2010-10-26: **Censored**


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Summary: While a few heroes are minding their own business… a very adult-oriented group of villains attacks.

Date: October 26, 2010

** *CENSORED* **

Rating: R for adult humor and racy/raunchy moments

NYC - Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is a residential and shopping area of Manhattan. The neighborhood is upscale and home to the richer residents of New York City. Row houses line the streets in-between the more commercial buildings of the city. Upscale restaurants, clothing and jewelry stores can be found on the Upper West Side.

Shopping therapy is always a good thing for some. Especially when they have a lot on their minds. Billy Kaplan Maximoff is out and about picking up some new things. New clothes for himself, for Teddy, and even some other interesting items that may come in useful when he's trying new styles of cooking. It's been a decent day, despite his recent confusion with some spells. He raises his hand to brush through his hair as he looks about, a slight smile on his face.

As the weather gets colder, everyone finds the need to update their winter wardrobe. And when you come from Texas, you really don't have much of that lying around. Kael walks out of one of the stores; putting on some gloves that he just bought, flexing his fingers as he smiles; proud of the purchase. Warm hands make for happy hands! He closes up his jacket a bit and looks around. Now what's next to update…

Having finished working with some new students at Barnes, Drew Daniels, decided a night away from Barnes and away from SHIELD would be wonderful. Making his way to the Upper West Side, he wonders how New York City will be during Halloween. He smiles, "Wow…what's a wind manipulator from Texas to do…" He makes his way to a store, "No SHIELD, no Barnes student, no Texans. Just a night to myself." He walks down the street, dressed in his Western wear. He lowers his hat, leans against a wall and smokes a cigarette. A full-fledged Marlboro man.

Jennifer has just finished a nice, upscale business dinner with one of the senior partners of the firm, discussing things like her future, the future of the firm, and if, legally, a hive mind of super intelligent space termites constitute as one being or thousands. Having done with her dinner she sees her partner off and heads towards one of the larger parking structures in the area to pick up her car.

Index is quite accustomed to the weather, being native to the city of New York. He's wearing a light jacket and softly whistling a nice tune to himself. He's so minding his own business. There is something about having an unexciting evening to yourself that's fantastic. Which is why when he sees the other Barnes employees, he just averts his eyes. Actually, he goes out of his way to stare down at his shoes, even though he sort of watches where he's going. Sort of.

Walking down the street with a German Shepard, unleashed, at his side, Queztal has decided to do a bit of clothing shopping that might be fitting for a teacher since it is his new role at Barnes. He can't really wear his SHIELD uniform all the time nor should he wear jeans. He hasn't had much luck and is deciding to head back when he over hears Drew Daniel's make his comment as he walks by him and lets out a chuckle as he passes.

Corrin whistles tunelessly through his teeth as he does his own shopping. A new shirt, some socks, and a plastic egg of Silly Putty for his office mate. Koz will be thrilled. He grins and heads up the street. Got a library book to return, next.

As the people go about their basic business, a nearby jewelry store's window bursts outward from the inside, and a woman comes, surfing out on a wave of white liquid. The woman has huuuuuge… tracts of land, and is wearing a costume so revealing that even Psylocke or Emma Frost would blush from embarassment. The term 'gownless evening straps' might come to mind. "Anoder success for Lactosa!" She cries, thick Jamaican accent sliding out easily. Her body is a deep cocoa shade with hair coiffed and jeweled hanging down to the middle of her back. "Come, my friends! We must leave now to count our riches!" The others are not yet visible.

Billy holds his bags as the window bursts outward. As he looks at the woman's costume, he simply slaps his forehead. "Oh god, this looks like it might get worse than Turner D. Century." He says as he chants softly, sending the bags home before leaping into the sky and converting his street clothes to his costume.

The window exploding and the accent catches the attention of the aerokinetic as he turns his head towards the sound of the voice. And within a split second of the sight, he turns his head the other way; his cheeks red from both the cold and embaressment. "Why today…," mumbles Kael before he just lets out a breath and keeps her in his peripheral vision as he checks to see if anyone within eyesight got hurt by the glass.

