2011-04-17: Central Park Chats


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Summary: Aiden, Opal and Star start to chat after visiting a hot dog vendor, Tabitha wanders in on the conversation.

Date: April 17, 2011

Log Title: Central Park Chats

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

It's Sunday evening in Central Park and sky reflects the oranges, reds and yellows of the sunset. Aiden's just come from working down in Coney Island and has a large duffel back slung over one shoulder. His wings are folded up behind him and the looks he's getting doesn't seem to phase him at all. He stops at a hot dog stand and purchase a hot dog and a bottle of water before going to sit down on one of the benches that overlook the lake.

Leaving her shift at the library, Opal has decided that she wants to go to the Park for a bit. Sure, it's close to night time and people say you shouldn't, but she's feeling bold tonight. Walking with her purse held tightly to her chest, she breathes deeply. It's the closest to fresh air you can get around here, and it's not that fresh. But really, it's all she knows. She gets in line for a hot dog, looking into her purse before she looks up and notices the wings in front of her. "Gracious." She says as the winged person walks away.

Having made a promise to her brother that she wouldn't leave the mansion alone, Star has kept that promise: She didn't leave school alone, though she is now. The younger girl she'd come to New York with had to go back to the school to finish up a project for a class tomorrow, but the empath wasn't ready to leave yet. Instead, she's made her way down to Central Park, casting wary glances at the people that pass, a slight taint of fear lingering in the air around her. Her eyes widen slightly when she sees the winged man and she runs a hand through her hair absently, pulling half of it forward over her shoulder.

The tattoos that are apparent on Aiden's neck, arms and back of his hands are a faint green colour and his gothic style, dark eyeliner and drawn on eyebrows make him stand out as well. Hearing Opal comment he turns to look at her. "Oh sorry if they hit you, I try to keep them tight against me as much as possible but sometimes it's like they just want to stretch out without me realizing it."

"Oh, no. They didn't bother me. They just surprised me. I wasn't paying attention and oops! There they were." Opal laughs, getting her hot dog and moving over towards the young man. "It's the closest I've ever been to someone with them. I mean, sure, I've lived most of my life right around here, and seen all sorts of things, but that was the nearest I've seen them. Quite pretty." She nods. Having a fascination with pretty things has already brought a strange bracelet into her posession… which is currently resting on her wrist. It's a rather ornate silver bracelet with a single sapphire set into it's center. It seems to be a perfect fit for her.

"They sure look cool, though." Star can't help but comment as she walks past, heading for the hot dog stand to grab a bite to eat. She waits her turn in line, one hand half in the pocket of her jeans and the other combing through the hair over her shoulder. She waits her turn to order, doing her best to keep an eye on everyone in the area. She jumps, the fear around her spiking for a moment when a little kid shouts and runs past, the emotion quickly replaced by sheepish embarassment as she mutters quietly to herself.

Aiden smiles brightly and the 'tattoos' on him seem to turn a bit brighter of a green colour. "Oh thanks, I quite like them myself. I'm still fairly new to New York City but I'm really liking it here so far." He says confidently. He can't help but notice the jump that Star makes and narrows his eyes with a bit of concern at her. "Are you alright?"

"It's a wonderful, troublesome place." Opal says with a firm nod. "Things get crazy sometimes, but we go back about our business and rebuild and regrow." She offers before turning to offer a pleasant smile at Star. She's a stereotypical looking old woman with white hair and a floral blouse.

Star nods, getting her hot dog and moving so that she's out of the way, "Yeah, just a little jumpy, I guess." Maybe it's the fact that there's an aura of calm, concern, and happiness around the pair that draws her, but the empath drifts closer, "I haven't really been around much for any of the craziness that's happened around here, but I've heard about it." No, she's been there for craziness elsewhere!

Aiden smiles at Star and shakes his head. "Don't worry, despite my looks I'm actually quite harmless. I'm Aiden." He says offering a hand to both Opal and Star. "Well doesn't live usually get crazy sometimes? I mean that's what it's about right? Just letting yourself evolve as life goes on?"

"Opal." The old woman offers as she accepts the hand. "I'm just an old librarian with no family that sticks her nose in where it doesn't belong most of the time." She laughs. "No one special. But yes, we do have to go along with Life's little games."

