2009-04-01: Chinatown Rambling


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Summary: Nathaniel, Leo, and Daisuke go to Chinatown.

Date: April 1, 2009

Chinatown Rambling

Rating: PG

NYC - Chinatown

The hustle and bustle of Chinatown. Here the streets are always crowded, the traffic is always jammed and street vendors are everywhere. Chinese restaurants and Chinese bakeries litter the streets along with various small shops selling everything from swords to bowls to plastic toys. If your looking for bootlegged purses, movies, toys, anything, you can find it in Chinatown at low costs.

With the war over, and the world safe, Leo's taking this chance, finally, to get OUT Of the mansion and go do some shopping. He drags along both Dai and Nate, wanting to have friends with him as he does so. Of course, he's letting Dai lead them around, as Dai actually knows more of New York than he does. San Diego? He'd know that. Here, not a clue.

Nathaniel hasn't really been comfortable to go into the city, despite having been here for two years, until now. His powers have gotten to a point where he can largely avoid any particular head pains and he is making sure to stick close to Leo for more reasons than just general fluffiness. The lean teen is wearing black jeans, a long teeshirt, and a jacket, his ear piercings all in for once. When they're on the sidewalk, he'll walk alongside Leo, one hand tucked sneakily into the other boy's back pocket; in stores, he'll wander a bit to look around, but mostly just watches Leo and Daisuke shop, hands in his own pockets.

Chinatown isn't a place for clothing shopping, it's more a place for crap shopping. There are all sorts of Chinese bakeries and resturants, asian music stores, toy shops, grocery stores, tea shops and other odds and end type places. He's just leading them to a little hole in the wall chinese place to eat that he knows off. He's dressed in a pair of jeans with a blue and black stripped sweater, he still has to get a lot of new clothes. "I can't wait to go to Japan for clothing shopping, and I really owe you one Leo. Your suggestion worked."

"Yeah, I saw that after the fight. Sorry, I was a little busy making sure someone was ok." Leo says, snickering softly as he snuggles into Nathaniel lightly. Of course, he's got a few ideas of things he's going to pick up for Nate, whether the boy likes it or not. He's a giver. He can't help himself. The little place to eat is definitely a welcome sight, for the boy that eats so much. Hyper metabolism much?

Nathaniel blushes slightly when Leo mentions making sure someone was okay, lifting his free hand to ruffle the back of his hair, "Yeah, well, not all of us can be flying glowsticks of doom." He grins, though, glancing at any signs in front of the restaurant before he follows Daisuke inside. Personally, he has only shown that he knows maybe a few words in any Asian language or dialect, mostly including greetings; not that it's a big deal, but he seems to enjoy trying them out when he can. He lifts a brow curiously at what Daisuke says, asking, "When do you go to Japan?"

"I'm hoping for Spring Break. My Grandmother lives in Kyoto so I'm going to visit her and hopefull be able to drag a few friends along." Daisuke says as they just sit down at a table in the resturant. He doesn't speak Chinese so there's no fancy other language ordering here. "She's my only living relative so I like to visit her when I can." He says looking through one of the menus.

"Yeah, we probably ought to start studying some of the language if we're gonna go." Leo says. He's not stating any particular people who are going, but he knows he wants to. He can definately afford to go and take people with him. His sparkles increase a little as the go in, but that's simply because of dimmer indoor lighting. He can't help his obvious mutation.

"I don't know where I'm going for Spring Break. Probably just stay at the school," Nathan says with his usual habit of absentmindedly excluding himself from what other people are considering, "When was the last time you saw her?" He drops easily into the seat across from Daisuke, glancing around the small restaurant to see if he can get away with smoking in here. If he can, he will; if not, he'll live.

Unfortunately it's New York City, there is no smoking allowed in any public resturant or bar or any indoor public area. "I saw her last December, around Christmast time so it's been a bit over a year. And I can teach you some of the language Leo." He learned both languages from birth. "Well I'll see how many people my Grandmother will let me bring."

"If she allows it, I'll bring Nate." Leo says, happily. "If not… I may just look into getting us some lodging. I think my parents have a business center over there, but it may not be the right area." He says with a quick nod. "And the business center has a deal with a local hotel." Of course, Leo doesn't smoke, but being around one so often does have him wondering, but he doesn't right now.