Observing what is happening, Drew makes no bold move. Rushing into these types of things can be bad and embarassing. He continues smoking his cigarette and taps onto a hidden SHIELD combadge and speaking in his Texan twang, "Situation in Upper West Side." He taps the badge again so any SHIELD people in the area note he is here and he'll be alerted anyone else is here. A wind starts to build up in the vicinity of the store. Not overly powerful but getting there.

You know, one would think that after having a rather tongue-in-cheek comic book run of her own AND working at GLK&H for the past year or so, that Jennifer would be used to this sort of thing. Well, she's obviously not, since the site of Lactosa and her… mammeries of doom… leave her staring, mouth open, in disbelief. "You have GOT to be kidding me," she mumbles to herself. She recovers quickly, though, shifting into her big, green alter ego and starts running towards the commotion.

At this supervillain-style gloating, Index's eyes flick upwards. He sighs, almost smiling at the nostalgic properties of the heist, "The city never changes…" Until he gets a look at Lactosa. "…except the kids are always dressing sluttier and sluttier." He decides to do the responsible thing and, hm, has no disguise on his person. Not even a totally weak little band of fabric that somehow gets people off the trail. So he stares at Lactosa, tilting his head slightly. Is that even possible? How is her back? He does however, do much the same as Drew, in fact saying the words at around the same moment into his own com on his wrist watch.

Corrin jumps sideways at the sound of the breaking glass and *ping!* his force field comes on, even before he quite realizes what is happening. He looks toward the wave and the surfer upon it… and blinks… and blinks again. *pip* as his field goes away. "This is…" He doesn't have words. He stuffs his library book into the shopping bag and looks for the 'friends'. Figure out what to do about Big Mama when he knows how many friends she has with her.

As he does so, he hears Tex on the SHIELD comm. Oh, good: not alone out here. Corrin taps his own badge in response: hey, Tex. You're not alone, either.

Before he can touch his communicator Tex's voice is coming through and he nods at the man. He looks down at the German Shepard next to him and takes a deep breath. "Well then Verde, that's a new one. Not really sure if I'm appalled or insulted, shall we?" He says as before answering his comlink. "This is Agent Queztal, I'm right behind you guy." The dog at his side shifts into a large lion and lets out a roar before making a move.

As the lion roars, Lactosa looks up. "Oh dear. Looks like would be heroes. Come! Masculine" (she pronounces the name mas-koo-leen in the frenchish way). "Gimp. sub. Your mistress needs your protection!" She calls. Then, she sees She-Hulk running her way. She simply smiles. "Another powerful woman! Strong and beautiful! And no, I am not hitting on you. Just complimenting your range of costumes."

As she calls the names, three other figures come out. One, a man in a pair of chaps, a leather vest, and a codpiece. Yes, a codpiece. A large one. He steps next to Lactosa, "Oui, Mademoiselle! We shall let ze boys play wiz zem first."

One, clad in leather all over, no trace of his face visible, and his mouth zipped over, makes a grunting affirmative as he moves to stand before Lactosa, in the path of the running green woman. Suddenly, beside him, is a very small man who doesn't look up. "Yes, mistress." He says softly.

Billy is simply unable to really respond yet, because he's too lost in the laughter of the whole image. "Oh my goodness." He laughs. Seeing She-Hulk, he flies in her direction, and offers a greeting over the identicard. "Here with ya, Shulkie. And is this for REAL?"

At the feeling of the wind moving, Kael grins a bit; just amused at the fact that there's another manipulator in the area. He bites his lip as he spots the others; stifling a laugh before he adds his own little swirl to the wind. He looks around, trying to see if there's anything that he can bowl over into the people. The sight of She Hulk make him blink for a second before he glances back at the … villains. "This… is so wrong…"

Registering three other agents here. He smiles and keeps smoking, "Alright, fellas. While the lovely lady looks…" He tips his hat upwards, "Plentiful…let's not all jump in and attack at the same time. I'll stay back and can do stuff from afar with my wind powers." He checks in and counts off, "Index, Sundowner, and Quetzal. Ok, gentlemen, let's see how effective that training was." He does a quick mental intake of their abilities and also spots She-Hulk and another Barnes person. "Ok She-Hulk and Wiccan are here two." Spotting the henchmen, he just shakes his head, "Only in New York." He feels Kael's little breeze added to his own, "Hmmmn, and someone else is here too." Tex focuses the wind onto Lactosa attempting to lift her into the air with the wind and spin her about.