There's a moment of hesitation before the empath gives Aiden's hand a quick little shake and offers her own introduction, "Nice to meet you both. I'm Star." She stands a little awkwardly for a moment before her eyes fall on the bracelet Opal is wearing, "That's a very pretty bracelet." The comment about being alone gets a small grimace, "That's got to su—I mean, I'm sorry to hear that you don't have any family." She couldn't imagine not having any family.

"Everyone is someone special Opal." Aiden says. "And Star, that's a unique name." He finishes up his hot dog dinner before opening his bottle of water. "I can kinda relate to the having no family. I have one but I've been separated from them for two years. I'm sure we'll find each other someday."

"Oh, I have children out there, but they've not really spoken much in ages. No need to worry about an old woman. I'm happy and have my library out there." Opal chuckles, shaking your head. "Nice to meet two nice young people like yourselves." She says happily.

Star shrugs, blushing a little at the comment on her name, "My grandma named me and my brother. I guess she was kind of a hippy, or something." She smiles a little, the smell of two happy people calming nerves that have been on edge for far too long. She visibly relaxes taking a bite out of her hot dog and moving just a hair bit closer so as to bask in the positive emotions coming from the other two.

"I was told that my Mom gave me the name Aiden and my brother the name Kieran because she wanted us to have names that weren't common." Aiden says with a shrug of his shoulder. "Well I try to be a nice people ma'am. Nobody wants to watch a performer when they're not a nice person." A little bit of a shameless plug for himself.

"Oooh, a performer?" Opal says with a grin. "What do you perform?" She asks before adding in. "Opal, well, that's a fairly common name for my era. It's a semi-precious stone. Most people know that one. Now, Nora, that's the odd name for me. It wasn't common then, but had a somewhat exotic feel to my parents." She laughs a bit.

"Aiden is a pretty cool name, I think!" Interest lights in eyes that are only faintly violet tinted hazle-green as Star gives Aiden a curious look, opening her mouth to ask what he does and where he performs, but Opal beats her to it. Instead, she closes her mouth again and just waits for the answer, "Nora is a really pretty name." She shrugs, "I really am alright with being called 'Star'. It's different enough that I don't hear ten different people called for when I'm out somewhere." And that's a good enough reason to like her name.

"I work for the Coney Island Freakshow." Aiden says not ashamed of his work at all. "I do sword swallowing, fire breathing, fire dancing and the occasional escape artistry. I've been doing it for years." He says. "And on the subject of names, I go by Blue Bird in the Freakshow because of my wings and that's the name a close friend gave me."

"Oooh, That could be a fun job. But then, I work in a library, so that's what I know." Opal shrugs slightly as she takes a nibble of her hot dog before pondering. "Blue bird. I always liked blue things." She says with a firm nod.

"I think it's fun but then I've been doing it for ten years." Aiden says. "I've actually just started going to a Library not to far from Mutant Town. I hadn't been to one for years until I moved to the city." He then ruffles his wings a bit, extending them slightly. "Well I like the blue feathers on my wings."

"Quite pretty." Opal nods succinctly. "Well, you should come to the city's public library sometime. Anyone hassles you, I'll show them to the door." She laughs. "I've been there so long, everyone knows me." She tilts her head softly to get a petter look.

"Why would anyone hassle me?" Aiden asks. "Besides the fact that I'm still just learning to use the computers there." He takes a sip from his water and smiles at Opal. "Which public library in the city? I know there's a bunch of them but I haven't gone into that big one, with the lions in front yet."

"People here can be assholes." Opal says, wrinkling her nose. Foul language from one so petite. "And yes, that's the library I work at. Been a fixture there for a long time." She states. "One of the longest term employees. And I'd never give it up for anything."

"You're in a freak show?" Star can't help but grin a little, "That's cool." She takes a small bite of her hot dog, admiring Aiden's wings for a moment while she pushes her hair back behind her shoulder. She seems content enough, for the moment, to just stay in the background and let the other two carry the conversation; just basking in the positive emotions they bring to the area.

Aiden shrugs his shoulders. "I don't let people bother me." He's fine with openly being a mutant and doesn't really understand what the big deal is. "And yes Star, I'm in a Freakshow down on Coney Island. You two are always welcome to come check it out, it's really cool. And I still have to to see that Library, I haven't seen a lot of the sites around New York City yet." He admits. As he talks to Opal and Star he starts sensing their emotions after a while.

