2011-10-11: Cheese On Cereal


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Summary: Mason is acting a bit strange this morning…

Date: October 11, 2011

Log Title: Cheese On Cereal

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Standing at the island is the every so hippy looking Sage. His dreads are tided back and he's currently working on putting ground sausage around a hard boiled egg. There's a bowl of bread crumbs, a few balls of ground sausge and some hard boiled eggs in individual dishes in front of him. Once he's done covering the egg with sausage he covers it with the breadcrumbs before putting it with the other done ones. He hums a bit to himself, something slightly off key, as he works.

Mason comes bounding into the kitchen, trumpet case in hand. He puts the case on the island next to Sage, and flies to the fridge. "Hey what's up Sage, he says, thrusting open the fridge and drumming on the door as he looks at the contents. "I'm super starved, we got anything good in here?" He spins around suddenly. "Whatcha makin'?"

"That is the general idea behind a kitchen…" Ash comments in response to Mason's question. "…where we keep the good stuff." he finishes as he enters the kitchen shortly behind the pop star. "Hey Sage…" a greeting is offered to the dread-locked teen with a lift of the hand, as he moves for the cabinets where he knows the cereal is tucked away.

Sage waves a hand in return to Ashley. "Hello Ashley, hello Mason. I think there is. I had some eggs and bacon earlier." He says as he contines with what he's doing. "I'm making scotch eggs for later. They'll taste better tomorrow and since I have a bit of a break between classes I figured I'd make them. I haven't had them since I came here." He says putting another sausage and bread crumb covered egg to the side. "How are the both of you today?"

"Hungry, but good," Mason says, diving into the fridge. "Cheese cubes!" comes his voice, and the blond pulls a rubbermaid container out. Who knows where they came from? But Mason doesn't care. "I love CHEEEEESE," he announces dramatically opening the container. "Succulent swiss cheese cubes, there is nothing that can go wrong. The teen's movements are a little exaggerated, and he seems to have a lot more energy than normal. "I wonder if there's any cereal that cheese can go on."

Brows perk up slightly as Sage mentions what it is he's making, and Ash turns from grabbing a box of cereal from the cabinet. "Scotch eggs? How'd you get scotch past…." and then the firebug pauses, searching out a better phrase than the one that popped into his head, "…the teachers?" he finishes, grabbing a bowl and moving to the center island to start pouring himself some breakfast. He does glance sidelong at the dramatic overtones from Mason at the fridge, and he slides his bowl of cereal away from the cheese-wielder.

Sage smiles with a slight chuckle at Mason's antics. "I don't believe there are any cereals that cheese could go on but then there are a lot of strange cereals here." He says before turning to Ashley. "Oh no, not that type of scotch. They're called Scotch eggs because they're Scottish I believe." He then looks at Mason for a bit before commenting with a smile. "You seem bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning."

"Of course," Mason chimes, pulling the cheese up to his face and sniffing it. He pulls a few cubes from the bowl, and pops them in his mouth. "I love mah cheese," he reiterates with his mouth full. "So how did you get eggs from Scotland? Do the chickens cluck with a brogue?"

Moving away from the counter to put away the box of cereal, Ash's eyes roll skyward at Mason's overall mood. Way too cheerful for this guy, it seems. "Alright, I can deal with the cheese obsession…" he says back over his shoulder to the other two, "…but that chicken joke was just lame." He pulls the milk jug from the fridge and moves back towards the center counter to splash moo juice onto his cereal.

"No." Sage says sounding a bit confused by Mason's questions and joke. "It's just a recipe. You take a hard boiled egg, cover it in ground sausage and then cover with bread crumbs before frying. They are excellent cold with some mustard the next day." He says as he starts working on the last one. "Oh bollocks, I forgot to put on the oil."

"Mustard!" Mason clicks his heels and spins in a circle, grabbing some more cheese and stuffing it in his mouth. "Don't be jealous of my killer joke creativity," he tells Ashley. "I think I need mustard. I need somethint to put it on, though. Let's see." He takes an oversized step back to the fridge, and opens it up. He spots some turkey sandwich meat, and pulls it out of the fridge. "Mustard base food," he says, tripping through the statement as if he isn't certain whether it makes sense or not. Mason drops it on the counter, and then pulls the mustard out, placing it next to the turkey. The door to the fridge is closed, and Mason faces his ingredients. Then he just stares. "There…was something I was going to do."