"You're telling me," She-Hulk says to Billy, snark in her voice, "Back in the day this would have never passed the Comics Code Authority." She stops short as the leather bound man gets in her way, eyeing him suspiciously. "I…." she pauses. "Do I hit him?"

Glancing about at all these other SHIELD affiliated people, Index just gives a slight gesture of greeting to the others, noting, "I'll do what I can from a distance." He leans over, and picks up a tramples newspaper. Yes. Useless items. Just what he needs to clutter his inventory with. "Hey, Tit-tania," he says, inclining his head slightly and makes a gestures with the crumpled paper, basically trying to get her to look in his direction with the words. A well aimed boot is ejected from his inventory towards Lactosa. He knows well enough to make his quips after his attacks. "Maybe you just need a boot to the head to knock some sense into you. Hopefully some fashion sense."

Corrin pauses for a moment, assessing. Into his SHIELD comm, he says, "I haven't heard of any of these four before. I'm willing to bet they're outclassed by the six or seven of us here, if only by numbers." He'll drift forward and to one side, making sure She-Hulk is not between him and the … er, Wilde Bunch. Most seem to be concentrating on Lactosa; he'll pay attention to the other three.

Quetzal stays back for now really wishing he had brought his gun with him but it's back at his room at Barnes. He should have known better but for now he's not getting directly involved. "These are the type of guys I wouldn't have a problem putting a bullet in." He mutters as he nods his head towards Masculine, or is it mas-koo-leen, and Verde dives at him to try to wrestle him to the ground as a lion.

Lactosa stands tall as the men move in to protect her. "You may hit 'im if you like, She-Hulk. Your brute force cannot penetrate his mystic leather." She laughs, rising on the wave of… milk?

The winds whip at Lactosa, trying to lift her, and beginning to succeed, so she amplifies her bodyweight by soaking herself in… milk.

Masculine gets attacked by the lion. He was not expecting such. He goes down, falling, with his arms at his sides. He turns his head, however, towards Quetzal. He lets out a soft hiss as he speaks. "Yesss… you are a powerful man, are you not? A man to be feared and respected." He calls, sending out a wave of invisible energy towards the man. "You should be adored by all…"

Gimp glares at She-Hulk and pounds his own chest. He might be smiling, but it's hard to tell. "MMMMF MMMM!" He says, looking at her and pouding his chest again.

sub sees the flying boot. he jumps to intercept. as the boot hits him, he seems to enlarge slightly. just… slightly. "please sir, may i have another?"

Billy nods to She-Hulk, not knowing what she's talking about completely. "I'll play crowd control!" He calls out, looking about at the people staring. "RoadblockRoadblockRoadblock!" He calls, as standard police barricades appear out of nowhere between the people outside the area and the heroes.

She-Hulk blinks at The Gimp, casting a quick glance around the area to see what else is going on, and quickly wishes she hadn't. She pinches the bride of her nose, like the entire scenario is just giving her a headache. "Okay," she mutters to herself, "Let's do this." She rushes at The Gimp, but instead of taking a swing at him, she goes to get a hand around one of his arms.

Kael watches the woman get lifted up in the air by the wind, and he knows that he's not the one doing it. But when she douses herself in milk… that's when Kael just lets out a soft shudder. "Alright." He whips a hand towards the woman, his hair going from tipped white to pure white as he sends four baseball sized blasts towards her. Aiming for her upper body, which shouldn't be /too/ hard to miss.