"Whether or not you LET them, some people can cause problems. This is New York. A melting pot of happy and angry." Opal says pleasantly. She, herself, is in quite a good mood. Having a nice conversation with such young people always makes her feel good. When people don't treat her like an old lady… "And feel free. We're still open. For now."

"Sweet!" Star actually grins at the invitation, "I'll have to see if Cloud will go with me." She wrinkles her nose a little, fidgeting with her hair again, "I doubt he'd let me go alone." She was lucky to get out of the school in the company of someone… She gives Opal a little smile, "I practically lived in the library back home the last couple of months." The younger empath's emotions are a conflicting mesh of nerviousness, though she's managed to push that down enough that she's not shoving it into the air too much, and contentment. She still gets a little surge of fear when someone walks too close to her, but at least she's not jumping at shadows at the moment.

"I never really spent much time in Libraries. It was hard to." Aiden says. "I've been all over the country so I know that people can cause problems. No different then anywhere else." He says with a smile. "Cloud's your brother right?" He asks trying to confirm it. "Why wouldn't he let you go alone, you're a grown woman right?"

"But this place has lots of problems. That's the joy of New York." Opal says with a smirk. "Just making sure you know." She offers as she tilts her head. "Overprotective much?" She asks, wrinkling her nose at Star. "At least he cares about you, but he has to give you room to breathe and grow on your own."

Along the walkway, towards the bench where the three are talking, comes another young woman. Tabitha has her teddy-bear backpack slung over one shoulder and holds on to the strap with one hand; her black skirt whirls about her legs as she walks, all part of the goth outfit she presently clothes herself with. The rat girl's tail whiskes from side to side behind her, and her ears perk and swivel to catch different sounds. Walking past the bench, she comes to a rather abrupt halt, and bends down to pluck something off the ground. "Ooh. A dollar," she observes, holding a coin up for inspection as she straightens.

Star nods, "Yeah. We're twins, so…" She waves a hand vaguely in the direction of Westchester, "He just worries about me." The girl shrugs, "I've had some… stuff… happen in the last year." Mention of the 'stuff' she's gone through has her eyes turning a bright violet and a puff of fear coming from her. The comment about her being grown has her straightening, her chin lifting slightly and the fear slowly disapating, "I'm eighteen." So, technically, she's grown. Mostly, anyway. She shrugs, "It's just been a hard year for both of us, is all." Then she sees a familiar rat walking down the sidewalk and lifts a hand in greeting to the younger girl, "Oh, hey!" She chuckles at what was found, amusement bubbling up around her, "Lucky find, huh?"

The goth looking guy stretches out his blue feathered wings since they tend to cramp up being pulled in and he doesn't realize he's about to hit Tabitha with them. "Well so far I am liking New York. I just wish Lauren was here with me, then it'd be perfect. This is the longest I've lived somewhere in.." It takes him a while to think about it, doing a bit of math on his fingers before just answering. "Well since I was twelve." He gives Star a questioning look as her eyes turn purple and he can feel her surge of fear. "Are you okay?" He asks before turning to see who Star is calling out to, one of his wings now enroute to hit Tabitha.

The old woman, Opal chuckles. "Brothers can be like that. It's not necessarily a bad thing." She considers. "My children are occasionaly overprotective. They're trying to get me to live in a home. I'm not ready for that." She states firmly. "I'm perfectly capable and strong on my own." She nods again. "I've been living on my own for 50 years, or thereabouts, and I'm not about to change that.

Tabitha smoothly sidesteps the incoming wing, and her lips perk upwards in a smile. "Hello, Star," she replies. How are…" She abruptly spins around to look over her shoulder, and her hand reaches up under her armpit where, a couple of months ago, a holster with a firearm would have been; but there isn't one, and her eyes are peeled wide as she turns to face the group again. She gazes at Star, and finally sighs heavily. "What's got you spooked? I still don't have a clothes-pin, unfortunately." The rat girl takes a deep breath, and lets it out slowly. She holds her hand behind her back, and flicks the coin off her thumb; it tumbles end over end as it flies over her shoulder, and lands neatly in her outstretched palm. "So don't get put in a home," she observes. "I bet you're a tough lady."

