2009-12-05: Christmas Time In The Mansion


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Summary: Xavier's gets in the holiday spirit with tree decorating!

Date: December 5, 2009

Log Title Christmas Time In the Mansion

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

Getting into the Christmas Spirit, Christopher is in the living room getting it all decorated. There are some holiday scented candles lit in the room and Michael Buble's christmas music playing. He's dressed in his usual clean cut style of a nice pair of blue jeans with a nice white and blue tshirt. A tree is lit in the window and at the moment Christopher has his hand on the wall and is going through various shades of green. One minute the wall is a dark forrest green, the next a more of an emerald green, than shamrock, then pine, then hunter. It seems he's not sure which one is the best for the room at the moment.

Also in the room, almost hopelessly tangled in a string of Christmas lights he found, is Eddie Parker-Mayfair. He's dressed in jeans and a Spider-Man t-shirt…but also has a santa-hat on his head. It looks a bit big for him but hey, he doesn't mind. He's just focused on trying to untangle himself from the lights…and then untangle them from one another.

John walks in gingerly. Stands by the door looking round, looks a little lost. Hes dressed in black sneakers, dark blue jeans, white shirt top button undone. He says nervously "Urrm i heard you wanted volunteers to help with making the place all christmasy?"

Recently back from…well wandering, the resident southern belle is back in full force. White stripped auburn hair loose over the shoulders of her green sweater, wrist length black gloves, jeans, with brown boots and a belt. "Hey. Christmas explodin' in here or somethin'?" Your shade of green expert has arrived!

Christopher looks over at Eddie and chuckles. "Hey Kiddo, you can focus on something else since I don't need those lights until we get to the rec room." The wall keeps changing to a few different greens until Christopher settles on a Hunter Green. "There, that's a nice shade of green." He turns to John as he enters. "Yup, I could always use some help. There's a few boxes of orniments that you can start decorating the tree with. I'm Mr. Parker Mayfair, not to be confused with Dr. Parker Mayfair." He says introducing himself to the student he doesn't recognise. "Yes it is, it exploded and the mansion is feeling the effects of the holiday!" Christopher says as he makes the other three walls the same shade of green just via touch.

Eddie looks up. "Okay, Dad. Once I get my arm free I'll get to -waagh!" Eddie rolls right off the couch. THUD. He pops back up a moment later, free of the lights and blushing slightly. When the new student speaks up, Eddie looks over and offers a smile. "Hey. I'm Eddie Parker-Mayfair," he chirps, moving over quickly to offer a hand. Then Rogue shows up, bringing a grin to Eddie's face. "Welcome back!" he greets cheerfully, always happy to see some of the X-men. Well…it's still debatable what Eddie's reactions to Logan are but that's another story for another time.

John shakes Eddie's hand and says "hello Eddie and Mr. Parker Mayfair my name is John" Seeing Rogue adds "Hello urrm…" not knowing her name.

"Smart man, pickin' my favorite color for tha walls." Rogue drawls at Christopher, a wink for Eddie. Moving over to the tree, fingers touching at some of the needles. "Good ta be back. Always nice ta go, see tha world, but it makes it nice ta come back, too, ya know?" A waggle of fingers at John. "Ya can call me Rogue, John."

John smiles and says "Hello Rogue".

Christopher just shakes his head at Eddie as he slips off the couch. "You okay kiddo?" He asks walking over to ruffle his hair. "Welcome home then Rogue. Yeah, green is a nice Christmas colour. I think I'm going to add some red to the walls, like maybe some holly effect. I'm still debating." He walks over and opens one of the boxes of Christmas Ornaments, they are all red and gold. "If anyone wants to grab an ornament, we can start decorating the tree. The tree in the Rec Room is gonna be more fun."

Eddie squeaks when ruffled and nods. "Yep. Just hit the floor, Dad," he says, Following Christopher over to the boxes, he scoops up an ornament -carefully- and heads for the tree. "Are you new here at the school, John?" he asks curiously.

John says "yea i just got here this morning" and walks towards the box of ornaments, not paying attention to the the decorations scattered across the floor and trips over some lights landing face first in front of Christopher and Eddie.

"Oooh. Now that could be pretty. An' so much easier than stencilin'!" A wide grin, before the southern belle is moving to sit on the couch in an easy sort of sprawl. She's pretty intent to just watch. Hand up through her hair.

