Chezlie "Ink" Rockwell
Chezlie Deseret Rockwell
Portrayed By Maria Valverde
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 13th
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Ink
Place of Birth Hildale, UT
Current Location Xaviers
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Sarah (mom), John (Dad), Brenn, Chezlie, Rayette, Chance and McKayla (siblings).
Significant Other none currently
Identity Public
Known Abilities Dermatelekinesis
First Appearance -

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It was a huge shock to Sarah Young's family when she decided at the age of 19 to drop out of college and marry John Rockwell, becoming his sixth wife and moving down to the Fundamental Latter Day Saints community of Hildale, on the south-west border of Utah. Should would end up having five children with the man, who was twenty years older than her, with Chezlie (a combination of Sarah's mother Lezlie and John's father Chester) being their second oldest child. From oldest to youngest, their children were Brenn, Chezlie, Rayette, Chance and McKayla. The list of their half-siblings is way too many for anyone within the family to easily remember (The last count hit about 68 half brothers and sisters, and that's not counting all their mothers, cousins, aunts and uncles). In fact, Chezlie knows she can't go anywhere near southern Utah and throw a rock without hitting someone she's related to.

Life was quaint to say the least in Hildale, just north of the Colorado City, Az, and simple. For the patriarch of the family, it was carpentry work that helped him get by while the rest of the family were home schooled by Sarah (at this point, family will only refer to Sarah, John and their five children!). They would also help out with chores around the house as well as tend to little gardens planted around their household and when everything was caught up on, it would be studying from the book of Mormon. Their father would stop by and stay with them every Tuesday, having all the other days assigned to one of his other six wives and their children. This short of life didn't seem so strange to those born into it.

Sarah opted to keep her children home schooled, having come from Salt Lake City herself and wanting them to know more of the world outside their little community. She was even allowed throughout the year to take her children up to stay with her parents, still living in SLC, giving her kids a distinct advantage over the rest of the community, that held themselves far more insular. Chezlie loved this trips, as she could dress how ever she wanted too, and not forced to wear the traditional long and plain dresses of the community. Her time with the grandparents taught her much of their love for old movies and music. She would become a Jazz enthusiast as well as find a liking for classical and folk. They would even make her mixed tapes, giving portal cassette players to kids so they could listen to the music back in Hildale, hidden from their father of course.

It would be a couple months after Chezlie's fourteenth birthday that a stranger from the city of Bountiful, BC, Canada would arrive with his son. Joseph Oman Jr. was the son of the Bountiful prophet, Joseph Oman. Sent on a mission of good will to the two neighboring communities, he would bring along his eldest son Olin, claiming the boy had been blessed with the gift to see those that were chosen by God to aid the FLDS communities in bringing the true teachings of Mormonism back into the folds of the mainstream church. The reality of it was Olin was a mutant who could detect the x-gene in others, so the two where secretly gathering a little army of FLDS children in hopes of forcing all the fundamentalist communities under his leadership. Chezlie and a half sister of hers Alina where the only ones picked out as having gifts of their own.

Sarah disbelieved and discounted the idea at first, asking these men to prove that her daughter was indeed special in the way that they claimed. It wouldn't be until the 5th day of their visit that something truly remarkable would happen to Chezlie. All the families of Hildale would be enjoying a group picnic, having the Oman's attending as the town's special guests. Chezlie was playing with several of her friends when they had decided to draw butterflies across each others faces with make up. Olin informed his father of what he sensed in the girl and Joseph took it upon himself to begin talking to the girl, asking her questions, which would increasingly get harder and harder for the girl to answer. The more she hesitated with her answer, or the more vague they would become, the angrier Joseph presented himself, putting poor little Chezlie into an incredibly stressful position. John would be the first to step in, asking the man to leave his daughter alone, but Joseph knew what he was doing. He knew that stress often times helped bring forth the powers of children's mutations. Soon after, before the eyes of the whole community, the little butterfly painted onto Chezlie's left cheek would pull itself free, and in a willowy and transparent form, flutter several inches before dissipating.

It would take only a couple days of discussion with John and Joseph to convince Sarah to let Chezlie go with the two men, where they could help her understand the gifts given to her. Very soon, Chezlie found herself packing her bags for her new home outside of Sinclair Idaho, just south of the Canadian border and the town of Bountiful. A vastly different living experience than Hildale, Chezlie found herself living in what was basically a training camp with several other young teenagers who also happened to be mutants as well, though none of them knew this.

Olin was able to understand the nature of the teens powers, knowing very well that her skin was able to absorb and replicate anything that happened to be drawn onto it, that she could pull items into the world as a sort of psionic, material item. Devious plans began to take root, as he discussed with his father what they could do to their new find. The next step would be to get something permanent and useful onto the teen.

Chezlie was allowed to write letters, that were always censored by those running the training facility, to her parents as frequent as he wanted to. There were even a couple times the parents of the kids were allowed to visit with their children, but only in the town of Sinclair - none of them would ever be allowed near their base of operations. After six months of both physical training and schooling, Olin would finally bring his plan with Chezlie into fruition.

