Channel Aliases

Here's a a current list of all the channels and the aliases that you can use to chat with them.

To turn on and off a channel please type <Channel Name> #off or <Channel Name> #on - eg pub #on

To view a list of channels you can talk on you can type <Channel Name> #list - eg pub #list

Channel Name Usable Aliases
Avengers avengers, avenger, avenge, av, +avengers, +avenger, +avenge, +av
Barnes Academy barnes, bar, +barnes, +bar
Gaming games, ga, +ga, +games
Help Me! he, +he, helpme, +helpme
Looking for RP looking, lfrp, rp, +looking, +lfrp, +rp
Not Safe for Work nsfw, +nsfw
Public public, +public, publi, publ, pub, +publi, +publ, +pub, pubchan, +pubchan, chat, cha, ch, +chat, +cha, +ch, +p
Spoilers spoi, spoiler, +spoiler, +spoi
Twitter twi, tweet, +twi, +tweet
Villains villains, villian, vill, vil, vi, +villains, +villian, +vill, +vil, +vi
Xavier's Academy xmansion, xmans, xman, mansion, mx, +xmansion, +xmans, +xman, +mansion, +mx, xaviers, xavier, xav, xmen, xa, +xaviers, +xavier, +xav, +xmen, +xa
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