"Well I love my power!" Christopher says as he does so much with his colouration powers. "I base half of my career off of it." He says as he looks at Eddie and helps him decorate. "Welcome to Xavier's John. I'm the culinary teacher here. Eddie here's my son." He says with a warm smile.

Eddie cringes when John trips, offering a sympathetic smile. "You okay?" he asks. "And you've got an awesome power, Dad," he adds, still smiling. "I've been getting a lot better with mine. I'm a lot stronger now," he tells Rogue, blushing slightly as he does. "Oh yeah," a pause. "What power do you have?" he asks John, offering a helping hand up.

John goes red from embarassment and takes Eddie's hand to get to his feet. He says "Im fine i do that alot, im pyrokinetic" turning to Christopher says "thanks for the welcome Mr. Parker-Mayfair". Picking up an ornament adds "Whats your power Eddie?"

"Hey, Ah think it's a neat power." Talking to Christopher, a wink at Eddie. Not that she's a flirt or anything. Leaning her head on her hand, eyeing the tree. "Ah love Christmas." Randomly.

"I do too, and this is our first Christmas with Jared, isn't it kiddo?" Christopher says as he continues to decorate. "Eddie here trips a lot himself, I think we've had to trip proof of our house so Eddie doesn't fall over everything." He teases. "I think I need to add something to the tree besides just lights and orniments…oh Eddie, what kind of tree do you want at home?"

Eddie nods to Christopher. "Christmas is pretty great," he says, although he was kinda skeptical last year until it actual happened. "First year with the whole family…" he pauses, making a mental note to ask to invite Wesley to Christmas with the family too. He blushes furiously at the teasing. "What kind of tree?" he asks, confused. Then it's time to talk about his powers. Eddie grins and puffs out his chest a little. "I make other people stonger. I'm a power booster. The more faith I have in someone, the stronger I get. And then I can mimic thier powers."

John stops decorating and stares at Eddie. He says "Bloody hell, that is a awesome power. Starts decorating again adding "so if you got to know me well enough to have faith in me you could use my power? wow."

"Need a garland, or some tinsel or somethin'. Shiny is good." A grin from Rogue, finally unable to resist to get up and put on some ornaments. "Green an' silver next year. So much prettier." A glance at Eddie. "Jus' don't go mimicin' some of mine, sugar." Chuckling, joking around.

Christopher looks at the tree and nods. "Garland, not tinsle. That stuff gets everywhere and with the kids here…" He raises his eyebrows with amusement. "Tomorrow is gonna be the start of my cookie baking day." He says as he does love to cook. "I am doing a blue and silver tree in the lobby, but I can do some silver decor on the walls here." He looks to Eddie and nods. "Well we have to go out and get a real tree and then you can help pick out how to decorate it, you and Jared."

Eddie may be smiling but he's blushing again from John's opinion of his powers. "Well, technically I could use them now they'd just be really weak right off the bat," he explains. Turning to Rogue, Eddie misses the joking. "Actually, Miss Rogue…I'm not even sure I could mimick your powers. I mean…Mimic and the Super Adaptoid couldn't do it. I think they'd cancel one another out. I wonder if I could boost you though…" he trails off thoughtfully. Shaking out of ponder-mode, Eddie nods in agreement to Christopher. "Yeah…tinele's no fun. It ends up in breakfast," he says. And there's a prank in the works he's not supposed to say anything about that seems to have abducted all the tinsel in the mansion. "Sure. Me and Jared'll come pick out a tree."

John turning back to Eddie says "Your gonna have to show me that power sometime Eddie", then turning to Rogue says "What is your power Rogue?" His hand catches fire but he shakes it and it goes out.

"Ah prefer green an' silver ta red an' gold." Big surprise, not. Hanging a couple ornaments. A grin. "ya know Ah'll be in for cookies, right? Makin' any sugar ones Ah can frost for ya?" A long look at Eddie. "Sugar, Ah don't /need/ boostin'. Let's not an' say ya did, huh?" A glance at John. "My skin. Ah can hurt people with it. Steal memories, powers.. " A shrug. "Ah can fly, really strong…yadda yadda."

"I can always use help and I'm making about five or six different types of cookies." Christopher will pour over some cookbooks tonight to relax. "Watch out, Eddie here will start spouting off all the details of your powers and acomplishments. He knows a lot about superheroes, he studies them." He says ruffling Eddie's hair as he continues to decorate the christmas tree with Eddie, John and Rogue. "I can make all the gold bulbs silver if you like, I just don't want green on a green tree."