The camp happened to be apart of several financial scams in the Utah community, and had a couple key wealthy backers that wanted a stake in the Oman's achievements, so money had not been much of a concern to the two men. So they decided to hire one of the best tattoo artists of Japan - a man that was well known within the underground as having done plenty of work on high ranked Yakuza. Working along side him was a hired mutant with imbuement abilities, and for the first time experimented with flesh. It would be a strange and abstract procedure for the man, working with ideas, ink and flesh. So the work that was to be done would be unique in its own right and could only be replicated by someone with similar powers. They had plenty of money to bribe the man into not only tattooing an underage girl, but in doing exactly what they specified. It would take well over two weeks to get the large piece that would eventually cover her entire back, done.

A beautiful back piece was done that consisted of a waterfall, done in traditional Japanese style artwork. Woven into the work were two Japanese swords, both going from her shoulder blades and ending a couple inches from her waist. These would become her main weapons, swords that could always be pulled free from her back, swords that were always the same size and weight. For the two men, it was a perfect idea. Once they found out her family was descendants of Orrin Porter Rockwell, the avenging angel of Joseph Smith, they begin referring to Chezlie as their "Little Avenging Angel," as sort of symbolic nickname for some subtle indoctrination.

Training for the teens stuck outside of Sinclair would continue for nearly six more months before finally law enforcement officers would step in and arrest all the adults involved, sending the children back to their parents and arresting all those directly involved. It would turn out Joseph's father discovered his sons plot and tipped off the FBI in the United States. The return trip home wouldn't be to Hildale, but to Salt Lake City. During her time away, her parents would separate, both agreeing that Sarah didn't quite fit in to the fundamentalist community and thrived much more in a larger city environment. Promising to let the kids visit, Sarah and her four remaining children would all move in with their grandparents.

For nearly a year, Chezlie would be integrated back into 'normal' society with much help from her brothers and sisters as they had already been attending the public SLC school district for nearly a year. It would be hard at first, especially ditching all of the brainwashing she had received from the Oman's, but within several months Chezlie was doing just fine with the rest of society. A representative of the Xavier Institute would show up at her grandparents doors, having slowly tracked her down after a special made brief mention of this training camp on a network special of the FLDS communities. With the offer of her grandparents paying for the tuition, it would be decided sending Chezlie off to the Xavier institute would be best for her.


Dermatelekinesis - The basics of Chezlie's power centers around the fact that her skin acts as a two way psionic transmitter of whatever is drawn upon her. Objects can be pulled free with enough mental concentration, appearing materialistically as a willowy, translucent and glowing version of the drawing. Characteristics can also be granted from the drawing, causing her to momentarily gain enhanced abilities, though this is much harder for her to perform. The temporary aspect of the drawings makes it very difficult for her to mentally call forth an object or imbue herself with it's characteristic, like her skin is not familiar with the abstract and cannot transmit it into being with ease. Hence the idea of tattooing the teen quickly came about, giving the body something that is always there and thus familiar. The more familiar an object becomes, the easier it is to recall and the stronger it's qualities become. Simply using paint or chalk to draw something onto Chezlie will really only produce a visual effect and not much else.

Small Katana tattoos - The two tattoos of small samurai swords fall from her shoulder blades and down to her waist. They're interwoven by the waterfall, but were inked into the teen first and in their entirety, which is what mostly matters in her abilities, and can be removed as two identical swords, 22" long - 5" handle with 17" blades. Like everything else that can be pulled free, the swords appears a willowy and transparent objects, glowing a faint blue. There permanent status and constant use has made them much easier to pull from within her body. The blades themselves can be very sharp, though without any concentration function as a normal, well made steel sword. Through intense concentration, the edges can be finely tuned so that they can slice through all metals, excluding Adamantium. The sharper the edge is made, the more concentration and then the more mental fatigue. Hold the swords at their sharpest for more than five minutes will leave Chezlie with such a painful headache as to render the teen useless. With littler amounts of concentration, she can do the opposite and make the edges dull. Both swords have a strong mental link to the teen, and if they were to be destroyed, would take her mind with them, leaving her little more than a mindless body.

Waterfall Tattoo - Part of the telekinetic absorption is the thoughts related to the design in Chezlie's mind, though the waterfall specifically was done through suggestion, she none-the-less has specific connotations that have become true. So with the waterfall comes the thought of fast, fluid moving liquid and this thought is then transmitted into the ability to move with a speed and fluidity that is beyond the human means. By no means has she been granted super speed, only being one and a half times faster than your fastest human. What really comes through is the fluidity of her movements, very reminiscent of a slithering stream of water cutting through a ragged landscape. Similar to this -

  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I said it!"


  • Chezlie comes from a family that practices polygamy.
  • She has four full blooded siblings and over 50 half brothers and sisters.
  • Her mother was the sixth of 8 wives for her father, though she no longer lives with him and moved back to Salt Lake City.


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