2010-12-21: Christmas Songs In The Park


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Summary: Jeremy and Robin meet in Central Park and chat it up.

Date: PG

Log Title: Christmas Songs in the Park.

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

It's the holidays and Jeremy doesn't really celebrate as he doesn't have anyone to celebrate it with, but that doesn't stop him from going outside and playing Christmas Carols on his violin in Central Park. He stands under a light by a bench playing 'White Christmas' on his violin, for once not wearing his gloves. His violin case is open to accept donations in which a few people have thrown in small bills and coins. He nods a thank you as he continues to play, his fingers pressing down on the strings and bow playing long drawn out notes. He plays it in his own way, like it's more a classical piece but the song is still easily recognizable.

Robin, despite having nobody to celebrate with either, still in a strange sort of way still has plenty of people. Her Christmas shopping all finished up, she just strolls through the park idly, her puppet carrying the few small bags she picked up today. She slows as she comes across the violinist and smiles, happy to hear the music, though she does not yet toss a coin or anything, just stands and listens.

There's a smile to the girl as she stops and listens and Jeremy finishes up his song to immediately switch to playing 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas'. Once he's about a minute into the song a sour note is hit as he notices Blank and just kind of stares. He lowers his violin and shakes his head. "Sorry…sorry…I don't mean to be rude. Just…not used to seeing something like…like…a ghost?" He doesn't know what the puppet is so that's the best word for it. He's also shocked, somewhat pleasantly, that she's open about her powers. If that is the case.

Robin and Blank both wince slightly as the sour note is produced, and Robin looks over to Blank before responding to Jeremy, "Umm, she's my puppet, but kind of an extension of my soul or something. I'm a mutant." There is a tone of nervousness to her voice as she actually says it, and Blank reacts in a similar cringing way. This is not Mutant Town, she reminds herself, there are people who will be scared of her. "I didn't mean to, um, interrupt your performance. She's always there, I'm used to her, I shouldn't assume…"

Jeremy smiles and shakes his head. "No…no…just…I'm a mutant too." He admits to her and sometimes he has a bit of an easier time talking with other mutants when he's on the street. It's just it's a common ground. "Sorry, I didn't mean to freak you out, I'm not used to people being so open but…" He shakes his head again. "Sorry, um…I'll get back to my music." He says sounding a bit sheepish.

"Ohh, um, sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I thought you were freaked out 'cause of Blank, 'cause some people get freaked out about these sorts of things," replies Robin, equally as sheepish. "I mean, I didn't know you were a mutant. That's cool. I'm glad you're open enough to tell me!" She bites her bottom lip for a couple of moments before adding, "I'm Robin and, well, this is Blank."

"I mean..I usually don't tell people but since you're one.." Jeremy says a bit nervous as he's usually quite shy himself. "Oh, I'm Jeremy." He says as he looks down at his hand. "I'd offer you a hand but I'm not wearing gloves….so Uh…Nice to meet you Robin and Blank." He says tucking his bow behind his arm holding the violin and scratching the back of his neck. "It's hard to get freaked out when you're a…freak yourself?" He doesn't mean it as an insult though, just more not able to find the right word.

Robin nods and says, "I take it that, ummm, touching is related to your powers, then…" She looks down at Jeremy's hands for a moment before she smiles and says, "And I think I know what you mean. I don't really react much t' people I know are mutants anymore. I mean, I used to be afraid of doing something to offend them, even though I was one, but…" She shrugs and says, "Stuff that offends me will offend them, probably."

Jeremy nods as he puts his violin away and puts on a pair of leather gloves. "Yeah, I can see the past." He says a bit uncomfortably as he doesn't like people knowing that. To him it's such an awkward ability, intrusive. "I know a few mutants, but…I don't know." He usually closes himself off. Maybe that's why he's talking to Robin cause he knows he probably won't see her again. "With me, and being able to see who people really are…sometimes I'd rather not." He says quietly.

Robin blinks a few times as Jeremy tells her of his powers, and she nods her head, "So like… you can see where people and things have been and done?" She frowns slightly and then nods at that, "I can see why you'd think it's a bit've an awkward ability. People try to hide a lot of stuff about themselves…" She bites her lip for a moment and then shrugs. "Well, do whatever you're comfortable with, really."

"Everyone has stuff the want to hide." Jeremy says quietly not looking Robin in the face when he says that. He even has stuff he likes to hide from people. "I just can't control it, it's been tough." But he is working on control with little (see no) success. "I guess I'm just comfortable playing out here." He says with a smile. "I miss playing the violin so it's nice to come out here and play."

