2009-02-22: cerebra finds another


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Summary: Christopher and Eddie go into the city to recruit a new student, James.

Date: February 22, 2009

Log Title Cerebra Finds Another

Rating: G

NYC - City Hall Park

In front of the large white building with pillars, American Flags, and bell tower on top, is City Hall Park with its extravagant fountain. Four sets of black iron gas lamps sit on the four corners of the fountain, there the only gas lamps left in the city. Four spouts of water shoot in the center tier of the fountain and shower down into the water below. Four smaller pools sit on each side of the fountain where water pours into them from the main part. Benches sit all around the fountain with trees and flowers covering the grass behind.

After spending some time on Cerebra, Emma descovered a new mutant on the radar and sent Christopher out to try to 'talk' the school up. While on the way out, he ran into Eddie and decided to invite his adopted son along, after all, having another student with him might help. He doesn't have a ton of information on the teenager, just an image that he's shared with Eddie, but he has done this before. After driving into the city, he's parked his car and headed to City Hall Park, where Cerebra traced his mutant signature.

James is wandering the park idly his brow once again furrowed deep in thought, the feeling of a countdown running out hangs over him though he has no idea how long is on the clock.

Eddie follows along with Chris, humming a little tune and trying to keep his mind from wandering back to other troubles. Ms. Frost already gave him the 'Frost-Glare!' for 'thinking too loud'. Eddie's already met James once before but hasn't made the connection in his head yet. Dressed in jeans and an X-men t-shirt, the teen's looking around. "Wonder where he…" pause. "I think I found him, Dad," he chuckles, pointing up ahead.

Christopher has his hand on Eddie's shoulder and raises an eyebrow as he speaks. "Hrm, already? I haven't even gotten a chance to really start looking." It's not as if the park isn't that big and Christopher spots the young mutant he saw an image of earlier shortly after. "I think I see him too kiddo, come on." He says walking in the direction of James.

James glances toward the pair his sense having told them that they were coming his way. he recongizes Eddy and says "Hello."

Eddie smiles a bit. "I'm good at finding stuff in the city…" he trails off. There's a pause. "Heeeeey…I've met him before! He was there when we got the warning…" he trails off, eyes going a little wide as they walk. He offers a grin to James when greeting. "Hi!"

Christopher looks down at Eddie and smiles. "Then this might make thie easier if you two know eachother." He says as he offers James a friendly smile. "Hello." Christopher greets back as the two get close. "I guess you've already met my son Eddie here, my name is Christopher Mayfair-Parker and I'm from Xavier's School for the Gifted. There really isn't a simple way to put this…but I wanted to talk to you about your gifts."

James's eyes narrow even as he begins plotting an escape route as a percaution. "And how would you know about those, if you don't mind my asking?"

Eddie blinks a few times. "Umm…dude. You were talking about them the other day with me, Wave, and Ricky…" he trails off. "

Christopher stops himself from chuckling at Eddie's words and tries to keep that warm, friendly vibe going. "I teach at a place called Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and Eddie is student here. I guess you already told him about your powers, but him and I also have gifts as well. I teach at a school for those of us with gifts to teach control as well as a normal education."

James nods to Eddie "Sorry I've had a lot to think about these past few days I guess I had forgotten about telling you." He then looks to Christopher and nods "That would be nice. Please tell me it's in a less crowded area then the city."

Eddie smiles and offers a hand. "I know the feeling, dude," he says. "It's not in the city actualy," he says. "Nice place upstate. It's really cool there!"

Christopher nods. "Yes, yes it is. And would you like to go somewhere more quiet to talk about this? I know a nice little Thai place to eat around here, I can treat you to dinner and we can talk more." Christopher says since it is a bit cold out. "And I hope you don't find that too awkward but you have met Eddie before, and I'm his father if that helps?" He offers trying not to scare the kid too much, but Christopher does not look old enough to be Eddie's father. "And I know that finding out about your gifts at first can be quite overwhelming."