"Well now….this is just weird." He decides to get more involved in the fight and whirlwind appears wrapping around his legs and lifting him into the air and he flies directly above She-Hulk, "He is enjoying your hits. I suggest switching partners, "You should take one milky mammary momma and I'll deal with the Gimp….here." He hovers in the air and is about to generates a large wind around Gimp,but She-Hulk tries a different tactic, so then he focuses it on sub and attempts to generate the whirlwind around sub to spin him rapidly.

Corrin studies the men around Lactosa. Mental power on Masculine, some sort of growth power on sub, Gimp wants to tussle with She-Hulk? Might be super-strength. "Never mind," he mutters, and turns the whole area under the three men into a glowing gold skating rink, courtesy of his power. "Let's see what they do when they have to deal with a frictionless surface…" Maybe Tex turning sub into a human top will mix well with this. And maybe She-Hulk on a skating rink won't… oops.

"Ugh," says Index, a little bit disgustedly at his boot bouncing off of sub. He speaks into his com, "Partial power profiles: Lactosa: milk manipulator and generator? Masculine: Powers currently unidentified. Gimp: Invulnerability, maybe strength. Sub: Kinetic conversion to mass, seems like a total weiner." He Walks Up To Sub Very Authoritatively And States: "Lie. Down. And stay down."

The lion attacks with his teeth and claws before Masculine turns his head at Queztal and something starts affecting him, the lion stops and bares it's fangs at the man and it's not Queztal that speaks but the lion. "What of it, if you know what he's done you might fear him too." It's not only the man that gets affect but his companion as well as the two are linked together.

As Lactosa is assaulted, she screams. "How DARE you assault me!" She says before the milk on her body begins to grow and form before sloshing down to the ground and attempting to shove against Kael and Index, as she doesn't know who's causing the problems to her. She's not happy. And the milk does not taste good when she is not happy.

Masculine nods to the lion, "Yes, of course. I am fearful of him. But zat man over zere…" He says, pointing his head towards Index. "He is not afraid. He has challenged. See how he tries to take control of sub? He is challenging your authority over him. Will you allow such a thing? Such a… SMALL man?" He asks, giving a huff of irritation towards Index. "I would not take such." Sure, he's bleeding a bit, but he can deal with pain.

As Gimp is grabbed, he makes a confused sound from behind his mask. "FMMR?" But, he shall remain uninjured for now. He tilts his head at She-Hulk. Confused as to what this is about.

sub was about to start sliding on the frictionless field until he was tossed into the air by Texas Twister. fortunately, even the spin is causing random pressures and minor hits on his body, causing him to increase in size, slowly. of course, this will simply make him heavier and heavier. as Index commands him, he would glare. "you are not my master, sir." he states simply. His voice has also gotten deeper.

Billy maintains the separation of people and action as he looks over his shoulder. He waves a hand in a sweeping motion, trying to get rid of the broken glass.

Kael flails his arms a bit as he's not on the frictionless surface, and he lifts himself up into the air to get off of it. At the milk coming towards him, he puts on a burst of air underneath him; lifting himself up higher to get away from the milk. "How /dare/ you come outside in that outfit? Dear God, woman!" He cuts the wind from under him to send a blast, about as big as a beachball, towards the woman before he catches himself from hitting the ground.

Feeling sub getting a bit heavier and heavier, "Oh I am not about to lose to this guy." He increases the power and velocity of the wind and attempts to spin it so hard as to toss sub up and away…hopefully far away if successful. "Wow I suddenly have a craving for curds and whey!" He glances about to see the milky mammoth mounds of mammaries from Lactosa.

"Well, at least they're just bank robbers and not just cereal killers." says She-Hulk as she takes the Gimp by the arm and throws him as hard as she can against their ringleader. "Oh, God. I'm so out of practice on my witty banter. That was udderly terrible."

Index tries to avoid the sloshing milk, since it will be disgusting once his nice suit gets all covered in milk. He glances down at sub and states confidently, "Well, whoever your master is, they aren't near so dominant as me. Tata." And with that, Tex's attack kicks in, and Index decides to go around. The others are doing pretty well, it looks like, and his target is gone, so he just surveys the battlefield. Oh yeah, and notes to She-Hulk: "You've just got to remember how to milk these situations for quips."

