2011-06-10: Chatting In The Gym


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Summary: Members of the Paragons meet up in the gym then stick around talking to other students who enter the gym.

Date: June 10, 2011

Log Title: Chatting in the gym

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion- Gym

Even though Tara is getting a little old to be considered in her prime as far as being a gymnast is concerned, she still finds time to work out and practice on a regular schedule. Old habits die hard, and this keeps her limber and in shape, which makes those kung-fu lessons she's taking that much easier since her body is already used to a lot of those uncomfortable positions. So she's here, now, in her practice clothes, with the room set up for the uneven bars, and her dangling down from the lowest one, swinging lazily back and forth to warm up.

It's before the dinner hour which means that the mission is a go! Mission: Find Tara Kincaid enters phase 2 of a three step process. Step one was to make a mission in the first place which meant gathering up Kieran and grilling the student body about Tara's patterns. Step 2 is heading down to the gym which seems to be the prime spot for finding the girl. The doors to the gym part as Tyler enters taking a look about and spotting Tara swinging back and forth from a bar. "Success!" He announces to Kieran. Now entering phase 3! Cute boys corner an unsuspecting team mate.

Well now that they've hit phase 3, all troubles have passed. Kieran follows Tyler's lead in entering the gym to look about. As he spots Tara as well,"Yep. Well shall we wait for her to complete whatever she's doing?" He asks curiously, standing there with his hands thrust into the pockets of his cargo pants.

"Even though I don't think she's started I think we should." Tyler takes a look around then points out a spot where they can wait until Tara is done doing her exercise routine. "You ever want to do gymnastics? I always wanted to do the rings after I saw the Summer Olympics." Sadly that was not to be. Tara would be able to hear them as they are not that far away and are walking past where she's warming up.

"I'm right here," Tara says, her lazy swinging beginning to pick up speed until she makes complete loops around the bars. "I may be blind, but I'm not deaf." She flips off the bottom bar and easily catches the top. "You can talk to me while I'm doing this. I don't mind."

"Well I don't think that we've really gotten a chance to meet yet." Kieran says smiling a little bit at Tara, as he stands there next to Tyler and considering this for a moment. "I'm Kieran by the way. We're on the same squad as you." He says seriously before leaning just a little bit on Tyler. What else should he says right now about that. "And no. I never really wanted to do gymnastics. I was more about the soccer."

Tyler tucks his hands into the back pockets of his cargo shorts. "Didn't want to interrupt you in case you needed to concentrate on the bars. I'm Tyler, and we've come down here to say hello and get to know you before we end up in training together." Sounds about right. Leans towards Kieran a touch as he watches Tara swing about the high bar.

"This?" the gymnast asks, swinging around half way and then twisting to face the other direction. "I could do this in my sleep." A few more rotations before she says, "Check this out." She builds up momentum until she has enough speed to fling herself into the air, does a series of turns and twists, whose timing looks a little off for her to catch the bar, and then, amazingly, lands on the bar with her feet, arms outstretched for balance. "Hah! Take that Shawn Johnson!"

"Pretty impressive." Kieran says applauding a little bit as the gymanist lands the dismount. "So you use your powers so that you can see?" He remembers hearing about something to that effect when he saw her at the mall. "So how does that work?" He asks curiously, tilting his head a bit to oneside.

Tyler almost doesn't watch as he was certain something awful was about to happen then surprisingly he's witnessed an amazing dismount, sort of. Hands are pulled free from his shorts to clap as well. "That was pretty cool though I've no idea how you manage that."

Tara takes a few steps towards the end of the bar and just kind of floats down. "Magic!" she declares, with a bit of a bow. "I don't really see," she explains. "I just kind of use my telekenetics to feel everything around me at once. I get shapes and textures, but I don't get color and stuff like that." She shrugs once as if the subject bores her, so she steps forward a bit and changes the subject to something more along the lines of her interest. "So you two are the cuddlebunnies that were at the pool, eh?"

"Well the thing at the pool was initially a bit of sillyness." Kieran says laughing a little bit at the question about cuddlebunies. "So you can sort of feel where we are and how tall we are but not what colour eyes or hair we have?" He asks curiously,"But yeah…. We have started cuddling quite a bit since then." He says laughing a bit and leaning against his boyfriend casually,"So ummm…."

Since Kieran has confirmed that they were the two at the pool other than Kael and Max he says nothing on the matter and Kieran has asked interesting questions he'd like to know the answers to as well. "Is there some other term other than cuddle? Someone needs to invent a more manly term like ..oh! Glom. I'm glomming on Ki when I can. Who wouldn't?" He smiles lopsidedly. "What?" Tyler asks as Kieran trailed off there at the end.

