2011-06-11: Checking Out Coney Island


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Summary: Kevin, Kieran, and Tyler all go to Coney Island to hang out and have some fun. While there Kieran's younger brother joins them and they all go check out the Freak show that Aiden works at.

Date: June 11, 2011

Log Title: Checking out Coney Island

Rating: PG

Brooklyn- Coney Island

Coney Island lies at the very southern most tip of Brooklyn with its beach lying in the Atlantic Ocean. Coney island contains various rides and roller coasters and games such as skee ball. Coney Island hosts a Variety of events such as Burlesque shows, the Mermaid Parade, Freak Shows, and the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest. The Coney Island boardwalk stretches down the park lined with food shops and arcades.

Coney Island is lit up with flashing lights and the colourful sounds from the rides, food vendors and many other attractions. There are posters all around advertising the annual Mermaid Parade coming up. Along the boardwalk is the Coney Island Freakshow and outside of it stands a young man with blue feathered wings doing a sword swallowing demonstration. He's currently sans shirt only wearing a pair of shiny black vinyl pants tucked into his boots. Green tribal like tattoos cover his entire chest, back, arms, neck and possibly more as he stands there with his arms out. Aiden's head is back as the hilt of a sword sticks out of his mouth as he stands there performing for the crowd.

Behold the arrival of the Paragons! Or most of them anyways. Walking toward the boardwalk are three teens dressed in various different ways. The tallest of the three being Tyler who is wearing black jeans, a blue n'purple shirt filled with skulls underneath a black and blue hoody, and a pair of snazzy blue sneakers he picked up at the mall the other day. His hand being held captive by his boyfriend Kieran and to his right Kevin! As they approach the area where the Freakshow is Tyler comes to a stop noticing Aiden. "Hey! That's the guy I met at the mall the other day. That's pretty bad ass…" watching the demonstration from afar.

Playing the third wheel, and utterly oblivious to that fact, Kevin trails along with his friends and teammates. He might be a little more… worldly now than he was when he first came to live with his dads, but Coney Island is still something that's just amazing! The poor kid looks like a country cousin the way he's looking around at everything with wide eyes, barely blinking for fear of missing something amazing. Oddly enough, him looking around is what has him almost missing the sword swallowing show. Tyler saves the day, though, and brings his attention to the half naked, blue winged man with a sword hilt sticking out of his mouth, "No way…" He chews on his lower lip for a moment and looks from his friends and back to Aiden, "Wait…" He blinks a couple of times (possibly the first time he's done so since arriving), "You guys met him?"

"I've met him a couple times." Kieran says nodding his head as he walks hand in hand with Tyler,"His name's Aiden. I met him the first time when I was looking around New York and then again when I was down doing work for one of the teachers. We had lunch with him." He says casually as he glances about. This is probably one of the first times that he has actually been in this place. "And he was dressed just a bit more conservatively when I saw him last." He says laughing a little bit.

After a few moments of holding the sword in his gullet Aiden slowly takes it out and bows to a round of applause before going to grab a drink. A busker starts talking about the show, promoting Aiden's act among the many others. Looking up he notices the familiar face of Kieran and offers a wave, putting away the sword he was using before walking over. "Hey! Fancy running into you here."

Tyler realizes that the brief run in at the mall wasn't enough to be remembered by which is all fine in his book. Still he offers a wave with his free hand even though Aiden is focused on Kieran at the moment. "That was awesome! We all came to see your show, and well everyone else's too." Ty turns towards Kevin and whispers loudly, "That was awesome right?!?! How did he get it down there? Heh, how'd he get it back out?" Not really meaning to whisper as its more of a amazed reaction.

When Aiden comes over to speak to them, Kevin blushes faintly and clasps his hands behind his back, happy enough to just hang back in the background. He looks over at Tyler and nods, wincing a little and not quite cringing when someone shouts nearby, "Yeah! I wonder if I could do something like that?" He would heal quickly enough if he hurt himself…

"Well it is Cony Island. Sooner or later we'd end up here." Kieran says laughing a little bit before his cellphone goes off. Reaching into the pocket of his cargos and pulling out the cellphone to answer it. "Yeah. Hey mom… Oh… yeah we're there like I said we'd be." He says into the phone, before he listens to something being said,"Ok. I'll be at the entrance in a few moments." He says laughing a bit,"Sorry guys. My mom wants me to have my baby brother around since he's been being restrained all week." He says sounding amused as he slips the phone into his pocket, "Be right back." He says before running off.