Eddie squeaks again when ruffled, still blushing. "Yeah," he admits. "And don't worry, ma'am. I won't boost without permission or an emergency," he says. "Sure thing, John. Should come down and see a Danger Room session sometime," he offers, continuing to decorate. "I'll help with the cookies too," the power booster adds.

John walks over to Rogue and says "you steal powers? so if i touched you you would take my power and memories? Whoa" Picking up an ornament says to Eddie "Whats the danger room?"

Rogue grins at Christopher. "Silver is so much bettah, if ya would." Chuckling. "Ah jus' like my green." Moving back towars the couch. "Always up for frostin' cookies duty." A wink at Eddie. "Ah know ya won't, sugar." Twisting white around a gloved finger. "Yeah, somethin' like that." To John. "Ah'd also knock ya on yer ass doin' it. So no sneakin' up on me, ya hear?"

July returns just now from her trip to town to send her 'Merry Christmas' cards to her family and friends. "Whew! It's COLD!!!" she shivers a bit, and pulls her hoodie and removes her wool scarf, "Gee!" she sighs, "Someone with powers like mine have such problems in cold weathers… I wonder if Mr. Fantastic has same problems." she flexes her fingers before heading to the living room to see people workin on the Christmas tree. "Oh, hi everyone." she says, smiling, "You guys need any help? Oh, I see new faces." the rubber girl says with a smile as she pulls her gloves off and then removes her coat.

Annalisa comes walking in from down the hall, wearing a simple set of pink colored PJ's, with bare feet. She rubs her eyes tiredly, and looks around at a room of people she barely knows, plus July. "Hello…everyone…" She says with a yawn.

Eddie nods. "It would be a very bad idea, John," he echos the others' statements. "I don't think you'd like to spend the rest of your firsrt night in the infirmary," he says seriously. Eddie's in jeans and a Spider-Man t-shirt tonight, a slightly larger than needed santa-hat on his head too. "The Danger Room is our really awesome training room," he says simply, holding in the long rant and saving that for another time. July gets waves to but Eddie doesn't comment. Annalisa gets a strange look from the power booster as well but he keeps quiet.

John turns red and says to Rogue "Sorry i was just curious about your power, i won't touch you" Says to Eddie "Sounds cool when do we get to use it?" Waves to July as she enters. Says "Hello again" to Annalisa as she comes in.

Rogue waves to the new arrivals, before she's laughing. "Ah jus' like tha chance ta take my gloves off. Only frostin' Ah'd eat would be what ya let me have offa tha spreader thing when Ah was done. OH! We gonna put sprinkles an' things on too?" A tilt of her head. "Such pretty silver ornaments." Teasing. A glance at John. "Sunshine, they're jus' warnin' you for your own good. Nothin' to apologize ta me for. Ah'm pretty point blank 'bout things."

July smiles at she nods, "Sure. I'll help." she says, before smiling to Annalisa and kissing her cheek, "You're a bit underdressed for this weather, Anna." she giggles, "You might want to put something on." she wiks before heading into the living room toward the christmas tree, picking up a few orbs to hang them from the tree. "That's a big tree."

Annalisa rubs her eyes tiredly, and smiles over at July. "mm, maybe I was sleep walking, I didn't even notice it was all that cold." She says almost too confused, as if she was dense.

"Well it is a big mansion." Christopher says with a chuckle. "Rogue, now you're giving me ideas. Tomorrow, we'll invite whoever to the kitchen for cookie baking and decorating and I'll bring tons of sprinkle and cookie decorations." Christopher says chuckling. He walks around the tree and brushes his fingers against some of the branches, putting a silver sheen on some of them so the lights reflect nicely. "The danger room is a great place to train with your powers John. And Anna is it? Well I can go up stairs and lend you a pair of socks and a nice warm sweater if you like?"

Jared has had a strange day, what he can remember of the first part of it was the odd feeling he was late for something, then running in the forested area of the School grounds, and then waking up curled up under a tree after dark. Dressed in jeans and a white hoodie the teen walks into the room with hands deep in his pockets looking slightly annoyed. Thanks to the strange curse turning people into fictional characters Jared is currently covered in soft white fur, and sporting a pair of large rabbit ears. "Did I hear the someone say cookies?"