Tara claps her hands together and gets little stars in her eyes as she gets all giddy. "That's so cuuute!" She bounces up and down a bit in her enthusiasm. "And you're going to be on my team. That's going to be so awesome."

"I don't think it's quite glomming, since a glomp is where you essentially pounce on me." Kieran says laughing, but then Tara begins clapping and he has to just /stare/ at the blind girl,"Ummmm… It is? And why's it so awesome that we're on your team?" He asks sounding really really confused now. It feels like the logic train jumped the track and went down the rabbit hole on him all the sudden.

"Yeah, haven't gotten into the pouncing yet." Tyler laughs resting a hand on Kieran's back. Tara starts to spazz with glee and it's rather infectious though slightly confusing. "I'll admit we're cute but our combined adorable isn't exactly enough to make the team awesome. Well, it is….you know…I've no idea what I'm talking about anymore."

"Because it is," answers Tara, with the tone of an authority. She didn't say that it would be awesome for the /team/ mind you. Just awesome for her. "Trust me on this. I know my Yaoi."

"Yaoi?" Kieran asks blinking a little bit at the word that he doesn't really recognize. "Well we'll see about the pouncing soon enough." Kieran says teasingly, and moving to tickle Tyler's side like he did outside earlier. "Tyler's definitely more on the hotside than the cute side just so you know."

Tyler blinks, "Umm…we are not the real life version of Yaoi. Yaoi is guy relationships written by women. It's more shōnen-ai." He knows what Tara is referring to and merely shakes his head about it. "So, steering things back to you and off of us. What's up with your powers? Wait I'm distracted…" Gives Kieran a one armed hug after smacking the offending hand away. "He's good for my ego but ANYWAYS start talking short stuff."

Tara tries real hard to keep herself from squealing in glee again as the couple does cute gay couply things in her presence. Somehow she manages to compose herself before tilting her head at Tyler's question. "My power? I'm a telekinetic. I thought that was pretty self explanatory. I move stuff with the power of my mind."

"Yaoi? What's… Oh, nevermind. I don't… think I want to know." The soft tapping of a cane precedes the blind Sophie as she makes her way into the gym, from the girl's changing room; she's dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, ready for some exercise, in one of the very few places anyone might have seen her not wearing a skirt or a dress. She blushes softly as she approaches the group, eventually coming to a stop and clasping her hands around the top of her cane. "I hear voices belonging to people I haven't met, as well as Tara," she murmurs. "May I ask, who is there/"

"Well as long as Yaoi isn't hardcore or anything." Kieran says shrugging a bit as he keeps trying to sneakily tickle Tyler, going for the otherside so that he wraps an arm behind the other blonde's back in the process. "And I only speak the truth about you." He says firmly,"Anyway, that seems pretty useful. Always being able to feel where things are. So can you feel when things are moving at you, or would they distort your 'vision?" He says to Tara before a new person enters. Now that's two of the blind people he saw at the mall. "I'm Kieran, member of Paragon and resident taser."

Tyler snickers, "No, it's not hardcore. I'll explain later." Today is apparently tickle Tyler day for which the teen is amused if slightly exasperated as its difficult to fend off the attacking fingers for long. "I'm new with the whole powers thing so bear with me for awhile," he says as a new person enters the gym. Turning towards them while hunching over with giggles, "I'm Tyler, also a Paragon," bats Kieran's hands away again, "and hottie nebula."

"Yeah," answers Tara. "Unless it's moving really, really fast." She shrugs and turns back to the uneven bars that are set up at their end of the room. "I mean, if I'm prepared I can deflect a bullet, but I gotta know that somebody's shooting at me."

Sophie giggles softly, and brushes her fingertips over her blindfold and through her hair. "Senors Tyler and Kieran," she replies, and bobs her head. "It is good to meet you both, Si? I am Sophie DeCosta, from Spain. And… I am on the Hellions team. So I have no doubt you will get the opportunity to face my awe-inspiring powers fairly soon." She pauses, and after about five seconds, fails to keep the straight face. "Well, alright, I'm not really any sort of powerful mutant. But, in seriousness, welcome to Xaviers, si?"

"Yeah. Since he would freeze me to death if he went into his nebula mode, we'll wait to show that off." Kieran says grinning a little bit as he doesn't give up on the tickling of Tyler just yet. Using the hand on the one side and even trying to sneak a few tickles on the side that he's sort of leaning against,"That'd be useful. Least if you knew something was coming at you. I don't think that I would be able to stop a bullet with my powers since I have to take time to charge it with an similar charge to me." He pauses for a moment,"Pleasure to meet you Miss DeCosta. Never been to Spain but I hear Mallorca's nice."

