2011-04-08: Change Begins Now


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Summary: Tabitha has her meeting at Barnes with Jessica to learn more about the school to see if she's interested in attending there.

Date: April 8, 2008

Log Title: Change Begins Now

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy- Administration Office

//The administrative offices of the various shield agents and academic administrators as well as the small army of secretaries and clerks it takes to keep a school running smoothly are connected to this module. The central module has a large counter bisecting it with various school functionaries behind the counter at work stations or manning the desk. //

There's been talk between Jessica, Tony and Barnes about a possible new student. Since Barnes doesn't take in students as easily as other schools for superheroes there has to be a meeting arranged first and Nick has decided to send Jessica Drew to do his dirty work. It's what happens when one has the relationship with Nick Fury that Jessica does. She's gotten some of the details from Tony and now sits in the Administrative Office wearing her SHIELD uniform and her dark hair tied back tightly in a pony tail.

Tabitha is ushered into the office, and at last comes to stand before Jessica. She enters looking rather timid, with her ears laying flat against her head and her tail almost dragging on the ground behind her. She walks with her hands shoved deep in her pockets, and meanders forwards to stand on the opposite side of Jessica's desk. The rat girl glances around, looking at the walls and even briefly at the ceiling, before tiling her gaze back down towards Jessica. "I… uhm…" She pauses, and bites her bottom lip. "Hi," she spits out, at last. "I'm, uhm, Tabitha. Jones."

A familiar silver Audi speeds into the parking hanger of the Barnes Academy skidding to a stop in an available parking space. Once the engine is off the drivers side door pops open and out steps the man clad in a black suit, crisp white shirt and a crimson tie. Closing the door to the car Stark pulls his shades out of a small pocket in his suit jacket, pushes them on and takes a look about. For once he's not arriving late to a meeting but rather intruding upon one he knows is about to take place. Tony walks through the corridors trying not to disturb the goings on while heading to the Admin Office where he strides in like he owns the place.

Standing up Jessica offers a hand and a curt nod to Tabitha. "Jessica Drew, or Agent Drew. Not Ms. Drew, not Mrs. Drew, not Jessica. Agent Drew." She says as she motions for Tabitha to take a seat. "I understand Mr. Tony Stark thinks you'd be a good candidate for Barnes Academy, is this something you're interested in? I am assuming he told you a bit about our Academy here."

The hand is accepted, and Tabitha offers a firm handshake in spite of obvious jitters. "Agent Drew," she affirms, and slips into the indicated seat. "Mr. Stark hasn't actually told me a huge amount about the place so far… except that he thinks I'd make a good student if I apply myself, which I will. And every time I suggested anything I might like to study he said I definitely would be able to." She bobs her head emphatically. "So, yes, I am interested. Excited might be a better word, actually. I met someone the other day, uhm… Rashmi I think she said her name was, and she spoke highly of the place, too."

It takes but a moment to find where Tabitha is having her interview with Jessica. Tony hangs back until greetings have been exchanged between the two before inviting himself into the equation. "I've been purposefully vague up until now," he smiles tightly before greeting them both politely by name. "Also, I do believe that she would make a good candidate for the academy based upon knowledge and skills she has already mastered on her own."

"Ah yes, Rashmi." Jessica says with a nod. "Well Barnes Academy isn't your." But she stops speaking as Tony walks in and offers him a smile. "Hello Tony, good to see you again. I hope all is well since our last Adventure." She says as she takes a seat pulling out a small hand held computer to make some notes on. "As I was saying, Barnes Academy isn't your typical school. It is more like a military academy. We are demanding here and have high expectations of the students we invite to attend here. The education here is a privilege not a right but with Tony's recommendation, well that means a lot." She says. "What is it that you are looking for besides a High School diploma?"

