2012-05-30: Checking Up On A Friend


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Summary: Nick and Ahmed check to see how Shane's holding up in the medbay

Date: May 30, 2012

Log Title: Checking Up On A Friend

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Hospitals suck. This has been true since the dawn of time, or that slice of time closest to it that includes hospitals. Hospitals suck, even when they're in the basement of Xavier's School, snugged up right next to the alien-built holodeck and the concealed jet hangar. While mostly healed up, Shane has been asked to stay another night, and the tone in Dr. Reyes voice made it clear that just because it only hurts a little to get up and go to the bathroom, no, she can't go back to her room, stay in bed please until you've been checked out. Thus, the open laptop, the earphones, and what is very probably an incredibly loud action movie flickering and exploding on the screen.

Seeing that shane visited him while he was down here, Nicholas has decided to return the favour, since that's what friends are for. He stops for a moment and looks around, there's a slight linger over where Jill's been staying before he walks right over to Shane. Since she's got the headphones on and probably can't hear him, Nicholas puts down somthing right on her keyboard, so that it blocks the screen. It's a plush of Kon fro Bleach. "Hey there." He says to her with a grin.

Shane blinks sharply as the doll is placed on her keyboard, the reflexive leap out of bed mostly suppressed, this time… all but for a fairly visible full-body jump. Stabbing the space bar, she looks up… then blinks, eyes falling to the doll, and back up… And whatever heated reply she'd make is forgotten. One hand pushes headphones back, the other snatches up the doll and hugs it to her chest. "…Hey," she says, at once embarrassed and grateful. "…Thanks."

Nicholas takes a seat next to Shane's bed and nods. "You're welcome. I don't know who it is but it was in that comic shop in the mall under Anime. It was cute and angry looking, like you." He teases her before asking the more serious question. "So, how are you holding up, the legs healing okay? Sorry you got hurt out there."

Part two of the visit comes in the form of the door to the med-bay opening up and closing, but nothing at eye level appearing. It's not until the titanic feline form of Ahmed brushes against Nick's back in the chair, and the huge tail against his legs that there's any real clue to who it is. But this time is slightly different. Instead of just being present and eye-glowy, he has a delivery basket with him… one of those ones where the front opens instead of the top. That is set down on the floor, and huge paws come up on the bed before a set of eyes and ears appear, staring curiously at the young woman.

Shane's cheeks flush, and the sullen teen ducks her head away, murmuring something incoherent but probably to the tune of 'thanks.' "…Don't worry 'bout it," she says after a moment. "Only hurt I got's what I did to myself. Ain't bad, since I was starin' at all them rednecks were s'poseta be runnin that place." She trails off, peering at the appearing Ahmed and his delivery basket with no small amount of curiosity, and only a *very* small amount of trepidation. "…Sup?"

Nicholas reaches down to rub Ahmed on the head, mussing up his fur a bit. "Yeah, all those guys just caused me to start seeing red, I took it out on their computers. If I was thinking I would have grabbed the hard drives out. Lucky for us they were nothing like the others." Nick says taking a deep breath to force him not to think about it. "Don't worry, the basket is probably filled with a bunch of delicious stuff that Ahmed baked."

The big head turns and looks up at Nicholas, the ears going back, as if offended by the term 'baked'. And then he huffs once before going down off the bed. Taking the basket directly in his maw, he vaults his front half up to settle it on the table sitting next to the bed, and then with a rather deft flick of teeth undoes the strap on the front and opens it up. Inside is not the usual fare… instead it looks like he stopped off in Japantown before swinging by. Inside is a large bowl wrapped in cellophane, next to two wrapped plates of sushi… one nigiri of Tuna, Salmon, and Shrimp… and one maki Spicy Tuna Roll. Under those looks like a couple bottles of Ramune, and a box of Pocky, as well as all the necessary utensils. Looking back at Shane, the big cat's tail flips in a rather pleased fashion, and he settles back on the floor.

"…'F it helps, they got a face full'a 'splosion 'fore Tara caught me," Shane says, watching Ahmed place the basket on the table, brow furrowing deeply. "So what, Ahmed, you coo— oh." A veritable wealth of Japanese food is revealed, and Shane is struck dumb for a moment. "…I, uh… wow… Thanks, Ahmed. …That's f'r me?"

Nicholas looks at all the raw fish and a face is made before he looks over at the cat. "What? You get huffy when I don't eat your food and now you get huffy when I say your food is great!' To Nicholas baking and cooking are almost the same thing, baked cookies, baked chicken, it's all baking. "Ahmed's got a big heart. And yes, I believe it's all for you including this…" He looks at a box of Pocky. "What's Pokey? I'm just glad you're okay, and I'm glad that you had more common sense then the other two combined."

Ahmed chuffs like a tiger, and brushes himself against he bed, tail coming up to tap against one of Shane's legs in a fluffy thump before he curls around Nick's chair, and proceeds to settle down for a moment. Then comes the huge feline yawn-thing that shows off spectral blue glowy teeth and a big pink tongue. After the yawning comes the grooming, on the paw, then over the back of the ear. It's a housecat… an eight… hundred… pound… housecat.