Nathaniel is aware of the laws, of course, but that doesn't mean every place - especially small ones - always care. Nonetheless, he doesn't seem willing to add stress to their first day out, so intead picks up the pair of wooden chopsticks and, snapping them into two, starts twirling them idly between his fingers. He nearly drops them when he realizes what they're planning, blinking a few times, "Wait - what? Seriously? You guys want me to come to Japan?" He sounds startled, despite the fact that he's now friends with Daisuke and dating Leo, but he covers it quickly enough by clearing his throat, "Oh, well… uh… if you can teach me some of the language, Dai, I'll be up for it." Ahem. It's a good thing he wasn't drinking something.

Daisuke shakes his head. "No, I don't want you to come, I'm just inviting you because you're Leo's boyfriend." He teases before breaking out into a huge grin. It's obvious he's not being serious. "Yes, I want to bring my friends with me, have a fun time. Go clothes shopping, hit a few shrines, visit my mother and brother's shrine and just have a fun time." Daisuke says with a shrug as he ponders something on the menu. "Either of you had tripe before?"

"Of course." Leo nods quickly. "San Diego. Lots of Mexican cuisine. The real stuff, not that taco bell crap." He grins impishly. "It's a primary ingredient in a lot of things." He scoots in close beside Nate and rubs a hand on the other boy's leg. "I just thought it'd be nice, so you didn't think I was gonna run off on you with some Japanese boy." He says, rolling his eyes, teasing just as much.

"Japanese boys are pretty hot," Nathan says seriously as he twirls one of those sticks, then quirks a grin and drops his hand, covering Leo's own and just running his fingertips along the space between Leo's knuckles in an idle fashion, "Nah, I've actually always wanted to go to Japan. I started out as one of those extremely sad anime fan types, though I like to think I have enough of a brain not to be a dick about it. I really like Japanese fashion and cuisine, plus just the way they do things there, especially their architectural design." He says this all in one quick, quiet rumble of his low baritone. He lightly taps the side of Leo's cheek with one of the chopsticks before he takes to tapping it on the edge of the table in a rhythmic fashion, grinning at Daisuke lightly, "See, I knew it. You hate me. I think I'll put on eyeliner and write bad poetry."

"I thought you were an empath, lier." Daisuke says sticking his tounge out. "I like anime but I've never been huge into it and I never understood the whole costumes thing. I like the music and fashion too but, yeah…" Daisuke says chuckling as he definately dresses in that Japanese 'punk' fashion style. "I lost a lot of my clothes when the mansion was destroyed, quite a few were bought when I was in Japan. And that's good, we'll definately order some then." As Dai hasn't had tripe in quite some time.

"Cool. We'll do a lot of things while we're there."Leo says with a nod. "Baby, almost every guy is hot in his or her own way." He snorts, leaning in to kiss Nate's cheek happily. "But I only give my heart to the deserving one." He snickers. "And apparently, someone else is having their first relationship now."

Nathaniel pats his chest and looks at Daisuke from beneath his eyelashes, "It still hurts." Sniff. He grins, though, and twirls that chopstick between his fingers comfortably, "It'll be fun. It'll be like… Daisuke-Barbie." He leans into Leo's kiss, then shifts so he can slide his arm along the back of the other boy's chair, resting his hand against the back of Leo's shoulder; he responds to what the bright teen says in a stubborn fashion, though, "Nuh uh. I'm hottest." He nods sagely only to grin again afterwards, giving Leo an amused look before he looks to Daisuke, "Eh? Does that mean you finally talked to him, Dai, or are you talking about something else…?"

Daisuke blushes a bit at Leo and nods. "Yeah, I took your advice and just kissed him…he, well, it worked." He says with a chuckle. "I still have to talk to Jared about a few other things but I really do like him." He says as he doesn't go into details. "Daisuke-barbie?" He asks sounding confused.

"Don't ask." Leo laughs, shaking his head and rests against the table, waiting for dinner and then some time alone with Nate afterwards…

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