2009-05-09 Chilly Cuddlin'


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Summary: Max had a nightmare, and went to his boyfriend to be comfortable.

Date: 5-9-2009

Log Title Chilly Cuddlin'

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Kael and Leo's Room

// Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student.

Knocking on Kael's door, the young man opens, and peeks in, shirtless and hair released from it's usual gelled state, the cold mutant calls to his boyfriend. "Kael?" Something seems is up with him. He's holdng an older looking teddy bear by it's paw, hanging down near Max's thigh. The one thing from home that he's got, since he does visit his family for holidays.

At the knock, Kael hops off of his bed. The boy shirtless as well as he heads towards the door. "Hey, Max." The aerokinetic smiles softly as he moves closer to him; giving him a small peck on the forehead. He moves to hug him close as he asks, "What brings you here?"

The ice mutant's eyes look saddened when Max looks to Kael. As he is hugged, his heart beat is hurried, he's scared about something, and his skin is a little colder than usual. And it brought Max to Kael's strong arms. "I just…miss my family." His teddy bear is grasped tightly in his hand. "Can I sleep in here with you? I saw them, torches, burning dolls that looked like Cyclops, Beast, Angel. Signs that said 'Mutants Not Welcome'." He's talking about the Friends of Humanity rally he walked in on almost two years ago, before he knew what a mutant really was. Water vapor releasing from his mouth as he talks. The rally memory still hits very close to Max, but it is what brought him over to the Mansion from his native Boston in the first place.

Kael smiles softly, hugging his boyfriend's head to his shoulder. He closes his eyes as he listens and he lets out a soft chuckle. "Who would I be to say no to you, hon?" His smiles brightens, not caring about the coolness to Max's skin as his hand grips the cryokinetic's reassuringly as he starts to head over towards his bed. "I never had anything like that when I was in Texas. All I had were grumpy old people yelling their opinions."

Max gives a sniffle as he walks over and into the bed, taking off his Captain America lounge pants, now just in his briefs emblazoned with Spider-Man spiders on the undergarment. He continues to grasp the teddy bear in his hands as he moves close to the edge of the bed, allowing Kael room to get in as well. "It was horrible. The things I've heard them doing, to us, to mutants." Another sniffle as the small skinny cryokinetic waits for Kael to come in. "This is Bosco." He says about the milk chocolate brown teddy bear in his hands. Though the bear looks old, there are not many signs of wear on the stuffed animal, seems he's been taken good care of. He doesn't like for many people to see Bosco, since Max is a teenager now. But Kael is trusted.

Kael slides onto the bed; wrapping his arms around his boyfriend as he pulls him close. Making sure that his chest is pressed up against Max's back as he sighs softly. "You know I'd never let them do anything like that to you. I'd sooner have it done to me than have it done to you," whispers the aerokinetic before he chuckles softly. Looking down at Bosco. "Hi there, Bosco." He wraps his arms down around Max's stomach for a moment before he leans forward to pull the blanket up over their legs.

Max brings a hand down to hold onto Kael's. "No. Never. If you see those Friends of Humanity. Run, run like hell. Don't stop until you're safe." Max says though a weeping voice. He is quite scared of the FoH, and with good reason. The cryokinetic adjusts his head on the pillow, the sound of Kael's breathing combined with the movement of his chest with every breath is comforting. Soon, frozen tears turn to sniffles. And sniffles get slower and slower as time goes by in Kael's bed. Seems Max just really needed someone to hold him. The grip on the teddy bear, loosens, but the hold keeps.

Kael smiles softly, sliding down on the bed to have both of them laying on their sides. His arm drapes over Max's side, keeping the hold on his hand as he says, "Alright. I'll run, but if you're with me. I'm making sure you're safe first." His voice barely above a whisper as he rests his head down on the pillow slightly above the cryokinetic's. His arm holds his boyfriend close as he waits for him to fall asleep first before he even thinks about getting drowsy. His free arm lightly grabs the arm holding onto Bosco and he brings it up to be closer to Max's chest.

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