The younger empath takes a deep breath and nods, running through some mental excersizes she'd been taught to calm herself, "Yeah. Just bad memories." Star makes a face, sympathy for someone that hasn't had a stable home since he was twelve, "That's got to suck, though. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have somewhere I could go that felt safe." Actually… She does: She starts jumping at shadows. She makes a face for Opal, too, "You don't seem like you need to go live in a home." And that's enough for her! Then Tabitha is jumping, reacting to her own fear and making Star jump again. She manages to keep from running, though it looks like it's a near thing, and blushes, sheepish embarassment bleeding from her, "It's nothing. Just, um… Just memories." Like she told Aiden.

"To live in a home? Don't you live in a home already?" Aiden asks before realizing his miswording and chuckling. "Sorry, well at least they care about you to care about your well being but if you don't want to go, then don't." To him it's that simple. "Bad memories..yeah I can relate to that. Just don't worry about it, I'm quite harmless, just cause I can swallow a sword doesn't mean I know how to use one."

"An old folks home." Opal explains to Aiden before laughing. "Nope. I won't go, and I don't ever plan on it. I may be 65, but I haven't even retired yet. I work, I pay for what I need, and I go on with my life. If they can't accept it, then… screw'em." She laughs. She apparently doesn't care how she sounds, for an old lady. "But, it is starting to get too late for me to be out and about." She says with a cough.

Tabitha chuckles, and shakes her head. "Well, take care of yourself," she replies, letting her eyes rest on the older lady. "Just be careful, there's a lot of people out peddling drugs. I hear the spray Kick at Mutants, don't know what they do to normal people." She shrugs her shoulders dismissively. "Want some help getting home, or are you okay?" The rat girl waves a hand, "And don't worry about memories Star, I've got a few I'm not too fond of either."

"I think I've got more than my fair share of bad memories." Star makes a face and moves so that she's not quite as close to the others. That way she maybe won't affect them quite as much. She gives the old woman a friendly little smile and wave, "It was nice talking to you, Opal. Be safe." She makes a face at the mention of Kick, "I've seen what Kick does to someone. It wasn't pretty." She gives both Aiden and Tabitha a grateful little smile for their understanding and nods, "Yeah, thanks."

"It was a pleasure Opal. Maybe I'll see you at the library sometime." Aiden says as he gives her a nod of his head. He turns to Star and takes a deep breath as he tries to see if he can spread his influence over emotions towards her just so she can feel a little bit of calm. He does it in an attempt to help so she can relax a bit. "What's…Kick?"

"Oh, I'll be fine. I've lived through many things here. I'll live through more." Opal chuckles, shaking her head. "I'll probably see you all around, if you ever decide to come to the library. Or if we're out and about in the same places again." She says, offering a wave. "And keep those wings safe." She says with a pleasant smile before tottering off.

Tabitha enhs softly, and shakes her head. "You don't know about Kick? …It's a drug that you inahle, and it magnifies your mutant powers. And it drives you nuts in the process, I saw Dingo go all megalomaniac on us when he took it." She flicks the coin up in the air, and nods to the old lady. "well, keep safe. I'm Tabitha by the way." She smiles, though the way the insides of her ears color gives away that she's blushing, as her tail twitches nervously behind her. "And don't worry, Star. I'm sure you've got better memories of your family than I do, so you have that."

Star does calm a bit, her eyes widening slightly when she recognizes the emotion as one that's not hers and not one she picked up in the air. She takes another deep breath and lets it out slowly, the violet leeching out of her eyes as they return to a contented hazle-green. She moves closer again, though still keeps a little distance between her and the other two, nodding to Opal, "I might come by the library one afternoon!" If for no other reason than just to visit the old woman. The question about Kick has her falling thoughtfully silent for a moment before she answers, "I really don't know for sure other than that it's a drug, really. All I know is that there's this guy named Bruce in Mutant Town that's on it and talking about wanting to turn all of New York into New Genosha." She gives Tabitha a curious look, sympathy swirling around her, but doesn't press for an explination of the comment about her family.

"Glad I don't do drugs." Aiden says, sure he'll smoke the occasional clove or drink once in a while but he doesn't make a reoccurring habit of it. "I'm Aiden." He says offering a tattooed hand. "I really miss my family, I haven't seen them in two years. Still looking for them though it's been rough." Again more words that are over his head. "Yeah, I have no clue who Dingo is or what New Genosha is. I was raised traveling the country so a lot of that stuff is lost on me."

