2010-08-04: Chink In The Armor


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Summary: Two unstable men walk into a training room….

Date: August 4, 2010

Log Title: Chink in the Armor

Rating: PG-13

NYC- Avenger Mansion- Training Room

//The training room is just that. There is a large, springboard floor, weights, punching bags, yoga mats, a shelf of practice weapons, and the ever important sound system. Anything you could possibly wish to train for, physically speaking, can be done in this room. //

For a good time today, the training room has been occupied. Since the time he got out of the Dojo at Taskmaster; and after getting some food (That's why there's an Arby's bag on the table), Kaji has been working out in the Training room. No weapons aside from the claws and teeth he has on his body. One of the training dummies is looking like it's seen a better day. Claw marks riddle its form, bite marks are on its shoulders; even chunks missing on his biceps. The anthro is pacing a bit, mumbling to himself as Pendulum is blasting over the sound system.

The sounds of the anthro's preferred choice of music can be heard down the long hall leading to the training room. For a moment the man at the base of the staircase considered turning around, and heading back up the stairs to entertain another idea, but he continued on towards the training room. Once at the door Tony watches Kaji talking to himself and finds it slightly amusing considering his own current mental state. Clad in a t-shirt and loose pants, Stark wanders into the training room in the general direction of the hanging bags in the back of the room.

It's almost like hearing one side of the conversation as Kaji paces. "I know that, but it doesn't feel right." A soft pause before he looks down at his hands, and then steps forward; bursting into a short sprint as he slashes down at the dummy. A quintet of slashes forming down the dummy's chest as Kaji slips past the side of it. The anthro walks back around to the front, breathing slightly hard before he says, "Hm, guess you're right." Then he looks back at the front, and blinks over at Tony. "Oh, hey… didn't notice ya."

Tony presses his lips together and offers Kaji a small wave of a hand. "Didn't want to interrupt whatever it is you are doing," He says as he continues to walk through the room until he reaches the back where several weapons, mats, and various other things are displayed. What would be more effective for now? Deciding against pummeling the hanging bag, he finds himself clearing some space to work on focus and control. Even if he didn't like Pendullum all that much, particularly the watercolor song.

Kaji fishes around in his pocket for a moment, pulling out a remote for his iTouch. He scrolls through the songs and albums before he finds the Prodigy, and selects it to start playing. "Heh, just practicing." He flexes his hands as the music softens a it so the two men can hear each other. "After what Emma did, I feel… I don't know how to explain it."

Mercifully the music is changed just as Tony considered changing things himself. His karma was apparently going to keep biting him in the ass for awhile longer it seemed. Just as he is crossing a forearm over the other in a step he hears Kaji bring up Emma Frost. The name brings up a whole treasure trove of unresolved thoughts for him, but he knows what Kaji is referring too. "Like she pulled a bandaid off an open wound and told you to let it air out?"

Kaji glances over at Tony and nods, "And by ripping off the bandaid, it lets you feel something that you haven't felt in a long time." He flexes his hands once more before he looks back at the dummy; his ears flicking a bit before he looks back at the other man. "How're you doing?"
Strange how Kaji seems to have hit the nail on the head, and yet not know that Stark knew his situation all too well. His head has lowered so that his chin is barely touching his chest. "You can't tell?" With feet spread apart at hip width, his hands facing the ground palm down, he lifts his head to catch the other mans gaze. "Forget I said that, I don't really want to sound like an ass. You're doing all right?" His concern for his friend is genuine, and far easier to deal with than anything else going on.

Kaji quirks a brow turning back to the dummy before he scoots forward and rakes his foot claws over it's face. "Happy now? I did it," grumbles the anthro before he looks back at Tony. "Alright, then I'll compromise. Tell me things you know that you can tell me. You've been off kilter since the party."

Tony seems to be caught up in what he's doing but in actuality he's not doing a very good job of focusing on what he is supposed to be. Instead Stark finds himself running over a laundry list of issues that he either can't bring up or won't. "Some days I wonder why I came back to New York," he says to himself even though the anthro could probably pick it up. A considerable amount of time passes before Tony stands up, no longer bothering to attempt a kata he's only half invested in. "Let's just say that I'm cursed, and about the only thing I can know for certain right now is that you're at least getting put in a better position than you were before."

