2011-01-21: Christmas Comes Late


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Summary: Tony and Kaji are back from visiting people for the holidays and go out for dinner where Tony presents Kaji with a belated Christmas present.

Date: January 21, 2011

Log Title: Christmas Comes Late

Rating: PG


A Dave and Busters like establishment in the heart of downtown.

The wintery nightmare continued over the weekend blanketing the city in several feet of snow and looked to do more in the coming days. The skies above the city were grey and heavy with snow, ice and freezing rain causing the mood of the freezing people to match the dismal weather. Still there was fun to be had indoors where it was warm and dry. A local business combined good food, music and an arcade which were all the makings of great entertainment.
Tony Stark had been back in New York for awhile having gone out of town to spend Christmas was Theo, and has just returned to the Big Apple. A scan of the Towers revealed that Kaji had also returned from the hols so a text message was sent to his wolfish friend to meet him at a particular address downtown. The arcade was already quite busy when Tony arrived wearing his typical casual attire consisting of jeans, t-shirt, shades and a leather jacket. Kaji would be able to find him by peering down from the second floor of the building where the tables were.

From a good bit away, in the part of Mutant Town, there was a grand snowball fight going on in the park. One that Kaji was participating in, actually having some childlike fun as he ran around the park and tackled people into snow as a wolf or actually threw snow at others. When the text hit his phone, he waved goodbye to the other mutants in the park and made his way back to the more normal part of the city. Except he took to leaping across a few buildings, nearly falling off of a few ledges due to the snow.
Once Kaji hit the arcade, he slipped inside; breathing warm air into his hands before he looks around Tony. It took him a short amount of time to clear his head from the sensory overload of the arcade lights and smells of the place before he looks up at the balcony of the second floor. A quirk of a brow before the mutant starts to head towards the stairs to head up there.

The newest zombie game had finally worn Tony down and cost him at least five dollars in continuation costs before he gave up. On his way through the sea of games he caught sight of Kaji walking towards then up the stairs. The billionaire weaved in and out of people and machines to head upstairs calling out for his friend once he was close enough. With a jaunty wave he comes over to one arm hug Kaji, "Belated Happy New Years." Having forgotten entirely to call his close circle of friends on New Years Day to wish them a Happy New Year. Why? Because he tends to forget a lot of things. "Table?" Meaning that the two of you should pull up a seat to peruse the menu of junk food. "I could honestly eat an entire rack of ribs without noticing. I'm sure you could do the same. Poor kitchen staff."

Kaji wraps an arm around Tony to return the hug and he lets out a soft laugh. "You know I'm always hungry, Tony." He looks over at the game and quirks a brow for a second before he gives a lopsided grin. "And I see you're having fun on a game that I beat. What's wrong? Big time hero can't beat a children's game?" That grin gets a bit wider before he starts to head over towards a table a nice bit away from everyone so they can talk without yelling. "And belated new years to you as well, and an even more late Merry Christmas."

"I'm out of practice?" A lame excuse if ever there was one but Tony wasn't a big fan of shooters. Kaji starts heading towards a decent table so Tony follows along in his wake offering up another belated holiday whatsit before sitting down. "I figured we could go a bit wild in here. There's quite an array of games down there and it's not peak time for this place so not much of a wait." Any further conversation is halted momentarily as a waitress appears to hand the seated gentlemen their menu's and to get their drink order. Tony opts for water turning a bright smile her direction before turning his gaze to the menu at hand. "I believe I already know what I want," pointing the various things out then offering her the menu again. "Are you ready as well?" She's kinda cute if a bit puzzled by the order Tony had given her. How could someone order that much food? Her expression may turn to shock when you add to the order.

Kaji takes up the slack of the order to give her his own, and he takes a slight mental appreciation to watching her face turn into one of slight shock. After all, he nearly ordered the same amount as Tony plus an appetizer or two. He looks back at Tony as she heads off to the cooks who'll probably be as confused and shocked as she was. He smirks a bit, "You? Out of practice? That's hard to believe that. You're supposed to be at the top of your game at all times!"

Tony pulls off his shades to set them down on the table out of the way. "Ahh, you've got a point there but I've not had a whole lot of free time between the company, the government, and making time to help Theodore." No rest for the wicked which meant no time to log into his xbox live account to destroy people's records for various games. "I picked up a few new games that I left on the coffee table for you to check out. Which reminds me," now unrolling the napkin from the silverware to drape the piece of cloth across his lap. "I've your Christmas present to give you. This is part of the whole belated Christmas thing. Figured you wouldn't mind hanging out for a bit since we haven't really done that in awhile."

Kaji shrugs a bit with a smirk before he does the same thing, placing the napkin over one knee before he looks back at Tony. "Good thing that I've been having my own fun while you've been working?" THe snow has been a blast for this furred mutant, it's like a winter wonderland! At the mention of his present he just smiles a bit, "I don't mind waiting. I mean, I figured you might've had something, but knowing you; it wouldn't've been easy to give to me."