Tabitha extends her hand to clasp with Aiden, and give a firm shake. "I had to run away from my Dad. We can't…" She trails off, and shrugs her shoulders. "He and I can't live together anymore, and that's all there is too it." Her ears drop, and she gazes downwards for a moment. "Bruce is Dingo," she murmurs, finally looking back up at Star. "He tried to annex Chinatown by kicking all the humans out. I still can't drive my motorbike for another week because he gave me a concussion when he smashed me through a building."

"I don't know Dingo other than a name in the news, and I've only met Bruce twice." Star looks over at Tabitha when she mentions Bruce and Dingo being the same person, surprise bubbling around her, "Oh. I didn't realize that…" She shrugs, "And Genosha is a little island country that Magneto kind of rules, I guess. There's an embassy in Mutant Town." She winces when the rat girl admits to running away, once more bleeding sympathy, "Ouch… my mom and dad have really been accepting of me and Cloud, we at least look normal." She cringes a little once the words are out of her mouth, blushing at how that sounded, "I mean… Well, you know. We can pass for human." And neither Tabitha or Aiden can.

"I ran away from my Dad too, when I was twelve." Aiden says and it doesn't seem to be a big deal to him. "Then my family found me, the Freakshow I grew up with. That's my real family to me. We're all a bunch of mutants that traveled the country and traveled Canada performing. We got split up two years ago and I've been searching for them since." He makes a face as she mentions being smashed through a building. "I've always tried to avoid violence. I'm not a fighter." He shrugs at Star and smiles. "I don't care that I'm easily labeled as a mutant I love my wings and I love these markings."

Tabitha's shoulders droop and she sighs heavily at Star's words. "Yeah," she mumbles, as she moves to take up the position Opal recently vacated on the bench, and plops down heavily. It doesn't require empathic powers to guess her feelings at the moment. "Yeah, well, I sorta miss my face, too." She brushes her fingers over her muzzle and through her hair. "Yeah… well, anyway. If my Dad taught me anything it was how to take care of myself. So at least I know how to handle myself."

Star winces again at Tabitha's reaction, her eyes darkening to black and self-disgust filling the air around her, "I'm sorry, Tabitha. I didn't mean it…" She folds her arms over her chest, trying to push comfort for the now miserable rat girl, "If it helps any, I think you look pretty cool." She makes a face at Aiden having been seperated from his family two years ago and shakes her head, "Now I kind of feel bad for wallowing in all my shit for the last two months." She still doesn't tell Tabitha what it was that's made her so jumpy, though.

"If my Dad taught me anything honestly, I don't remember it." Aiden says as it's a chapter of his life that's closed and has long since bothered him. He looks at Tabitha and gives her a reassuringly warm smile. "Hey, you look fine the way you are, honest. I know it doesn't mean much coming from a stranger but maybe it's cause I have a thing for a girl with a tail." He says with a chuckle. "Sorry, my girlfriend has a tail. My family is a group of mutants where none of us could really fit in so I learned to view looking different as a beautiful thing." He looks at Star and shakes his head. "Nah, don't worry about it. You have your problems, they bother you, you have a right to deal with them on your own terms."

The rat girl's eyes flick up to Star, and she gazes at her for a moment before bobbing her head and looking back down. "It's cool," she replies. "I know you didn't mean it, and I know you weren't making a quip about me or anything. I'm just not really used to it yet, and every time I think I'm getting used to it I get reminded that I'm not." She looks up once more, and gives Aiden a wry smile. "Thanks," she murmurs. "I appreciate that. The looking cool part, I mean." She bobs her head once more, and turns to face forwards. "I used to be pretty hot, actually. Anyway, I'll live. And don't feel bad, Star. Whatever it is that's bothering you, just 'cause it's not the same as what bugs me, doesn't mean it's trivial."

Aiden looks at Tabitha and shakes his head. "There's no such thing as used to. Once you get comfortable with who you are again, you'll think you'll look pretty hot again. Trust me." He says. "Well I should be going. I gotta get to work at the Bistro down in mutant town, working the night shift. It was lovely meeting you two ladies." Aiden says with a bit of a flourished bow. "And Tabitha, keep your chin up. If you ever want a friend who doesn't look human I'm easy enough to find down in Coney Island.