Kaji moves to sit down on the table, picking up the drink from Arby's to find that it's so diluted, he just grimaces a bit as he drinks it. "Really? I don't know whether to thank you, ask what position I was in before, or do both… … Can I do both?" He tilts his head a bit as he looks over at Tony.

Tony wanders over to the hanging bag, and begins striking it off and on with punches that have no real oomph behind them. "Before I knew of your particular problem with your feral nature, I was influenced by other things in regards to your, lifestyle." Yes, lifestyle was about the best way to word that. Considering the wolf wanted to be an Avenger one day, and couple that with the limited scope of knowledge of a future that may or may not happen. "I wanted you to have the best possible training that I could provide, so that you could be confident in your ability to handle extraordinary circumstances." Tony reaches out to stop the swaying of the bag with one hand as he continues to speak, "And to hopefully prevent you from taking a path years from now that is decidedly unpleasant."

Kaji listens a bit, raising his head and posture to full height before he lets out a soft laugh. "I guess… that I should thank you. Without you I probably would've never gotten to where I am today. I'd still be a struggling college student." He looks back over at Tony and says softly, "I guess… all I can really say is that I'll try my best?"

Tony barely cracks a smile as he begins striking the bag again. "All I can really ask for." After several straight punches, he lands a flurry of shorter attacks that involve closed fist and open fist attacks. "You really ought not to thank me seeing as if you were still a struggling college student you wouldn't be facing what you have/will."

Kaji chuckles. "Or maybe I should thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so." He stands up from the chair, his hands going relaxed as he looks over at Tony. "Besides, I still want one of those prototype bikes we rode to Vegas. How else am I gonna get one." Then he moves back to his dummy, slashing at it with his claws. Seemingly random in his attacks, each flash of his eyes seems to show that they're a slightly different color.

Tony lays into the hanging bag causing it to protest loudly as it swings back towards him. Telling Kaji to stop thanking him would be like trying to stop an avalanche with a snow plow; there's just too much for one thing to really make a dent. "The bikes are at the Flushing plant in the RnD building. If they fix the problem with the intake circulation then you could pick it up."

Kaji steps away from the dummy, panting softly as one of the arms falls off to which he laughs. He looks back at Tony and quirks a brow slightly. "Oh neat." He picks up the arm and looks back at Tony, humming softly before he shakes his head and bonks the dummy on the head with that arm.

The fact that the dummy has been dismembered, and bludgeoned with its own arm, doesn't go unnoticed by Tony. A part of him is amused by this as he keeps on rotating attacks to the bag. This sort of thing just didn't seem to be helping him work through anything so he crossed towards the small storage room and emerges pulling on a pair of fingerless black gloves. "You want to go a round?"

Kaji looks over at Tony with a quirk of a brow, tilting his head as he says, "Ya sure about that?" He chuckles a bit, remembering their last fight before he looks back at the dummy. Starting to push it back against the wall.

Tony rolls his eyes to the heavens, "I believe I won that round. If you happen to get in a lucky shot, and I don't get up, try not to scramble my brains. The brain is a national treasure, the rest of me not so much." He motions Kaji over toward the open springboard floor, "Be right back." With that he disappears into the other room to remove the clothing, adopt the golden alloy, and then put the clothing on over it. "See, saved some clothes this time." With that he bounces in place at the center of the mat and waves a gloved hand towards Kaji. It just so happens that he threw on an ironic song, before calling out, "Round 1: Fight!"

Kaji quirks a brow as he moves into the ring, and then he grunts a bit before he sighs as he watches him leave and come back with the alloy over his body. "Nice defense," mutters the wolf before he brings his own hands up. Fingerless gloves already residing on his hands before he watches the man in front of him.

"I may have lost my mind, but I'm not completely mental," Tony offers up in way of explanation. "Course, I don't know why I bothered to put anything back on. Your claws land, and my wardrobe is done with." Tony pulls his shirt overhead, and tosses it across the room. It had been awhile since the beach encounter, and Kaji had been training for awhile with Taskmaster. This was going to prove interesting at the very least. Being the shorter of the two, and certainly not the most agile had him at a disadvantage. Tony walked over and extended a gloved fist. "Try not to bite me this time."

Kaji cracks his knuckles with a soft laugh. "I was about to say that. Least you have those UM shorts, eh?" He steps forward and gave Tony's fist a soft fist bump before he uncurls his fingers and bats Tony's fist up into the air with a fluid motion. Moving in with a large step to slam the man into a hanging bag with off his shoulders.