"I suppose I'll just have to see what everyone can do during the first practice. I still haven't met three of the team as they are harder to find than yourself," Tyler tells Tara. He then thanks Sophie for the warm welcome to the school. A roll of his eyes, "I may to keep him from tickling me. Though I'd make sure to run off to a safer spot before shifting." Attempts are made to grab at Kieran's hands and if he's lucky enough he can catch them so he wins this battle. "So squads eventually go against other squads? That could be challenging since you could potentially be facing off against friends."

"Sometimes," says Tara as she hops back up on the lower of the uneven bars. "It's good to practice against somebody who's thinking an a little bit unpredictable and…" she pauses to start swinging and says under her breath, "God,they're so cute…" Louder, "… and who's not controlled by AI." She does a full rotation while grinning, "Besides you get to show off a lot."

Patrick comes floating into the gym, kind of… more he is walking through the air as if on an invisible platform just about three feet off of the ground. He is bouncing tossing a baseball as he walks in though again this isn't as normal. He moves his hand in the smooth fashion as if he is repeatedly catching and throwing the baseball back into the air… except the bottom of the balls path is a foot or so over his head. He notices those already present in the gym and calmly makes his way over towards them, a lazy grin on his face.

Sophie nods her head quickly, "Si, it is practice only, not a real fight," she seconds. "Actually… you have precious little to fear from me in any case. The better part of my ability is to heal others. I… can attack as well, but as I cannot see to aim, it can be rather difficult." She shrugs her shoulders lightly, and shifts her hands to hold her cane behind her back. "I found the Dagner Room intimidating at first, but now I find myself looking forward to the sessions. It is a chance to learn."

"I worked with Cloud once in the danger room." Kieran says laughing a little bit,"I think that he also sort of likes the attention." He says although he doesn't struggle against having his hands grabbed,"That's the pretty cool." he says looking at Sophie, before turning towards Patrick,"Ummm… Hello?" He asks curiously, watching the other teen curiously as he leans against his boyfriend.

"I totally agree about the practice not so much the showing off. Showing off isn't my style Tara." Since Tara is busy flipping herself around the bars Tyler takes to holding Kieran close and paying attention to those now standing around on this side of the gym. "A healer available would always be nice. Someone's got to patch up the crazy people right? I'm really looking forward to learning with the team and more about myself." As Patrick approaches Tyler gives a nod of his head in greeting accompanied by a brilliant smile, "Hello, there."

Tara works up some speed and flips into the air, grabbing the higher bar on the way down. Grunting, she says, "Everybody likes to show off every once in a while." She turns around and continues, "You're just unsure of your powers because you're still new to it. But once you've got the hang of it you'll come around.”

Sophie shrugs her shoulders lightly. "Some people like showing off," she murmurs. "There is nothing wrong with that, is there? I just don't happen to feel the need. I… usually prefer not to show my powers to people who aren't mutants. I do like to help people of course, but… I have always found it strange that I could heal someone's hurt, and they immediately curse me for being a mutant. I do not think I will ever understand it."

Patrick looks up to Tara making some moves and his lazy grin intensifies a bit as he 'catches' the ball, which consists of it coming to a sudden stop, floating about two feet over his hand for a couple of seconds before then falling through whatever the effect is into his actual hand. "Hey there. Uh, I interrupting something?"

"I show off sometimes depending on my mood." Kieran says laughing a bit,"Healers would really be a good thing if people get too carried away." He says casually as he snaps his fingers causing a little spark,"I don't think that makes sense either." He says casually,"And not really interrupting anything right now." He says shrugging at Patrick, before trying to kiss Tyler's cheek slightly.
Tyler accepts that at some point he might feel differently about a bit of grandstanding but right now he's far too concerned about learning control than what he can blow up. "Sadly some would rather remain in pain or die than to accept help. Not much you can do about it other than keep doing what you're doing cause the number of grateful people will far out number the idiots." Turning his gaze upon Patrick, "Not really, man. We're all just standing around talking about various things. I'm Tyler, nice to meet you." He's been be-smooched! Looks quite happy about that and smooches back.

Tara nearly misses a catch when she shifts back to the other bar when the two boys kiss. "Hee!" she says before regaining her composure and her grip. "Speak for yourself, sparkles. You may be standing about. I'm working out."

