2009-04-07: Changes Of Pace


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Summary: Cid meets someone else on the roof.

Date: April 7, 2009

Changes of Pace

Rating: PG

NYC - Greenwich Village Apartments (Roof)

After climbing up the ladder and through the skylight to the roof it's almost a whole new world from the top of the 7-story building. A four foot brick wall lines all sides of the roof. Either the landlord or one of the long time residents seems to have an affinity for gardening and plants off all sorts are set around the roof creating an unorganized mess of beauty surrounding most of the edges of the roof. Different small trees sit in planters in a few of the corners. Depending on the season is what's in bloom up here. There is a small white garden table with four chairs and a bench for those who want to come up here and watch the city from above. The roof is open to all who live in the apartment.

Lately, Kaji's been working and at school. Unfortunately, this leaves Cid to his silence more often than he'd like. He's really grown onto the Amish boy. So, in his silence, he sits quietly on the roof, writing something in german on a pad of paper. He's ignoring the world around him, really, as he leans next to one of the planters.

If you have been living in the building for very long, then you might have caught a glimpse of, but more than likely have been told of one Tanner O'Kane. Irish immigrant, college student, sick kid. Small and skinny, the young man is what Mrs. Gladys Nichols of apartment 419 refers to as one of God's Miracles. He's typically to weak to get up the stairs most days without haveing to take long rests between flights, but today…he emerges onto the roof, barefoot, but in his jeans and T-shirt, grinning up at the day. It's his first time on the roof. It would seem there has been quiet the change. He looks around for a few moments to see the new sights when his vision lands upon Cid.

Cid's still enveloped in his own litle world as he writes away. Though, as the door shuts, he looks up. He blinks quickly. "Oh, hello. I've never seen you up here." He's seen many people come and go up here, but not this one. Of course, he spends a lot of time up here, himself. His voice carries a mild accent.

Tanner has his own accent, a thick irish brogue. "Well, up until this moment, I've never made it up this far. Doctor has me on some new meds…" he says and leaves it at that. "Nice view." He offers, half walking, half jogging past you to take a look across and over the the lip of the building. He smiles a little and settles on the edge, back to the wind and body turned towards you. He pauses as if ready to say something and then blinks. "Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to disrupt…I'll just leave ya be?"

"No, it's alright." Cid says, closing the notepad. "Journal. And letters to the family." He says softly, looking over the new arrival as he runs a hand through his hair softly. "Meds?" He asks, having not heard that particular term. He's heard a lot of things, but not that one yet.

Tanner waves a hand as he pulls one of his legs up to his chest to ward off the small chill in the air. "Medication…Heart problems." He says, making a soft pounding with his right fist against his chest. He leans forward and extends a hand. "Tanner O'Kane….305." he says, indicating with a finger that he lives below.

Accepting the hand, Cid nods. "Cid Yoder. 702." He offers, nodding softly. "Ah. Sorry, I do not understand a lot of the things going on around here right now. I've spent most of my life living without electricity. How can I know abbreviations." He chuckles, offering a friendly smile as he does so. If there's one thing about him, it's down to earth honesty.

Tanner nods a little a bit and then thinks for a moment before snapping his finger. "Menonite?" he asks looking at you curiously. He's a catholic, and from way out of town originally, but he's read enough about religion and the world to know there are sects of puritans that live without electricity or any sort of machine. "Or Amish?" He of course pronounces it Ay-mish.

"Amish, yes. I left on Rumspringa. There were too many things that I wanted to learn and understand." Cid offers with a nod. He settles in just a little bit more as he smiles. "And I'm assuming you're from somewhere else, as I haven't heard anyone who talks like that."

Tanner gives a nod. "Killarney, then Chicago, then here." he pauses and thinks. "Rumspringa…that the trial of the real world?" He asks curiously. "The time you get to explore the world and see if it's for you, or if you wanna live as an Amish person on the farm or somethin' like that?"

"Yes. How did you know?" Cid asks, canting his head to the side. Of course, he knows OF TV. But he doesn't know of the shows about Rumspringa. "Or if we want to be more than what we were. For me, it came down to realizing that I do not fit there. There are too many things different about me."

Tanner shrugs a little. "I was sick as a kid. Did nothing but read all day about the stuff I didn't know or couldn't see." he states plainly, as if it made a bitter taste in his mouth. He leans back and locks a foot around the ledge of the building and leans back to look down with a soft grin. "But I read about it in a book somewhere…don't remember how I got into it…might have been a memoirs or something…" he shrugs and then looks over to you. "Oh? Like what?"