Ash stares at Mason for a moment. Not quite a stare of malevolence, but it appears that Ash has a low tolerance for chipper people in the morning. Or the afternoon. Or whenever. He grabs up the sugar bowl, dumping a few spoonfuls of that onto his cereal as well, and then slides around to the edge of the island, well away from whatever chaos Mason is about to get up to. "…all we need is Nigel down here helping him out…" he mutters, casting a grin at Sage. "So, sausage, bread, and egg? Isn't that just a sausage mcmuffin?"

Sage watches Mason for a bit as he mutters to Ashley, "What's a sausage mcmuffin?" He's never had one before. Then there's a look on his face as something dawns on him and Sage points a finger at Mason. "You're stoned. You're bloody high right now." He doesn't say it out of malice or accusation but more out of recognition.

Mason glances to Ashley. "Nigel's my roommate, pretty cool guy!" Mason spins and leaves his food, walking to the opposite side of the island. "Am not, your mom." Not quite a fitting spot for a 'your mom' joke, but he does it anyway. "I am happy! What's wrong with happy?" He plants his hands on the counter top, and then lifts himself up and clicks his heels behind him.

Ash is about to launch into an explanation of the Sausage McMuffin, from the opening of his mouth, and then Sage levels his realization at Mason. Ash turns towards the chipper teen, peering at him. Not that he has any personal experience with that sort of thing. "It's too damn early for that happy, is what is wrong with it.." he says, stabbing his spoon down into the cereal bowl to bring up a mouthful. Then he gestures at mason with the empty spoon while he works on that first bite. "Maybe all that hair product broke somethin'…" he says after a moment, offering up an alternative explanation for his sunny mood.

"What about my Mum?" Sage asks as the joke goes completely over his head. "If you're saying you're not stoned and she is, well have of that is probably right. My Mum is probably stoned right now and you are too." Sage says before there's a small smile. "Uh, how do you managed to do it without the teachers finding out?"

"Not here," Mason answers Sage. "Wait, aren't you from the country? You shouldn't know about drugs, it'll ruin your complextion." Mason looks past Sage at the cheese. "Hey, there's cheese!" The teen walks back to the food, and grabs some turkey out of the pack and wraps it around a cheese block, but neglects the mustard. "Being cheerful keeps you from getting wrinkles. I think…"

Ash doesn't look all that surprised by Sage's follow-up question. He's crossed paths with the country teen enough times to get a good grasp as to what they get up to out there in the hills. He backs away from the counter, bowl in one hand, milk jug in the other. He replaces the milk back in the fridge, and moves to the counter away from the island, leaning against it as he eats his cereal. "….doesn't keep you from gettin' punched in the nose for bein' so annoying…" he mutters to himself.

"Why shouldn't I know about drugs?" Sage asks. "I don't know a lot about many of them but I know what it looks like when somebody is stone." He doesn't mention that the farm he grew up on doubled as a marijuana farm. "And weed will not ruin your complexion. If you're going to do it at least be honest about it. Lying will probably ruin your complexion more." He says before looking to Ashley with a shrug. "Usually I find when I'm stoned I'm calm, not so much hyper like he is but I do find I get that hungry."

"I didn't do weed, maybe that's why I'm not calm," Mason says. "I don't want to do stuff that would ruin my voice. Something about breathing in smoke just doesn't sit well with me." He plucks up the mustard and starts to cover the turkey with it before popping it in his mouth. "Why would anyone wanna punch me in the nose?" the pop star asks Ashley, "I'm a pretty nice guy."

"Never done the stuff, personally, so I could freak out and torch the place if I got high." Ash replies to Sage with a shrug. He doesn't look all that eager to try it, either, from the way Mason is acting. He just watches, munching on his cereal and interjecting commentary now and again. "Y'got me, if you're normally this annoyingly chipper. No reason at all from what I can see…" he replies back to the pop star. And then he will probably need to get a mop from the sarcasm dripping on the floor.

"My parents let me do it my first time after my Grandfather passed away. I had trouble sleeping so it would help me sleep at night." Sage admits as he starts to go to the stove to head up some oil in a cast iron skillet. "And please try to refrain from punching someone in the nose until after I leave. I don't agree with it but I don't want to see it either."

"Wow, your parents are pretty cool," Mason says. He grabs a few more blocks of cheese, and starts munching on them. "I am gonna go grab some more rocks," he comments. "I bet quartz goes well with cheese." He picks up the container, and then rushes back out of the room. Presumably he is off to find some quartz.