Corrin eyes the scuffle and taps his comm. "Tex? I think your dance partner is getting bigger. I suspect that isn't good." He slides back to avoid the milk splashing off the field and considers bringing out his sword. Would it do any good? Hitting sub with it would make things worse. Lactosa: still has several people on her. Masculine? Mental power: Corrin should stay away from him. That leaves Gimp… and what would Gimp do if Corrin cut away his outfit…? Mind, what Gimp does about being thrown by She-Hulk is much more important right now, so he keeps the skidfield going and watches for an opening.

Turning to look to Index and leans on his cane, staring at his fellow SHIELD agent intently. "Is it because my leg is messed up that you don't think I'm as good as you are?" He says as Verde shifts into something a little bit more manly, a large wolf. He can't resist Masculine's words as he doesn't really have much mental defense. Verde lunges at Index with a harsh growl as the wolf tries to sink it's fangs into the SHIELD agent.

Lactosa gets knocked by that wind-blast, sending her down to the ground, just in time to completely miss being bashed by Gimp. For which she is thankful. "Oh, little boy." She says, as now she knows who's attacking her. "You should not have done that." She says, grinning as she takes aim. Yes. With those. And presses herself together, firing forced, hard shots of… milk at Kael.

Masculine smiles at Verde and Quetzal. "That is precisely the reason. You should show him that you are JUST as much a man as he is. NON! You are MORE a man!" He cheers triumphantly, still lying there as he can't quite rise with the slick field under him.

Gimp slams into the building above where Lactosa was before falling to the ground. As he rises, he shakes his head. "MRMRMRMR" He makes a sound similar to coughing before he charges towards a different target. Eenie, Meenie, Miney, TEX!

sub is still growing, and is now about half again as large as he was, now making him about the size of Tex himself. he begins to laugh softly. "you would think so. but you do now know all of what Lactosa is capable of. do not piss her off lightly." he whispers, smiling.

"All these bad puns are really starting to cheese me off." Billy calls from the sidelines, as he erects a mystic barrier to prevent the milk from sloshing onto the bystanders. "This is… horrible. I really hope her milkshake doesn't bring all the boys to the yard."

There's a split second of Kael just gagging a bit before the winds under him spiral harder, and he pushes himself up. In time for few of the bullets to collide with his leg, spiralling him in the air a bit as he slams into a nearby awning over a store front. The teen falls on top of it with a grunt. "Alright, lady. I had an inkling of being bi for the longest time. But, now I'm most definitely gay."

"I'm getting really tired of this" Tex uses his wind power to follow a similar tactic that was used on Gimp. He flies up and over tosses sub in the direction Gimp was hurled using wind force. In doing so he catches the sight of Gimp coming towards him and aims sub for Gimp, "Here enjoy each other!"

Corrin skids his skidfield a bit to get it under the charging Gimp. The others are dealing with the others; he fades back and taps his comm again. "Tex, Index: Masculine has dones something mental to Quetzal. I'm not the right person to deal with him. Will one of you?"

"Son of a…!" Index reaches down to the ground to pick up any little thing and finds a couple pebbles, motioning with a finger and ejecting the flattened, but crumpled, newspaper into the wolf's face, to try and envelop its face and distract it for just a moment so that he can dash and slide away, right towards Masculine. "Let's see how Mas-koo-line you feel now?!" he demands, making another gesture and firing his brick towards the guy's crotch. If nothing else, it may break the hold the supervillain has over his fellow SHIELD mate, even though he feels awful targetting another guy's junk in combat.