One of Star's hands moves up to rub absently at her throat. Sometimes she'd swear she can still feel that damned collar an she only wore it for a few days… The air fills with surprise again at the mention of Aiden's girlfriend having a tail and she grins a little, "That's pretty cool, too." She still loves his wings. As for Tabitha not being used to her new look, "Well, I'm still not entirely used to the whole pheromone thing I've got. It's weird and totally doesn't have any kind of real use other than to make the whole world know how I feel." She grumps a little at that: A girl should be allowed to have a bad day without everyone around her knowing that she's in a bad mood if she doesn't want them to! Then Aiden is leaving and she gives him a little wave, "It was good to meet you, Aiden. I'll come by the show and see you someday, for sure." She grins, mischief filling the air, "I'm sure Cloud would love to meet you." The sympathy she gets from them both, and particularly the younger girl, has her giving a little half smile as she moves to sit down on the bench beside her, "I guess I should maybe tell someone that wasn't there the reason I'm so jumpy…" She makes a face, "My therapist said it'd help, or something." The quack.

Tabitha shrugs lightly, and lifts her chin to nod to Aiden. "Okay. Thank you," she replies. "And, take care okay?" She flashes a smile, big front teeth and all, before tilting her head to look at Star. "You know, a few nights ago Rashmi told me that there is one thing that's pretty constant about mutant powers; that almost invariably those of us who have them, wish we didn't. I'm sure you're pretty normal." She holds up her hands, before letting them drop back to her knees. "But hey, if you want to talk about stuff, I'll listen."

Star smiles faintly and nods, "Yeah, well, I didn't even realized I was a mutant until after I'd started going to Xavier's." She falls silent for almost a full minute before speaking again, her voice low as she warily watches a college student jog by, "Has Rashmi mentioned the trip a bunch of us from Xavier's and she and Travis went on a couple of months ago?" She's being cautious about what she says, not really looking straight at the younger girl and trying very hard to keep her emotions in check so she doesn't overwhelm anyone with the terror she still feels about that last week they were gone.

Tabitha pauses while Star talks, and shakes her head slowly. "No, she hasn't," she replies. "She's mentioned Africa once, but that was it. At least, I think it was Africa." She shrugs her shoulders, and adopts a complacent, patient expression. "But obviously you went somewhere, and it didn't turn out to be a holiday or anything." She pauses, and nods her head once, and her ears perk up as she listens. "What happened? Did someone… hurt you?"

"Yeah. We went to this little village in Nigeria." Star reaches up to comb her fingers through her hair, still keeping a tight grip on her emotions, and nods, closing her eyes for a moment, "There's a guy that goes to my school named Hosea that lived there for a while before he came to the US. He got some of the teachers to take a bunch of us there to deliver medical supplies and stuff, but we ended up pretty much in the middle of a war zone." She swallows, licking her lips almost nerviously and decidedly not looking at Tabitha, "There was this warlord named Nero that was attacking the village almost everyday and kidnapping people to join his army. He got a couple of us a few days after we got there." She doesn't mention names for the simple reason that it's not her place to tell, "We'd been there for a while and a bunch of powered freaks attacked the village."

"One of the teachers," Well… Teaching Assistant, but who's counting, "and I were captured and they put these collars on us that kept us from using our powers." Again, she rubs at her throat, "I didn't think I'd ever miss being able to smell how everyone's feeling, but it was weird! I didn't realize how long I'd just known stuff about everyone until it was gone."

The Rat girl holds her breath for a moment, before letting it out slowly while Star is talking. She clasps her hands in her lap and twiddles her fingers, before shifting to rest one hand on Star's shoulders. "Keep calm," she murmurs, as soothingly as she can manage eeven though her own pulse is reacting to her nerves. "You're getting jittery, and I can seriously feel it, but you're not in any danger now, right?" Tabitha drops her hand back to her waist. "But I can see why you'd feel that way. I mean… shit, girl, sounds like you were basically a prisoner of war." Tabitha's nerves creep up a notch, and not merely from feeling Star's pheremones. "I dunno how I'd react to that… I mean but… Well, anyway. What happened to you then?"

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