A server appears to drop off drinks at the table then takes off without comment leaving the two men to their conversation. "Yeah, slacker." Though that's said with an amused smirk. "No, I couldn't exactly wrap this very well. I'd thought about it but I couldnt wrap a box to save my life and Pepper was off dealing with the typical Christmas Card mass mail to stock holders, board members and people full of their self importance." A few sips of water Tony slumps down in his chair seemingly switching gears to be more relaxed than he has been in awhile. "I'm sure you'll like your gift which reminds me…." pointing a lone finger at you. "Where's my gift? I don't even rate a e-card? I feel un-loved, Kaji."

Kaji takes a drink of his soda with a smirk before he blinks. "I'm sure I texted it to you." He lets out a soft hmn before he pulls out his phone and starts to sift through the text messages. "Aha, it failed to send." A few taps of the phone, and the picture of Kaji as a wolf with a Santa hat adorning his head is resent to Tony with the words 'Merry Christmas' as a text message. "Couldn't think of anything else to get ya. I mean, you pretty much have everything."

Tony snickers as the message comes through, "You've a point." At least you didn't get him a tie, a paper weight or a book. "I appreciate the belated picture. I think I'll set that as your image for the Towers communication network." There is more chatter between the two about recent events around town, the next weeks schedule and such until the mountain of food arrives. The cooks are indeed curious as to what is really going on and can be seen poking their heads out from around a corner to stare at the table in awe. How in the world could someone consume that much food in one sitting? Oh well, at least they'll make a tidy profit off that table.
With dinner plowed through and nothing left on the various plates except crumbs and sauce trails the stuffed duo head down into the arcade to spend a fortune on the games. Of course they play the shooters for Kaji likes those, and there is always the combat games where one can cheat by chaining combo moves. The real fun is trying to out score the other on Dance Dance Revolution as they both are quite quick on their feet. "Yeah, you think you've got this?" He asks you then playfully nudges you right when you could have hit a triple score. Evil.

Kaji wipes his mouth clean after they're all done eating and he chuckles softly afterwards. "If you set that picture as that, you're going to get a lot of interesting comments, and I'll probably have to do that for the company Christmas Party /this/ year." He looks over towards the game before he follows Tony over through the various games. The mutant getting the better hand over the CEO for a good few of the games that Tony /didn't/ cheat in. When they hit the DDR game, Kaji lets out a grunt as he's pushed and he hops back up before he sweeps his foot over to trip up the man as he's about to get a 100 hit streak.

"What? I'm sure everyone will think it's a cute picture that should go on the company Christmas Card next year." There's always the possibility that Tony will alter something in the game which could either be very subtle or not depending on what he's done. There was the one time he gave his character invulnerability and you hadn't noticed for at least twenty minutes.
Tony's laughter at Kaji's misfortune is short lived when he's swept off his feet to miss several notes in a row. "Oh, really…." Snapped back up to his feet he gives Kaji quite the challenge even if the two of them are being incredibly childish it's all in good fun. Laughter trickles out of the building into the parking garage as Tony tosses an arm around Kaji's shoulders. "No one will be able to break that score on DDR, and it was well worth having the crowd form." There is a far more important matter to attend to at the moment than reflecting over their combined DDR supremacy. Shades are pushed into place as he gestures with a free hand towards the car coming into view around the first corner, "I'm hoping that's the one you obsessed over for weeks."

It's been a while since he's been able to have that kind of fun with his /boss/ at his job. Course, his job isn't that demanding most of the time. AS they're walking away, he looks back at the DDR machine before he looks back at Tony. "You know, you should try and dance with Dance Central. I think you might do well at that." As they round the corner, he quirks a brow before he just stops and looks at Tony with a confused expression. "You mean… that's my gift." He points over at the car before he starts to head over towards it. Looking at the inside of the windows to see the interior.

Tony rattles the keys in his hand then stands out of the way as you peer in through a window. "Yup, here." When you turn toward him he offers you the keys. "Though I'm officially out of ideas on what to get you in the future so leave a list of hints around birthdays and holidays and Pepper will make sure that I see it." The car is just like the one you made in the customization center of the manufacturer's website down to the itty bitty frills. Someone can spy very well when need be, and Christmas present spying was an art form. "Though, I need a ride back to the Towers. I drove this over here so unless I call in the cavalry I'm at your mercy."

Kaji looks up at Tony with a laugh, catching the keys with a hand before he unlocks it. Slipping inside of the car to see that it is indeed exactly as he customized it on the website. Right down to the smallest minute things he put in. He runs his hands over the steering wheel. "This is just perfect." He reaches over and opens up the passenger door with a smile. "If you think you're a crazy driver, you should see how I drive."

Tony shakes his head taking his life into his hands by slipping into the passenger seat of Kaji's beast mobile. "Try not to scratch it up on its maiden voyage. Not sure the dealer could handle seeing it come back into the lot after just having left a few days ago." Seat belt fastened the Avenger automatically starts pressing all of the available buttons while you ogle your new wheels. "This onboard system is terrible. Remind me to work on this at some point."

Kaji smirks slightly. "Tony, you have no faith in my driving ability." He shakes his head before he flicks the ignition on, listening to the engine roar to life and then purr quietly before he throws it into first gear and makes his way out of the parking garage. As soon as they breach the 'safety' of the building, the car is quickly thrown into fourth gear and tears down the highway. Thankfully, it's a bit empty due to the weather.

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