James nods "Someplace quiet and warm would be nice. One of my gifts makes it diffcult when there are lots of people or objects moving in the area, so outside of school I've been staying home during the day, and I miss going outside when it's bright out. I'm hoping that a less crowded area won't be as bad." he explains.

Eddie offers a sympathetic smile. He may not have had that sort of problem with his power but he can still empathize. He remains quiet for now, letting Chris do the talking. "Is it cold?" he blinks, looking up. Eddie's adapted. "Do you live close to here?" he asks curiously.

Christopher nods and starts to walk with the two of them, the resturant he's talking about is two blocks away. "It's not that crowded there, it's in a nice area in upstate New York, and you'll definately be able to go out when it's light out. There's a lake, pool, gardens, hedge maze and horse stables plus many other things to do both indoors and out. I was actually a student there myself actually."

James nods "It sounds nice and it would be very nice to get out of the city for a time. There's not really anything to stay for really."

Eddie follows along at an even pace, humming a little tune. "It's great being a student up there. Lots of great people and the teachers are all so cool and then the classes are fun and…" he pauses, blinking. "Wait…you live alone?"

"Well, one good thing about Xavier's is that it doesn't cost anything to go there. It's designed and dedicates itself to teaching gifted teens like the two of you." Christopehr says as he just looks at James as Eddie answers the question, curious to hear the answer.

James nods "My grandmother was the last of my realitves that I've ever met and she died a couple of months ago. She set up an account to cover the bills on her apartment for me though."

Eddie's expression plummets quickly. "Oh man…" he looks down, slowing slightly. "I'm sorry…" he trails off.

Christopher reaches out and gives James's shoulder a light squeeze in an atempt to be comforting. "I'm sorry to hear that James." He says and he does mean it. "Well I don't know if this helps but a lot of the kids at Xavier's develop very close relationships so it might be a good place for you."

James nods even as part of him is already deciding exactly what to bring and how to pack it "That would be nice." frowns slightly and looks at Eddie "With what we heard the other night the sooner the better. My mother was killed when aliens invaded in 2007, I don't want that incident or anything like it to repeat itself."

Eddie jumps slightly as James speaks to him then smiles. "So you wanna come to the school?" he asks. "That's great!" he declares, impulsively moving to give James a quick hug. When he realizes what he's doing, Eddie pulls back and blushes. "Sorry about that…" he trails off, embarassed.

"Oh honey." Christopher says sympathitcally and he would lean down to give James a hug if Eddie didn't. "I fought some of those aliens when that happened, that was a horrible time." He says frowning a bit. "Any help you need moving in and any questions, just let me know. Here's my business card actually." Christopher says handing him a business card for his Salon, David's, that also has his cell phone number and email on it.

James nods though he tenses slightly surprised by the hug. "It's ok I was just surprised." He takes the business card then asks "How much bookshelf space would I have avaible?" needing to know so he could decide which books to bring."

Eddie quickly reaches into his pocket and takes out his own card. Self-made…but it's got his name, number, and e-mail. "Here, you can contact me too!" he says with a smile. "Bookshelf space?"

"How about after we get some dinner, we can take a ride up to the school? We can give you the tour and you can see how much space you have in a room there." Christopher offers. "I have my car in a parking garage not too far away and the school is about an hour drive away. We can also go to your place, you can grab an over night bag and spend the night there before going to your place to get your things. I'm perfectly willing to help you in any way I can."

James nods "That would be great. One possible probelm though, I own a small dagger that's been in my family for almost 300 years, is there somewhere I can at least have it stored for safekeeping?"

Eddie smiles, moving to hug Chris. "I'll help too!" he declares. He's rather cheered up that a new student's coming to the school. When James mentions the dagger, Eddie blinks. "Wow…three hundred years…"

"I doubt there would be a problem with you keeping it in your room James." Christopher says with an almost amused smile on his face. "There are students there who have claws, some have a scream that can destroy a car, others can telekinetically destroy brick walls, I don't think they'd have a problem with you having a dagger for sentimental reasons."