"…Ain't hard t'have more common sense'n Tara," Shane grumbles, sliding the box of Pocky out and tugging it open. "Hell… Ahmed's *goop's* more in touch with reality'n she is. Here," she says, tearing one of the packages open and thrusting a chocolate-dipped cookie-pretzelstick-looking thing in Nick's face. "Try it. Nerd snack, over in Japan." With that, she applies herself to the sushi, eating each slice whole, with chopsticks, and without a drop of soy sauce. "…Thanks, Ahmed," she says, once a bundle of salmon and rice is swallowed. "…Seriously. Fuckin' *hate* hospital food. This's just awesome."

"Ahmed's great for curing the awful that is hospital food. Once I could eat other stuff he was a godsend with his cooking." Nicholas says as he takes the nerd snack and holds it to Ahmed to sniff, you know, to make sure it's okay, before bitting into it. "So am I going to turn into a nerd eating these?" He then reaches down to pet Ahmed's back. "Just the whole idea of 'we're going to put this on youtube' was….did they actually think it was a good idea? We're just lucky his wife didn't decide to open fire on us."

If that was a real cat, it would have probably licked it… or snorted it up it's nose accidentally. Instead, he just licks his chops and bobs his head once in reply to it. The continued sniffing does however make him sit up once the pettings are given, and he scoots himself to the edge of the bed, so just his head is on it, and occasionally, he makes eyes at the Nigiri. Even something this big does the kitty beg-face well, but then his ears flick back as if in apology. Looking to Nick, he just sort of hunches his shoulders down a bit, and curls his tail tight to his body… almost like he was embarrassed.

Shane snorts, shaking her head. "Y'don't marry a bully, 'n get ideas 'bout shootin' a gun all by y'self," she says, peering into the cellophane-covered bowl. "'F there'd'a been shootin', it woulda been him." Glancing up at Ahmed's begging face, there's a brief instand where her expression grows truly thunderous, a reflexive 'MY FOOD PISS OFF' reaction quite seen in low-tier pack predators and public-school kids. Then she gives herself a shake, and takes the rest of fully half the salmon roll. "…Hell, you got it, here." Glancing up at Nick, she waits for at least half the stick to be eaten. "…Probably, Nick. Those're the were-geek kind. Next full moon, you'll be playin' World of Warcraft 'n bitchin' about aggro 'n DKP."

"When I start wearing a pocket protector and tape around my non-existant glasses we'll know it worked..wait, DKP?" Nick asks though the does know at least what aggro is. "I never had an interest in World of Warcraft, mainly cause I prefer X-Box or Playstation to a computer." He looks down at Ahmed and shakes his head in amusement. "Really Ahmed, you go out and get food for Shane and don't bother to get any for yourself? Or did you eat it all and just want more?

There's a grin with Nick's words to let the Snow Leopard know he's just teasing.

Ahmed's paw comes up, and with one claw he very delicately fishes a single piece from the offering, and then turns his head to lick it off the plate without touching the other offerings. His expression looks parts guilty and pleased at himself as he turns his head and thumps it into Nick's lap, and proceeds to rumble a bit more, the talk of WoW making him thump his tail a couple times against the bed. Eyes occasionally flick towards Shane, but the huge beast makes it obvious… dominant predator has asserted itself.

"…Ramen. This's *actual ramen,*" Shane murmurs, eyes wide. Setting the bowl aside, she unwraps all the plates of nigiri, arranging two slices of each on a plate and setting in down on the floor by the bed without a word. That done, she strips the cellophane off the bowl, revealing noodle soup that couldn't look less like wavy cheap noodles in water if you paid it.

Nicholas looks at the Ramen and the confused look is evident. "That doesn't look like the stuff in the orange packet." It's the only ramen he knows of. "There's stuff in it, like egg and pink and white swirly things." He is more familar with things from a box or things his mom cooked. "You're a ham, you know that Ahmed. I think you enjoy the attention you get as a Snow Leopard way to much." He then looks over at Shane. "So, do you know if Cale's sister is going to be okay? There was a lot of blood when we found her."

Without much to contribute to the conversation, Ahmed just… OOH! And food is offered. So the huge snow leopard beast who is actually just a lanky fifteen year old very daintily licks one of the pieces of salmon into his mouth and then begins purring. It's like listening to an engine with a stutter… it goes and then stops for breath, and continues to go, and the beast comes up to thank Shane with a cold nose to her elbow and a couple grooming licks that threaten to take off all the hair on her bicep.

"Yeah," Shane says, lifting the bowl to her lips and sipping at the broth, "just, they gotta figure out how t'keep her standin'. Turns out her power's super-bleeding, I guess. …Kinda creepy, watchin' her like cry blood'n'stuff, but… *she lifts a shoulder, and plucks up one of the shrimp. "Can't really say much, considerin' what I do, right? Anyway… yeah, this right here? Fish cake. Throw certain kinda fish inna blender, paste it up, make it look all pretty. 'S Tokyo-style ramen, the packaged shit's just f'r lazy 'n cheap. This right here's pretty much second-best kinda noodle y'get. F'r best, hafta find a Pho Q 'r somethin' round here." And then the tongue scrapes up her arm, and it's only the thought of spilling all the ramen that keeps Shane from a truly epic reflex-freakout. "……..Y'welcome," she says instead, after a twitch that threatens to slosh broth over the rim.

