2010-11-11: Chitchat

Players: David and Heather

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Summary: David and Heather bond and discuss the happenings at Tegu-Haaz.

Date: November 11, 2010

Log Title: Chitchat

Rating: PG

Tegu-Haaz - The Slaughtered Lamb

Outside the wooden sign displaying a Wolf's Head on a pike along with the name 'The Slaughtered Lamb' swings in the breeze of the run down old pub. Inside the wooden floors creak as extra weight is applied and the smells of lingering alcohol and tabacco smoke permeate the air. Oil lanterns are hung on the walls circling the pub to provide light the patrons while the walls are marked with old tally marks from games long ago played. Behind the bar are old barrels of wine and ale, an hearth for cooking up meals and a layer of dust is caked onto the dishes. Long tables that can sit at least ten people each are still sturdy but some are turned over while the chairs are scattered across the place. A second hearth with ash from long ago still sitting in it is built against one of the sidewalls for light, heat and additional cooking. If one were to search the pub they might find food that is mysteriously still edible.

Heather has changed into the peasant garbs to again allow her pyjamas a chance to be cleaned. Even though they are quickly wearing down, she doesn't feel as comfortable wearing the clothes from this universe. They are now drying in front of the fire, and she watches them with a very small amount of interest. She's sitting at the bar, leaning on some of her notes, trying to think of what to write. She has plenty to say about things she's already done, but as time passes, there are still more mysteries that are popping up. She scratches her head and detangles her hair for a moment, lost in thought.

One may notice a spatter of blood droplets leading to behind the bar. If followed, David is sitting on a small stool, with knife in hand. A small carcass is on the floor next to the stool. David has been skinning the rabbit and is getting rid of the skin to prepare a stew. “Almost home….almost home.” He speaks to himself.

Heather does notice, but doesn't really worry about it. Blood is just something she sees occasionally, and she doesn't really question it. She turns on her bar chair to look towards David, making a few chirps at him to get his attention before she hand-signs, "I will be glad to be home, myself. Have you figured out what your key is associated with?"

Catching the chirps, David smiles and turns over to Heather and signs, “Not yet. I was hoping to see Alaric and ask. I believe Hosea has found a key as well. I was hoping Emma could do a mind read on Alaric. I’m starting to not trust him or his metaphorical ways.” He shrugs and stands up wiping the blood on a black smithy apron.

<He's used to magical thinking. Like him, I'm not unaccustomed to worlds of riddles and suggestion. I don't know,> signs Heather in return. She glances back at her pyjamas and says, <It would help for Emma to crack into his brain, though. He is both important and dangerous, though.>
<Well, we’ll see. I feel like by the week’s end we’ll be home.> David shrugs and then lifts up a large pot onto the bar. <Fresh rabbit stew. Want some?> He pours some for himself and then continues to sign, <Any word from Cyclops, Hellion, or any of the other staff?>

<Please. I haven't eaten yet this cycle. I have lost weight, and unfortunately, not in places that I really had any desire to have lost that weight,> signs Heather, turning towards the meal. <As for staff, I have talked to Ms. Frost today, but I do not think she likes me. Which is fair, I can be unpleasant.>

Pouring some stew into the bowl, David laughs at Heather’s last comment. He passes the bowl to her and then signs, <I wouldn’t worry too much about her. Ms. Frost acts like she doesn’t like you….or anyone for that matter. I was far from her favorite .> David shutters and shivers a moment at a particularly cruel telepathic session with the headmistress, <Um…well, she doesn’t have to like you to be a good teacher…but again, I think with how effective you’ve proven here. >

Heather blinks a few times quickly and says, <I am only doing what comes naturally. Whenever we find ourselves in a time and place unfamiliar, it is not worthwhile to be afraid or to hesitate. We can protect ourselves and take precautions, but ultimately, it's up to us to take control of our environment and do with it whatever is required.> She gestures across the bar before continuing to sign, <Whether it's to embrace it, like back at Xavier's, or to destroy it, like here.>

<Very true.> David pours himself a bowl and begins to eat away at the rabbit and smiles and pats his stomach. <Great job with Connor too. So I think that jus t leaves Star and Jinx and from what I understand James is taking care of Jinx personally.> He looks across the bar.