"To answer your questions…wait..your'e that kid from the mall with that mind speaking guy." Aiden says to Tyler. "I am horrible with names so forgive me if I don't remember it. But anyway, thanks for thinking it was awesome. I just let the sword blade slide down my esophagus and pretty much to much stomach and then I just pull it back out. No magic tricks or anything just, simple sword swallowing." Aiden says chuckling before looking to Kevin with a doubtful look. "I don't know, I wouldn't recommend trying it with out practicing with other things first. I've been doing it for ten years now." He says as it's taken him a lot of training. He waves a hand to Kieran and nods. "Don't worry, I'll watch your friends for you."

Tyler nods repeatedly even as Kieran runs off to fetch his brother. "Yup that's me! Mind speaky guy is a pretty cool guy actually. No worries about names. I'm Tyler, the running guy is Kieran and this guy…" thumbs over at Kevin, "Is Kevin." The explanation for sword swallowing has Tyler laughing while trying hard not to give Aiden the once over in that outfit. "That is so not simple! Have you ever had it go wrong?" Inquiring minds must know these things after all.

Kevin gives a little wave and blushes a little deeper when Aiden comments on his wondering about sword swallowing, ducking his head, "Yeah, I wouldn't really do anything like that… It does look cool, though!" He gives another bashful smile when he's introduced, "Yep, that's me." Then blushes even more at how that sounded, "Um… I think I'll just shut up now…" He's starting to sound like an idiot. He looks over at Tyler and nods in agreement with the other boy's assessment of the explanation about how to do sword swallowing, giving Kieran a little wave and nod when he runs off to get his kid brother.

"Yeah I know Kieran and his name is actually easy for me to remember. I have a brother with the same name." Aiden says. "Sorry about the no shirt thing, just looking like this sometimes adds to the show and it's also easier to worry about less fabric when I do stuff with fire, which I'll be doing later." Aiden explains before offering a hand to Kevin. "Nice to meet you Kevin, I'm Aiden." He says. "And no, I haven't had it go wrong cause if I did, there would be serious injury and possible death so I've learned to be very careful. Also…the sword isn't really sharp but that's just a secret." He says with a wink of one of his darkly lined eyes.

Tyler thinks it's cool that Aiden has a brother named Kieran and tells the be-winged man so. "Pfft, leave the shirt off you look totally hawt. Well that and what you said about the fire. Never mind me!" Not blushing but babbling as he wishes he could stuff a few words back into his mouth. There's a shifty look towards Aiden, "Ah-ha! Well, glad you've never had an accident. I can't wait to check out the show. It's going to be awesome I just know it." Turns towards Kevin and smiles, "You're up for that right? Bearded lady, fire stuff, I honestly don't know what other stuff but I'm sure we'll find out."

"Nice to meet you, Aiden." Kevin blinks a couple of times at the news that the winged man has a brother named Kieran and giggles softly, "That is pretty cool, though." He glances over at Tyler when he babbles about the older mutant being hawt without a shirt on and turns scarlet. Probably because he agrees, but doesn't really want to admit it to himself. Not yet, anyway. School is more important than deciding if he's like his dads than his birth father, after all… He tosses his head a little, trying to shake his hair back out of his eyes and nods, a faint smile playing at the corners of his mouth, "Yeah. It could be fun." He'll go be amazed.

Aiden does turn a bit of a shade of pink and the green 'tattoos' take on an orange hue for a bit. "Well..uh…thank you." He says about the hot comment obviously a little taken back by it. He's heard it from a few girls at the goth clubs before but never form another guy. "Yeah, I haven't seen him since I was twelve but it's an easy name for me to remember." He explains. "But I've had accidents with the fire dancing and I've burned myself a couple of times. And with fire breathing I've burned my lips before. Thus why I never got the nerve to try to do fire swallowing. And as for the show, there is no bearded lady. It's more…unusual feats like one of my buddies in there, hammers nails up his nose."

"Oh that's neat," Tyler mutters when he notices that the tat's are changing colors. "What's up with that? If you don't mind me asking that is." Pointing at one of the tat's that's changed colors. His hand falls back to his side. "Ouch about the fire, man. Your buddy hammers nails up his nose?" That should make him cringe but instead this is now something he has to see. "Hey, Kev…." turns back towards his friend. "You want to try that one out? We could get a hammer and stuff easy! Only teasing!"