The blindfodled girl smiles softly, and shifts her cne to tap the ground around herself. "Si. Well, I mean to start volunteering at the hospital during the summer… perhaps the doctors there will let me heal some of the patients? I suppose we shall find out." She bobs her head, and turns to face away. "I should do the exercises I came here to do. It has been good to meet you both, si? Have a good evening!"

If Patrick has a reaction from the boys 'kissing', it doesn't show. He slowly floats down to the ground and turns his ever-present grin towards Tyler. "Patrick. I've been around on and off since the new year. Here for good now." He lifts the baseball up and tosses it up in the air. At the apex of it's rising, Patrick reaches out his hand and just flicks in the ball's direction… causing it to go flying at near bullet speeds through the air in a massive arch against the far wall. "And we all show off from time to time." As Sophie heads off he offers kindly, "Uh, good night then, enjoy the exercising."

"Ummm…. I'm Kieran." Kieran says having taken a little while to recover from the kiss from his boy. "Wait… Would you be roommates with Kevin?" He asks curiously remembering the name from Kevin. He considers that for the moment,"I am just standing around right now because of the fact that Tyler's standing around." He says casually without any sounding interest. "I think she's really liking that we're together." He whispers to Tyler, glancing towards Tara as he speaks.

Goodbyes are given to Sophie before he watches Patrick demonstrate his powers. It's interesting for certain and poor Tara nearly took a tumble. "Aye, Kevin mentioned he was roomed with a Patrick." Quirky smile Tyler rests his cheek up against Kieran's hair seemingly content to stay where he is at the moment. "I'm standing about because there's no reason for me to do anything else." Sotto voce to Kieran, "Aye. Though I think we're better looking than her anime romance teens."

"Duh," is Tara's response to Tyler's quiet comment. "I mean, I only listen to it." She takes a moment to wind up for a dismount, which she pulls off almost flawlessly, but grunts disappointingly, "I'm getting rusty." Louder, "I get to watch you two in spectacular three-dee. It's awesome."

Patrick nods to the question Kieran asks and he seems to be developing a pleased twinkle in his eye. He gives Tara his attention as she dismounts and gives a gentle applause. "Don't beat yourself up. That was good, Tara." Note that as he speaks to Tara his natural Irish accent intensifies to charming heights. Then back to the group in general he nods again, "Yeah. I'm Patrick." His smile takes on a mischevious edge and he asks, "What did Kevin say about me?"

"I don't remember really. Just remembered your name coming from him." Kieran says shrugging a bit at Patrick,"Anyway, nice brogue. It's very cool." He says laughing a little bit,"And yeah, this is a little bit comfortable, although exercising is always good." He says seriously,"So yeah, we're definitely better than any anime romance because we're not really wonky." He says laughing softly.

"Slightly cracked but not wonky," Tyler adds in helpfully. Taking a look about the room he wonders why he keeps ending up in the gym when he's not remotely athletic. This time it just so happened to be because Tara was down here so there was at least a reason. "Yeah, I think he mentioned that you were his roomie but that's about it. Honestly? I can't remember. So much has been going on this week that I've spaced some of the minor details. Nice to meet you though." Forehead to Kierean's shoulder then he pulls back. "I may need to cut out of here soon though. I need my handsome-sleep."

Tara turns to Patrick and shrugs. "Enh. It was okay. I've done a lot better on harder dismounts." She doesn't sound like she's beating herself up over it. "I'll be seventeen this year. That's, like, 60 in gymnast years." She dusts her hands together as a towel snakes it's way out of her duffelbag and into her waiting hands. "Yeah. I think I'm done for now. I'm gonna hit the showers and head back to the dorms."

Patrick shrugs and nods to the three others there. "Well you look plenty talented to me. And happy early birthday. Just turned sixteen a few months ago myself." He floats back up a couple of feet into the air and a strange and vague expression crosses his face that kills Patrick's smile a bit. "I guess it'll just be me then. You all have a lovely evening."

"I'll be sixteen in August." Kieran says smiling a bit,"Sorry. It's a little late and I still actually have a touch of homework before I'll be sleeping. Anyway, I'll catch you another time Patrick." He says as he begins leading Tyler off. Believe it or not yes, he really does have work to do that does not involve Tyler.

Tyler frowns, "I am apparently the youngling. I won't turn sixteen till November. However, rawr Scorpio!" A jaunty wave is given to both Patrick and Tara as everyone appears to be going their separate ways. "Have a good night the both of you. See you at squad practice Tara!" Now the teen is dragged off by his boyfriend. "Bah, homework…" can be heard muttered out in the hallway as the doors to the gym close behind him.

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