Eddie continues to decorate, smiling at John. "Either with your squad standard time or if you can get a teacher to supervise you at another time," he says. He just grins at the cookie making plans, it all bringing a slight rumble out of his stomach. "Hey, Bro!" he greets Jared cheerfully, waving.

John yawns, stretches and goes to sit on the couch. He says to Christopher "Does your power work on everything?" then to Eddie "How do i know what squad im in?" and says "hello" to Jared.

Things are getting a bit too cozy for the belle, slowly getting to her feet. "Ah'll catch y'all for cookies tomorrow. Thanks for the touches of silver, honey." To Christopher, a tip of her head to everyone else, before she's heading off. To do what, may be anyone's guess. "Y'all have a good night."

July smiles as she hangs a few orbs here and there on the Christmas tree. "Oh, cookies…" she giggles, "I could use something warm right now. Too cold, I almost became a frozen rubber girl outside." she says, shaking her head a bit, as she stretches an arm longer, almost twice as long, to reach the box for more ornaments to hang on the tree. She notices Rogue leaving, "You're leaving?" she blinks.

Annalisa shakes her head at the offer of a sweater, and walks closer to the tree. "Ooh, neat. Are we allowed to put up one of these? Isn't it supposed to be a "Holiday" tree?"

Christopher waves good night to Rogue. "WElcome back again and have a good night." He says with a smile before turning to John. "Pretty much, if I can touch it, I can change it's colour. It's just part of my powers." As Jared walks in Christopher grins wider. "Jared, how are you doing?" Christpher ponders what July says and then nods. "I might be able to go make some hot chocolate, help the mood? Does everyone like mint?" He shrugs at Annalisa. "We're a private school, we don't have to follow the regulations."

Jared gives a little smile and a wave to everyone. "Hey Eddie. Strange question, you did not see me running through the dorms about 7am waving a large pocket watch did you?" Jred nods at Rogue and moves so he does not have to squeeze past him to get out of the room. "Things just gt stranger and stranger in my life pop. A bit of hot chocolate with mint would be good, but you don't need to go to any great trouble for me." Jared reaches up and pulls a random twig out of his hair and frouns at it a little. "Really ready for what ever it is that is going on to be over with."

"Have a good night, Ma'am," Eddie calls after Rogue, waving. His hat falls down to cover his face and Eddie squeaks. Putting it back into proper place, Eddie nods. "Mint is good," he says. "There are more decorations for other holidays around the school," he points out to Anna. He may not know what most of them are but he knows they're around places. He blinks at Jared's question though. "No…I was at home with Ricky," he says, blinking and blushing a little.

John is resting on the couch. He says "sorry im not helping but im realy tired im still on london time" He stifles a yawn.

Rogue pauses to glance at July. "Still catchin' up on bein' home. Ah'll be around." A bright smile for Christopher. "See ya tomorra." A shake of her head at Eddie. "Ma'am is for Mommas an' grandmommas. Jus' Rogue is fine." Waving again, before she's on out through the doors.

July watches as Rogue leaves, adn then she smiles at Christopher. "Thank you, Mr. Christopher." she says, smiling, "With my powers and all, extreme cold temperatures make it a wee bit hard to move, like I'm stiff or something like that." she shrugs softly, "Would you like some help to make the chocolate?" she offers. She then looks at Anna, "Well, I call it 'Christmas tree' because I grew up calling it like that."

Annalisa waves to Rogue, not really knowing who she is. "Bye." She says, and turns to July. "Are you cold?" She walks up and presses her hang against July's forehead. Her hand is oddly warm, all things considered.

"Oh, either just Christopher or Mr. Parker Mayfair, Mr. Christopher just sounds weird to me." Christopher says waving his hand. "Don't worry about it John, it's not like your grade depends on decorating a tree, it's for fun." He looks at Eddie and grins knowingly as he blushes. "Ricky can come with us too to pick out a tree, and yes Jared, you being all rabit like is weird but then again, Jeri and I were stuck as children for quite some time. And no thanks July, I don't need help, give me a moment and I'll be back in a bit." He says heading to the kitchen to make some hot choclate for the students.