"I like the sciences. I like other things that my people are not supposed to enjoy. But, at least I can be more open about enjoying things here. I liked the life, but it just wasn't for me." Cid explains with a half-nod as he thinks on it. "And there's so much more food out here."

"I'm a business guy." he offers honestly as he leans back towards you, keeping his balance now away from the drop. "A year away from graduating with my business degree." He comments, idly pointing towards the university in the distance. "Then who knows…." He shrugs. "You at the U as well?"

"Aye. So is my friend." Cid nods quickly. "I've only just been there for one semester, working on finishing my second." He says, chuckling. "I have no idea what major I'll have when I'm through. I'm testing the waters, as it were."

Tanner gives a nod of his head. "S'how I did it." He admits. "Went in thinking literature or something like that, but I don't think I'd make a writer. Got in some other classes until I found something I liked and that made sense….then I just kept at it…" He offers looking you over, studying the amish guy.

"It's nae a decision to take lightly." Cid shrugs as he looks out over the balcony, standing tall. The wind blows what little hair he has off his face. "I cannot remember what grade level Kaji is in."

Tanner shrugs a little as he spins to sit, legs dangling over the edge, feet bare to the wind. "Of course it is….life is maleable. Things that are true one moment are not true the next…nothing is written in stone. Stay flexible and bend when the wind blows." He offers staring off at the sun as it starts to set.

"Exactly." Cid says with a bright and happy nod in response. "Be the sapling that does not break in the wind but bends." He says, leaning out and unbuttoning his shirt a little to let the breeze flow into it.

Tanner watches your fingers unbutton the shirt with quiet glittering eyes. He idly turns his head away and sets his brow in a furrow as he stares off into the skyline, taking a moment to be awkward and silent when he isn't being prolific and mouthy.

The buttons continue down as Cid just watches. "So, aye. Anyway, the medication is helping. That's a good thing. All goes as the Lord wills it." He says, happily, stuffing the shirt in the back of his pants as he moves to sit back down.
Tanner cast the occasional glance over at Cid's shirtless torso and bites on his lip as he turns his attention back to your face. "Yeah…works in mysterious ways as they say." He chuckles a bit as he turns off the wall and moves towards the plants to see what is growing.

There are a few plants that even have german names on them. A few vegetables anyway. "Aye, that he does." Cid nods. "At least someone else understands it. That really refreshes me. Thou shouldst know that." He says, slipping back into antiquity.

Tanner gives a nod, squatting down to one of the plants, running his fingers over the leaves and turning to look up at you. "One doesn't leave Eire without the knowledge of a good catholic education." he chuckles. "And while your a protestant…it all comes from the same place…."

That causes a laugh from Cid. "Protestant I may be, but I'm of a much stricter belief system than ever you've experienced." He laughs again. He's in a good mood. This person has brought the humor out of him in a good way. "I need to get with the landlord. He still hasn't fixed my window since the breakin." He sighs softly.

Tanner raises a brow. "Break in?" he asks curiously, having no intention of getting into competition with a protestant over who has the more strict of the belief systems. He seems curious. "They get everything?"

"Nothing. It was an alternate dimensional version of one of my friends, trying to kill me." Cid offers, with a bit of a shiver. He remembers clearly his other self. It wasn't pretty.

Tanner raises a brow for a few moments. "Alternate dimensional?" he repeats, his words going a little hesitant. He missed the majority of the invasion. As is stands he remembers the first big come down and was TKOed for the rest of it. "I was in the hospital for the last few weeks getting treatment…." he admits.

"Ah, our world was invaded by eeeevil versions of ourselves and our heroes." Cid says with a nod as he stretches. "Though, they broke out my window, it's been warm enough that it's alright." He says as he yawns. "But I think I am going to go take a nap on the couch."

Tanner gives a nod of his head as he moves to stand from his crouch, dusting off the hand that was playing with the plant on the side of his jeans. He then offers the hand to you and gives you a final look over. "Have a good rest. See you around…"

Cid does accept the hand, giving it a light friendly squeeze. "Anyway, I'm sure I'll see you around the building or at school." He says with a grin, reaching down to scratch his stomach before heading to the door.

Tanner watches you go, looking a little like he is sad to see you go. He lets out a soft sigh and then moves back to the ledge of the roof, standing up on his toes to lean over the edge and gaze down into the streets.

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