She-Hulk watches her Gimp-pitch miss the target completely, leaving nobody on her. Then… milk missiles. She, once again, stares at the busty adversary open mouthed, disbelieving that she just got away with that. "Okay, Lactosa." she says. "It's time to end this. I didn't want to do this. I mean… I /really/ didn't want to do this, but you've left me no choice." She grabs the edge of her costume and, after a moments pause, rips off the top half, exposing her own ampleness. However, before anybody can get a good look, a large black "CENSORED" bar appears obscuring anything that would make this scene more R rated than it already is. "In the name of the Comics Code Authority, I /demand/ you cease and desist!" After saying that she grabs the censor bar covering herself and lunges at Lactosa, trying to cover up the offending genitalia. As soon as the bar comes off, another pops into place, again, before anybody can get a good look.

The wolf is getting ready for it's attack on Index and the newpaper to the nose stops it from bitting which is just enough time for Index to do his thing and Queztal shakes his head as the cheap shot from Index proves to do the trick. It takes him a bit to get his bearings back together. The wolf speaks to Index. "Sorry about that, he…his voice seems to do weird things or something he does."

Lactosa is just about to fire another pair of milk-missiles when She-Hulk charges. The censor bar sticks, and she looks about, angrily. She starts to try to squeeze off another round… only to be blocked by the bar. She looks confused. It only takes a few seconds, as the power wears off. And Lactosa's ample femininity suddenly shrinks down to something much more modest. As does the rest of her frame. "Wait, what? Where am I?" Left standing where she is, is a confused girl. College age, roughly. "This isn't the costume shop…" She mutters.

As the brick hits Masculine SQUAH in the manhood, he doubles over, voice coming out in a squeak. Within a few seconds, a similar thing happens to him. He looks to Lactosa, or whoever she is. "Rene? Where are we?" He asks. "And why do I feel like I just got kicked in the groin?" He winces, completely confused.

Gimp and sub are still at large however. And as Gimp slams into sub, sub is now Larger than ever. He stands, about She-Hulk's height now, from all that force. He growls deeply. The manacles that were on his wrists separating into a pair of leather bands. "Alright. I'm THROUGH taking order." He says as he pounds his fists into the ground, shaking it heavily.

Gimp just looks around. "MFRRFFRFFRM?" He shakes his head and stands up, or tries to, since it's still slick where he is. "FRMMRRRRR."

Billy just… stares. "I think this is giving me an education I DON'T need." He says. As the shaking hits, he looks out over the crowd behind them. "Cushionscushionscusions!" He calls, causing pillows to appear beneath the ones that fall.

Kael just blinks from the awning as Lactosa begins to revert to normal? "Yup. Totally gay." He just nods to himself before he moves into a kneel on the awning, looking over at Gimp and sub. He tests his foot, letting out a soft 'eew' at the wetness of his pants leg before he winces at the pain. "Gonna have a good bruise there." He looks back up at Gimp, whipping a hand at him; letting loose several baseball of air at the man. Let's keep him sliding.

"Ok two done….and two to go…One a giant and the other." He is flying so the ground shaking does affect him. He lets the others deal with sub. He decides to add to Kael balls and says, "So wind powers, huh….I got a few tricks I can teach you." He then tosses a wind around Gimp, "Come to me…Let's see what under that zipper."

Corrin frowns. Lactosa: depowered. College girl? Masculine… depowered? Seems to know her… may be college boy. That implies that the other two are college boys, too…

Hitting sub… or whatever sub is now… is still not a good choice. So Corrin goes after Gimp. He steps onto his skid field and pushes off to glide over to him, the sword appearing in his hand as he moves. "Hey, leather boy," he says, and he swings the sword. It won't cut Gimp—but it will cut the metal zippers on the outfit. Slash!

She-Hulk looks satisfied at her work, and rearranges her costume so that it's tasteful once more, (letting the censored bars pop out of existence.) "Right," she says, dusting her hands, "Who's next?"

After finishing his crotch smash slide and arriving at ground with friction, Index rises to his feet and brushes himself off, but (tragically) missed all this insane nude combat. "No problem, mind control is a mess," he calls to his SHIELD companion who tried to kill him via wolf. He turns towards sub (Dom?) and says, "So the whole sadomasochistic theme. How's that working for you?" It's time for a tuna sandwich. He just pulls it out of his inventory and takes a bite, making sure it's clear that he's just that confident to be eating in a battle situation.