The rat girl's eyebrows ping upwards, and she turns quickly to look over her shoulder. She meets Tony's gaze, and her mouth hangs agape for a moment before she shuts it; she flashes a nervous smile at the billionaire, and then turns back to face Jessica. Her ears perk up upon being told that Barnes is military in nature. "I… well, I'd like to catch up on my schooling as fast as I can. I've been…" Tabitha trails off, and pauses for a second. "I've been unable to attend school for the last few months. But once I get past that, I'd like to study mechanical engineering. I worked for a locksmith for a while, and I've been doing as much of my own maintenance on my bike as I've been able to figure out, and I really enjoy it." She pauses once more, and the insides of her ears color as she blushes. "Aside from that, I… well I'm obviously a mutant." She leaves out the insinuation that it doesn't take a genius to spot that one. "I wouldn't mind learning how to better use my abilities, and if there's anything I can do to use 'em to help people, that would be awesome. And I hope I'm not getting ahead of myself."

"Same ol' same ol. Thank you for asking," Tony replies to Jessica before finding somewhere in the room to stand that leaves him opportunities to pick up various objects instead of intruding upon the conversation unless it's necessary. "You're doing fine," the Avenger tells Tabitha as he passes by her to seat himself in one of the available chairs. Hands fold together in his lap as he leans back in the chair making himself comfortable.

"No you are not obviously a mutant." Jessica Drew states. "You obviously have superpowers but there is nothing obvious that shouts mutant until you say so." There's a little bit of a frown from the woman but it doesn't really betray much of what she's thinking. "Missing a few months of school is hardly an issue. Some students here have missed more, I myself have never attended a day of school, or typical classroom schooling." She says passively. "You make it sound like you are looking to attend a Trade School Tabitha, you are aware this isn't one?" Who ever decided Jessica would be good around children obviously had a twisted sense of humor.

Tabitha shrugs her shoulders lightly, and shakes her head. "Mr. Stark hasn't told me very much," she admits. "I have learned a lot of things outside school, mind you, but uhm…" She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "I understand you said this is military. Rather than having me fumbling for the right answers… can I just ask… what kind of things would you like to be teaching me, were I here?" She purses her lips, and clasps her hands in her lap. "I'm working from a position of uncertainty at the moment… which isn't a very strong position. I am still interested in mechanical engineering, sure… but no, not a trade school. A trade school would be teaching me how to be a mechanic, and get my hands dirty working on cars. As far as that goes, I'd be more interested in being the person who designs the cars — or planes, or guns, or whatever. And for that you need much more than trade school."

"Despite the issues that have brought Tabitha to New York I feel there are significant reasons for her to attend here," Tony comments from where he's seated while adjusting a panel of his suit jacket. "If you will check your data device you will have information that should explain a bit of why I've suggested she attend here."
While they've talked Tony's used his abilities to download a file to Jessica's palm computer device that explains a snippet of Tabitha's skills at breaking and entering a secure facility as well as the marksmanship. The most notable entry being that Tabitha has the ability to mimic other mutants powers and has done so repeatedly in the time that he's known her. Copying various mutants such as Envy for one. "The uncertainty is my fault. She's been on the street and getting into trouble quite often. With her unique skill set and her desire to help others she fits. If you don't mind my cliff notes version."

Jessica looks at her device and nods to Tony. His words carry a lot of weight for her since they are teammates after all. "There are no right or wrong answers Tabitha. There are a lot of opportunities at Barnes and quite frankly I don't know enough about you to know what to teach you. Also I am not just some desk clerk who is in charge of setting up schedules for students all day." She says reading further over her notes before starting to type away on her device. "This is not a military school. We are like one in discipline and have backing of an organization called SHIELD but we are not Army, Navy or Air Force. We are not so public. So what you hope to get out of Barnes Academy is up to you, not up to us to tell you."

Tabitha shakes her head slowly. "I've never heard of SHIELD," she murmurs. Of course she hasn't. She glances sideways at Tony, and shoots him a grateful look. "A few days ago, a mutant I'm told is called Dingo attacked China Town. I was there… and I was one of four people who stood up to him. …Which was fine and dandy until he smashed me through a building, but that's beside the point." She twiddles with her thumbs, and absentmindedly crosses her ankles. "It just felt… I don't want to say 'good', more that it felt 'right', to try to do something. Even if I was horribly outmatched right then, like Mr. Stark told me afterward… and he was right." She shrugs, and focuses on a spot in the middle of Jessica's desk. "I don't necessarily want to be fighting people all the time… but I do want to put myself to good use. I *like* helping people." She taps her fingers together, and tilts her head to look sideways at Tony, and then back up to Jessica. "Also… I know Kung Fu, and I would definitely
definitely like to resume training."