James nods "250 to 300 years. It was carried at the Battle of Culloden but we're not sure how hold it was then." shivers slightly "Do you mind if we do get going?"

Eddie nods. "I've got Goblin Gauntlets and a Razor Bat," he says, hushing his tone for it. When he notices James shiver, Eddie nods and smiles. "Right! Let's go!"

Christopher nods. "Sure, come on, this way to my car." And Christopher takes them to a small car garage where he hand the man a ticket and after a bit he comes back driving a small two door red Paseo. He really needs a new car. "So James, I just had one question for you. You mentioned being alone, can I ask who your legal guardian is?" Since he will have to talk to a guardian in regards to the school.

James shrugs after he gets into the car "I'm a ward of the state so I don't know exactly who you would talk too."

Eddie hums a happy litle tune as he gets into the car. "Don't worry about it!" he says. "Mr. Summers or one of the others can give us the info we need."

Christopher nods and lets Eddie and James get into the car before he does. "Okay, lets go see the school." He says as he turns off the radio so the three can talk, mainly if James has any questions so him or Eddie can answer.

James frowns as he realizes something "How did you know where to find me anyway? I've been basically going to different parks each evening."

Eddie leans back in the seat after bucking up. "Oh? Well, Ms. Frost, our headmistress…she's a -really- powerful telepath," he explains. "She used her powers to locate you and me and Dad came to find ya."

James nods and stays silent though glances out the window as the car leaves the city.

Eddie remains quiet for several moments. Eventually be breaks down. "So, what can you do?"

James shrugs "I can sense objects moving, the heavier the object the further away I sense it and in the city there are lots of objects for me to sense. Too many. An I can slow down falls, I'm guessing that I was altering gravity around me when I did that."

Eddie perks up. "Kinetic awareness and gravimetric manipulation?" he guesses, smiling. "That sounds like what Gravity can do," he takes a deep breath and launches into fanboy mode. The teen lists information of Gravity's powers, costume, and memorable battles. As usual, its with that frighteningly accurate detail. "Umm…sorry about that…" he trails off.

James nods and similes "It's fine, besides it's nice to know that there's someone with samilar abilities out there. Maybe I can learn something useful, espically since based on what we heard in the park a few days ago I might end up needing a crash course in my abilities."

Eddie takes a deep breath then shakes his head. "Don't worry about it. We're students…there's little to no chance we'll have to fight. YOu'll still get training and even combat training too!"

James glances over "I hope so but you would be surprised how often throughout history students end up on the frontlines of invasions. Add that we have no idea what the invaders want or where they will or are able to strike and the odds go up."

Eddie looks a little guilty for a moment then grins. "Oh don't worry, I fight a lot too cause trouble finds me," he says. "But we probably won't get sent anywhere near a frontline," he says. Well…atleast James likely won't. Eddie's likely to hunt the frontline down himself.

James shrugs "If they are really coming in from another universe though there won't be a frontline on a map though It will be wherever the invaders drop in."

Eddie laughs a little. "I think we already know where they're attacking from. Those domes are their bases," he says. "But frontlines change. Seriously, don't worry so much," he chuckles. "It's not like we're going to just any old school after all. And the Avengers will kick butt!"

James nods "You're probably right about the domes and I'm sure we'll be fine. I just wish we had a better idea of what was coming. How far is the school anyway?"

Eddie peeks out the window. "We're pulling up to the front gates now," he remarks. "Just a short drive up to the garage and we can start your tour!" he says, grinning brightly.

James nods and then looks out the window so that He can get a good look at the school.

The school's not all that easy to see at first but soon the massive Xavier Mansion comes into view. It's huge. And a few students can be seen leaving through the front doors as the car heads for the garage. "Welcome to the Xavier Mansion…" Eddie trails off.

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