"Fish paste?" Nick says making a face as it doesn't sound that good to him. "I'll just eat regular, cooked, fish." He's a bit picky when it comes to some food though Ahmed's been getting him to try new things. "We didn't have much Chinese and Asian food back home. There were places at the mall but that's about it." And the mall was a good hour drive away. "Super Bleeding…" There's a bit of a shudder. "It was weird enough watching, nevermind. Just blood stuff is kind of heebie jeebieish." He says looking over at where Jill usually sleeps before looking back. "Anyway, I'm happy for Cale, he has a family member here with him now." But the look on his face doesn't look that happy.

Ahmed has a simple reply to Nick's falling good cheer. He shifts back to thump his head against the other boy's side for a moment, and then again, before meeting his eyes, and making a small sound that comes out like a cross between a growl and a purr. Then comes a third time, almost with enough force to knock him out of the chair. But the entire time, his tail remains calm and the tip twitching slowly.

Shane pauses, noodles hanging out of her mouth for a moment, at Nick's last sentence. Then, as Ahmed gives his eloquent reply, she hurriedly chews and swallows, setting the bowl aside. "Back off a lil' Ahmed," she murmurs. "Know how he feels a little, this time. 'N I don't blame 'im."

The third bump does indeed knock Nicholas out of the chair and right into the small side table that's next to him, causing a few things to be knocked off. "Thanks Ahmed." He grumbles sounding irritated. He rubs his shoulder a bit before starting to pick things up. "I wasn't lying when I said I'm happy for Cale, I'm just jealous, okay?" He looks up at Shane and offers a half smile. "Was the soup good?"

Doing his best, he tries to help Nick back up to a sitting position, and then moves his bulk out of the way so the person with the thumbs can get the stuff that won't be covered with slimy drool. His ears remain back somewhat, and the huge feline settles himself at the foot of the bed, just looking over it at the others. A sigh escapes Ahmed's nostrils and his eyes flick over Shane a moment. Not being dumb enough to nudge her foot or anything, he instead just remains there for a few more moments, but incongruously, a student phone alarm beep comes from INSIDE him. Somewhere around the stomach area.

Shane nods once, returning her attention to her soup for a moment. "…Know how y'feel, Nick," she says, once the shrimp have been taken care of. "Woulda been nice, have a sister like 'e did. Mnh." About to reapply herself to the ramen, she pauses, arching an eyebrow at Ahmed and the alarm in his belly.

"Well I kinda had a brother, he was like an older brother to me." Nicholas begins but then the stomach starts to beep and he looks over his roommate. "Please tell me that the goo is covering your clothes and the phone is in your pocket and that you didn't swallow it."

Emulating a burp is hard to do, but the big cat does it well, keeping his eyes on Shane, but he cannot hide what Nick sees… the lash of a rather amused tail along the side of the bed, flipping back and forth a few times as he adds the classic feline chop-lick, followed by his ears flicking back as if to assume he's suddenly 'in trouble'.

"…..So anyway," Shane says, dragging her eyes away from Ahmed, "Guess 'm finally outta this place t'morrow. 'N then I guess there's a teacher volunteered t'do that Advanced Combat thing, starting next week, Ms. Pryde? …So yeah, guess that's a thing we're doin'." Looking down at her ramen, then back up at Nicholas, she seems to contemplate something for a few moments. "…Hey Nick. There's a buncha food places by the Fabric District in th' City. Figure 'f you 'n me, 'n maybe Ahmed 'f he wants, all went… you'd be cool with goin'? 'S pretty far away from Mutant Town, so, don't even hafta think 'bout that 'f you don't wanna."

"I really don't know Shane. Everyone keeps trying to get me to go back into the city but honestly, I'm find with Salem Center." Nicholas admits. "That's great news, I don't really know Ms. Pryde but, I'll be looking forward to it." He then looks at Ahmed and shakes his head with amusement. "Silly Cat, iPhones are for kids. Not Snow Leopards."

Ahmed's stomach replies, "Reminder…" in that pleasant Siri-ish voice, that is actually the aforementioned Miss Kitty Pryde, computer programmer extraordinaire, "You have History in five minutes." So with a mumbling, grumbling rumble, he exhales out hard through his nose, and pushes off towards the door. But he stops, and picks one paw up off the ground to wave at the others, before the door opens, and there's a sudden startled woman's shout from the hall, followed by, "AHMED! I've told you a dozen times now! HUMAN FORM IN THE MEDBAY!"

"S'just if y'wanna," Shane murmurs, falling silent as Ahmed's feline presence is objected to. "…Anyway…" She takes up the doll and hugs it once, the corners of her mouth twitching upward. "…Thanks. 'N tell'im the same, when y'see 'im."

"I will I should get going to class." Nicholas says to Shane as he leans down to give her a gentile hug. "You're a great friend and you're welcome. I'll think about going into New York. You get better fast, okay."

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