<He would. I don't know either of them well, but they seem to have a bond. I'm glad that Connor is back to normal. It comforts me to have him around to help instead of, well, being /too/ helpful,> signs Heather. She takes some of the stew, but doesn't seem particularly excited about it. It's food. <As for Star… perhaps Cloud should be present. Or perhaps not, since he may be too protective.>
Agreed, but I feel it won’t be am obvious way to turn her. Connor’s was so….overwhelming.> David goes to pour himself some water. Taking two glasses, he pours fresh water into both. <Have something to drink too. So you spoke with Emma today. Did she have anything worthwhile to say?>

<She discussed plans on approaching the Alaric situation, stated that she finds Chloe annoying, and left. I'm more interested in Mr. Gilpatrick's desire to get everyone together for a single meeting,> says Heather, reaching for the drink and draining it into her mouth. <It would be good to get everyone here to understand what the nature of the world is.>

<Ok, good. I’m not the only one then.> David slams down his glass of water and pours another glass for himself, <So, Kenta wants to have meeting with everyone. That’s great. But do we even have accurate count of who is here? Julian is here and I haven’t seen him and we have been here for over a month!>

<Not the only one who what? If you're talking about Chloe, she's my best friend, and while she insists on getting makeovers done, I don't find her annoying,> signs Heather, furrowing her brow slightly. She shrugs, though, and continues, <Ms. Frost has an accurate count. She is tracking everyone in this place with her mind, just to keep tabs.>

David starts laughing and shakes his head and signs, <No no…Not Chloe. I am in accordance with Ms. Frost on approaching Alaric.> He laughs again, <But I am glad Emma has an accurate count on anyone. I wonder if she has picked up any psi signature on Kisha?>

<I think Kisha is gone. Whether only gone in this world, or simple gone, we will not know until we return. There is no reason to mourn now, though I'm already over it,> signs Heather. She likes Kisha, but it's been about four months from her perspective that Kisha's been gone, and she already gets over tragedy without much difficulty. <As for Alaric, of course we need to approach him. He's the key.>

<Well, if I learned anything around the Institute, someone may be gone one minute and back the next. Hell, Phoenix, Wolverine, Leo, Magneto, it seems people die, but then come back. So who knows.> He appears hopeful, Kisha’s disappearance has affected him the most since being in Tegu Haaz, <Well, before approaching Alaric, I should meet with Hosea to see about his key.>

<Perhaps your keys are necessary for some kind of escape. We will see. I assume that we're going to be home soon enough, since we are making excellent progress, and we have Alaric with us,> signs Heather, before she nods at David, <And indeed. Kisha may still be alive. But maybe for now, it's best not to worry about her either way. If these things sort themselves out, then it will not be a product of you worrying about it.>

David nods his head to Heather, but his expression reveals that he blames himself. <True. Well it will be nice to see everyone together. Watch with out luck it will be when most of us are together that something will happen that will get us home.> He finishes his stew, <Do you want more?>
Heather tilts her head slightly and gestures, <Maybe I should, unless there won't be enough for everyone. Like I said, I've lost some weight, and most of it is in my chest, which is just plain unfortunate. When we're back, I want to eat so much food.>

<Eat up…as much as you like. I am going to hunt some deer tonight.> David pours her another bowl of rabbit stew. <Well, I think we are all losing weight. Some of us have changed a lot.> He hmmmns, <I may recommend everyone, staff included, meet with Jericho.>

<Oh, I have to meet with him anyways. I feel like I spend more time with him than in any classes,> says Heather, tilting her head slightly. The statement is slightly accurate, if only because Heather never attends classes because they are excruciatingly dull by her standards, and instead just listens to recordings of lectures. <I am actually mostly at the school as a patient, more so than a student it seems.>

<Really? I hadn’t really read your entire file? What was life like for you before coming to the Institute and what do you hope for the future?> David passes the second bowl of stew to Heather and then leans against the bar, <Hope I’m not intruding. Just nice to get to know the students. Give us a semblance of a conversation, despite where we are.>

<I'm still a student. I'm in 5th grade social studies, college level mathematics and physics, age appropriate English, third grade biology and so on. Before I came to the school, I was first kept in a world of illusions by my parents, then when the police took them away, I stayed at the White Prison,> replies Heather, <So my education is spotty.> She takes the bowl and starts chowing down.

David smiles, <Well, I’m glad you are at the Institute and that we will be back soon.> David pushes off from the bar, <Well, I better go kill some deer.> He has made a new wooden spear and smiles, <Well, I’ll see you tomorrow.>

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