Quetzal makes his way over to Verde and Index and watches the two. "Do you think we should call for a SHIELD pick up, figure out why this average college girl turns into a porn star by the moonlight?" He says dryly as he isn't exactly amused by their 'theme', it could be he's not happy about being a victim of Masculine's powers. "What do we call you're X traded group?"

Rene, or whatever her name is, looks about. "Oh crap…" She says. "These costumes…" She looks down at herself. "We were just trying on costumes at a costume shop in Queens…" She whispers, hearing the words from Quetzal. "But… we didn't… we couldn't have…" She shakes her head, completely mortified.

Masculine moves over to get near Rene. "We don't have a name. We just wanted some kind of costume to freak out our friends." He says, biting his lip.

As the sword slides over the zippers, Gimp's costume expands. Drastically. Before it starts falling to pieces, revealing a rather large (and not in a nice way) guy on the ground. He reaches up to pull off the hood. "Huh?" He's just as bad as the others. Sub on the other hand, is having a lot of trouble staying upright. He pounds his fists into the ground, continually, the bands on his wrists expanding.

Billy continues making sure the others are safe outside of this.

Kael slides down off of the awning, catching himself on a swirl of wind before he floats over to the others. He looks over at sub and then back over at the other heroes. "Uh… what do we do about him…" Kael's virtually useless against that guy, and he doesn't want to get too close.

"Ok Enough of this!" Drew screams enough of this, "If it's the costumes…then." He summons up a rather powerful localized hurricane around sub, "Get ready to be naked!" He growls, "Everyone, I am trying my best to control it the winds, so get out, hold on tight and hope your clothes stay on!" He holds himself up as he summons enough wind to rip off the costume.

She-Hulk yells at Drew, "Just get the Dom! He's the only one left, and I think it's his wrist bands!" Because, honestly, she already had her clothes torn off once already. "Then we can get all of these kids back home and find out who gave them these Leifeld wet-dream costumes."

The tuna sandwich is returned to Index's inventory, ejecting one of the pebbles he previously collected (the one in the center of his Right block, Index fans!), and then he removes his suit jacket and places it in the place of the other pebble, launching it out too. He simply does not want the loose piece of clothes tattered.

It seems like the situation here is under control with those there so Queztal just hangs back for the moment. He takes out his phone and starts pressing a few buttons. At She-Hulk's request though, he heads over to the Dom guy and tries to help out by removing the wrist bands on him while Verde watches his back still in wolf form.

As the winds pick up and shred at the bracers, the funny thing is, sub really doesn't shrink very much from this size. Or change much at all, but the look of confusion is on his face as much as the others. "Stop!" He calls, "What the hell is going on here?" He asks, wrapping his arms across his chest. The other three are moving to huddle next to each other. They're obviously not a threat anymore.

As the winds pick up, Kael ducks down; a dome of his own wind forming around him as he rides out the gusts. Once the air has calmed down, the aerokinetic stands up; running a hand through his hair to at least get it somewhat calmed back down. And he just blinks. "What… he said."

When the wind rips off the bracers, Drew nearly faints a moment. His face goes sullen and the wind finally stops. Other then a small mess near sub. Tex remains back and as he taps in his badge nearly gasping for air, "Someone *gasp* get them clothes and *gasp* make sure they are ok.*gasp"

Now that it looks like things are under control, and slightly moist, she rushes over to where the college age kids are and kneels down in front of them. "You kids allright?" she asks. "Where did you get those costumes?"

"I'm off shift, and I have dinner reservations I'm already late for, I've got to go, I assume you heroes have got it in hand," says Index, waving his hand and picking up his brick off the ground. It is, after all, -his- brick. It vanishes into his inventory as he walks off.

Rene looks up. "A costume shop in Queens. We can take you there but… where did our clothes go?" She asks, bashfully as she holds to where the censor bar still covers. Though, the funny thing is, when people go to look? The costume shop has vanished. Any detection, lie or mental, will prove that they're telling the truth. So, where the costume shop will turn up next… remains to be seen.

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