Kevin blinks a couple of times at Aiden's tattoos changing color, nodding in agreement with Tyler's comment about them. Then the winged man mentions getting burned and he winces in sympathy, "Ouch… I could of helped you with that a couple of years ago…" But not anymore. He blinks again, multiple times, at the mention of someone that hammers nails up his nose, "Ew!" Then Tyler is teasing him and he turns pale at the thought of hammering something up his nose, "Uh…" He takes a step back, shaking his head and holding his hands out defensively, palms toward the other boy, "Yeah, uh… No. That sounds like it could really hurt." Then he claims to be teasing and Kev blushes again, shoulders slumping in relief, "Still… Ouch! I might heal easy, but it still sounds like it'd hurt."

It's about this time that Kieran returns with a boy that looks sort of like him in miniature, right down to how they are dressed. The only difference is the smaller version seems to be talking a mile a minute and looking far more animated as Kieran gets closer. "So guys, I want you to meet my little brother Brian." He says as he places a hand over Brian's mouth so that he can actually be heard. "Brian, meet Aiden, Kevin and my boyfriend Tyler." He indicates each one in turn, before he finally removes the hand and Brian actually goes quite as he begins eying Tyler up and down as if evaluating him.

"Oh these?" Aiden says indicating the marks all over which have gone back to a solid green. "Besides just having wings I'm an empath. I can sense peoples emtions and one of the side effects is that these change colours with how I'm feeling. They're not tattoos they're..I don't know what to call them like my skins a giant mood ring." He says with a laugh. "There's a way to do it so it doesn't hurt but I haven't learned that. My things are fire breathing, fire dancing, sword swallowing and I dabble in being an escape artist." He says before smiling to Kieran as he comes back. "Welcome back Kieran. Hey Brian, nice to meet you." He says to the kid.

Tyler giggles about Aiden having mood skin. "They're pretty neat. You've certainly got a lot to do in the show. Do you have a master or something that teaches you how to do stuff or do you have to figure it out on your own?" No idea how one learns how to swallow swords or breathe fire let alone learn what's needed to be an escape artist. Tyler doesn't think it's something you could learn on Youtube or pull a book from the library. Kieran is back with …mini-Ki! He thinks the short stuff giving him the critical eye is adorable. Extending his hand towards Brian he smiles warmly, "Hey there, Brian. Nice to meet you! Your brother's told me all about you." A pause as he glances over at Kieran then back to Brian.

"Oh, cool…" Kevin grins a little at the mood skin thing and the fact that the shirtless man is an empath as well as bewinged. He wrinkles his nose at the thought of hammering nails into ones nose not hurting and shakes his head, "I still wouldn't want to do it, though." Then Kieran and his little brother arrive and he gives the younger boy a smile and a little wave, "Hey, Brian. Nice to meet you." He blushes a little when Tyler is introduced as the other boy's boyfriend and actually looks between the other two for a moment, red creeping down his neck slowly at the thought that he might have interupted something when he decided to tag along.

There's a long pause as Brian continues watching Tyler intently before he starts shaking the teenager's hand rather enthusiastically, "Hello Aiden, Hello Kevin. Nice to meet you Tyler, I'm Brian. And Kieran's told me a lot about you. So you're a mutant too? He said you go all sparkly and stuff like the night sky." The boy says his high voice bright with delight, as the words spill out at high speed. "So you're also an artist he says. What kind of art do you? There's a kid in my class that does oil based art work but I've never done that. I mean I can draw ok. Better than Kieran, but I think a five year old draws better than my brother." The boy says laughing merrily at his brother's expense.
"See. I told you he was a chatter box." Kieran says groaning just a little bit. He's surprised that Kevin didn't realize it when Kieran and Tyler were holding hands almost the entire time. His eyes go from Tyler and Brian to Aiden and Kevin."And unfortunately, he's right about my artistic skills. I suck royally at it."

"I had a teacher, and he was a master at the craft." Aiden says as the markings turn blue. "He…died a few years back, but he taught me everything. It's not something you really learn on your own." Aiden explains. "Don't worry, the stuff we do isn't exactly for everyone. At lot of it is that 'don't try this at home' stuff." He can't help but blink at how much the kid talks. "Wow…I'm so not used to kids. And don't worry there are a lot of things I..uh..suck royally at."