Tony waves a hand out to his side in an expressive manner. "I couldn't put it better myself. I believe that she can benefit from finishing out her diploma and persuing her collegiate goals while utilizing her unique skill set to possibly consider a career in law enforcement, military, various organizations such as SHIELD." That seems to sum things up rather nicely at least in his book. If Jessica would like to learn more about Tabitha's history and how Tony came across the young lady he's more than willing to discuss that.

"Okay so you want to be a hero too?" Jesssica asks raising her eyebrow. "Doing the right thing does stir something in you. Some of us dedicate our lives to it and know no other life. I'll explain a few things about Barnes Academy. It is a strict school and we take your education and training very seriously. Besides classes there are powers training, combat lessons among other classes. Most of what you think you know you will probably find yourself relearning. That being said, Barnes does watch out for it's own and we protect our students." She looks to Tony and nods. Jessica doesn't care about someone's history she care more about the present. "It's a good thing your opinion carries a lot of weight." She says with a smile to Tony.

Tabitha pauses, and then nods her head quickly. "Yeah," she replies. "Yeah I do. I mean… I can't remember who said it, but there's that quote… 'All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.'" The rat girl continues to play with her thumbs, and still sits bolt upright in the chair. At Jessica's latter comment, the insides of her ears color once more as she blushes fiercely, and she remains silent for a long moment. "I don't mind studying. My parents always made sure I got into good habits when I was growing up… I don't go out partying, I don't do drugs, and I care about my grades. I admit I've had a bad attitude lately that I've had to get rid of, but… that's in the past. It's not who I am now."

"There are some benefits to being me," Tony teases in response to his word carrying a lot of weight. At least if Tabitha becomes a student here at Barnes she will be able to finish her education and achieve her goals without having to worry for her safety. A glance across his shoulder to Tabitha has him smiling with a touch of pride for her putting her past behind her and making the right decisions. "I hate to intrude upon a meeting and run but I'm rather busy being Inspector Gadget at the moment. If either of you need me for any reason you know how to get a hold of me." A pat to the arm of his chair Tony rises up and bows his head. "Have a good afternoon, ladies."

"Have a good evening Tony. I'll see you at the Mansion tomorow for practice. I'll assume you'll be late. But not as late as Jennifer." Jessica says with a smile as she does enjoy Jennifer's company. She shakes her head and shrugs. "I have no idea who Inspector Gadget is." She mutters. "Honestly Tabitha I would worry less about sucking up to me and worry more about your future. I just more want to let you know what you are getting yourself into and to let you know we have high expectations from those that are candidates for Barnes Academy. Now I will have to talk with Mr. Wilson, he's the Headmaster here, and let him know. If you need help getting your stuff I can assist you tonight in getting moved in with a room here."

Tabitha opens her mouth, about to protest the remark about sucking up; but changes her mind, and clamps her jaw shut once more. She pauses, and shakes her head. "I don't have much stuff, Agent Drew," she replies. "Most of it I can deal with on my own. The only thing I need assistance with is my bike; I'm still recovering from a concussion after fighting Dingo, and the doctors said I should avoid driving for another couple of weeks." She pauses, and shrugs her shoulders. "Though if Mr. Stark doesn't mind, it's perfectly fine, in the parking for his tower at the moment." She finally loses the battle with herself, and fails to contain the grin she's been visibly holding in since Jessica spoke about helping her to move in. "Thank you, very much!" she says, directing the comment as much at Tony as at Jessica.

Right, the practice, the practice he forgot about…again. "I look forward to tomorrow then. I'm sure Jennifer will have a better excuse than I for being late again. She always does." Tony walks through the office to the door and offers a nod to Tabitha. "The bike will be fine where it is or contact Happy to move it." With that Tony waves a peace sign as he departs leaving Jessica and Tabitha to iron out any further details.

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