Chloe "Etoile" McMillan
Chloe McMillan
Portrayed By Annasophia Robb
Gender Female
Date of Birth 29th January
Age 15
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Etoile
Place of Birth Chicago
Current Location New York
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Arthur McMillan (father), Joan McMillian (mother), Jane McMillan (younger sister)
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Superspeed, Enhanced Durability, Metabolic Acceleration/Deceleration, Cyborg Left Hand (Not obviously mechanical)
First Appearance 5th February 2010

Chloe is a teenage mutant who attends Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.


Chloe was born and raised by her parents Arthur and Joan McMillan and is the oldest of two children. She has a younger sister named Jane who is twelve years old. Since before Chloe was born her family has lived in a two bedroomed apartment over the Savate gym run by her father.

From an early age she was always something of a daddies girl and spent a lot of time helping out around the families savate gym or training for savate competitions. When she wasn't getting underfoot around the gym Chloe was almost always outside getting into mischief around the neighborhood. Usually by trying to climb up things or playing games of flashlight tag and getting into trouble for staying out too late.

As she got older the lack of privacy at home became more and more of a problem for Chloe and she would often stop out late at the local library reading or just hanging out in the local mall shopping for cds. Her parents, although very liberal by most standards, always tried to be supportive of her independent nature, but even they began to worry about the late hours Chloe would stop out.

By the time she was ten the arguments with her parents and teasing from her sister had pretty much driven Chloe away from helping out around the gym. Instead she tried taking up other hobbies like ballet in the hope that it would stop her parents worrying and that Jane wouldn't make fun of her quite so much.

Eleven and twelve weren't especially fun years for Chloe. Her families gym had problems attracting new members and at a time when money was tight she kept trying and giving up on new hobbies. Guilty over the money she'd wasted Chloe began to try help out around home more and even occasionally stopping into the gym to help with the younger students while her father provided more dedicated coaching for the more experienced regulars. The troubles with her families business eventually worked out, when one of the regulars her dad had been mentoring won a tournament giving the place much needed publicity.

With the money worries over Chloe and her parents came to a truce of sorts. With all the extra effort she was putting into helping out around the house Chloe was spending a lot less time roaming at nights.

After her fourteenth birthday Chloe began to have problems in school, caused by the first stirrings of her mutation. She often got headaches and aches deep in her muscles and bones. Worse still her attention span became terribly small and she would struggle to concentrate on even the simplest tasks.
Chloe quickly found keeping herself physically active was one of the few things that would ease the aching sensation in her muscles. Along with a few friends from school she began to experiment with free running and free climbing. Perhaps because of the adrenaline and risk involved both the sports were demanding enough to keep her fickle attention span engaged.

After half a year Chloe's parents began to get worried that their daughter was slipping back into bad habits. After a few weeks of arguments they finally convinced Chloe to go see the family doctor about the problems. She was quickly misdiagnosed with an attention deficit disorder and prescribed a course of medication to help her cope with the problem.

It's hard to say for sure if the medication was the final factor which pushed Chloe's power into fully manifesting or if perhaps it was simply a coincidence.

All Chloe can really remember of the day her power finally triggered was that she was running late on her way to school three days before her fifteenth birthday. She vaguely recalls stopping in an alleyway to take her medication and then everything immediately after is a complete blur.

Natural or not the readings that Cerebra picked up were unusual enough that representatives from Xavier's School were sent out to investigate. They found Chloe curled up in the alleyway, her heart rate far beyond what would be considered healthy in a normal person and bleeding heavily from a cut to the head.

The team from Xavier's managed to patch Chloe up and contact her family, arranging for her parents to collect her from the local hospital. After a few hours of observation Chloe finally came round and it quickly became apparent that she would struggle to resume her normal life.

Because of her increased speed Chloe could barely manage to speak without almost biting her tongue, let alone understand what anyone said to her in response. It didn't take long after the team from Xavier's hinted at their being a place she might be able to go for training that her parents pleaded for Chloe to be allowed to study at Xavier's.

The week in which her transfer was processed was perhaps the most miserable week of her life. Hidden away from all her friends and forced to communicate via scribbled notes, with her mind racing and nothing to do. But finally after what seemed like an eternity the paperwork was finished and it was time to head off to see the wonders of New York and to begin studying at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters .


February 5th 2010 - Chloe met Annalisa, July and Van on her first day at school.


None yet.


Chloe is pretty good at Savate and Savate de Rue, having taken lessons from a young age. She's good enough at the style that she could (and in the past has) compete in tournaments.

Knows a variety of dancing styles, although only at beginner level.

She's also a massive free running & free climbing addict, both of which she's at an intermediate level.

She's been learning Systema from Conner and is at a beginner level.

Chloe's also begun taking Capoeira classes after school.


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