"I'm sorry you lost your master, Aiden. Glad you're here though. IN the city I mean." Then it's like weathering a storm as his hand is shaken rapidly with the excited words of a little brother happening even more quickly. Tyler glances about him then laughs once he's gotten his hand back. "Well you can't be good at everything," he tells Kieran in an affectionate tone. To Brian he's still all smiles, "Why don't I answer your plethora of questions later when we're walking around and such. It'd be kinda rude to do so now." Poor Kevin gets glanced at though, "You ok? You're like nearly purple over there."

Kevin gives himself a little shake and coughs softly, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, "Uh, yeah." He wrinkles his nose, lowering his voice for the benifit of his teammates, "Why didn't y'all tell me this was a date? I would of stayed home instead of tagging along like some loser." He'd been too busy looking around at everything to really notice that they were holding hands… He winces in sympathy for Aiden having lost his teacher, "I'm sorry to hear that… I, uh… I kind of lost my tutor over a year ago now." One of his first victims…

The fact that he's being told he'll have to wait for his answers does make Brian go silent, although he looks like he's going to start vibrating to try and get things out again. "So you swallow fire and swords? That's so cool." Brian says turning to look at Aiden, before turning to Kevin,"Oh! You're Kevin. He did mention you. He said you're a good friend of his, and that you sort of helped him get used to the school when he got there. So thank you for that." He says flashing a bright smile at Kevin.
"Hey, I don't mind in the slightest that I'm not good at art. I've got enough other skills to make up for my lack of artistic ability." Kieran says laughing a little bit, before looking at Aiden seriously, "Sorry to hear about your master. " He considers putting a hand over Brian's mouth again to try and keep him from chatting everyone's ears off.

"I wouldn't call him my master, but I would call him my teacher and someone who was like a father to me." Aiden says as he nods sympathetically to Kevin. "Sorry to hear that." He says earnestly. "And as for being a 'third wheel'…my girlfriend Lauren and I used to drag my best friend Ben out with us. Sometimes I could tell he would feel like the odd man out but I will say this, we always wanted him there with us cause he was our friend and we liked hanging out with him. So trust me, you're not tagging along like some loser, you're hanging out with friend who just happen to be dating." He then nods to Brian. "Yup, that's my profession. I actually have to go on stage in a bit."

Tyler also offers his condolences to Kevin for his loss. "Technically anytime you go out with your S.O. is a date." Wink and a smirk. "Though it's exactly like Aiden just said. You're not a third wheel at all, Kevin. We wanted you to come along and have some fun with us cause you're a friend." Tyler comes to stand beside Brian and Kieran. "I thought we'd go see Aiden and the rest of the Freakshow before hitting the arcade and the rides," he tells Brian while fishing for Kieran's hand again. "We should probably let Aiden get back to his work though. Was nice talking with you Aiden, break a leg tonight!"

Kevin still can't help the blush that stains his cheeks, though it has faded somewhat, "Well… Alright…" Maybe he's not horning in on his friends' date, after all, but he's really got to learn to be more observent. He smiles bashfully at Brian and blushes a little more upon hearing that he's been talked about, "Um… Yeah. It was my pleasure." The least he could do and all that jazz. He nods, biting his lip a little at the thought of continuing to tag along on the other two boys' date, but shrugs and nods, "You could sit with me, Brian. Let your brother and Tyler have a little time alone inside." He frowns a little at Tyler when he tells Aiden to break a leg, not being familiar with that particular turn of phrase.

Believe it or not it's Brian that tells Kevin,"It's just an expression. He means good luck, but you never tell someone about to perform good luck, because it's badluck. So break a leg to a performer is good luck, but saying good luck is bad luck." He keeps talking and seems to bounce in place,"That's cool. I know Sean likes to spend time with his girlfriend sometimes, but she's a bitch. I don't like her at all. She called me a mouthy little brat." Which is probably a little bit true since the filter between his brain and his mouth don't exactly work properly.
Taking his boyfriend's hand, Kieran smiles a bit,"We invited you along so yeah. We want you with us. Sides, we had Brian coming so I thought having a group of four would be better than a group of 3. This way we balance out better." He says seriously as he glances towards Kevin, "So now you're here with us so relax." He pauses and glances towards Brian,"Brian, I bet mom would /not/ like hearing you call his girlfriend that."