Tony was unprepared, which is a mistake. Even as he is thrown back into the training bag he is planning his next move when he regains his balance. Coming back in quickly would be expected of anyone, so Tony rolls his neck from side to side then closes the distance. Darting about on the balls of his feet to gauge how Kaji will respond to this style. He's not really attempting to land any serious shots but should an opening present itself he's going to take it.

Kaji grins as he takes a few steps back, his eyes flicking slightly as he watches Tony dart from foot to foot. Slowly his hazel eyes seem to bleed to an amber color before he steps forward with a soft bound; aiming to meet the man as he goes for his first punch to throw in a first swipe of his own. Most likely, the punch will hit his shoulder. But he's aiming to see how Tony'll work with his swipe.

Tony side steps to the right, and offers up a chop to the side of the wolfs neck. If it lands it probably won't connect like it normally would due to the imbalance, and that its being cast upward instead of straight out.

Kaji tilts his head to the side, letting that chop breeze by before he grabs onto the man's arm. Pivoting on his foot, he grunts as he aims to throw Tony in the direction from where he first started; right back at that hanging punching bag!

Tony isn't a rag doll but he does get thrown a few feet. Landing on the bouncing mat he drives his hands down flat as he pushes back up to his feet. Quickly he moves back in with an attempt to land a kick right above the knee.

Kaji lets out a grunt as he's kicked in the knee, his hackles raising up falls down onto that knee and then brings his hands in front of him before he drags them out away from him in an X strike.

Tony takes a step back as he's clipped by Kaji's arms. Not willing to give up an advantage Tony comes back in with a downward kick aimed at the chest.

Kaji smiles at the clipping before he watches Tony go for the downward kick, and he rises up to meet it with crossed arms. Twisting his wrists upon impact to grab onto his leg and throw it to the side to further knock Tony off balance.

Tony staggers off into one direction, giving Kaji some time as it takes a moment to level out and get into a defensive posture.

Kaji gets up alright, he presses off of the ground; hands at the ready as he leaps at Tony. He covers the ground in a long stride as he goes for a strong swipe at his side. If it lands, he goes to grab what he can to drag him closer for a mock bite at the throat.

The fact that Kaji can get in that close, and take a solid shot at Tony should throw up some sort of warning flag. The grab sparks something off that causes Tony to twist about at the waist and ram both of his hands outward to create some space. If anything, it would appear that Kaji might have thrown a switch, and Tony is going to fire off various fist attacks.

Kaji grunts at the shove, the anthro flying backwards a good bit before he lands on the ground. Standing up as he steps forward; ducking one fist before he blocks another with a hand as he goes for planting a hand on his face to force him down onto the ground.

Seeing as they are fairly evenly matched Tony refuses to be shoved down by using his own counter move that should take Kaji's hand off to the side, maybe even the arm winds up shoved off. His eyes are blazing with a fury that shouldn't be there as he rams a fist right toward Kaji's upper arm.

The blazing fury in Tony's eyes is what makes Kaji leap backwards, holding up his hands and going "Whoa, Tony. Calm down!" It was meant to be a spar, not have-Tony-Get-Ticked-And-Take-His-Head-Off fight! The anthro keeps moving backwards if Tony continues forward.

The request from Kaji doesn't seem to register on any level initially, as Tony moves towards Kaji who for all intents and purposes is retreating. When the mans hands come up in front of his chest, this gives Tony pause, and he seems to realize that somethings gone off. There's a slight step backward, a questioning gaze, and then a strategic retreat to where Tony can grab up his shirt.

Kaji drops his hands down when Tony retreats; putting a hand on his chest as he shake shis head. "Damn, that was a scary look." Catching his breath for a moment before heads over towards the man. "Hey, man. You… okay?"

Tony has snagged up his shirt in one hand, and takes a step away from Kaji as he's back peddling toward the open door to the training room. If anything his behavior is more atypical, and he manages to say something to Kaji even though his mind is in a chaotic whirl. "I'm sorry; that was a rather bad idea. I'll make it up to you, somehow." There's a flicker of something in his gaze that reveals a brief glimpse of what Kaji had mentioned earlier when they were talking. It is with that glimpse that Tony bolts from the room.

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