A vague motion with the empty spoon in the general direction of Sage, and Ash snorts a bit. "Hey hey now. I never said that I'd punch him. Just that someone might want to…" an unlikely defense, sure, but he never flat out threatened the stoned pop star with any bodily harm. He watches Mason dash out of the room, and shakes his head slightly, returning his attention to his cereal.

"Take care Mason." Sage says as he looks back to Ashley and gives him a bit of a sheepish smile. "Don't tell the professors here about me and…well, I haven't done it since coming here." He says but that's mainly because he doesn't have any. "I just don't understand what he means by rock and quartz with cheese. He's not really going to be putting cheese on a rock and eating it?"

Ash does chuckle a bit at Sage's urge for secrecy. "Won't tell a soul, but I wouldn't think about it at all, if I were you.." he says, leaving the spoon in the bowl for a moment to tap his temple. "…otherwise I think you'll end up having a discussion, whether you want to or not." he cautions, mindful of his own run-ins with the telepathic teaching staff. His gaze slides to the door that Mason slipped out of, and his shoulders bob in a shrug, "Maybe, I dunno." he says, having no clue just what Mason's power is, anyway.

Sage starts to fry up the eggs as he talks to Ashely. "Well to be honest I've thought about it plenty of times since coming here. Just somedays it's a bit overwhelming being here and it'd be nice if I could have something to just help relax. I know it isn't exactly accepted here in the United States and it isn't legal in England either but my Mum and Dad have always done it."

Dishes rattle as Ash dumps the empty bowl into the dishwasher, letting the silverware jangle as the spoon is dropped in as well. "Tell ‘em you’ve got cataracts or something." he offers up as a suggestion to his teammate. "..and it's for a medical condition. Or make a really good case to Xorn." he moves to grab up the bin of meat and return it to the fridge, pulling out a couple of rolls to munch on himself. "…he seems mellow enough.. most of the time… y'never know." he finishes with a shrug. "..might work."

Sage laughs and shakes his head. "No, I'll just wait until I go back home at Christmas. I don't want to break any rules here and get into trouble." He admits as he continues to fry up the scotch eggs. "Xorn has been quite helpful in regards to my feelings on the danger room and showing me it isn't just for people to go and fight in. Did you know they can pretty much have anything show up there?"

"I kinda figured it, yeah…" Ash replies, closing the door to the fridge and leaning against it. "Xorn's run me through 'save the children in the burning building', post-apocalyptica, and super-powered-tag on a beach. Wouldn't surprise me if they could do more with it." He munches on a bit more of the turkey in between sentences. At least he isn't going on about the glory of cheese.

Sage finishes his cooking and starts to clean up. "I'm not exactly keen on the Danger Room, as I believe I've explained before. I'm still adjusting and learning. The other day I woke up and I had lost control of my hair to a point where it was trailing on the ground and all my dreadlocks somehow came undone. I don't understand how I got them back…"

"I'm sure Xorn'll take that into account." Ash says, although he doesn't sound completely reassuring. Licking bits of meat from his fingers, he shrugs again at Sage's comment on his hair. "You wanted it to happen, so it happened. I don't exactly know how it is that I do what I do beyond "I think things on fire," but it works for me." he says with a chuckle.

As Sage puts his scotch eggs in the fridge after labeling them he sits down. "But they're dread locks. It took my Mum and Dad a long time to get them set using wax and such. How can they just get undone and then redo without using all the wax and going through the whole process again? I just did not think it was possible."

"Same way I think stuff on fire. It's what we do." Ash says, giving another shrug. "…I'm sure if you tracked down one of the science geeks, they'd give you a nice long disseration on…" and then a short pause, as he regards his teammate again, recalling his proclivities, "…how the fairies decided that you'd be able to think your dreadlocks to do stuff." he finishes quickly. 'Fairy magic.' seems to be the explanation he goes with.

I'm still learning all this so I'm sorry if it seems strange." Sage says as he starts to play with one of his dreads absentmindly. "I've always wondered why the dunlalaps chose which people to give what powers to and why. Especially as of late. There must be something they see inside of us and then they must figiure out what we can do because of who we are. I'm not really sure though. I don't believe it's all random."

Ash shrugs once more, as Sage takes that comment and runs with it. "Who knows what lurks in the minds of dundalops." he says, slaughtering a quote and the name all in the same sentence. He pushes off the fridge, moving for the door. As he passes Sage, he claps the other teen on the shoulder, companionably so. "…better to just run with it, than try to reason out the why."

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