"Well, it can be tough sometimes, I guess. I still have Blank putting on all my emotions on display, which makes it hard to pretend I'm tougher'n I am. Some can control things, some can't," says Robin, after considering it for a moment. She smiles as Jeremy talks about playing the violin, and she notes, "I've kind of thought of picking up an instrument, but I can't play anything. Have you played violin for a long time?"

Jeremy nods. "Yeah, I've been playing for a while. I stopped playing for a few years though." He says but he doesn't really state why. "And it's not that hard to pick up an instrument, but this is the only one I know how to play. What instrument would you like to learn?" He asks curiously. "And that must be tough…so what exactly can Blank do?"

"Blank? I dunno. She's pretty strong, pretty fast, can kind of fly and can teleport?" says Robin, looking over the puppet in an evaluatory way. "So she's /way/ cooler than I am. But then, I'm the puppeteer." She synchs with Blank, and raises her left hand up and down and then the left. "As for what instrument, I dunno… I wouldn't mind piano, I suppose."

"But if you're the puppeteer then you're the magic behind how she works." Jeremy says. "And that means that you're the cool one controlling the strings." He's trying to give her a compliment but he's not sure how it comes out. "I never learned how to play the piano, but it's not to late to learn. I mean..that's one thing I've learned lately, it's not to late for anything."

"What taught you that? It's a pretty good lesson to learn, though. I've been trying to self teach on a piano I've got access to, but it's not coming along so well," says Robin, frowning slightly for just a moment before that frown turns right upside down! "Well, I do like to think I'm the magic behind the show, but even so! You'd be more sure to recognize the puppet than the one pulling the strings. But that's probably for the best, you know?"

Jeremy looks down at his feet for a bit before pulling a pack of cigarettes out his pocket and lighting one seeming a bit uneasy with the question. "I guess it's cause I got a second chance." He finally says. "I was living out on the streets for a while before I got a place to live." Which is the general gist of what happened. "Well Blank sure is noticeable but I find the puppeteer interesting." He's not flirting but he is enjoying talking with her.

"Oh…" says Robin, adjusting her glasses slightly, biting her lip in hesitation before she says, "Well, I know what that's like. I was living on the streets for awhile before I ended up where I am now. So I can understand that second chances are a real good thing…" She smiles at the last bit and notes, "And thank you. I do try to be of some small amount've interest!"

There's a nod to Robin as Jeremy continues to smoke, trying his best not to blow smoke in her direction. "Which is maybe why you should try to learn piano, cause you know..that whole second chance thing. You have the opportunity now." He says giving her a small smile. "Well I'm glad you're off the streets, this time of year sucked to be sleeping outside."

"Oh, yeah, this time sucked. I've always been kind've scrawny, so the cold hit me pretty hard. I end up giving all my allowance away, 'cause I feel bad for anyone out at this time of year…" Robin says, biting her lip again and then looking towards Jeremy, "I think I might try to get some piano lessons. That'd be really cool. Plenty of opportunity for learning." She scratches under her painted lens lightly for just a moment.

Nodding, Jeremy looks at her painted lens for a bit, trying to see what's on there. "I got skinnier as I was on the streets. I've had trouble gaining the weight back." He is quite on the skinny side himself. "It was really hard to keep warm and finding food wasn't easy. I hated having to steal but…I didn't want to die out here." She's one of the first people he's admitted being a thief too. He isn't proud of it at all.

Robin's gaze averts slightly and she says, "I did things I wasn't proud of, but… survival makes you do stupid things, I guess. Some people think they'd keep all their principles intact, but they don't know what it's like." The current image on her lens is a small painting of a sleeping cat in the bottom right corner, while the rest is painted as a hardwood floor. "And you've had trouble gaining weight back too? Yeesh, people still try to intervene for my 'annorexia'! It can be tricky. I'm the only girl I know who tries so hard gaining weight."

"It's true, it's either roller over and die or do what you have to." Jeremy says before giving her a smile. "I'm…I'm glad you stopped to listen to me play and we talked. It's nice to meet someone who understands." He says as finishes off his cigarette and looks at his watch. "Though I have to go to Robin, it was really nice meeting you…I..I hope I can run into you again." But he doesn't know if it's possible.

"Well, if you're ever out and about, I guess it can't be too hard to spot me," says Robin, smiling at that, "I'm the one with the glowing blue puppet. Maybe I'll see you around at some point. It was really nice talking to you." She looks towards her puppet and they both wave in synch. "I'll see you 'round."

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