Everyone says goodbye and wishes Aiden luck with the show in a non-jinxy way. Kieran had warned that his brother is a chatterbox but experiencing it in person is quite something. As he beams with amusement he agrees with what Kieran's telling Kevin. "Yup. Guys night out. No parents, no teachers! Just a buncha fun, junk food, and such stuffs." That appeals to everyone in some way or another. "Well here's too hoping I don't have to meet Sean's girlfriend!"

"Oh…" Kevin blinks a couple of times and finally just shrugs, "Ok, then." In that case, it's alright. He grins, still blushing a little, and nods, "Yeah. A guy's night out is fun." That's what he thought it was to begin with, anyway. The mention of food has his stomach growling softly and he wrinkles his nose a little, "Yeah, junk food would be pretty good right about now." He pauses for a moment and looks at the Freak Show entrance, "How about I go grab us some snacks and I'll meet you all inside?" He pauses and gives Brian a little grin, "You wanna go with me?"

"ALRIGHT! COTTON CANDY!" Brian says cheerfully and moving towards Kevin,"Alright. Let's leave my brother and his boyfriend alone for a little while. Sides I'm hungry and could really use food stuffs. It's been a few hours since I had anything to eat, so I'm getting a bit on the hungry side." He says laughing merrily as he keeps moving, joining with Kevin to acquire the food stuff.
"Oh god!" Kieran groans when Brian shouts about Cotton Candy. "We'll see you inside and save you a seat." There's a little bit of a look of pity on Kieran's face as he looks at Kevin. Poor guy is probably going to get chattered at the entire time nonstop. "So let's go find a seat." He says squeezing Tyler's hand gently.

Cotton candy, hot dogs, and much more can be found lining the walkway towards the show. It's like a kids paradise! Theres a look of pity given to Kevin as the poor guy is sacrificing himself for the greater good. Tyler mouths 'I owe you one, man.' Not because Brian is driving him nuts but it does give him and Kieran a moment without the chatterbox.
Once the other boys have wandered off to find the food stuffs Ty lets out a slow breath. "They didn't have to go on their own but I'm not about to turn down a few mins to hang out on our own." He sneaks a kiss in the middle of the walkway then tries to get Kieran to walk with him to go find seats. Probably shouldn't have attack smooched first but oh-well!

Kevin winces and jumps a little, taking a couple of steps back away from the younger boy at the shout and covering one ear with a hand, "Ow… Could we watch the volume, please?" Sensitive hearing is inconvenient sometimes. He gives Kieran a slightly worried look, like he's asking what he's gotten himself into with offering to take Brian with him. The offer of saving seats has him grinning and giving his friends a grateful little wave as he heads off to aquire food, eyes starting to glaze over a little at Brian's chatter.

That's probably for the best because Brian does keep talking at rapid fire as he's walking. The good news is that should his talking should cease when he has food in his mouth. Bad news is that the entire time Kevin is going to get food, his talking runs nonstop telling him various things about Kieran and what he was like back at home. Some of them fairly embarrassing and if Kieran knew about it he would probably hurt the brat for it.
"Poor Kevin." Kieran says after Brian and Kevin walk away from he and Tyler. "I sort of feel bad for him. I mean Brian can really talk. So now what do you think about him?" He asks laughing a little bit as he walks holding his boyfriend's hand. He doesn't fight the kiss, in fact he returns the sneaksmooch. "I do love your kisses." He says laughing cheerfully as they acquire seats.

Yes, poor Kevin! They've got to find something to do for Kevin since the poor guy is suffering at the moment. Sneak smooch, preening about Kieran liking the kisses, and there they find themselves taking up seats for the show and holding two for the others. "Swear the first thing I thought was he was a mini-Ki. Save you don't talk about as fast as the Micromachine Man on speed." The seating is filling up which is good for the show as they'll make a lot of money this night. Ty wraps an arm around his boyfriend and tells a passing person that they're saving the seats next to them. "I can't really say what I think of him as I've known him all of ten minutes but I like him. Can't remember a question he asked me but I'm sure he'll twenty questions me later."

