdi has all of his targets placed now, and without a word leaps up from the ground onto the tombstone in front of him. spinning on the spot, his hands fling out in opposit directions. Each knife whistles across the distence toward a scaly chest, though Ahdi doesn't wait around to see if they impact, he is already sprinting the distence toward a third, moving almost as fast as the knives he will attempt to hurtle right up beside the lizard, reach out a hand, and snag it by the throat so he can use his forward momentum to swing around behind the beast and bring a knee crashing into it's back.

The knives strike two of the Queega right in their chests and they fall over hissing sharply and shooting electrical blasts randomly throughout the cemetery. A third Queega finds itself in Ahdi's grasp with his knee planted firmly in its back as it shakes wildly hoping throw Ahdi off of it.
Vance remains in the air as the blasts are stopped by his field. Impressed by how Ahdi moves, he smirks, "Maybe you will protect me. But leave me some of those nasty Queega to fight." Suddenly the two remaining Queega are lifted off the ground and high into the air as each is trapped in a TK field. However the two stabbed Queega are not dead as they randomly blast electricity into the cemetery high above them a ship appears firing a blast into the cemetery and a white flash of light fills the it and then those who have sight are now rendered blind.

Ahdi lets out an angry growling noise as he suddnely loses his sight from some sort of flying, thing. His hearing, however, is just as good for navigation. Closing his eyes he holds on to the back of his scaly opponent with all his strength. Using his knee for leverage, both of his gloved hands snap up to the alien's chen as he attempts to drop one foot to the ground, force his other further into the reptile's back for leverage, and then violent twist the thing's head to break it's neck. He isn't at all sure if this will kill it, but he figures it might.

The alien fighting Ahdi simply stops moving as its neck has been snapped. The two who were stabbed, pull out the knife and hurl the knives rather clumsily towards him as they rush forward to attack the sightless hero.
The sudden blindness does a disservice to Vance as he suddenly drop the two he had imprisoned onto the ground and he remains hovering for a moment in the air above the cemetery, "You think I need to see to beat you?" He asks as his natural mutant talents are kicked up a notch. Feeling every inch of the surrounding area with his telekinesis to get a sense of where everyone is.

Ahdi listens to his own knives flying toward him, one in danger of hitting his thigh and the other going far to his left. Moving as if sight is no issue for him he stoops and snags the first knife out of the air, then bounds to the left to catch the seccond. Twirling them in his hands he dances back to listen to his approaching oponents, ready to spring away if they open fire with more electricity. He will wait for both of them to come into striking distence before he acts, confadent they won't be an issue.

Sensing the aliens down below, but the ship up above, Vance hopes Ahdi can handle the ones on the ground as he attempts a direct attack on the ship. Setting the entire ship in a Telekinetic field, he strains as it attempts to fly. Holding back an entire alien ship put pressure onto the young hero, but reaches down deep and suddenly every window on the ship shatters.
On the ground as Ahdi grabs his knives. The two injured aliens rush him. One attempts a high tackle coming from Ahdi's left and the other a lower tackle coming from Ahdi's right.

Ahdi leaps to his right as the two try and tackle him. Launching the knife from his right hand straight down toward this alien's back he also lashes out with a foot, trying to both knock it flat to the ground and push himself further into the air so he can take his seccond dagger in both hands as the seccond alien flies toward him at what is now his waist hight, and drive it into its back as well.

The Queega hiss out loudly as it is slashed across the back. Its flesh rips open and it runs out of the cemetery in incredible pain, most likely to die from blood loss. The other successfully tackles Ahdi but finds the knife embedded into its shoulder blades. It lets out another howl. However two more Queega make their way towards the fighting alien and Ahdi and unleash ice blasts strong enough to encase a human in ice.
Lowering the field around the ship, Vance flies into it through the window he has shattered.
Ahdi lets out a woosh of breath as he impacts with the ground, aQueega on top of him. As the others rush up with their cold rays he does the only thing he can think of. Ahdi jerks his knife back out of the queega in front of him and pulls his knees up to his chest, attempting to kick the thing off of him at the aproaching freeze blast and attempt to roll out of the way, though this style of attack is new to him.
While new to him, the attack works as the injured Queega is suddenly encased in ice. The two uninjured Queega fire off blasts one an electrical blast, the other an ice blast shooting off round after round trying to catch Ahdi. Vance remains on the ship as suddenly it's raining Queega as he uses his telekinesis to hurl alien and after off the ship through the shattered windows he made as he makes his way towards the control panel.

Ahdi pants as he gains his feet and is suddenly put on the defensive, sprinting toward the trees edging the cimitary as he dodges left and right in an attempt to avoid the electric and ice blasts. Once he reaches the first tree he dodges around behind it, attempting to vanish from sight. Out of sight, out of mind.

The two Queega curse in their native tongue as Ahdi evades their blasts and seemingly disappears. They look about as their fellow aliens are being flung off the ship. Finally making his way to the control area, Vance remains with one Queega on the ship and begins to see his telekinesis to force the alien to release the white flash again. Which it does. Once again there is a white flash of energy in the cemetery and on the ship and sight is returned to Vance and Ahdi.

Ahdi isn't one to take getting shot at lightly. Not slowing down from a full sprint, Ahdi has circled through the trees in just an instant. He blinks as his sight is restored but doesn't let it bother him as he streeks fast and deadly from the trees behind the two Queega who were shooting at him before. He only has one of his two knives left, but as he comes quickly up behind the two he thinks it will do nicely. As for the rest of the aliens falling to earth, well, they'll get theirs if they choose to shoot at him.

The two Queega suddenly turn to find Ahdi directly behind them. Instead of blasting, they attempt a more physical fight one attempts to knock the knife from Ahdi’s hand as the other attempts to backhand Ahdi across his face. The other Queega who were flung from the ship find themselves incased in telekinetic fields as Vance flies out, “ARMOR is on its way and you will all be arrested.” He catches sight of Ahdi and the other two aliens.

Ahdi slowed from a full sprint as he approached the Queega, so it is no issue for him to stop completely. The two blows aimed at him by the Queega are easily avoided. They should know better than to attack a Grand Master Atjadni hunter like himself, young though he is. The knife flashes toward the first Queega as he attempts to come in low and jam it up under the alien's jaw, then jerk it out and dance quickly around the other lizard, flipping his knife around so the tip points downward. He aims the strike at the base of this one's skull, having planned these moves out for in case they turned to face him, even if misses the first strike he will attempt the seccond.

Both moves are successful as the two Queega aliens drop. The knife attacks doing quick work to them. In the distance a giant ARMOR ship dwarfing the Queega ship flies overhead. Suddenly, every Queega alive or dead is seemingly teleported away as is the Queega ship. With any evidence of the aliens gone. As the ARMOR ship leaves, Vance seems to have left too. His quiet time at his father’s gravesite taken away from him. He returns to the city. Upset and angered.

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