Jared gives Rogue a small wave as she leaves and moves to flop on the couch over near John. Jared grins a ltitle at the mention from Eddie being at home wiht Ricky, "I hope your boyfriend is doing well Bro." Jared turns to John, "Welcome to Xaviers, I'm Jared. Ignore the ears, normally I don't look like a Watership down reject." As Christopher mentions being stuck as a child for a time Jared laughs, "Yeah Pop, but being turned into a kid did not leave you running around like a lunatic yelling aobut being late and trying to climb into rabbit holes that are just about large enough to fit your head."

Eddie shrugs. "No weirder than going back in time," he says. Weird is different for Eddie. When he sees his adopted Dad's smile, Eddie just blushes worse. He's about as red as Mr. Wagner is blue after Jared's statement, going back to decorating quietly.

John looks up as Jared sits down and speaks to him. He says sleepily "Hey Jared" then looks confused and says "why are you a rabbit and when was Mr. Parker Mayfair a kid and how?".

July oh's and nods, smiling to Christopher. "Alright, Mr. Mayfair." she says, and looks at Annalisa, smiling at the touch, "Yeah, I was outside, at town, on a quick trip to the mail. Then she turns to look at John, and approaching him. "Hi there. I'm July. You're new here, right? Welcome to madness! I mean, the Xavier School!" She says, grinning softly, giggling a bit. "That's just part of the madness of this place."

Annalisa wraps an arm around July's waist affectionately, and nods a bit. "The madnesss! The madnesssss!" She exclaims!

Jared shrugs a little. "Not sure about the rabbit thing, but its turned at least one other student into a frog, and another into Cinderelle. I've only been in this school close to a year and this sort of thing is already getting to seem normal. As for the Dads getting turned into kids, that was before I knew them, so not sure of the full story just heard a few parts of it. I assume this kinda stuff happens on a regular basis around here just because of the sheer number of mutants in one house. Makes the place like a lightning rod ofr the strange and bizzar."

Eddie frowns. "July, don't scare new students. Only teachers and X-men are allowed to do that," he says to his squadmate. "And don't worry, John. It's just weird stuff that happens. You get used to it," he says with a smile.

John looks up and says "hey July, yea im new i got here this morning im John" and to Eddie "As long as i dont wake up as a frog tomorrow i can deal with the wierdness".

July giggles, "Don't worry." she says, smiling, "I think you got a free pass on the first weirdness that happen here, when you join." she giggles again, and winks, "May I ask, though, what is your power, John?"

Annalisa leans up and pecks July's cheek, and then glances at all the neat stuff on the tree. "I should start getting presents, huh?"

Jared laughs a little, "Eddie's right, Mister Logan is the one that should be scaring new students if they are going to get scared. That siad though, fair warning should be offered." Jared looks at John and nods, "We already have one frog prince so probably don't need to worry about that. What we aare missing though is an Alice and a Cheshire Cat. Yeah, what is your power? Always good to know what the people around you can do…jsut in case."

Christopher walks in with a tray of five mugs of peppermint hot choclate with whipped cream. "Here ya go, here's your hot chocholate." He's made a very gormet hot chocolate. "Whose scaring new students?" He asks Jared as he walks in. "Well as much as I'd like to stick around and decorate, I have to go through some cook books before bed. I'll see you later kids, enjoy the hot chocolate. Leave the boxes and I'll clean up tomorrow." He says waving, Eddie and Jared get a quick kiss on the head before he leaves.

Eddie blushes and hugs Christopher after being handed the mug. He sits down and starts to sip it rather happily. "I don't know. Fairy tale stuff is not what I know," he admits with a shrug. Guy could name every single roster of the Avengers yet fairy tales are mostly unknown to him. Weird.

John sits up and says "my power is nothing special, basicly im pyrokinetic" lighting his finger and puting it out to show them.

July oh's softly, smiling as she sees John's finger light up. "Oh, you're a pyrokinectic too! Awesome!" the says, giggling softly, and nodding, "Just don't toss it my way, or I'll literally melt outta my clothes, being rubber and all." she shrugs softly, smiling softly. "Anna here is a pyrokinectic too!"

Annalisa stares at John's finger for a moment, and then buries her head in July's shoulder. She bites her lip and tries not to scream.

Jared shrugs a little, and blushes too under his fur when he gets the kiss on his head. "Yeah, but you can name ever single person to ever serve as an Avenger and every bit of publicly known information known about the Invaders." Jared grins a little, then nods at John, "Cool, I am a healer."