"I did tell you that he was a chatterbox." Kieran says laughing a little bit and snuggling against his boyfriend, relaxing a little bit. "Yeah. He's rather intense though. We really need to figure out something to do with him so that he doesn't resent having being stuck with the boy." He says laughing a little bit,"Well I also told you he resembled me. He's very sweet though believe it or not. He just has this weird thing about saying what he's thinking."

Tyler snuggles as people continue to take their seats. An usher of sorts is making sure that people slide over to make use of every available spot. "He hasn't got his filter yet, Ki. He's what, ten? I'd give him a bit. He'll realize that sometimes saying what he thinks could hurt people then voila." As they wait Ty pulls his cell from his pocket to check the time. Someone had to make sure that they left in time to get back to the school so they all didn't get into trouble. Pockets the cell phone and rests his head against Ki's so they can talk softly amongst themselves until the others get back.

Sucess! Kevin returns with an arm load of unhealthy foods to share and another, smaller load for Brian to carry. He pauses at the door for a moment to look over the crowd and find his friends for just a moment before sighting them and threading down the aisle to slip into seats with the other boys, "Pick what you want, I got plenty."

"Actually he's going to be eleven this year." Kieran says laughing a little bit as he relaxes against his boyfriend, "And he doesn't ever say anything mean to someone's face. It's just a constant stream of talking." He says sounding rather amused about the whole thing. "Welcome back." He says as Kevin and Brian make it back to where they are sitting. However, Brian just waves as he seems to have already begun eating. He apparently does have manners because when his mouth is full, he remains totally and utterly silent. So that's pretty much a good thing.

Silence is golden for watching shows and Brian is far too busy eating copious amounts of junk food to be talking before everything starts. Bonus! "Thanks, Kevin!" Tyler picks out a hotdog and ninja's the bottle of Snapple. "This show should be pretty cool. Did you see all of the posters out front? Pretty wicked assortment." Food is consumed while watching the show. Some of the show is just amazing to watch and of course they cheer loudly for Aiden's part in it and cringe when there are moments that look painful like the guy who can put things through his skin. After the show it's off to the arcade, and trying to win Brian something he can take back to show his parents.

"Thanks and you're welcome." Kevin grins a little and passes over food, starting in on the first thing he lays hands on and steadily working through the pile of food, handing over snacks whenever asked. He winces, cringing back and swallowing hard when the more disgusting acts come on. He's willing enough to follow along when the show is over and try to win a game or two, "Um… Maybe I should hang back… It wouldn't be fair to use my abilities to win." His powers do give him a little bit of an advantage on carnival games, after all…

"Well from what I've heard about games at carnivals, you'd need your abilities to win well." Kieran says laughing a bit as they leave the show, "That was pretty awesome." He says cheerfully as he ruffles his little brother's hair, even though he moves to try and hold on to Tyler's hand, almost like a lifeline.
Unfortunately the food that Brian had has now worn out and he says,"It'll be awesome! Come on Kevin! Show me what you've got! I bet it'll be really awesome to watch! I promise I'll even be quiet for ten minute if you at least give one game a try." His eyes are bright as he looks at Kevin intently. "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!" He says giving Kevin a little pleading look with his blonde hair wisping across his face, looking even puppydog like in the process, only with light blue eyes instead of brown.

The midway games are always difficult to play in Tylers experience. Once spent $10 on a racing game and lost every single race. At least those were based upon who you were racing against and the equipment whereas something like knocking over cans or getting a ring around a bottle were much harder to win at. It would appear that Kevin has a new friend as well. Sorry Kevin!
Tyler manages to fish his wallet out of a pocket to pull out some money to dangle it into view of Brian's pleading eyeballs. "How bout you take this and go crazy on that game over there?" If that works it was well worth the money and then he peers around at the games with Kieran close. "Ha! That's the one…" Ty doesn't even explain just drags Kieran over towards the game and hopes Kevin comes with. The object? A 2ft tall parrot plushie!
And so Brian went off to play a game or two or until his supply of money ran out, Kevin didn't cheat at a game but Kieran may have helped the duck shooting game along a bit until the giant parrot was won and bequeathed to Kieran by his boyfriend though said boyfriend lugged it around under an arm for the remainder of the night. There's even pictures of the parrot sitting on the roller coaster in a seat next to Brian! At the proper time Kieran took his brother back to the waiting parents as said parents wouldn't meet Tyler till the arranged dinner and the boys with Parrot rode back to the school talking about the fun they had and how they shouldn't have eaten that last hot dog.

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