Eddie blushes again at Jared's words, smiling as he drinks his chocolate. He sighs and gives Anna a sad look. "John, put out the fire please," he requests. "Anna's pyrophobic."

John smiles at July and Jared's reactions and says "Its an ok power but it can be annoying as i have a tendancy to burst in flame sometimes". Hears what Eddie says and notices Annalisa's reaction, "oh my god im so sorry, i diddn't know".

July chuckles gently, "Yeah, Anna here has fire powers, but she's also terrified of fire, too." she kisses Anna's cheek while stroking her hair gently, before looking at John. "I have elastic powers. I can stretch any part of my body longer, and even take some simple shapes." she says, nodding, holding Anna close.

Annalisa doesn't raise her head, keeping it buried in July's shoulder tightly. "I don't like my powers, they're scary, and way too powerful."

Jared blinks, and did not see Anna's reaction to the flames. "Everyone feels like that some times Annalisa, trust me on that one. Creepy, annoying, more than you can handel…." Jared shakes his head as he remembers the first time he used his powers and the fact that the sensory overload from feeling the life energy of every living thing around him caused him to pass out.

Eddie just shakes his head sadly. The idea that anyone would not want their powers is just wrong to him. Of course, he'd wanted powers since the moment he first saw Spider-Man swinging around on the evening news and Captain America holding up that shield. No comments though.

John nods agreeing with what Jared said. "Elastic powers and healing sound much better than pyrokinisis but i know what you mean i can't control my powers proerly yet so i came here to learn, i even left my son back in England to come here".

July smiles, still holding the scared Anna in her arms, "You're talking about lack of control? When my powers fully emerged, I spent some time as a fleshy puddle of goo on the bed." she giggles a bit, "Not too fun when you can't control your own form."

Annalisa is still nuzzling her head into July's shoulder, and speaks slowly. "I caused a massive explosion and hurt someone…"

Jared looks over at Eddie, and can probably guess what he is thinking. "Not that I would give up my powers, for all the annoyances, even if it would get me my chot at hte Olympics again. Without my powers I probably would never have met my Dad, or Chris, or Eddie, or Dai. I…wait, did you say son?" Jared blinks half way to a sip of his hot chocolate.

Eddie coughs and sputters a bit. "Son?" he croaks out. "How old are you, John?" he asks, staring.

John shrugs and says "I'm 17, My son is called JJ and is 10 months old, why?"

July blinks softly at that, "Oh, wow." she says, and she frowns lightly before relaxing her visage, "Isn't that… a bit too young to get such a responsibility?" she asks softly, "No offense, or anything, sorry."

Annalisa nods a bit into July's shoulder. "Waaay too young. " She says, seeming to get over her fear, but not giving up a chance to be held by July.

Jared shrugs, "Just kinda took be by surprise. Young parents are not too uncommon, knew a couple of girls back in Cali with kids on the way. Heck, Dad was 16 when I was born."

Eddie just continues to stare for a moment. "Surprised," he echos Jared. The young mutant then continues to drain his hot chocolate, lost in thought.

John shrugs again and says "He was born just after i turned 16, his mum died giving birth,but my powers are unpredictable so to keep him safe i left him with my mum until i can control my powers, I love him so the responsibility doesn't matter".

July oh's softly as she hears that the mother died at birth, "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, John…" she says softly, nodding slowly, and she squeezes Anna a bit at that. "So what's the name of your kid?" she assk with a soft smile.

Annalisa pecks a kiss on July's shoulder, and glances away from it just long enough to speak. "Oh…I'm sorry…"

Jared nods and reaches out to put a hand on John's shoulder. "Sorry man, that blows. At least he has family that loves him, and you have someone that can take care of him for ya till you get control of your powers."

"Oh man…sorry…" Eddie trails off, not sure what else to say. He remains otherwise silent.

July looks at her time, and then she yawns softly, "Damn.. I walked around town so much, I got so tired." she says, covering her lips as she yawns, "Plus the cold makes me a bit groggy, too. Good night, everyone." she says with a smile, waving to everyone, and giving Anna a soft kiss on the cheek, "And, John? Welcome to the family here." teh rubber girl says, before leaving the room toward her bedroom.

Annalisa gasps as July walks out, and goes chasing after her with a grin. "Waaaait! I'll tuck you in!" She exclaims, as if July even needed to be tucked in.

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